We’re Coming for You – WildWeek

June 9, 2017

Advice of the week: We will bring our bikes anywhere. Here are some examples of questions we get daily: “I can’t believe you jerks won’t come to Georgia!””You’re a bunch of jerks for not coming to my city this weekend!” “Do you realize how many fans you have in London? Why don’t you come here, you jerks!” You get the idea. This is, in a way, very flattering. You want to come to our show, and the underlying question here is: When will you be able to do that? We’ve got good news. Over the last couple years we’ve expanded the Nitro Crew so that we have a rotating lineup. That means athletes can take breaks and the show can still go on, so we’re able to do more shows than ever, which in turn means we can bring the show to cities where we’ve never been before. When you add it all up, the net result is that we’ll almost certainly be coming to your city (or a city very close to you) at some point in the future. If you go to our list of upcoming shows and don’t see your city or region, that doesn’t mean we’re never coming. We just haven’t announced a show there at this time. Or we’re huge jerks who hate you. It’s definitely one of those two. Just kidding, we love you all and will be coming your way as soon as possible. So if you don’t see a show near you, sign up to be notified when we announce one. It’s a big ole world out there, and our goal is to eventually do backflips through all of it. See you soon. Oh, and since you’re here, check out this awesome stuff:


Travis Pastrana and the Dixie Chicks have one thing in common: Their hearts are stuck in second place. But that could all change in a one race. For Travis, at least. The Dixie Chicks are going to have to figure their own stuff out. Travis and co-driver Robbie Durant took second at the STPR behind David Higgins and Craig Drew for the second time in a row. For the third time this year the Subaru Rally Team USA teammates have taken the top two spots, so this is shaping up to be one hell of a rivalry. RACE TO IT

The Nitro Crew held a bike safety clinic for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Annapolis. Travis Pastrana is a hometown hero in Annapolis, but it may surprise some that he of all people would be called upon to talk about bike safety, renowned as he his for taking enormous risks on bikes. But if you think about it, it makes total sense: Pro action sports riders have to be safety experts, or they won’t have very long careers. WATCH IT

New Braaaap alert! Kawasaki unveiled its 2018 line of motocross bikes this week and all eyes are on the KX250F. Considered to be the single-most dominant motocross bike of the decade, the latest updates feature improved torque and suspension, with faster lap times on the Kawasaki test track than the 2017 model. It’s the kind of bike you have to unlock before you can ride it in the video game. COVET IT

BMX legend Rick Thorne is back with a new webseries called Pool Seekers. The X Games competitor, reality star, and musician may not be as well known to young BMX riders of today as legends like Mat Hoffman and Dave Mirra, but many credit him with bolstering the popularity of the sport in the ’80s and ’90s. Rick’s new series is all about returning to his roots riding abandoned pools. It’s a great series for riders who miss the bad old days when BMX was “against the rules” and part of the counter-culture. DROP IN

Donate to the family of Steven Lenoir. The moto champion succumbed to injuries sustained from a crash in France during a qualifying runs for the Flanders Motocross Championship. He was the EMX250 Champion in 2010 and won the MX2 title in the Maxxis British Champion in 2015. You can help support Steven Lenoir’s family by donating to his Road2Recovery. DONATE HERE


The latest edition of BMX star Pat Casey’s Dream Yard series is fully lit with one of craziest combos we’ve seen in a while: A 180 double whip over spine to fakie 5 to fakie on the quarter. For a trick with a name that could easily double as an ’80s rap lyric, Pat is our Non-Nitro MVC of the Week.

Ropes? Who needs ropes? Celebrated mountain climber Alex Honnold made history with a ropeless ascent of the notorious El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Widely considered to be the moonshot of solo freeclimbing, the next level in the sport must be found on another planet. Probably the least prestigious accolade he will receive this week, but we’re awarding it all the same. Alex, you’re a Non-Nitro MVC of the Week. BELIEVE IT


Inline out: This is how R-Willy plans to ramp up his skills as a rollerblader.

So I nearly died…☠️ #neardeath #rollerblades #fail #nitrocircus #FullVideoInBio #NextTimeIGotIt!

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Heading into the weekend like: Who needs a plan?

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And he looks sharp wearing them: Todd Meyn snaps a frontflip tailwhip with the new Snapchat specs.

Prepare for a pun: Bilko is flush with pride over this sick whip.

#whipitwednesday feat @joe_donaghy taking a dump 💩😂

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A sneak peek at next week: We’ve got one more show ahead of Nitro World Games. Plus more from MC Micah Kranz!

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