Travis Pastrana’s New Line of Clothes Inspired by His Iconic 199

Fans of Nitro Circus and Ringleader Travis Pastrana know that the number 199 is important. It represents Travis, and so it represents everything Nitro is all about. Pushing the limit, finding adventure at every turn, stepping outside your comfort zone, and having an awesome time while you’re doing it. So Travis and Nitro Circus are pumped to announce a new line of T-shirts for those of us who want to rep that mindset all day long: The TP199 collection is for sale now in the Nitro Shop.

How did Travis Pastrana get the number 199? - Nitro Circus

Everyone we talked to about TP199 knew what that number symbolized, but we were a little surprised to find out that almost none of them knew where it came from, what it actually stands for. We asked several veteran members of the Nitro Crew, athletes who are friends with Travis and have known him for years, and even they had no idea in most cases. So we asked Travis himself to tell us the story. It’s surprisingly simple for how hugely symbolic this number has become.

So there you have it. 199 was Travis’ racing number, which he picked because his hero when he turned pro at age 16 was the legendary Robbie Reynard. The AMA stipulates that you can’t turn pro until you’re 16, and Reynard turned pro as soon as he could: May of 1993. So he was 593. He went on to absolutely crush it, immediately taking titles and leaving everyone in his dust — gaining a huge fan in Travis in the process. Travis took a similar approach: He turned 16 in October of 1999, but because AMA numbers are never more than three digits, he chose 199. The numbering system has since changed and is a bit complex, with numbers changing based on various factors, but Travis is grandfathered in and will always be 199. Check out some of the shirts on offer, hit this link to see them all, and be one of the first to get one:

How did Travis Pastrana get the number 199? - Nitro Circus
How did Travis Pastrana get the number 199? - Nitro Circus
How did Travis Pastrana get the number 199? - Nitro Circus
How did Travis Pastrana get the number 199? - Nitro Circus

Travis Pastrana Obliterates Mount Washington Hillclimb Record

Travis Pastrana set a new record at the Mount Washington Hillclimb this weekend, beating Subaru teammate and perennial rally rival David Higgins, who held the previous record for this event. Also known as the Climb to the Clouds, the timed race up New England’s tallest mountain was first run in 1904, back when single horsepower was still one of the better performance options. Travis’ 600 HP car had double the horses of what he drives in other rally formats and was much lighter than normal, prompting him to rave about how awesome his vehicle was before and after his record-breaking performance. Higgins was similarly equipped, but he took a bad turn on one of his runs and went off the road — thankfully he wasn’t injured in the crash. The previous record, set by Higgins in 2014, was 6:09.09. Travis beat that on his first run by quite a bit with a 5:46.28. He did even better a couple hours later on his second run, posting a 5:44.72, a nearly 25-second difference over the previous record-holder. Check out some highlights from the day right here:

Epic road, epic car, epic day! #gottherecordback!! @srtusa

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#CTTC2017 #SRTUSA Vlog: @travispastrana's record smashing morning run

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Nitro Riders Earned 9 Trophies at Nitro World Games

With the 2017 Nitro World Games in the books, we want to congratulate all the world-class athletes who competed this year and give some special shoutouts. Eight Nitro Circus veterans walked away with nine of the 18 total trophies awarded, a testament to the hard work, dedication, and experience of the Nitro Crew. Those athletes are: Ryan Williams (1st in scooter and BMX Best Tricks), Levi Sherwood (1st in Freestyle Motocross), Javier Villegas (2nd in Freestyle Motocross), Josh Sheehan (3rd in Freestyle Motocross), Beaver Fleming (2nd in skate), Brandon Loupos (2nd in BMX Best Tricks), Jaie Toohey (3rd in BMX Best Tricks), and Harry Bink (1st in FMX Best Trick). Additionally, the fourth-place finishers in four of six events were also Nitro riders, in many cases missing the podium by just fractions of a point. Just off the podium were Brandon Schmidt (BMX Best Tricks), Andy Buckworth (BMX Triple Hit), Adam Jones (Freestyle Motocross), and Sheehan (FMX Best Trick).


It’s tempting to take the view that of course Nitro riders are going to do well at an event with the word “Nitro” in the title, so to head off that cynical perspective, here are some interesting points to remember: The Nitro World Games competition is overseen by an independent third-party. This includes the competition formats and the judges and judging process. Half the winners were non-Nitro athletes,
and the majority of the competitors were non-Nitro athletes. We’ve said it before: The NWG is not the Nitro Circus, and they go to great lengths to crown champions based on who rides best on that day. So why do Nitro riders do so well in this competition, particularly athletes you don’t see in many competitions, like R-Willy?

The first and most obvious answer to this question is that the Nitro Circus Live show brings in the best of the best already. Many of our athletes are decorated from years of competition experience, including multiple X Games medalists, as well as other major competitions worldwide. Guys like Sheeny and Sherwood are making podiums at FMX events all over the place. So naturally those athletes are going to do well in any competition. To put it another way, it’s not that Nitro Circus athletes are doing well at Nitro World Games; it’s that experienced and successful competitors are being recruited to be Nitro athletes.

The second factor is big-air experience. When it comes to events like scooter, BMX, and skate, the Nitro riders are getting so much ramp time touring with the show, that the experience rises to the top when it comes to those events in competition. And with the scoring set up to emphasize progression, it opens up the field to riders who don’t typically compete in BMX competitions, like R-Willy, Schmidt, and last year’s third-place BMX Best Tricks finisher, Gavin Godfrey (who had to miss this year due to injury). Nitro riders live and breathe progression every day, plus they ride the Giganta ramp constantly, working on new tricks as part of their routine.

The beautiful thing about NWG, though, is that anyone in the world can come and throw down and make a podium. Last year R-Willy finished last in Scooter Best Tricks, despite coming in with the most experience in one of the first scooter mega-ramp competitions ever. BMX Triple Hit is filled with non-Nitro household names from the sport, and this year a few up-and-comers emerged as dual-threat BMX athletes — several qualified in both Triple Hit and BMX Best Tricks, which require very different skillsets despite being on the same machine. The different mix of athletes on the podiums this year is a sign that this competition is maturing as athletes get more and more experience with these ramp setups and formats. We expect to see it evolve further next year, and to continue to grow and change.

Congrats again to all the competitors at the 2017 Nitro World Games. We can’t wait to see who rises to the top for Nitro World Games 2018.



Epic Highlights From the 2017 Nitro World Games

The 2017 Nitro World Games stormed Salt Lake City in an epic competition that saw enormous and literal highs and constant edge-of-your-seat action. There are so many stories to unravel over the coming days, but in the meantime we’ve got all the highlights and winners for you.


Arguably the biggest story of the night was Ryan Williams, the only athlete in the competition to make the finals in two events in two disciplines. R-Willy took home the win in Scooter Best Tricks and BMX Best Tricks and is officially the first competitor to ever win multiple events at Nitro World Games. After coming in as a favorite in scooter in 2016 and missing the podium, he made it his goal to do better this year. Did he ever. This year he also repeated as BMX Best Tricks champion, a win that came amid a bit of controversy.

Find out more about that and all the other crazy stories that went down at this year’s NWG. Click here for the full highlights, including video recaps of each event and a complete list of winners.

Travis Goes All-In With Nitro Circus

We’ve got an exciting announcement from Travis Pastrana to share with you this morning. After his 10-year association with Red Bull, Travis has decided to go all-in and become an exclusive athlete for Nitro Circus:

Travis Showing Off His New Head Gear

“You know, when we started Nitro Circus almost thirteen years ago, we had three employees, and I was shipping DVDs out of the garage of my house. But a lot has changed since then,” says Jeremy Rawle, Nitro Global Head of Media. “We have wanted, from the beginning, to have Travis as a fully branded Nitro Circus athlete because it feels right to us.”

And today, that day has finally come. “This is another phenomenal achievement for Travis. He created something from scratch that is now recognized as the biggest and best action sports brand in the world – a tremendous accomplishment,” says Michael Porra, Nitro Circus CEO and creative director. “To see Travis in his new helmet, it’s like he’s coming home. It gives me goose bumps to be honest.”

“To step back and see where Nitro Circus has come is just awesome,” says Pastrana. “I want to say thank you to Red Bull. They have been incredibly supportive. But, this was a very special opportunity to build on what we’ve done and take it to the next level. I’m so pumped to wear the Nitro Circus red, white and blue and am psyched about where we are headed.”

Check out the full story in the press release below.



Pastrana Now Exclusive Athlete for Nitro Circus Brand

Exclusive Consumer Products Line Featuring Headwear and Apparel Coming Soon

LOS ANGELES, CA (Wednesday – February 10, 2016) Nitro Circus has entered into a game-changing partnership with co-founder Travis Pastrana. With this milestone agreement, Pastrana is a fully sponsored Nitro Circus athlete and Nitro Circus now has exclusive branding rights to Pastrana’s headwear and apparel. The action sports superstar will wear a Nitro Circus-branded helmet and hat at all events and public appearances. For Pastrana, this reflects his commitment to the company he created 13 years ago and its meteoric rise. It is also a seismic shift in the action sports landscape given Pastrana’s 10-year association with Red Bull.

“To step back and see where Nitro Circus has come is just awesome,” said Pastrana. “I want to say thank you to Red Bull. They have been incredibly supportive. But, this was a very special opportunity to build on what we’ve done and take it to the next level. I’m so pumped to wear the Nitro Circus red, white and blue and am psyched about where we are headed.”

“This is another phenomenal achievement for Travis. He created something from scratch that is now recognized as the biggest and best action sports brand in the world – a tremendous accomplishment,” said Michael Porra, Nitro Circus CEO and creative director. “To see Travis in his new helmet, it’s like he’s coming home. It gives me goose bumps to be honest.”

Backstage at Stockholm’s Tele2 Arena, prior to the first show of a highly anticipated world tour, fellow Nitro Circus co-founder Jeremy Rawle unveiled Pastrana’s new helmet. Custom designed by Santa Barbara, California artist Chris Wood, it features Pastrana’s trademark plaid interspersed with the Nitro Circus throwback word mark and pearl white stars frame both sides. As Rawle likened the event to a king receiving his new crown, Pastrana savored the moment while his Nitro Circus teammates roared in approval. To see this emotional presentation as well as footage of Pastrana leading the Nitro Circus crew in his new gear for the first time, go here.

Nitro’s Stockholm show kicked off a huge year for the action sports entertainment collective. In the coming months, fans will feel closer than ever to all of the action as Nitro Circus will launch a new consumer products’ range, including exclusive headwear and apparel designs not available at Nitro Circus Live shows. Inspired by its world-class athletes and their courageous record-breaking achievements, these street-smart and fashion-forward designs will be available at specialty retailers worldwide. “We can’t wait to roll out our new consumer products’ range. The headwear and apparel lines will be 100 percent in line with Nitro Circus’s brand essence,” said Peter Maule, global head of licensing for Nitro Circus. “We are also currently negotiating with several industry leading companies in gaming, toys and other sectors as we continue to seek new and innovative ways to partner with top tier organizations.”

Much more is on the horizon in 2016: Nitro Circus Live will continue its European swing through February, which includes multiple shows at London’s O2 Arena and Paris’ AccorHotels Arena (formerly The Bercy). A return to North America will follow in April, with over 40 dates in the United States and Canada on the way. An Australian tour launches in May and more tour dates worldwide will be announced soon. The inaugural Nitro World Games, a revolutionary reinvention of action sports competition, will take over Salt Lake City’s Rice-Eccles Stadium on July 16, airing live in primetime on NBC in the U.S.

For additional Nitro Circus news, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, tour updates and more, go to Follow Nitro Circus Live on Twitter: @nitrocircus and Facebook:

Jed Mildon Lands the First-Ever BMX Quad Backflip

What a day. After years of dreaming, months of practice, and several missed attempts that racked up injury after injury, the world-first BMX quad backflip has been conquered. As the only two athletes who’d ever landed a triple backflip, Jed Mildon and James Foster went toe-to-toe to make history (click here for the full backstory). Both were capable and both wanted it, but in the end injuries derailed Foster’s progress, and Mildon stuck the BMX quad flip.

Tons of fans got to watch it happen thanks to NBC, but for those who missed it (or those who want to see it again), here it is:

It wasn’t easy. Mildon’s initial efforts to land the quad in New Zealand were sidelined by poor weather and morale. In the U.S., meanwhile, Foster was getting closer and closer to dialing it in, and it looked like the proposed plan of having both riders make the attempt simultaneously wasn’t going to be possible. But in a move that proves what a good-natured rivalry this was, Foster agreed to hold off on his attempt to let Mildon have more time to practice. It was a pivotal decision that may have made the difference in the outcome of Revolution Day.

In the meantime, Nitro Circus went back on tour, and during a show in Australia Foster broke several ribs, benching him while he healed. With Mildon still struggling in practice and Foster out, the future of the quad was in serious doubt. But the moment he was declared fit to flip, Foster was back on his bike and at the top of the ramp, raising hope that Revolution Day was nigh. It was not to be, though, as in his practice attempts he re-injured his ribs again and again, and despite his perseverance, Foster was unable to continue the quest.

Jed Mildon and James Foster at Travis Pastrana's house in Maryland.

After Foster had to step out, Mildon changed location to Foster’s setup at Pastranaland in Maryland and began several sessions of air bag practice that didn’t go well. It looked like the quad might actually be impossible, as some had suggested. But then, a twist: Mildon asked to pull the bag and just go for it, which had more than a few people raising an eyebrow after Mildon’s practice attempts weren’t coming around like they knew he was capable of — and like he would need to execute if he was going to stick it.

The bag was somewhat reluctantly removed, but if you’re imagining an immediate and triumphant success, you are mistaken. Mildon suffered several painful misses without the relative safety of the bag, bone-crunching crashes that had everyone present worrying that he would also have to bow out due to injury, or worse. But the stacks didn’t deter him. His confidence clearly grew after each missed attempt, and with the stakes higher than ever, Mildon found the sweet spot, pulled it around perfectly, and rode away. History was made.

Jed Mildon lands the first-ever BMX quad backflip

Huge congrats to Jed Mildon for landing the first-ever BMX quad backflip! And, if it wasn’t for Foster’s work on the ramp and the technical details of the trick, history couldn’t have been made that day. Both athletes deserve all the kudos they’re getting. We’re pumped to have these guys as permanent members of the Nitro Crew — we know we’ll be seeing a ton more world firsts from both of them. And if after all that you still haven’t had enough Revolution Day, enjoy a few more shots in this behind-the-scenes gallery:

Come see Jed Mildon and James Foster performing live with Nitro Circus, coming soon to a city near you. Click here for tour information and tickets!

World Record Stunt – Ethen vs. the Blob

Back in September, Ethen Roberts was in New Zealand looking for an answer to that age-old question: “What kind of badass stunt can we do with two huge rugby players?”

Seriously, though, while we were on tour in Auckland, he decided to try to break the world record for consecutive frontflips off a floating air bag. It’s quite a sight to see when Ethen gets launched off the blob and out over the harbor by these two muscle piles (who were very nice blokes, by the way) jumping down off a crane. How could anything go wrong?

OK, well, I guess it did go pretty wrong when he hit the water so hard that he busted an eardrum and gave himself a bloody nose. The thing with Ethen, though, is when he sets his mind to a world first, it’s not a matter of if… just when.

Some would be happy, maybe even downright stoked, with four and a half frontflips off the blob, which technically beat the previous record of four. But if you know anything about the Nitro Crew, you know that’s not how this story is going to end.

Since his first attempt, he has made his peace with rugby players, blobs, cranes, and whatever godforsaken laws of physics can somehow turn liquid into concrete when you’re crashing headfirst into it. It was time for another attempt, and yesterday in Nice, France, he faced the blob again.

Count ’em! He didn’t even need any rugby players to send him off. Well done, Ethen.

Ethen and the Nitro Crew are currently touring around Europe! Find out when they’ll be in a city near you.

R-Willy Earns an Invite to X Games Minneapolis

It’s official. Ryan “R-Willy” Williams has been invited to compete at X Games Minneapolis. It’s a major career milestone for an athlete once primarily known for riding a scooter. His path to X Games glory is an unusual one. He will face BMX pros who have built their careers in the action sports competition circuit and have experience in the event’s format. But X Games veterans are facing a novel challenge of their own. They have never competed against a rider like this before. R-Willy honed his considerable BMX skills through years of touring with Nitro Circus. It’s earned him countless World Firsts and double wins in BMX Best Tricks at the Nitro World Games. If fortune favors the bold this year, R-Willy is not to be overlooked. Check out R-Willy’s big announcement and thanks to all the fans who have supported him:

R-Willy didn’t earn his shot resting on his laurels. He earned it by proving he could handle the X Games ramp setup. We have followed his progress on the mega ramp over the last few months. Check out some of his practice runs:

Travis Pastrana and the Gang Hit Todd Meyn’s Local Park

BMX superstar Todd Meyn is a true Nitro Circus veteran. He’s been riding with Travis Pastrana and the gang for half a decade now. But even he gets pumped when the man himself shows up at his local skatepark. Travis, Todd, Ryan Williams, Dusty Wygle, Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, Kurtis Downs, Matt Whyatt, Josh Sheehan, Jarryd McNeil, and more stopped by Belmont Park in Perth ahead of the final show of the 2018 Nitro Circus Tour of Australia. The fans came out in droves to meet the guys. There were competitions, prize giveaways, tons of park riding, and a full day of nonstop fun. Lucky for us, Todd caught the highlights on video, so check it out right here:

Nitro Circus Teams Up With Rocket League

We’re pumped to announce that Nitro Circus has partnered with Rocket League, purveyors of one of the most exciting video games to date. What would Nitro Circus style soccer be like? The Answer: Rocket League. Imagine taking the action-packed mayhem of Nitro Circus and infusing it with a soccer formatted video game. Instead of people, players use souped-up cars that can flip, jump, and defy gravity. We’re hooked, and we know you will be too.


In addition to Rocket League’s presence on all our tours, fans will get the opportunity to play in online tournaments against their favorite Nitro Circus stars throughout the year. Better tighten up your Rocket League skills now, because you better be ready if you’re going to challenge us to a match.

Check out Rocket League right here, and stay tuned for more details about how you can get involved.

Ryan Williams, Todd Meyn, and Kurtis Downs Hit Megaranch

BMX legends Ryan Williams, Todd Meyn, and Kurtis Downs got to take an awesome side trip during the current Australia tour. The Megaranch is a world-class big-air setup intended for Aussies to train for the major freestyle events. Peter Wilson, the man behind the ranch, is a golf pro who’s also big into action sports, and his idea for combining golf and freestyle was initially intended to bring some youth to the golf scene. For our part, riding this ramp is awesome for R-Willy, who is still hoping for an X Games opportunity; Kurtis, who is fresh off his first X Games appearance and first X Games medal; and Todd, who is getting some solid reps on this setup for the first time. Check out some video here and a gallery below:


FMX Double Backflip Train and Two Frontflip Wipeouts: Wollongong Highlights

We’ve got another killer show in the books for the 2018 tour of Australia. To quote Nitro Circus veteran Dusty Wygle, after he watched a massive wipeout on a moto frontflip attempt, “That’s frickin’ Next Level.” It’s a little on the nose. This is the Next Level Tour, after all. But specifically what he was referring to is the fact that double frontflipper Gregg Duffy and all-around legend Steve Mini both wrecked on their moto frontflip attempts during this show and somehow walked away. It’s all in this clip, along with a bunch of other incredible moments from the Wollongong stop, which we’ll get more into after the video. Watch now:

In addition to Mini and Duffy absolutely sending it on the frontflip setup, the FMX highlights came fast and furious in this one. Adam Jones continues to amaze with his technical ability and massive airs. And Josh Sheehan and Harry Bink blew everyone’s mind with near simultaneous double backflips (so close they almost touched in the air).

Speaking of touching in the air, on the Giganta side Kurtis Downs and Andrew Ahumada got close enough to do just that during one segment. Ahumada is on tour after a hiatus, so welcome back to him. Kurtis is absolutely crushing everything lately, and you’ll see some massive tricks from him in the video above, including a one-handed seatgrab that Superman himself would struggle to stick. Todd Meyn landed the first-ever roadbike frontflip, as we detailed earlier.

Trevor Piranha is now three for three on his three-wheeler backflip, so nice work there. And Ryan “R-Willy” Williams continues to crush it on BMX and scooter. Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham is working on a true WCMX banger right now, and he’s almost got it. We don’t want to spoil it, so stay tuned for the clip someday soon.

Overall, it was another epic show on a brand-new tour that is sure to keep getting better and better. Check out our schedule for the rest of the year right here. And here’s a bonus gallery:

Nitro Circus - Australia 2018

A Slice of BMX History for Sale for $300,000

Die-hard collectors are some of the most interesting people on the planet. The fine line between cataloging and hoarding is in the eyes of the beholder. I stumbled across this BMX collection and had to bring it to light. To understand why this is important, you have to know your history. BMX freestyle wasn’t truly a “thing” until around 1984, when it gained massive popularity. The man who is credited for taking bicycles from the race tracks to the skateparks is Bob Haro. In 1982 he went to bike company Torker, bought a run of frames, put his own stickers on them, and dubbed them freestyle bikes. I don’t need to tell you how this worked out for him.


Fast-forward a few decades and horrible hairstyles, and Haro is still a bicycle manufacturer. Well, one of their employees started collecting bicycles before he ever started working there and managed to source every freestyle high-end bicycle Haro offered from the 1982 model up until the Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist signature edition models of the mid 2000s.

This collection shows how freestyle BMX evolved and how marketing schemes were more important than practicality for a long time. Flashy stickers applied to parts that are ridiculously overbuilt in all of the wrong places. And I cannot stop drooling. Some of the bicycles have sold, but there is a price tag on the entire collection: $300,000.

Sheehan, Bink, and Strong Win ‘Australian Spartan’ Finale

FMX superstars Josh Sheehan, Harry Bink, and Jackson Strong have taken home the title on Australian Spartan, a competition show in the vein of American Ninja Warrior that features insanely tough physical challenges. Representing Team X Games Sydney, they bested a team from South Australia to take home a $150,000 (AUS) grand prize and, more importantly, all the glory. Congrats, guys! Check out some highlights below:

Todd Meyn Lands the First-Ever Road Bike Frontflip on Giganta

Our 2018 Australia tour is off to an awesome start, with an amazing kick-off show and a crazy follow-up weekend. We’ll have more highlights of the third weekend soon, but before we get to those we have to highlight one of the brand-new show moments that deserves special recognition. BMX all-star Todd Meyn has accepted the responsibility of riding a road bike in the show. It seems like a no-brainer, but the setup of a road bike makes for some super sketchy riding in a freestyle format. The height and tire width alone make it an incredibly difficult prospect. Lucky for us, Todd is back to vlogging, so we got the full rundown of how he went from decking hard attempting a straight road bike backflip to sticking a frontflip two shows later. Here we go:

Keep up with all Todd’s adventures by subscribing to his YouTube channel right here. For another taste of what he’s putting out, check out this video of Todd, Ryan Williams, Kurtis Downs, Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, and Beaver Fleming hitting a local skatepark between tour stops:

Awesome Newcastle Highlights in Videos and Pictures

The Next Level Tour of Australia is off and running, and we’re stoked to have this brand-new show on the road. Last week we brought you highlights from the very first stop. This week, we’ve got the best moments from Newcastle, where the Crew stepped it up again and put down another amazing performance. Let’s get right into the video highlights, and then we’ll throw out some more details and close it out with a photo gallery. Make sure you hit this link to see where the tour is headed next!

Where to begin. For starters, the competition segments have been an awesome addition to the live show. They add even more incentive for the guys to go bonkers out there, and you can see by that video that it works. On the FMX side, Harry Bink had a show for the ages, with a huge rock solid backflip, a double grab backflip, two double backflips, a ruler flip, and partridge in a pear tree. Harry took home the FMX best trick prize as well as MVC for the whole show for this one. It was a close competition, though, as Adam Jones was close on his heels. In addition to his usual show list of some of the biggest tricks in FMX, he stuck a no-hander backflip on the Next Level ramp, a setup that he’s admitted is super scary to him. He’s been practicing, though, and his veteran status and amazing technical skill is allowing him to rise up.

On the Giganta side, James Foster and Ryan Williams tied for best trick. R-Willy stuck a scooter 720 frontflip, and BMX legend Foster landed a quad tailwhip convincingly. Honorable mention for Kurtis Downs, who narrowly missed a quad down whip 360 on his BMX, which would have almost certainly won him the top prize. We can’t wait to see him nail that one soon.

The highlights were coming fast and furious all show long. Wheelz rode away from a beauty of a wheelchair frontflip. Steve Mini and Gregg Duffy both landed enormous FMX frontflips from the Next Level ramp. Trevor Piranha landed his three-wheeler flip again. And BMX legend Jed Mildon, fresh off a gnarly wreck last week, came back with a strong performance, which is pretty amazing, all things considered. It was an awesome show, and we’re stoked to do it all again this weekend. Check out the gallery, and keep an eye out for next week’s highlights!

Nitro Circus in Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Todd Meyn’s Skatepark Comeback in His First Vlog of 2018

BMX star Todd Meyn is back at the skatepark and even better for us: He’s dropping edits. He was a prolific vlogger during the 2017 Nitro tour, hitting local skateparks across New Zealand, Japan, and Australia, performing for local fans. After a nice time away from the video editor, Todd’s first video back is a stripped-down, no-frills day at the skatepark. His edits are a testament to the fact that BMX is sick all by itself. Don’t get us wrong, watching him send a trick off the Giganta against a backdrop of pyro is bucket-list material, but BMX got its start as a street sport, done entirely for fun, which is why with Todd all you need is a phone and a bike. He’s posted a few more vids since this one, so click the link below after you watch this one:

Make sure you subscribe to Todd’s YouTube channel right here!

Travis Pastrana to Attempt 3 Evel Knievel Stunts in 3 Hours

Action sports legend and Nitro Circus ringleader Travis Pastrana is set to attempt three iconic Evel Knievel stunts this summer in Las Vegas, including the infamous Caesars Palace fountain jump that resulted in Knievel being hospitalized. For the other two stunts, Travis will attempt to break Knievel’s record of jumping over 50 cars and also Knievel’s record of jumping over 14 buses. The entire feat will be broadcast on History Channel on July 8 during the special Evel Live.


As part of his tribute to the first iconic daredevil, Travis will attempt all three stunts on motorbikes inspired by the bikes Knievel used to make the attempts. If he’s successful, this will add to his already impressive list of historic action sports achievements. More details on Evel Live as the date gets closer, but mark this one on your calendar, because regardless of the outcome, this is history in the making.

Canberra Highlights: Huge First Show on a Brand-New Tour

The Nitro Circus Next Level Tour kicked off in Canberra, Australia, over the weekend, and it was more than the usual Nitro-style blowout tour opener. This tour represents the evolution of action sports that Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus Crew are always seeking. It’s all new, with bigger setups and a show plan that emphasizes pushing the limits, including a built-in best trick competition for the FMX side and the Giganta side, where the winner each night gets a $1,000 bonus and, most importantly, the glory of being awarded Best Trick in a competition between some of the greatest action sports athletes in the world. Basically, you do not want to miss this epic show. Australia, it’s happening now, so check out the tour page to see where we’re headed next. North America: Buckle up, because a special moto-only version of the Next Level Tour will be hitting in a couple short months. Here are some video highlights from Canberra to get you in the mood. Below, we’ll break down some of the awesomeness.

Let’s talk about the new FMX kickers, which we’re calling The Next Level Ramps. It’s about time the FMX side got a catchy nickname for their setup. These ramps have previously only been used very rarely, including the Nitro World Games. They’re, in a word, enormous, and the guys had a ton of nervy fun riding them in front of a crowd for the first time. Steve Mini stuck a giant frontflip. On the biggest ramp, Josh Sheehan was going to do a straight double backflip, but MC Bruce Robson thought he was planning a double backflip KOD (a little first show miscommunication is pretty standard), so when Bruce announced that trick, Sheeny just went for it, despite not having even practiced it since Nitro World Games. Bonkers. Harry Bink stuck a beauty of a rock solid backflip — in previous tours this was a grand finale trick. This time, it happened in the first half of the show. Trevor Piranha joined the tour and stuck a three-wheeler backflip. It’s gnarly, but let’s be real: Trevor’s biggest contribution to the show is the entertainment value he brings on or off the bike.

Trevor Piranha lands a three-wheeler backflip in Canberra, Australia

The Giganta side was as bonkers as ever, with BMX, scooter, inline, and skate holding it down, plus new contraptions and some old favorites as well. In the video above, you saw BMX legend Jed Mildon take a wild ride on the recliner, a contraption that he’s ramped dozens and dozens of times that is, clearly, no less sketchy just because he’s experienced. The remarkable thing is Jed came out of that wreck a little sore, but with no permanent damage. There’s a reason they call him Warrior.

Bink took home the FMX Best Trick award for that rock solid backflip, while BMX phenom Kurtis Downs repped the Giganta side, landing a flip triple whip and a one-handed Hart attack backflip. The judges were very impressed.

Nitro Circus - Australia 2018

All in all, it was a killer tour kick-off that has massive implications for things to come. Everyone needs to come out to see this, whether you’ve been to a Nitro show before or not. Click here to see where we’re going to be next, and click through this photo gallery if you need more inspiration:

The Nitro Crew Is Stoked to Kick Off the 2018 Touring Season

Nitro Circus Assemble! The long wait is over. The 2018 Next Level Tour of Australia is kicking off in Canberra this weekend, and the Crew is stoked. In the months since our last tour, we’ve watched the Crew shred BMX, skate, snow bike and FMX competition, invent new tricks (and contraptions) in local skateparks, and kick it on crazy side trips. Idle hands, indeed. Riders are coming from all over the globe and descending on Australia’s capital city. It’s a reunion of close friends, fire team partners, and fellow travelers on the road to progression. We can’t fault them for being excited to be together again. Come show time, they will definitely get serious (but not too serious). We’re touring the biggest and baddest ramps in the world with a 60-foot Giganta Ramp and, for the first time ever, the FMX Best Trick ramp used in the Nitro World Games. The tour is going to be huge, with measurably bigger ramps and tricks. The Nitro Crew is pumped and, looking at the new ramps, a little scared. Here’s a small preview of the craziness to come (and click here to see where else we’re headed in 2018):

R-Willy Looks to Prove He’s Ready for X Games on a Mega Ramp

We’re obviously a little biased in thinking that Ryan “R-Willy” Williams deserves a shot at the X Games. The scooter and BMX star has earned three wins (including two in BMX) at the Nitro World Games in two years and has scores of World Firsts to his name. R-Willy may be one of the most exciting BMX riders out there, but he’s still waiting for a shot at X Games. One possible reason is that his path has not been the same as most pro BMX riders. He’s a scooter to BMX convert who achieved his renown performing for Nitro Circus, not in competition. In a recent edit, R-Willy admits it’s been a touchy subject for him in the past, but he has since changed his thinking. He may have proved he’s an an up-and-comer in big air BMX, but he still has to show he’s a threat in X Games’ format. To do that, he needs to prove he can handle the X Games ramp setup, which includes a massive quarter pipe. Here’s the start of R-Willy making his case:

And X Games has taken notice. Click here to leave a comment for them and show your support for R-Willy!

Night of the Jumps Rocks Berlin

Berlin recently caught some serious FMX action, hosting two rounds of Night of the Jumps. Eleven riders from six countries, including past world champions Maikel Melero, Remi Bizouard, Libor Podmol, and David Rinaldo competed for points toward the FIM World Championship. Rob Adelberg and Pat Bowden, representing Australia, were also on the hunt for some hardware. The final runs took place on Saturday with Germany’s own Luc Ackermann taking first place with a double backflip — which are still relatively rare in FMX. Podmol brought home second place with a California roll to no-hander landing. Rinaldo edged out Adelberg for third place with a buffet of a run that included a California roll, lazyboy flip, and egg roll. With this win, Ackermann takes the lead in the FIM World Championship series, with Melero and Podmol close on his heels. Check out the highlights below:

R-Willy Reveals the Bike He’s Taking on the Road in 2018

BMX riders are very particular about their bikes. With each new touring season, riders unveil new bikes, with state-of-the-art mods, designed to suit their riding style and the punishment of the road. In a recent video, Ryan “R-Willy” Williams shows us the bike he will be riding at the skatepark and with Nitro Circus in 2018. R-Willy is known for being able to throw down on anything with wheels and often puts together Frankensteined contraptions to drive the point home. But there’s still nothing like unboxing a new bike for the season.

David Godziek Tops Podium at Final Triple Challenge Stop

Riders braved cold and windy conditions in Arlington, Texas, for the final stop of the 2018 BMX Triple Challenge series. Delays and a truncated practice hampered the competitors ahead of qualifying due to ramp conditions, but the riders still managed to pull off incredible performances come competition time. David Godziek closed out an impressive series, taking the top spot again. Jake Leiva earned second place, and Pat Casey took third. The competition setup is back-to-back dirt kickers, with the points going to the rider with the best run. Check out some highlights:

Here’s a closer look at the winning runs:

Leiva took best trick with a decade to 360 whip.

Casey rounded out the field with a dipped 360 toboggan.

Poland’s Godziek was king of the overall series after impressive finishes at all three stops: a win in Anaheim, second in Glendale, and first again in Arlington. Leiva took home the second place prize and third place went to Brandon Loupos. No small feat, as the impressive field of riders who competed in the series included James Foster, Colton Walker, and Logan Martin. The BMX Triple Challenge is one of the first major BMX competitions of the year, so these are definitely some riders to watch in 2018.

Beaver Fleming Wins Highest Air Contest at Bowl-a-Rama

Beaver Fleming is on an epic tear this year, with solid performances in three skateboard competitions in less than thirty days. Few competitions rival Bowl-a-Rama in prestige. One of Australia’s premier bowl riding events, it attracts skateboard legends like Tony Hawk and the sport’s biggest up-and-comers. The top spots in the Pro Division competition went to 14-year-old Keegan Palmer, Jono Schwan, and Tom Schaar this year. 13-year-old Sabre Norris won the Women’s Division in her competition debut, followed by Jordyn Barratt and Poppy Starr Olsen. Beaver missed the podium this year but still managed to make a statement by winning the Highest Air Contest the second year in a row with an 11-foot scorcher. Check out some highlights from the event:

Here are the highlights from the Men’s Pro Division, where Palmer became the first Aussie in 13 years to win the competition:

The Women’s Division competition made its debut last year, but 2018 is going to be difficult to top. Check out these incredible runs:

Josh Sheehan Completes 100 KM/H Lake Skim on a Dirtbike

FMX legend Josh Sheehan made some waves this week ahead of the Nitro Circus Next Level Tour of Australia, which kicks off in a few weeks. During a media event to promote the tour, The Unicorn hydroplaned a dirtbike through Belmont Park Lake in Perth. To keep the 200-pound bike above water, he had to get it up to a speed of over 100 kilometers per hour, or about 63 mph. After a couple practice runs he nailed it, successfully clearing about 100 feet of open water — a feat not many moto riders have accomplished. Check out the photos and video from Sheeny’s POV, and hit this link for tickets to the Next Level Tour:



Beaver Fleming Headed Back to Bondi Beach for Bowl-a-Rama 2018

Nitro Circus skateboarder Beaver Fleming has been hitting the competition circuit with his usual flair this year. He kicked off 2018 by making the finals and winning Best Trick for the third year in a row at Simple Session 2018 in Estonia. Now he’s back in Australia to compete in a flurry of bowl competitions before the Nitro Circus Next Level Tour. He won second place at King of Concrete, a skate series that offers riders a last chance to qualify for the Bondi Beach Bowl-a-Rama, one of Australia’s premier skate competitions. Check out some highlights from the event:

Now he’s in Bondi Beach, practicing for the big event. He’ll want to build on his incredible debut performance last year, where he took fifth place and, in true Beaver fashion, won Best Trick with a 10-foot backside air. Check out Beaver’s take on the event from last year and some of his practice runs for the big competition. For this year’s comp, fans in North America will be able to tune in via webcast at 2:30 p.m. PT on Feb. 16-17.

Find tickets to the Next Level Tour right here!

Beaver Fleming Repeats With Best Trick at Simple Session 2018

Beaver Fleming’s year is off to a great start with an appearance at the finals and a Best Trick win at Simple Session 2018. Simple Session is a legendary BMX and Skate Contest in Tallinn, Estonia. The format is an organized jam with an introductory 30-second run, followed by a four-minute jam session, with a finals round where the top 12 riders take two individual one-minute runs. The tournament drew a field of 64 skaters from more than 60 countries. “This was my third year going,” Beaver says. “The first year I missed the finals but won Best Trick. The second year, I made the finals and placed sixth and won Best Trick. This year, I made the finals again but couldn’t quite hold my run together, so I ended up placing 10th, but I took Best Trick for the third year in a row.” Check out his recap of the event:

Beaver brings a unique flavor to skate contests, because his tricks are often honed on Nitro’s big ramps. This means that regardless of his rank in points, he almost always wows the judges with something fresh. “This year I was able to pull off the Swift Roll on the box jump,” he says. “I learned this trick a few years ago on the Giganta Ramp. But on a box jump, it is so much different; everything has to happen so much faster. I have only pulled it off one other time on a normal-sized box jump, so to make it happen in Best Trick was so amazing.”

And he’s just getting started. The competition schedule is hectic for Beaver this time of year. “I just got down to Australia for Bondi Bowl a Rama and will be out here for a few more contests. Then it’s the Nitro Circus Next Level Tour,” he says. Check out the tour schedule right here, and stay tuned here for more updates from Beaver.

Travis Pastrana Eyes Record OHV Jump for ‘Action Figures 2’

When it comes to Action Figures 2, Travis Pastrana and Crew are shooting for the moon. Among the epic plans in progress: A record off-highway vehicle distance jump in a SXS, set to take place at the White Knuckle Event in Huntsville, Tennessee, over Memorial Day weekend.


Details are under wraps at the moment, with several questions outstanding: Who will be attempting the jump? What’s the distance they’re targeting? It’s a SXS, so will there be a passenger? We’ll be keeping an eye out for answers to these questions as the date nears.

Filming for Action Figures 2 started last summer, and from what we’ve seen in person and in the tidbits that have come out on social media, the follow-up to Travis’ ode to old-school action sports edits is going to blur the lines between what’s possible and what could only happen in a video game. This film is going to be epic, and now us regular folks have a chance to see part of it happen live.

The White knuckle Event, sponsored by Brimstone, a proud partner of the Nitro Circus Next Level Tour of North America, is a three-day event celebrating all things awesome about OHVs. In addition to the record jump that Travis is cooking up, OHV fans will find 300 miles of trails, food, live music, prize giveaways, and more.

Beaver Fleming Looks to Defend Best Trick Title at Simple Session

Beaver Fleming is back in Estonia to defend his Best Trick title at Simple Session 2018 this coming weekend. He took home the trophy last year with a cork 720 on a box jump, so he’s almost certainly cooking up something big for the 2018 contest. Simple Session is a BMX and skate competition featuring more than 160 riders from over 30 countries. In the skate competition, Beaver will be competing against 62 other riders. The qualifiers are Saturday, Feb. 3; the 12 best skaters go on to the finals on Sunday. Make sure you get up early and tune in to the live stream at 8 a.m. ET here or here. In the meantime, check out some of Beaver’s training runs from this week and his video from last year’s competition:

R-Willy Hits the Skatepark With Some Fellow Aussie Scooter Pros

Ryan “R-Willy” Williams never slouches between tours. When he’s not on the road, he can be reliably found honing his considerable skills at skateparks across Australia. The multi-discipline phenom is best known for his big air tricks on scooter and BMX, but lately he’s been working on his technical riding and street tricks. In a recent edit, he invited a few other scooter riders to join him, names that will be very familiar to scooter fans down under. Jack McCann is a pro scooter rider from Sydney. He was one of the youngest riders selected to compete for Australia at the 2016 ISA World Championships in Barcelona. He was also joined by Kai Saunders, another pro rider from Sydney, and Max Peters, a veteran at age 23. Max is a prominent scooter pro from Melbourne with a coveted signature scooter deck. But enough about their bios. Check out their gnarly tricks:

Adelberg, Strong, Haslam Top X Games Snow Bike Best Trick Podium

FMX veteran Rob Adelberg’s California roll took home the top prize in the X Games’ first-ever Snow Bike Best Trick event over the weekend in Aspen. Jackson Strong, one of the pioneers of the sport, took second with a cordova backflip. In his X Games debut, Robert Haslam rounded out the podium. He edged out Ethen Roberts, also making his X Games debut, by a third of a point. FMX legends are taking to this burgeoning sport quickly, which isn’t surprising, as a snow bike is basically a dirtbike with a track and a ski instead of tires. Several of the competitors in the competition had only been riding snow bikes seriously for a few months. With these results, the sport is sure to attract more FMX talent in the future. Check out some highlights:

Loupos Tops Podium at BMX Triple Challenge Stop 2

Brandon Loupos brought home the win in the second stop of the 2018 BMX Triple Challenge, which went down this weekend in Glendale, Arizona. David Godziek took second and Logan Martin rounded out the field. Irek Rizaev scored best trick with a beautiful 360 tailwhip barspin to down whip. Godziek is on an impressive run in 2018, with a win in the first stop of the Triple Challenge earlier this month. The three-stop competition is as simple as it is awesome — the setup is two massive dirt jumps, and whoever strings together the best back-to-back tricks takes home the money.  The third and final stop of the competition is set for Arlington, Texas, on Feb. 16. Check some highlights from a few of the winners in Glendale:

Ethen Roberts to Make X Games Debut in Snow Bike Best Trick

Nitro Circus legend Ethen Roberts will make his X Games debut in Aspen this weekend, competing in the Snow Bike Best Trick event. Ethen is one of Nitro’s most enduring veterans, as well as one of the most versatile. He can shred on basically anything on the action sports menu. That skill will come into play in this competition for sure. He didn’t come up on the competition circuit in any of his many disciplines, but Ethen credits fellow Nitro veteran Jackson Strong for taking him under his wing and helping him hone his tricks in the lead-up to the competition. As you can see from this photo from one of his many adventures, he has a bit of experience on the snow bike:

Ethen Roberts Snow Bike

He’ll be up against stiff competition from other FMX legends, like Rob Adelberg, and X Games veterans like Heath Frisby and Brett Turcotte.

This is the first year X Games will feature Snow Bike Freestyle. Snow bikes are dirtbikes with a tread system in the rear and ski instead of a front wheel. The ride is seamless enough that you can train on a normal FMX dirt bike and compete on a snow bike, just as Ethen did. Ethen has so many disciplines to draw inspiration from, so we’re excited to see what he brings to the table on Sunday when the event will take place at 8PM MT.

Chris Haffey Makes Epic Run on Next Trickshot Superstar

Nitro Circus veteran and aggressive inline superstar Chris Haffey recently competed in Next Trickshot Superstar, an epic competition between some of the internet’s biggest trick shot experts and freestyle athletes. The 10-episode series, hosted by Chad Ochocinco, pitted 18 legit contenders against each other for the chance at a $250,000 prize. Honestly, the types of challenges the competitors were tasked with are tough to describe, but they all involved some sort of precision aim in often extreme conditions. Your best bet is to watch the series if you want to know more, and if you still need convincing, here’s a photo (yes, a trick shot is involved here):

Chris Haffey and Chad Ochocinco on Next Trickshot Superstar

We’re a little biased, so we’re going to link you to the four episodes that Haffey is in, but no spoilers. This journey is best taken from the beginning to see his epic run. If you want to watch the entire series from the beginning, go here. But if you want to just watch Haffey’s eps, start here. Then watch this. Then this one. And for the thrilling finish, watch this one.

Chris Haffey on Next Trickshot Superstar

Colten Moore Returns to Judge at X Games This Weekend

Freestyle snowmobile legend Colten Moore is returning to X Games Aspen this weekend to judge the snowmobile Freestyle, Speed & Style, and Snow Bike competitions. Here’s why this is amazing: Colten broke his back at the same competition last year. The injury took away his ability to walk. At this year’s Winter X, he’ll walk through the front door. His recovery has been epic thanks to his dedication and the people who support his ongoing Road 2 Recovery. Action sports is renowned for comeback stories. Colten is unique in that he has more than one. He broke a few bones and punctured a lung during an attempt to land a backflip at a Nitro show in Brisbane. He was attempting a double backflip in Aspen last year. It takes a special brand of courage to come back to the scene of the accident to support your fellow athletes while awaiting the chance to hit the ramps again. Welcome back, Colten.

Watch: Jed Mildon Lands a BMX Surfer Take Off Backflip

During the break between tours, BMX veteran and Nitro Circus stalwart Jed Mildon is spending some time back in New Zealand, keeping his skills sharp at Franklin Farm. A few days back he posted an awesome clip on his Instagram of a surfer take off backflip. We’re big fans of the surfer take off, as it’s a simple way to complicate even the most basic trick. In other words, it’s an easy way to have tons of fun. Check it out:

FMX Riders Testing New Ramps for 2018 Tour

The Nitro Circus Crew is gearing up for a massive 2018. There are still a few weeks left before the touring season starts, and the FMX riders are taking the opportunity to log some hours on the new ramp setups that will be featured in the Next Level Tour of Australia. Travis Pastrana, Josh Sheehan, Adam Jones, Blake “Bilko” Williams, and Gregg Duffy headed to Lake Perris, California, to help break the ramps in. Ahead of the testing, Travis asked Sheeny how he was feeling. The veteran FMXer, the only rider to ever land a triple backflip on a motorcycle, wasn’t shy to admit the new ramps are intimidating, even for someone with his resume. “I’m a bit scared. It’s been a long time since I’ve hit anything close to that big. Look at the size of it. It’s just … it’s massive.” Adam, another FMX veteran who’s jumped it all, expressed a similar sentiment, using much more colorful language. Bottom line: As usual, Nitro Circus is pushing the envelope again. Check out some highlights:

I was constantly fighting this ramp to try not to over rotate it! 📷 @rickymelnik

A post shared by Adam Jones (@adamjones760) on

Get ready for some awesome shows in 2018. Click here to see the announced shows and click here to sign up to be notified when we’re coming to your area.

2018 BMX Triple Challenge Kicks Off With a Banger

The first stop of the 2018 BMX Triple Challenge went down at the beginning of the month, and if the first major BMX event of the year is any indication, 2018 is going to be a big one for BMX. The biggest names came out to ride in Anaheim, California, on one of the sweetest competition dirt setups in the mix right now. Kyle Baldock, TJ Ellis, James Foster, Colton Walker, Brian Fox, and David Godziek were among the competitors. The comp is straightforward: Riders drop in and perform back-to-back tricks over the two-jump setup. Best run wins. Open qualifying means anyone has a chance to come ride with the best. In the end, Godziek took home the top prize, with Baldock and Walker rounding out the podium. Jacob Bailey rode away with the best trick award, landing a nutty 360 front bikeflip in what many would call the moment of the competition. Here’s that and some of the other highlights:

A-1 clip 🎥 @tylerrizzibmx #guccigang #peddlegang

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Stop 2 of the event will be in Glendale, Arizona, on Jan. 26. The final stop will be in Arlington, Texas, on Feb. 16.  Click here for a full video of highlights from the first stop.

Beaver Fleming’s Best Skate Crashes of 2017

The new year has arrived, and like many of you, we at Nitro are looking forward to improving on all of the progress we made in 2017. What better way to do that than break down our most excellent bails and fails of the last year? Nitro skateboarder Beaver Fleming has done just that to kick off 2018. Like he says, if you’re not falling, you’re not trying, so sit back and enjoy this montage of Beaver doing a whole lot of trying:

#1 Travis Pastrana and Nitro Circus Rocked Annapolis | WildYear

This is #1 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

When the North America tour schedule was being ironed out in late 2016, one planned stop stood out from the rest: Nitro Ringleader Travis Pastrana hadn’t ever brought the show to his hometown of Annapolis, Maryland. Even half a year out, everyone knew this was going to be a banner show for Travis and the Nitro Circus Crew.

But then the unthinkable happened: For the first time in over a decade of Nitro Circus Live, the local neighborhood council voted to not allow the show to go ahead. It would have been devastating for any tour stop to meet this type of resistance, but the fact that it was Annapolis made it sting even more. Despite the show at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium being scheduled for a Sunday afternoon, a small group cited the potential noise as the factor. Obviously this setback didn’t deter Travis, who gathered a group and went door-to-door in the snow to appeal to the neighborhood. That, along with help from other locals, including the Annapolis mayor, eventually paid off, the neighborhood council changed their mind (and Travis, Streetbike Tommy, Gregg Duffy, and friends got to March in the St. Patty’s Day Parade) — and in July, the show went on. Hit that last link for a ton of pictures from the Annapolis show, and check out this video of the lead-up:

This is #1 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

#2 We Got to Go Back to South Africa | WildYear 2017

This is #2 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

South Africa is one of our favorite places to visit. We’d be lying if we didn’t say that the top reason we love to perform there is the amazing fans, but a cloooose second is the side trips. The Nitro Crew can cram fun into every gap in the schedule. But in South Africa, everything is amped up to 11. Whether it’s putting on demos for local fans or getting up close and personal with South Africa’s local fauna, we were in. Durban was host to one of Nitro’s most epic events of all time, when Erik Roner kicked off the show with a BASE jump into the stadium. The best way to pay tribute to Erik was to go one bigger. Sean Chuma and a volunteer from the crowd performed an epic tandem BASE jump on this last tour. And that was just the start of our second tour in one of our favorite places. Check it out, and see more highlights here:

This is #2 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

#3 The Polaris Invitational Previewed ‘Action Figures 2’ | WildYear 2017

This is #3 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

We understand it’s cheating a little to put Travis Pastrana’s Action Figures 2 on this list, since it’s not actually going to be released until next year. But the sneak previews we’ve got to see are so good that we’re comfortable calling them one of the Top moments of the year. The first shooting days for AF2 happened at Pastranaland right after the first-ever Nitro Circus show in Annapolis, which meant the whole crew was in town for the action. Since then there have been several more days of shenanigans, including what Travis is calling his biggest trick ever, all of which will be in the final movie. Suffice it to say, if the video embedded below (and the full playlist here) is the stuff that Travis is willing to share ahead of time, we’re all going to want to buckle up for the main event. Check it out.

This is #3 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

#4 Travis Landed the Barge-to-Barge Backflip in London | WildYear 2017

This is #4 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

If there’s anyone who knows how to get people’s attention, it’s Travis Pastrana. That’s why when they were trying to figure out what they should do to kick off ticket sales for Nitro’s 2018 European tour, the first person they asked was Travis. His idea was to backflip his motorcycle between two barges on the River Thames in London, right in front of the O2, one of the stops on the upcoming tour. This was no simple backflip. The London weather combined with the fact that he hadn’t ever ridden the bike until that day made for an interesting set of challenges. But he obviously pulled it off, so check it out:

This is #4 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

#5 The Second Nitro World Games | WildYear 2017

This is #5 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

In its second year, the Nitro World Games showed that it wasn’t just a one-and-done exhibition. We saw repeat champions in four out of six events, including Ryan Williams repeating as BMX Best Tricks champion and redeeming himself by becoming the Scooter Best Tricks champion. In so doing, he also became the first athlete to win two events and the first athlete to podium in two disciplines at NWG. In BMX Triple Hit, Brian Fox made the podium with a redemption story that should be made into a movie. In FMX, Levi Sherwood took home the title in stunning fashion, anchoring his run with a double backflip combo. And Harry Bink knew it was going to take a World First to win FMX Best Trick, and landing the first (and only, to date) rock solid frontflip did just that. Those are just the tip of the iceberg. It was an unforgettable night of action. Check out the highlights at the video embedded below, and if you’re looking for the entire event, you can stream it right here.

This is #5 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

#6 R-Willy’s Web Edit III | WildYear 2017

This is #6 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

When Ryan “R-Willy” Williams dropped his magnum opus, Wed Edit III, this Nitro writer had a tough time maintaining his usual journalistic objectivity. In fact, in the days that followed it, the Nitro blog was reduced to an R-Willy fanzine. The edit was the product of five long years of R-Willy’s storied progression in BMX and scooter, and features one breathtaking trick after another. By now the video has racked up 1.3 million views on YouTube. It has also generated 5,831 comments from fans, comments that range from positive to gushing — unusual for a YouTube comments section — proving you can change internet culture for the positive if your edit is gnarly enough. It’s a crowning achievement and further cements R-Willy’s status as an all-round action sports legend. We’re still gushing about it, to be honest. Just watch the darn clip:

This is #6 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

#7 James Foster and Kurtis Downs at X Games | WildYear 2017

This is #7 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

Two of Nitro’s most celebrated BMX stars, James Foster and Kurtis Downs achieved major career milestones this year, earning them a spot on Nitro’s Best of 2017 list. Kurtis was invited for the first time in his career. He made a big statement in his X Games debut, winning a medal in BMX Big Air. Pretty impressive for a rider who was originally invited on the tour to ride contraptions. And not to be outdone, Foster took home his first X Games gold medal and a third career medal, in Big Air and Dirt. Check out some highlights:

#fbf – Last Friday night was one of the craziest contests I've ever ridden in. I did a trick on the mega quarter that I had only dreamed of, right after watching @vincebyron step up and do one of the gnarliest tricks I'd ever seen on it. Everyone pushed themselves and rode incredibly well (some rode injured and it didn't slow them down), and it was a pleasure to ride the big ramp with you guys again, can't wait for the next one! • Thank you; to my beautiful wife @verfoster for always being there and helping me, and for putting up with me when I'm stressed out and and missing practice, to everyone who's ever helped me or listened to one of my crazy thoughts or ideas, to @monsterenergy, @nitrocircus, @hyperbmx/@snafubmx, @fisthandwear, @albesbmx, @profile_racing, @sheepeybuilt, @ostarmotorsports, @andersenhitches, @yokohamatire, @condorbmx and @xgames, @jamiebestwick for inspiring me to never stop pushing myself, the city of Minneapolis for having a vegan/veggie restaurant open after midnight. • Thank you to BMX for being the thing that's shaped my life – allowed me to travel and meet so many incredible people and taught me so much… and of course to my family for always supporting me, for teaching me to always be open minded, and to have fun and make the most out of life. • The first time I rode a "pro" BMX contest was 17 years ago, I was 15. 12 years ago in 2005, I was a scrawny 19 year old, and I did the first triple tailwhip in a contest. It took me until 2013 to finally get into X Games, and I knocked myself out in my first run. • The moral of the story here is don't ever give up on what you love. Learn from your mistakes, injuries and failures, be smarter and work harder. That, and respect and appreciate the people who paved the way for us to do what we do now – for us to be able to keep moving forward and change what people think about kids on bikes… I'm still a kid on a bike, wether it's a dirtbike, bmx bike, mtb, road bike, etc, and I'm still having as much fun now as I did when I was a kid, all because I never stopped riding. Bikes are fun. 🙃 🚲⚡️🤘🏻#twowheelsforever #bmx #MonsterEnergy #NitroCircus #XGames

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This is #7 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

#8 Travis Pastrana’s Rally Results | WildYear 2017

This is #8 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

Every year is an epic year for Travis Pastrana. Travis somehow found the time to put up some amazing results for Subaru Rally Team USA. The American Rally Association Championship is in six stages across the U.S. and Canada. As the summer rolled on, it became clear the rally story of the year was to be an epic competition between SRT USA teammates David Higgins and co-driver Craig Drew and Travis with his co-driver, Robbie Durant. The two teams traded the top spot on the podium more than once, but Higgins’ performance over the summer had been dominant. They looked tough to beat as they headed to the fifth round at the New England Forest Rally, but that’s where Travis flipped the script. Not only did they win, but they won despite having to replace Durant, who was injured during the race. Things came to a head at the sixth and final round at the Ojibwa Forests Rally, where Travis overcame a five-point season-long deficit to secure the ARA Championship win. It was a rally season for the non-rally fan. Check out some highlights from his insane summer:

And check out more details about some of these rally wins right here:


This is #8 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

#9 BMX Park Added to the 2020 Olympics | WildYear 2017

This is #9 on our list of the Best Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

We were stoked this year when the International Olympic Committee announced plans to add BMX Freestyle Park to the official program at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. BMX is one of the oldest action sports, and over the years has built a passionate global fanbase and a highly competitive talent roster in both the women’s and men’s divisions. Every BMX competition leading up to the event has added significance as riders compete for a position on their national teams. Among the riders celebrating the news on their social media were Nitro World Games veterans Daniel Sandoval and Colton Walker, two riders who definitely have a shot at the Games in 2020. 

#BMX freestyle park is confirmed in the @olympics in Tokyo for 2020!!😁🙏

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This is #9 on our list of the Best Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

#10 Harry Bink Had an Amazing Year | WildYear 2017

This is #10 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

Here’s a statistic we love to mention whenever we can: More people have walked on the moon than have landed a double backflip on a motorcycle. This year, the number of athletes who have landed a double grew more than any year since Travis Pastrana stuck the first one in competition in 2006. But when Harry Bink rode away from a double this year, he was the seventh rider to ever do so, and he’s still the youngest. That achievement was just the beginning of an incredible year for Harry. He rode almost every show on the Nitro Circus tour (and this was one of the busiest years ever in terms of number of stops). He had strong showings in several competitions, including a couple Top 10 finishes at X Games. He also features prominently in the upcoming Action Figures 2 in a couple top-secret sequences that you’ll just have to see to believe. But arguably his biggest accomplishment this year was winning the Nitro World Games FMX Best Trick event with the World First Rock Solid frontflip. Check out that video below and also the video from his first double backflip. Awesome year, Harry, we can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

This is #10 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.


Click here for all coverage.

Action sports icon Travis Pastrana added another world’s first to his resume when he became the only person to ever successfully backflip a motorcycle from one floating barge to another. The epic jump took place on the River Thames in London in front of the legendary O2 as a PR event launching the upcoming Nitro Circus YOU GOT THIS Tour, set to hit Europe in 2018. But, the historic backflip was more spectacular than the term “PR stunt” could ever describe.

Click here for all coverage.

Read our full write-up here.

Click each image for a larger version:

R-Willy Finds a New Way to Flip His Scooter Upside-Down

Sometimes a day at the skatepark is focused on honing your skills to stay sharp for the next big event. Sometimes a day at the skatepark is a chance to try something new. For Ryan Williams, it’s often some combination of the two, and it’s always a good time. Take his latest video, which answers the question: What does one of the most accomplished scooter riders in the world do to change things up at the park? The answer (this time, at least) is to flip his deck over and ride in a way he’s never tried before. True to form, by the end of the session R-Willy is sticking tricks that are hard enough on a regular scooter. Check it out:

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‘Action Figures 2’ Will Feature Travis Pastrana’s Biggest Trick Ever

Last week at his home in Maryland, Travis Pastrana landed an impossible trick. His exact words: It was “the biggest trick of my life.” And while we’re of course not going to show or tell what the trick was (because no spoilers), what we are going to do is show you some Insta posts from an epic week of filming at Pastranaland for Action Figures 2 (grab your DVD of the first Action Figures signed by Travis right here!), including some teasers for two of the biggest tricks that have ever been landed, period. Nitro Crew regulars were on hand for the mayhem, including Harry Bink, James Foster, Kurtis DownsDusty Wygle, Ethen Roberts, and Beaver Fleming. Vloggers extraordinaire Roman Atwood and Ross Smith even stopped by to get in on the action. As we mentioned before, Action Figures was TP’s homage to old-school action sports movies. AF2 promises to take that idea to a level no one could have imagined except Travis himself. Buckle up!

🤔🤷🏻‍♂️👍🏻 @travispastrana | #actionfiguresthemovie 2 @nitrocircus @yokohamatire @bagjump

A post shared by James Foster (@jamesfosterbmx) on

To all of the amazing athletes who came to #pastranaland this week, worked your asses off moving, welding and building ramps and @bagjump only to risk life and limb in the name of fun and sheer passion to push action sports to the next level.. you all exceeded any of my wildest expectations. To my wife @lynzskate for always believing in me and supporting me to chase my dreams (even when they seem dangerous and unattainable to most) For allowing our home to be constantly full of people and for being the most amazing mom I had ever imagined one could be to our girls. For @nitrorednekhubert @el_neeeenyo @meandmychucks @jasonmveilleux @comboversteve @wesselbuilt and the entire #mdAteam for never hesitating to be there when things need to get done. To all of those athletes who easily could have stopped after one or two hard slams but continued to get back up, not for money or fame, but for pride and the beliefs that they could make something impossible become a reality.. you guys are legends!!! #actionfiguresthemovie 2 is going to be awesome because of all of you. While I can't post any of the madness that went down this week, this is a pic from my warm up run on the jump where I later landed the biggest trick of my life. It was a double back flip, not because it was cool, but because it would have been too hard to straight air and I was afraid of not being able to rotate a single flip slow enough with that much airtime..📷 @jamesfosterbmx @smagical @kurtisdowns @harrybink @motoduff @kyledemelo @ethenroberts @dustywygle @beaverfleming @trevor.jacob @dovribnick @gvdcowboy @shaka_gnar @codystauder @chrannzee @yokohamatire @wienerschnitzel @kevlarbrand @polarisrzr @wildmikespizza @blackriflecoffee @andersenhitches @nitrocircus @srtusa #subaru

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R-Willy Vlogs His First Day Back After a Shoulder Injury

Our recent stop in South Africa was amazing, but not everyone had the best time. Ryan Williams suffered a separated shoulder during practice before one of the shows — an unfortunate injury that wasn’t super serious but did require that he bow out of the remaining tour stops so he could go get some treatment and heal up. Here’s where it happened:

Well, after a few weeks off the bike and scoot, R-Willy got back on this weekend and had his first park session on his scooter since the injury. He wasn’t able to ride his normal style, but he pushed through some residual soreness and frustration, and he’s definitely back! Nowhere to go but up from here. Check it:

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We Still Heart South Africa and 7 Other Things You Missed This Week

It’s hard to believe our 2017 touring season is almost over. After two shows this weekend in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, our next show isn’t until 2018. But what a year it’s been. We did more shows than ever, landed more tricks than ever, and got to hang out with more of you than ever. OK, it’s too early for a “Best of 2017” list (even though we saw X-mas ads on TV this week), but we’re clearly already pumped to bring you those. Now begins the hard part: narrowing down what makes the 2017 list. While we do that, you should do these:

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SOUTH AFRICA FOR DAYS: A photo dump from one of our favorites places in the whole wide world

NITRO THE SHOW: Don’t forget we’re rerunning our entire MTV show on Daily Motion every Thursday-Sunday!

2017 MUDGEE MOTORFEST: Go to watch Nitro FMX star Steve Mini perform, stay for the bouncy castle

RIP: Motorcycle racing pioneer Tom White has died at 68

REAL MOUNTAIN: ESPN wants to find out which ski and snowboard resort rules them all in a video competition



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A sneak peek at next week: What will do now that the 2017 tours are done and dusted …

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A Visit to Mat Hoffman’s Backyard of Glory

All backyard ramps are unique, and there is a little bit of the owner’s personality within each layout. The maddest of all backyard freestyle features is the vert ramp. Towering above all ramps, and ridden by only a handful of the bravest, these ramps are massive. Everything about that structure is insane. How they are ridden, how they are built, and everything in between is a mind-bending process. A tip of the hat goes to the pioneers who had to learn the hard way that you can’t just build a U-shape without a flat bottom, or to learn how important a deck is on a ramp. I would kill to have been around when someone got the idea to add coping. It’s hard to even fathom how to build one without a forklift of some kind, but hundreds have been constructed.


Rarely is an opportunity granted to ride the personal sanctuary of one of the greatest to ever do it. In the same way you hope Kobe Bryant has a basketball hoop in his driveway, it is a breath of fresh air to see a gigantic 13-foot-tall ramp in the backyard of Mat Hoffman. I was circling the country with a few heavy hitters when we received a request to visit the home of the great one.

We found the deity sitting in his home office, painting pictures of people’s pets. I immediately made a George W. Bush joke and was scowled at. Don’t say that if you meet him. Mat has been painting for years and finds that art and bicycle riding mixed together are the perfect cocktail. He told a story about how he recently went to Danny Way’s place and decided to give the 30-foot ramp a shot. He painted a picture right before putting on his helmet to get his mind in the right spot. Incredibly interesting. He does custom pieces, so feel free to reach out. His canvas is a wooden piece that is used as the top layer on most professionally built ramps. Very cool.


We walked to the ramp, which is tucked away between tall foliage. This was a spiritual experience for all present, as Mat strapped on his helmet. On this run we had BMX riders Mykel Larrin, Zach Newman, and Alex Landeros. But the session kicked into high gear when one of the best skateboarders in the world put his board on the coping. Paul-Luc Ronchetti put in a serious session, and I overheard Mat telling him he was the first guy to ever 540 this ramp on a skateboard. The action sports respect was over the top. At any given time, somewhere in the universe, there is a session of epic proportion going down .

On this day, at this time, we captured it. Check it out:


Hyper Bikes and Nitro Circus Partner to Sell Bikes at Walmart

We’re pumped to announce that Hyper Bicycles and Nitro Circus have partnered to bring young riders our first line of widely available signature bikes, which are available right now at and will be in Walmart stores Nov. 6! The bikes are inspired by Nitro Circus Ringleader Travis Pastrana and Nitro Crew BMX legends Ryan Williams and James Foster, who both ride Hyper bikes in competition and on the Nitro Circus tour.


“We’re always looking to grow action sports, and making it accessible for the next generation is such a big part of that,” Travis says. “These bikes are awesome, and having them affordable for families is even better. … Hyper has been such a big part of the progression of Nitro Circus, and now R-Willy and James Foster are taking BMX to the next level on their Hyper bikes, so it’s a great fit!”


Two bike styles are included in this launch: a 20-inch and a 16-inch. The 20-inch is the Hyper Nitro Circus BMX Bike, available in black or red. Features include alloy platform pedals, micro-drive front and rear sprockets, and a stem rotor for those perfect barspins. Multi-surface tires will let you ride anywhere. This bike is built for riding hard, for casual BMX newbies, burgeoning freestyle stars, and everyone in between.

The 16-inch Moto Hyper Nitro Circus Bike is perfect for all those young Travis fans who want to rep the 199. Its moto-style fenders covered in authentic Nitro Circus graphics, including a 199 number plate, saddle seat, and steel oversized frame all shout FMX. Training wheels are included on this one.

Click here for more details and a closer look at all these bikes, or go check them out for yourself at a Walmart store on Nov. 6 and beyond.

BASE Jumping, Lion Taming, and So Many Epic Moments in South Africa

And just like that it was over. We approached our second ever tour of South Africa with so much anticipation, and it did not disappoint. Hard to believe we crammed so much into such a short tour, but luckily we’ve got photos and videos for days. Cape Town was a blast, and we were just getting started. In Durban, we got to hang with reptiles at a sanctuary, our jaws dropped when Sean Chuma performed an amazing tandem BASE jump with a volunteer from the crowd as a tribute to Erik Roner, and the show was absolutely epic. Check it all out here:

And check out this gallery (click to enlarge the thumbnails):


And then it was on to Johannesburg, the biggest city in the country and the home to our largest-ever audience. Like last time, we spent an afternoon in Soweto putting on a demo for the local kids, who were super pumped the whole time. But the guys were even more stoked. We also got a chance to go on a legit safari. All that before closing out the tour with another super fun performance for an awesome crowd. Here are the highlights:


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South Africa Is Epic and 8 Other Things You Missed This Week

We’re closing out our 2017 touring season with three shows in South Africa and two shows in Saudi Arabia, places with once-in-a-lifetime-trip implications for those of us who spend most of our time behind a computer. The Nitro Writers represent on tour as often as we can, but let’s face it: We’re a lot more useful when they’ve got us locked away in a windowless basement typing. That said, we were supposed to be at the Saudi Arabia shows, but difficulties with the visa process has put an end to that promised adventure. No worries. We’ll still bring you all the highlights of those shows, because this is going to be awesome. Almost as awesome as all this stuff:

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SOUTH AFRICA TOUR: We put the Cape in Cape Town

WHIP IT GOOD: Find out who whipped it best at the Dirt Shark Whip Contest (SFW, don’t worry)

RUBBER STAMP: Travis Pastrana brings the circus to East Coast Drive

RECAP: Who doesn’t have 52 minutes to give to FIM Motocross? Check out this season’s review!

X GAMES: Australia will host its first X Games in Sydney in 2018


Swim with the dolphins they say.. @harrybink drew the short straw. 🦈🦈🦈🦈 @nitrocircus full video coming soon

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A sneak peek at next week: More awesomeness from South Africa.

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Bereman, McNeil, Torronteras Podium at Dirt Shark Whip Contest

If the Monster Energy Cup is motocross’ all-star game, the Dirt Shark Biggest Whip Contest is the equivalent of the slam dunk competition. It’s where riders who are known for their fast and loose lifestyles really let their hair down in a bid to send the biggest whips in the world. The competition attracts some of the world’s best FMX riders. Whip king Jarryd McNeil won the competition in 2014 and 2015, which earned him a slot of the pre-qualified list. Coming back from an injury sustained at X Games over the summer, he still pulled second place this year, bested only by Tyler Bereman. Edgar Torronteras took home third. Several Nitro Circus riders also competed, including Josh Sheehan, Vicki GoldenNate Adams, Harry Bink, and Jacko Strong. Check out the highlights of what’s being called the biggest Dirt Shark Whip Contest to date:

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Things Are Getting Awesome on Our South Africa Tour

We’re back in South Africa, finally. It’s one of our favorite places to perform, and with one down and two go, plus many days of potential shenanigans in between, we’re just getting started. Speaking of, Travis Pastrana kicked off his time in South Africa with a little press, like only he could:

Upon arriving at our first stop, Travis, Steve Mini, and Blake “Bilko” Williams immediately competed in a scooter race — the motorized kind, not the R-Willy kind — ending up on Table Mountain in Cape Town.


We had an awesome show in Cape Town. Harry Bink took the MVC for landing (in some cases barely) the gnarliest tricks on the FMX side. His rock solid backflip to no-hander is nutty, and he had what can only be described as a miraculous stick on a frontflip suicide. Check it:

On the Giganta side, it was an action-packed and awesome but sometimes tough night, as the lander was dewy, making for constant slippery conditions. As you’ll see in the next clip, some of the guys took some heavy hits on the night due mostly to that slick landing. Backstage crew tried to keep them dry, but it was a constant battle. Luckily these guys dropped in and sent it anyway. Check out some quick highlights and a selection of photos from the night:


Up next, Durban and Johannesburg! Stay tuned for highlights from there.

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#NosieChallenge Is the BMX Game We Didn’t Know We Needed

Of all the tricks you see us post about week after week, nose manuals don’t get a lot of prime-time play. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the skill — it’s just the opportunities to feature it don’t come up as much. But there’s a challenge making the rounds among the BMX boys that changes that. #NosieChallenge is pretty simple: Show off your best nose manual and then challenge another rider to do the same. The beautiful thing about this game is that Instagram is allowing it to make its way around the world, and some of the best BMX riders are in on it, like Jeremy Malott, Logan Martin, Alex Coleborn, Ryan Williams, and Brandon Loupos. Let’s all just sit back and enjoy the simple beauty of top riders executing a classic trick:

#nosiechallenge @loganmartinbmx you have 24 hours to do your best one and call out the next!!🤘🏼

A post shared by Jeremy Malott🇺🇸 (@jeremy_malott) on

Thanks @loganmartinbmx for the call out! I call out @rwillyofficial you’ve got 24h!! #nosiechallenge

A post shared by Alex Coleborn (@alexcoleborn) on

@alexcoleborn called me out! I vote @brandonlouposyo to be next! #NoWhereToNosemanual #NosieChallenge #24hours

A post shared by Ryan Williams (@rwillyofficial) on

Colton Walker hadn’t posted his as of publish time, but we’ll be keeping an eye out, and so you should you!

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The Original Nitro Circus TV Show, and 9 Other Things You Missed This Week

Over the years our fanbase has grown in every direction, due largely to our ability to connect with more of you over the internet. It’s pretty great to see so many different types of people following our shenanigans. We haven’t forgot about you OG fans, though. We know there’s a big chunk of you who started keeping tabs on us back when we had a show on MTV and have stuck around for all the fun since. You’re the ones who get the inside jokes, follow members of the original Nitro Crew, and ask us all the time where you can watch the TV show for free online. Well, the answer to that last question is RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. We’re releasing every episode of the original show on Facebook and Daily Motion over the next several months. Episodes will be broken down and released Thursday-Sunday until we run out. Just to be clear: This is excellent news for long-time fans and new fans alike. We’re taking you back to our roots, whether it’s to experience it all again or to witness it for the first time. What could be better? And if that’s not enough stuff to check out, these things also happened:

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Watch the whole Polaris Invitational series here!


HOLY SK8: Worship at the alter of awesome in this converted 1800s church

NO TIME LEFT: Need a Halloween costume? Here’s how you can dress as Travis Pastrana

600 TRIES: R-Willy doesn’t know the meaning of the words “give up”

VICKI VICTORIOUS: The first woman to compete in FMX at the X Games rides for Nitro now. Meet Vicki Golden

JOKE OFF: Travis and the gang see who’s the best-worst joke teller

PHOTO DUMP: Micah Visits a BMX boneyard in Portland



*Where we scour the internet to find the coolest videos not enough people are talking about.


A sneak peek at next week: Having so much fun in South Africa.

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GALLERY: Inside Sk8 Liborius, the Park You Have to See to Believe

There is an undeniable stigma toward fly-over states. While most of the industry, pop culture, media, sports, religion, politics, finance, and most anything else exist near a coast, there is one glimmer of hope for everything in between. Opportunity! What if Detroit won the bid for a major contest? They could build gaps through buildings and use actual street spots in the course. For years I have begged organizers of contests to leave their developments permanent for communities to enjoy, and been laughed at. Detroit would devour some new spots. Someday, someone will get it.


Inevitably, living in desolate areas, you learn to work harder to achieve your goals. As thousands of country music songs have taught us, the harder you work, the happier your life. That idea may be too simplistic, but nevertheless, it produces unique people and places.

One of those forgotten cities with a powerhouse work ethic is St. Louis. If you ever visit and don’t see the City Museum, you blew it. Sadly, the Lou is more famous for racial tension than action sports, but the heredities of courage are deep. St. Louis has talent, and to produce that ability, there must be spots. St. Liborius Church was completed in 1889. It was the center of a strong German community at the time, and thousands worshiped there. In 1992, it closed its doors and sat dormant for years. But a select few saw the beauty among the pounds of pigeon droppings that covered almost everything.

That’s how we got Sk8 Liborius, one of the most stunning parks in the world. The astonishing people at Such and Such Farm found helping hands and donated hundreds of hours to the building to transform it without ruining its historic aesthetic appeal. Together with local artists, they have used the place of worship to hold different events and obviously build a pretty fun set up. Enjoy the pictures. Most of them were taken by Alex Landeros. The other riders are Mykel LarrinZach Newman, and Paul-Luc Ronchetti. By the way, there have been rumors of a gigantic ramp being built from the second story of the building. If it happens, you will read about it here.

Sk8 Liborius
Sk8 Liborius
Sk8 Liborius
Sk8 Liborius
Sk8 Liborius
Sk8 Liborius

Be Travis Pastrana for Halloween: Get 30% Off the Gear Now

Halloween is basically here, and we know that so many of you don’t have a costume yet. We, of course, tend to dress up in crazy things any time of the year, but not everyone has a job where that’s required. But it really is closer than you think. Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, meaning that the traditional festivities of the season are likely to happen on the weekend before. And THAT means you basically have a week to get yourself a costume if you haven’t already. Luckily, we have the perfect solution for you, and it comes with a steep discount if you grab it right now. You can be this guy:


If you click right here you’ll find everything you need to dress up as Pro Travis or Casual Travis, complete with a 30% discount when you use the code HALLOWEEN at checkout. We’ve got the hats, the jersey, the shirt, and riding gloves, all marked down with that discount code. The best part is, unlike that flimsy Teletubbies get-up from the costume shop, you’ll be able to use all this stuff year-round. And we did a little extra research, because we know the Halloween purists among you can’t just dress like Travis. You take Halloween seriously; you need to become the Nitro Circus ringleader. So here’s a wig to complete the look. It’s actually pretty close:


Slap on a Nitro Circus hat and people will be asking what you’re going to backflip next and if you’d be willing to sign their Handmaid’s Tale hat (we’re predicting we’ll all see a lot of those this Halloween). But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself by clicking right here right now and picking up your TP costume. But don’t wait! The time is now if you want to get your gear in time for the Halloween parties next weekend. Make sure you post photos and use #NitroCircus so we can see it in action. Good luck, and happy Halloween!

R-Willy on the Trick That Took Him 600 Attempts

Ryan Williams’ Web Edit III broke the internet, or at least the part of the internet devoted to action sports, aka the one that matters. The clip blows through years of his craziest tricks. Tricks he practiced, planned, and filmed so meticulously that they merit edits of their own. R-Willy’s Web Edit Wednesdays do exactly that. The vlogs drop every Wednesday and take us through the inspiration and challenges he faced in mastering his biggest tricks. This episode is a doozy. He takes us through the most difficult tricks in the entire series: two variations of the scooter footjam.

The first is the oppo 540 inside footjam whiplash or, more succinctly, a 540 inside footjam. The second, the trick he considers to be his biggest triumph, and for reasons truly appreciated by scooter riders, is the 900 downlash, with no hops. R-Willy repeatedly emphasizes it isn’t quite the same triumph if the trick isn’t done cleanly with no hops. He estimates the trick took him 600 attempts over six hours. The takeaway is that the work is the fun when you’re an action sports pro. Tricks fly by on video, but each takes hours and hours to perfect. Once a trick is vanquished and put to film, riders are on to the next one. We salute the work ethic, and so should you. Hit that play button, and make sure to check out the rest of R-Willy’s Web Edit Wednesdays series:

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Getting Engaged With a Little Help From Nitro Circus

Themed weddings are the rage, apparently. From canvas tabletops to picture booths with weird props, every bride is striving to do something different while basically copying other brides. Thanks, Pinterest. I enjoy a good celebration, but time is short and uniqueness is always preferred.

Dan Setmeyer

When “Crazy” Dan Setmeyer (above) asked for my help to enter holy matrimony, I knew we had to make a statement. We had to make it more unique than taking a knee privately, and when his girlfriend asked him not to make it a spectacle, we knew instantly we had to make it a spectacle. It had to be more than just throwing a camera on them, so we devised a plan using tricycles, crashes, and fire, a perfect metaphor for marriage. With a little help from Nitro Circus.

I would like to give a personal shoutout to Zack “Catfish” Yankush for almost ruining the day by running his mouth very loudly within arms-length of the bride-to-be. That wasn’t helpful. Enjoy the best engagement photos ever taken (thanks to Bruce Cook),  and thank you Jake Hinke (below) for helping on this personal disaster. Happy endeavors, Sydney and Dan. It was an honor to be a part of it.

Jake Hinke

P.S. There wasn’t any fire.






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Vicki Golden Is on a Meteoric FMX Rise | Featured Rider

When FMX phenom Vicki Golden took home the MVC for best rookie on the Nitro Circus 2017 North America tour, it was just the latest in a long list of accolades the 25-year-old has accrued over the years. She’s a veteran racer with three X Games gold medals and a host of other wins and big finishes from her days in motocross, arenacross, and supercross. And though it’s only been a year since she started focusing exclusively on FMX, she’s no stranger to hitting ramps. In 2013 she was the first woman to compete in the X Games Best Whip event, where she earned a bronze medal. That appearance also made her the first woman to compete in any of the X Games FMX competitions. Now Vicki is focusing the discipline she developed in racing to progress in FMX, and the results speak for themselves. In less than 12 months she went from full-on racer to a coveted spot throwing down among the best FMXers in the world.

Vicki Golden - Nitro Circus

I caught up with Vicki in Medford, Oregon, just before the final show of the North America tour. Vicki is new at Nitro, so only fans who came out to our North America shows this summer have got to witness her riding in our shows. But those who did wouldn’t have known that she’s the rookie on tour. Vicki’s trick list after only one year is impressive and growing. She immediately took to the specific difficulties of riding FMX with Nitro. In addition to a wide range of tricks, riders on the FMX side have to have excellent bike control and spot-on timing to perform synchro tricks and all-ins — other riders’ safety is in your hands when you’re all up the air at the same time. The control and precision is natural to Vicki, having spent so much time racing.

Vicki grew up in San Diego and is now based in Temecula, California, a moto hot-bed with a dense selection of places to ride. She got into racing at a young age, she says, because her whole family raced moto. She did well, as mentioned. But the grueling training and travel schedule started to take its toll. She explains what a typical week would look like for her: “Monday: ride and train. Tuesday: ride and train. Wednesday: fly out to whatever race it was. Thursday: wake up at 4 a.m., do press. Friday: wake up at 4 a.m., do press. Try and race on Saturday with whatever energy I had left. And then fly home on Sunday.” Then wake up Monday and start all over again. She did that for months on end during racing season and then spent the off-season sick and trying to recover. “I realized I can’t keep doing that; I can’t keep tearing my body down,” she says. “It was time to transfer over to freestyle.”

She’d already had a taste of FMX — she credits Matt Buyten with introducing her to ramps. “He was like, ‘Hey, come hit some ramps,'” she recalls. “So I met pretty much everyone in So-Cal through Buyten.” At that time, she was still racing, but she found hitting ramps to be a great way to have fun on her bike again. “I realized that maybe down the road I could make something of it,” she says. And indeed she has. When she finally made the decision to leave supercross and go all-in on freestyle, she told herself, “It’s time to get serious and learn tricks and try and make an actual job of it.” And don’t get her wrong: FMX is also very, very hard work, she says. But it comes without the physical strain of the grueling schedule. “They’re both all about repetition,” she says. “But I would say freestyle is more mental — not that racing isn’t mental. I would just say racing is more physical and freestyle is more mental.”

And now, a year into focusing on FMX full-time, she’s already achieved one of her goals. “I didn’t really expect to be here in a year,” she says. She wanted to be a part of Nitro Circus, but she thought that would take at least two years. “I thought that was a pretty realistic goal, and didn’t expect this to happen this quickly.” She credits her quick progression to that work ethic she developed on the racing circuit, plus a little motivation from friend and fellow Nitro rider Javier Villegas. Javier, who also lives in the Temecula area, is known as one of the most dedicated FMXers out there, putting in hours and hours of work every single day, no matter what. Vicki shared that dedication. When Javier suggested they practice on the Nitro World Games qualifier setup in Southern California, Vicki was all in.

Cutting her teeth on the NWG ramps had some bonuses beyond just time on a world-class setup. “That opened up a lot more doors than I expected,” she says. “Just being around the whole Nitro Crew obviously benefitted me quite a bit.” That and the self-motivation that got her to where she was in racing combined to propel her into an elite status faster than many who have been working at it for longer. “I’ve taken my race mentality and brought it into freestyle,” she says. And she and Javier made a good practice team. Their shared drive to progress kept them both focused, Vicki says. If one of them wasn’t feeling it, they went and rode anyway, because they didn’t want to let each other down.

All that training paid off very quickly. Vicki was asked to join the Nitro Circus North America tour, with her first show being San Diego, one of the biggest shows of the tour. Next she rode Annapolis, which was Travis Pastrana’s first-ever hometown show, a date that had been circled on everyone’s calendar for a long time. She didn’t let the pressure get to her and immediately cemented her place in the show. “The first one I obviously wanted to come out and set the bar high for myself,” she says. Her favorite part of the show so far is the best whip segment. She has good memories of throwing whips from the days when she was racing and could just go out and hit dirt jumps for fun between training sessions. Now, interestingly, she hits the track to decompress. “It’s funny that things have flopped, and now anytime I’m kind of over ramps I get to go to the track and just have fun on that instead. And I don’t have to put in laps, I don’t have to worry about lap times. It’s an odd feeling.”

Up-and-coming riders could learn a lot from Vicki’s meteoric rise. But her choice advice is probably the easiest to follow in theory: “Make sure you keep it fun,” she says. “If you don’t have that, what’s the point of being on your dirtbike? Because there are things that are a hell of a lot safer that you can get paid a hell of a lot more money for, so just remember why you started.” Remember the name Vicki Golden. With what she’s already accomplished in her first year of FMX and her dedication to progression, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more from her in the future.

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Photos From Inside a Private BMX Museum in Portland

Concealed deep in the catacombs of Portland, Oregon, lies a magical utopia of enchantment and sensation. Where years worth of bravery and positive ambiances go to rest among cobwebs and controlled temperatures. For the few that know of this place, it is a black hole into the abyss of an appetite. For some, it is a place of to lose yourself for hours. For others, it’s a scrap yard.


While driving between shows in the Pacific Northwest, James Foster and I stopped at one of the best BMX shops in the area, Goods BMX. The owner, Shad, displays a bashguard BMX collection that rivals the best out there. He told us about a vault full of old BMX bikes, and the only way to see it is to be lucky. There is no phone number, no hours, and it isn’t open to the public. Shad pulled a few strings, and James and I received the magical golden ticket.

When we arrived at the two-story establishment, we were whisked into a dining parlor that housed racks of the rarest vintage BMX bicycle frames in existence. I quickly snapped a few pictures with the owner, Gary, and we retreated to dreamland.

My childhood exists in that basement. Memories roared back of countless hours spent in class devouring magazine articles and advertisements concealed between the pages of school books. I could name every bike that was on the deck of the first indoor skatepark I went to in 1993. All of them are present within the pictures. The bent forks connected to tarnished high-tensile steel scream of good times and fears overcome in backyards and parking lots all over the world.

It’s wild to see a one-off custom-built frame for a legendary rider next to a washing machine, but it’s 1,000 percent better than losing it to a scrap yard. I wish I could tell you how to get a meeting. Instead, I can only offer you the next best thing: Check out, as the owner of the collection runs the site and is trying to amass the largest library of BMX bicycles in the world. And then check out some of my photos right here:


Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Crew Can’t Keep a Straight Face in ‘Bad Joke Telling’

Healthy rivalry is a cornerstone of action sports progression, and as with any tight-knit group, the Nitro Crew’s competitiveness extends beyond the ramps. That’s why when our friends at Whistle Sports asked if we’d like to get involved in their series Bad Joke Telling, the boys jumped in face-first. The way it works couldn’t be simpler. The guys are given pre-written jokes, and the first to laugh loses. Warning: The jokes are legitimately bad, which is half the fun. It’s one-on-one, so there’s no overall winner, but we have an opinion on that. We’re partial to the competitors who attempted to use their performance of the jokes to take home the win. Check out Jed Mildon in Episode 2 and Josh Sheehan in Episode 3. Nitro Ringleader Travis Pastrana also shows some of that flair right out the gate in Episode 1, making a case for being cast in Disney’s next animated musical.

But the overall win has to go to Jaie Toohey, who in Episode 1 uses the tactic of coming up with better responses than the actual punchlines to throw Ethen Roberts off his game. The “If I’m Going to Lose, We’re Both Going to Lose” Award goes to Todd Meyn, who in Episode 2 spits all over Jed while trying not to laugh. And in Episode 3, Matt Whyatt makes Andy Buckworth laugh before he can even get through his first joke. Check out all that, plus more hilariousness from Bilko, Beau Bamburg, Ryan Williams, Chris Haffey, James Foster, Harry Bink, Streetbike Tommy, Brandon Schmidt, Adam Jones, and Gregg Duffy in the three episodes below:

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Travis Pastrana Barges into Europe and 8 Things You Missed This Week

We had to take out the “other” from “8 Other Things You Missed” because chances are you did not actually miss Travis Pastrana’s historic barge-to-barge backflip on the River Thames in London this week. We were glad to see the world media take notice. Well deserved! Obviously, the all-new Nitro Circus Live shows that it precedes will be packed with tricks that are much more complex, if not quite as sketchy. Watch the video below again for fun. And the first newsy link below will give you some more background, but the fact that FMX legend Mike Metzger broke his back during a similar attempt is enough color for most people. We’re pumped Travis put that one down and can’t wait to see what comes next. Speaking of that: 2018 is going to be a great year for fans of Nitro Circus Live, as we’re bringing two completely new, completely different shows to our world tours. They’re so different, we’ve given them their own names: Next Level and You Got This. Some great info at those links, and stay tuned for a deep dive into what makes these shows bigger, better, and distinct. But first, what else happened this WildWeek?

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MUST-READ: Travis Pastrana performed a barge-to-barge backflip in London to get your attention, Europe

MVC OF THE WEEK: Backcountry badass skier Caroline Gleich takes on Utah’s craziest lines and online trolls

GRIND-OFF: R-Willy greets fans and grinds rails on his first day back to his local park. Probably won’t hear from him for a while

PODCAST ALERT: Beaver Fleming wants to share his POV on and off the ramp in his new podcast, Leave It to the Beavez

TALENTED TOMMY: Micah lists the five ways Streetbike Tommy is actually talented, forgets he’s also a BBQ pit-master

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Vicki Golden journey from supercross to FMX to Nitro Circus Tour Rookie of the Year was a quick one




A sneak peek at next week: Speaking of Vicki Golden, let’s get to know Nitro’s newest member.

Check out the previous WildWeek right here. And get all the fresh Nitro gear at our online store right here.

Travis Pastrana Lands a Barge-to-Barge Backflip in London

Travis Pastrana added another World First to his resume yesterday when he became the only person to ever backflip from barge to barge floating unmoored in the water. The stunt took place on the River Thames in London in front of the legendary O2 Arena, as a PR event for the upcoming Nitro Circus YOU GOT THIS TOUR, set to hit Europe in 2018. But the historic backflip was way bigger than the term “PR stunt” could ever prescribe.


Travis called it his scariest single flip since the very first one he ever tried. The unmoored barges were susceptible to the movement of the water, making the takeoff and lander unpredictable. And because the lander is sitting on a barge, Travis had finite run-out space if he wanted to stay dry — 36 feet, to be exact. So to recap: He had to hit a moving target from a moving takeoff and have the presence of mind to get the bike stopped before he came to the end of the landing barge. To top it all off, the famously grumpy English weather meant high winds and rain leading up to the stunt. At breakfast the morning of, we were talking with Travis about the conditions when he interrupted himself mid-thought as he looked out the window. “Well, it’s raining,” he said. “It’s raining sideways.” Indeed, at 8:30 a.m. — 30 minutes before he was set to go warm-up on the bike and two hours before the jump attempt — it was pouring down rain with winds almost 20 mph.

About that bike: Travis casually mentioned that the purpose of that practice two hours before the main jump was that he had never ridden that particular bike before. He was going to backflip it on a standard setup a couple times to make sure he had the feel of it down. But the rain derailed his practice time. “Guess I’ll just go one and done,” he said, adding that it wouldn’t make much difference to practice on a normal setup anyway, as the variables with the barges made the actual attempt completely different. He was going to be attempting the stunt on a bike he’d never ridden.

The clouds cleared up and the wind died down, and so after a couple ferry boat rides to get the bike and the man himself out to the barges, everything was in place for the attempt. Global media had gathered on the shore across the way, and a few random on-lookers were lucky enough to stumble on the top-secret location just in time. Travis checked out the ramp, then fired up the bike and rode a few laps around the takeoff barge. Then he sent it.

It was a picture-perfect backflip that looked way too easy for how much difficulty we now know was going on beneath the surface. “The takeoff felt squishy,” Travis said afterward. He described the G-forces that are produced when the bike hits the transition as being so great that he could actually feel that he wasn’t on solid ground as he came up the ramp. He said he immediately felt like he was going to come up short because the pop off the lip wasn’t there. Instead, he got it around clean and landed perfectly, and the rest is history. Congrats to the legend on another World First!

We’re coming to Europe in 2018 with a brand-new show, and tickets are on sale now. With shows in the U.K., Germany, France, Switzerland and more, there’s plenty of Nitro Circus Live for everyone! 

R-Willy Returns to Caloundra Skatepark With a Swarm of Local Riders

Ryan Williams celebrated his return to his local skatepark this week with a new edit. Throughout the tour this year, we’ve seen him at skateparks for unscripted sessions with local riders. We guess the word got out, because the ranks of local riders have swelled considerably since he first started filming these. R-Willy was greeted by legions of young scooter riders hoping for an autograph, which he obliged. After a good session mentoring riders, R-Willy headed to another skatepark to do some riding himself. Scooter fans are going to love the mini-competition between R-Willy and his friends to stick increasingly elaborate rail-grind combos. If you pay close attention, see if you can spot scooter world champion Jordan Clark.

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Watch Episode 1 of Beaver Fleming’s ‘Leave It to the Beavez’

There’s more to Beaver Fleming than skateboarding. He reliably drops sick edits on his social media, and we’d be fine if it was just that, but he wants to do more than just impress. He wants to inspire. In addition to skate-themed edits, Beaver puts up a weekly Motivational Monday post. This week, he dropped the first episode of his official video podcast, Leave It to the Beavez. The new show is essentially a marriage of the two things he loves, skateboarding and continual self-improvement. Perhaps the best way to emphasize his desire for fans to take control of their mindset is to make the edit a continuous POV experience. At the Clairemont Skatepark in San Diego, Beaver hits the skatercross course and the halfpipe. What better way to motivate you to send it somewhere than a trip to the park though Beaver’s eyes? Check it out:

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Can’t Get Enough of Beaver?


5 Things That Prove Streetbike Tommy Actually Has Talent

Some people never get the recognition they deserve. Nikola Tesla, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Allan Poe, and scores of others went to the grave before achieving their celebrity. It weighs on me when I see real talent where others don’t. Case in point: For the past two years while performing at Nitro Circus shows all over the world, I have had to listen to the pre-recorded announcer call Streetbike Tommy “The only cast member without any talent.” So today I am going to prove to you that Tommy doesn’t deserve that intro, and yes, I am comparing him to Tesla, Van Gogh, and Poe. No regrets.

#1 Tommy is a champion rally racer.

I don’t mean a race where the rules are made-up and everything is goofy. Tommy entered a real-deal, actual rally and came in first place. Drivers are considered athletes, so that makes Tommy …

#2 Tommy is a title-holding Big Buck Hunter champion.

You might think this is silly, but when you consider how many roughneck, hard-drinking individuals are playing Buck Hunter on any given evening, it is an incredible feat to be a champion. There is also a $20,000 purse each year, so maybe you should get working on your digital shooting.

#3 Tommy and his team won a skeet-shooting championship.

There are rumors that every other person on his team may have been a ringer, but you can’t win a medal in networking. Tommy would podium every time if you could. Also, it’s cool to see digital shooting transfer to analog shooting.

#4 Tommy is brave.

The skills needed to be a Guinea pig are off the charts. He was the first to attempt to jump a streetbike into a foam pit. He was the first to drive the Barbie car down a mega ramp. That didn’t work out well. He thrives on World’s Firsts and should be appreciated for that.

#5 Tommy is a hell of an entertainer.

From dancing to hosting to his social media exploits, Tommy is a really good time. He gives his fans heaps of love, and it is an honor to have him on a microphone with me night after night. So, to you my friend, I am on your side. We need to get that intro changed!

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Four World Firsts in One Night and 8 Other Things You Missed Last Week

That’s it! Another tour done and dusted. Our four month trek across North America was action packed with awesomeness so we’re going to get some much-needed rest now. That is, until we get back on the road next week and head for Abu Dhabi then South Africa! While we catch some Z’s, you should catch up on everything you might have missed this past week:

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MUST-READ: With four World Firsts in one night, Nitro Circus definitely did not sleep on Seattle

MVC OF THE WEEK: Lily Rice may be the first European female to land a wheelchair backflip, and she’s only 13

PHOTO DUMP: Action sports photographer, Daniel Schenkelberg, takes you behind the lens at a Nitro show

RACY VEGAS TRIP: Travis Pastrana returns to NASCAR this weekend in Las Vegas

MOTOCROSS OF NATIONS 2017: The “Olympics of Motocross” is back, support your country’s team

HELMETS ON: The Crew put together some gnarly MTB edits while filming Action Figures 2




A sneak peek at next week: Big things are coming from across the pond …

Check out the previous WildWeek right here. And get all the fresh Nitro gear at our online store right here.

Going Big on the Road in the Pacific Northwest

The penultimate weekend of shows for the 2017 North America tour was, in a word, amazing, as we rolled into the Pacific Northwest to the open arms of fans who clearly just get it. Our first stop of the weekend was Bend, a city in Central Oregon that’s known for its outdoor-sports offerings, its local craft beer, and probably other things too. Bend rivals Utah in terms of having the perfect climate and terrain for basically every action sport an adrenaline seeker could want. It recently wooed Nitro veteran Dusty Wygle away from California, and it will woo you too if you give it a chance.


Travis Pastrana got the fans and the Crew fired up, and the show was awesome, despite some sketchy field conditions that had the ramps sitting uneven on the ground. As always, the Crew pushed through and sent it for pumped-up fans, who never would have guessed the riders were dealing with that significant variable. And there were highlights! Erik Roner’s son Oskar Roner jumped his dirtbike off a small wooden ramp during the athlete intros, earning him a huge cheer as well as the MVC at the end of the night. Oskar is only 7, but he’s a Roner, enough said. Annika Roner, his mom, had to get him to stop hitting the jump during practice because he was having so much fun. Erik is sorely missed, and the tribute to him at the beginning of the show was especially poignant in Bend. It’s awesome to see his family out at Nitro shows and continuing to spread the word to Live Like Roner.



It was an inspirational start to a great night. The FMX side was on point, with Travis leading the charge. Local MTB rider Carson Storch threw down with the Giganta boys, and Dusty went big for his new hometown crowd. A standout moment was BMX legend James Foster absolutely nailing his triple backflip. Foster had taken some time off from triples in Nitro shows, but he’s been back at it for several stops and has clearly hit his stride. Check it out:

One, two, three! @jamesfosterbmx with the goods last night in Bend. Seattle tonight! #NitroCircus

A post shared by Nitro Circus (@nitrocircus) on

Just before the show started in Bend, word came down that the tour bus that was supposed to take us to Seattle at 7 a.m. the next morning was not going to do that. Senior Athlete Manager Ricky Melnik, who runs the show behind the scenes as well as during the performances, worked his magic and got us hooked up with a couple vans to get the athletes and this Nitro Writer to Seattle in time for the Saturday-night show. (The backstage crew who sets up and breaks down the ramps was scheduled to leave immediately after tearing down in Bend. These guys are the hardest workers with a tough tour schedule, and the riders’ lives literally depend on what they do. We’re going to have a feature on them very soon to get deeper into their story.) With Chris Haffey driving one van and Cam Sinclair driving the other, one has to assume we made much better time en route to Seattle than we would have with Joe Schmo from The Pretty Good Tour Bus Company at the wheel.

We rolled out of Bend around 8 a.m., making our way through the high desert, past scrubby mesas, and up into the pine forests as we climbed toward Mt. Hood and the Oregon-Washington border. This seemed like a good place to practice describing scenery. Let me know how I did with hashtag #scrubbymesas. We made great time and pulled up to the venue at around 2:30 p.m. — well before practice was set to start. And what a venue. Workers broke ground on Safeco Field just over 20 years ago, and this is a stadium that has stood the test of time. The design of the retractable roof creates an almost steampunk vibe, and the grass is so pristine you almost don’t want to walk on it. Or you want to roll around in it, depending on what type of person you are. Since the day the first baseball game was played there, FMX legend and Pacific Northwest native Beau Bamburg had been dreaming of setting foot on the Mariners’ home field. At that time he never could have guessed it would actually happen, or that he would also become the first person to ever jump a dirtbike there:

Not to take anything away from the scrappy venues we get to perform in on these regional tours — we’re pumped to throw down anywhere — but there’s something about walking into a giant, legit stadium that gets the blood pumping and the adrenaline going even before the first practice jumps. The energy in a venue like that is electric by default, and it was obvious from the moment we set our dusty gear down in the plushly appointed visiting team locker room that this show was going to be a show for the history books.

We’ll just cut right to the chase. Everyone absolutely killed it. The combination of the venue, the energy of the crowd, and the end of the tour in sight spurred the guys on. FMX was on point, contraptions were gnarly as usual, and the BMX Big Air segment was the best of the tour. Brandon Schmidt and Ryan Williams combined for four World Firsts on the night. Schmidty’s was a beautiful BMX double backflip X-up to X-up back:

@brandonschmidt92 with the World's First Double Backflip X-Up to Oppo X-Up! 🔥 #NitroCircus #BMX

A post shared by Nitro Circus (@nitrocircus) on

R-Willy brought the heat with three WFs: one on BMX and two on scooter. On BMX he stuck a 720 frontflip no-hander. And on scoot he landed a cashroll windshield wiper and a cashroll bri flip. He documented all three of his new tricks plus all the other awesomeness that went down in his latest vlog:

Overall, the shows leading up to the finish of this tour have been beyond epic. The North America tour is in the books (we’ll have more highlights from the last two shows coming soon), and we’re looking ahead to several shows overseas to close out the year. In the meantime, here’s a bunch of shots to hold you over:

R-Willy and Ethen Roberts in Seattle - nothing front bikeflip - Nitro Circus

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Nitro Crew Go All Out for ‘Action Figures 2’ Shoot in Oregon

Nitro Circus is all about capturing lightning in a bottle. We put together a roster of action sports legends who would be living epic lives regardless of whether or not there is a crowd to perform in front of. No matter how long the tour, or how grueling the shows are, the riders still make time to blow off a little steam on a side trip. In Oregon, the Nitro Crew took the opportunity to ride some MTB at the Oregon Dirt Park, which is Nitro veteran Dusty Wygle’s new backyard.. As action sports fans in Oregon know too well, the Oregon Dirt Park is where the Fest Series for MTB and dirtbike was hosted earlier this year. Dusty, Kurtis Downs, Ethen RobertsJed Mildon, and local rider Carson Storch (who rode the Bend show a couple weeks ago) took turns sending it on the course, producing some gnarly edits. This all went down during filming for Action Figures 2, so we know we have way more to look forward to. Check out the highlights from the riders social media:

Still dreaming about @oregondirtpark ⚔️ #blacksage #mtblife #blessed #deftfamily

A post shared by Kurtis Downs (@kurtisdowns) on

Double grab POV from yesterday's session at @oregondirtpark 🤘🏼 #darksage #mtblife #doublegrab #fiveten

A post shared by Kurtis Downs (@kurtisdowns) on

Having fun at the squirrel nest past few days. @nitrocircus show tonight in Bend! Cheers @dustywygle | @blattphoto 📸

A post shared by Carson Storch (@carsonstorch) on

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A Killer FMX Edit, and 8 Other Things You Missed This Week

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MUST-READ: It’s about time the world got a Catfish origin story

OLYMPICS BMX WATCH: FISE Edmonton men’s winning runs / FISE Edmonton women’s winning runs

GEAR ALERT: Brandon Schmidt’s second pro model snowboard is here

Q&A: Micah Kranz interviews FMXer-turned-furniture-designer Shawn Connors

TONY’S CHOICE: When Mr. Hawk’s mind is blown, you should pay attention

NEVER GROW UP: 7-year-old Wyatt Thurman has a national MX win for almost every year he’s been alive




A sneak peek at next week: Big things are coming from across the pond …

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Watch the Winning Women’s BMX Runs at FISE Edmonton 2017

The top rider in women’s BMX is also the youngest. Hannah Roberts, the 16-year-old BMX phenom, claimed the top spot at FISE Edmonton 2017. The 2016 UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Champion is having another banner year; she won gold at FISE Montpelier and a bronze at FISE Budapest. Hannah’s composure was tested in Edmonton. The airline lost her bike and baggage, so she was forced to compete on an unfamiliar bike. She was also tested by her competitors, who put in some fierce runs. Nikita Ducarroz claimed bronze with a one-foot exit to can-can in the first run and opened the second run with a huge backflip. Nikita tried to close her run with a 540 but was unseated in the attempt. Macarena Perez came in second with a blast of toboggans, a one-hander and a transfer in the first run, even more in the second. She ended her run with a tailwhip on the quarter, wowing the commentators and crowd. Hannah’s run had to be perfect. Despite being four years younger than her nearest competitor, Macarena, she showed the poise of a veteran with a smooth set of runs that included a 360 and tailwhip flyout in the first run and a barspin 360 and a seemingly improvised nose manual in the second. Remember, many of the riders winning these events in the men’s and women’s BMX freestyle park event are very likely going to be competing for their country at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Click here for the men’s results. Check out the winning women’s runs here:



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Friends of Friends Q&A: FMX Veteran and Designer Shawn Connors

The relationships built through action sports are special. From time to time, I’m going to introduce you to some very exceptional friends of mine. These are people that have participated in the lifestyle in a unique way, and hopefully you find inspiration in them. These are all people who feel the way I do about action sports: Doing what we do as a means of creative expression is essential. Besides being a vigorous form of exercise, action sports helps clear the mental hurdles of life. Some use it to get away from everything, while others see it as a good way to get everyone together. Life is what you make it, and the way you use your respective device for fun or therapy is up to you.


The first person I want to introduce is Shawn Connors. I met Shawn doing BMX and FMX shows in Canada, and his energy is exceptional. Besides stretching tricks beyond what his over-6-foot frame should allow, his mind always stuck out to me as unique. He lives life incredibly easy and simple while always finding himself in the most complicated of places. I have driven with him into the heart of Mexico while the transmission in his van kept popping out. I watched him build an entire motocross landing out of matchsticks and thin plywood in Turkey and then jump the ramps himself the same day. I painted him blue and called him an Avatar for an entire 24 hours on his birthday. But what is truly amazing about Shawn is how he is handling life after professional freestyle. He has used his vision to create some incredible art pieces, and I’d like to share some of them with you.

How did you get into motocross shows?

I started motocross racing in Vermont at the local races and made it into the expert class and did quite well. Through Arenacross, I qualified for the Vegas race and placed pretty well. Then my buddy Adam Cusino built a metal freestyle ramp, and he invited me to come jump it with him. It soon got to the point where I was missing really important races and would stay home and ride freestyle. Long story short, I met someone who asked me if I did tricks and I said yes. He said, “If you build a metal landing I’ll hire you to do a monster truck show.” I did the show, he didn’t pay me. But I got a phone number for someone else and was booked in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Then it snowballed from there and I kept getting calls from USFMX and it all started.

That’s an appropriate way to start your career, getting screwed by a promoter.

It got me ready for the future.

What are your career highlights, riding-wise?

I jumped my grandmother’s house for the CMT show All Jacked Up. I won a bunch of IFMA events. But my biggest achievement was winning without flipping. To my knowledge, I am one of the last, if not the last person to do a sterilizer in competition from metal ramp to portable landing and on the brushed concrete. I was beating guys doing flips doing sterilizer on that type of setup. That was my biggest accomplishment in IFMAs.


What is it like traveling the world, including developing countries, to build ramps?

Now I’ve learned the system. After Taiwan, I now ship all of my materials and tools with me. No matter what! My first wooden landing I built, we were there for two weeks and I didn’t get an extension cord for eight days. It was me and my friend Adam, and we were stuck over there and it was hard. I mean really hard. I threatened to leave, and the next day we had the tools. The landing was jumped four times a day for a month straight, and it held up.

How many wooden landings in strange places have you built?

I built one in Taiwan, one in Dubai, and two in Turkey. Gobble Gobble.

Are you still working on monster trucks?

No, I have been asked to be back for a while, but the travel is too much. I wasn’t working on monster trucks — I was working on the quads and side-by-sides. It was a great opportunity, and I loved it, but Shawn Connors Designs has picked up and I need to be selfish and focus on me and the family.


Let’s talk about Shawn Connors Designs. What is this company all about? How did you come to furniture?

When I moved back from doing shows in China, I had an injury. I could not pursue freestyle at the time, so I got a job at a local dirtbike shop. I worked a decade just riding dirtbikes, so it was time to join the workforce again, and I got a job working on motorcycles. I started accumulating all of these parts, and I enjoyed wondering what I could make these parts into. So I said fuck it and decided I wanted to make myself a table. I was inspired by something I saw one of my friends make online, and I decided I’m going to make something. So I made my first table. It was a round side table that goes by your couch. I was pumped on it, had no intentions of selling it or making a business. I was just proud of it. I put it on social media, and it exploded. I could post 100 pics of a dead body or a flip on a dirtbike and nothing got a response like that picture. So I took the table to my local dirtbike shop and I showed it to them, and the owner ended up buying it. I thought, “This is cool.” Next, I built a fire pit out of old motorcycle parts. It went viral and was shared all over the internet. Someone stole it, sent it to Racer X, and they posted it and gave credit to some guy named Outlaw. So whoever Outlaw is can suck eggs. That’s my fire pit!

Are you selling or making lots of pieces now?

Everything is a stepping stone. Everything is happening really fast. I feel like I’m really lucky to have started at this level I’m at now, and I can only go up from here. I’m really excited to see what the future holds. The response I’m getting is crazy. I built an office desk for a Ford dealership, and that turned into more sales of the office desk. It is one of the biggest and most popular pieces. I just built a new model called the “High Roller” that is accompanied with one of the office desks, and it was sold to an art gallery in Las Vegas. It is inside an art gallery at the Venetian Hotel, in the Grand Canal shops. My mind is blown.


Has welding ramps on the side of the road in Mexico helped you in this endeavor? Now you’re selling things at art galleries in Vegas!

I don’t believe it. When I go there and see them and am in the Venetian, I’ll believe it. Until then it’s all just emails and phone calls. It’s wild.

I saw a few pieces where you incorporated wood. Is this something you will continue?

I worked with wood for a while. Right now, the only wood I’m working with is whiskey barrels, making them into tables. Oddly, my shop is small, and wood makes lots of dust, so I don’t like it. I want to focus mainly on the metal for now. And later when I have a big shop I’ll dedicate an area for wood.

How did freestyle help in all of this?

The roots of motocross helped with exposure, because I had a small 1,500-person following. But all of this came from years of watching my family’s construction company build whatever they needed from whatever they had. My family moves houses for a living, and if they need something, you can’t go to the house-moving store. You have to build it. And from watching my family create is where I got this inspiration. My imagination is crazy. I see visions and I make them happen.

Check out Shawn Connors Designs to see more of Shawn’s work. And come back next week for more from Micah!

‘Tailwhip’ Tells an Awesome BMX Story We Can All Relate To

Erik Aguilar is a 14-year-old BMX rider who perfectly represents what we love about BMX and action sports in general. For so many of us, this is way more than a hobby. It’s what we think about all day, it drives us literally and figuratively, it gives us something to aspire to, and in some cases it’s a savior. We ride because we love to ride, but we also ride because we have to. The drive is all-consuming. YouTube channel Uninterrupted brings us Tailwhip, a look at how BMX has shaped Erik’s life in ways we can all relate to. It’s a great story, and we can’t wait to follow Erik as he progresses in the sport. Check it out:

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Watch the Winning Men’s BMX Runs From FISE Edmonton 2017

One of the biggest action sports events in the world went down last weekend in Edmonton, Canada, and it didn’t disappoint. Festival International des Sports Extreme Edmonton 2017 featured the top-seeded athletes in skate, scooter, MTB, and BMX. The capstone event of the weekend was the BMX Freestyle Park competition, part of the UCI Freestyle Park World Cup series. Winning at FISE is huge on its own, but the event took on added significance because of the recent announcement that BMX Freestyle Park will be an event in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. A win here goes a long way to boost your chances for a spot on your country’s Olympic team and a chance to be among the first athletes to win a medal in the newly minted Olympic event. Strong winds created unfavorable conditions going into the final day of competition. Nonetheless, the riders threw down in the men’s competition. Daniel Sandoval took third place in a run that included a sick 360 barspin to tailwhip. But ultimately, smooth execution over pyrotechnics won the day with razor-sharp runs from Logan Martin, who came in second, and Daniel Dhers taking the top spot. Dhers, who took second at FISE Budapest 2017, brought the biggest guns to the fight with two massive transfers, a backflip tailwhip, and a 360 barspin tailwhip. Check out the winning men’s runs here and stay tuned for the women’s winning runs:



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FMX + Rihanna, Skate + Art, BMX + Whoa | WildWeek

Gonna keep this intro short, as we are loitering in a coffee shop ahead of tonight’s show in Bend, Oregon. It’s been awesome to get to drop in on the tour for a few stops this summer, and the next two weekends are going to be huge. We’re in Seattle tomorrow, Tri-Cities, Washington, next Friday, and Medford, Oregon, to close out the tour on Sunday the 24th. Tickets are flying, so get them while they last if you’re in the Pacific Northwest and want to see us live! Stay tuned for stories from the road, and in the meantime, check out everything awesome from the last week or so:

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Watch every second of the Battle of Hastings. It’s almost irritating how many amazing BMX competitions are happening these days. Awesome, but irritating because we don’t have enough time to watch every one. OK, just one more … BINGE IT

Rihanna brings FMX to NY Fashion Week. We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that Fashion Week has never been high on you priority list. But there’s a first time for everything. ROCK IT

If you watch only one R-Willy vlog. Dateline: Midland, Texas. An improbably place for one of the most eventful Nitro Circus live shows in recent memory. See what went down. WATCH IT

Bilko should make more videos. There’s a reason he’s known as the personality of Nitro. The best thing we can do to get him to make more of these is to watch them. Too easy. ENCOURAGE IT

Tony Hawk, art lover. Earlier we saw FMX paired with fashion, so skateboarding and art coming together seems like a logical addition as well. This new skatepark/art gallery in Detroit is Tony Hawk’s latest awesome project. ADMIRE IT




A sneak peek at next week: Closing out the 2017 North American tour.

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Bilko Shows Inside a Nitro Tour Bus, More From Our Texas Shows

Not all the Nitro athletes are as prolific as others when it comes to social media and vlogging. Some don’t vlog at all. Some, like Blake “Bilko” Williams, only a few times a year. But what Bilko lacks in volume he more than makes up for in insults per minute. And entertainment, of course. He has a reputation for being the funniest guy on tour, and that reputation is well earned. His latest video is from our recent shows in Texas, and while a video from Ryan Williams gives us a solid look at the Giganta side during that weekend, Bilko’s offering is unsurprisingly more FMX focused. It’s also more focused on bodily functions, Josh Sheehan’s mustache, and a sneak peek at what life on the tour bus is like. So between the two of them we’ve got exhaustive coverage of everything important from the road that weekend. Please enjoy:

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R-Willy Captures One of the Biggest Live Shows in Nitro History

Question: How can you tell when something huge is going to happen at a specific Nitro Circus Live show? Answer: The show has started. We’re not too modest to admit that the very nature of our show means that every night something major and exciting happens. But then there are those shows where it seems like every single segment goes perfectly and features something new and different, where you have to start counting the firsts on your toes because you’re out of fingers. The best, most recent example of this was last week in Midland, Texas. Ryan Williams attempted two World Firsts and landed one of them. James Foster laid down his first-ever quad whip (and a perfect triple backflip as well), earning him the MVC. Brandon Schmidt had a perfect show, including sticking a triple on his rollerboard, one of the toughest tricks in the show. And in a Nitro Circus first, according to the Crew, West Texas got to experience a perfect contraptions segment — meaning all the sketchiest stuff we do went off perfectly (anchored by Schmidty’s triple on the rollerboard). Granted, a perfect contraptions segment may be slightly less fun for the audience, since wipeouts are entertaining, but the boys were stoked to check this one off the list. Luckily, as ever, R-Willy was filming the whole time and documented the magic. Check it out:

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Travis Pastrana Meets Clint Dempsey Ahead of Nitro’s Seattle Show

U.S. FMX legend Travis Pastrana and U.S. soccer legend Clint Dempsey traded jerseys ahead of a home game for Dempsey’s club team this weekend in Seattle, where Nitro Circus is set to perform in a few days. Veteran striker Dempsey plays for the Seattle Sounders as well as the U.S. men’s national team, and he is currently tied as the top scorer of all time for the U.S. men, an accolade he’s all but certain to hold on his own before his career is over. Travis is in town ahead of the last two weekends of the North America tour, with stops in Bend, Oregon, on Friday and Seattle on Saturday. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, you’re going to want to grab tickets while they last!

Two American sports legends: Travis Pastrana and Clint Dempsey


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Mic’d Up, MTB 1440, and R-Willy, Naturally – WildWeek

We just Googled it and found zero results for “dad body backflip,” which is a shame for several reasons, not the least of which is that it highlights the fact that we haven’t come up with an original pun since TV shows were only available on the actual TV. Which reminds us: Did you know that Facebook is making shows now? And did you also know that one of those shows is a Nitro Circus original series called Mic’d Up (simple premise: stick a mic on the boys during Nitro shows and let the funny fly)? And did you know you can go watch it right now? Did you also know that if you like the Mic’d Up Facebook page you will be fed new episodes of the show every week? So you should go do that, and we’ll stop asking questions. OK, one more question: What would a dad body backflip even be? Exciting times.

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Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus Annapolis show gets a D.C. feature. It’s in a magazine called The Washingtonian, which sounds way too high-brow to be focusing on us. Either that or we’ve finally made it. TP199 for president? PERUSE  IT

R-Willy documents World Firsts and near-disasters. AKA just another work day at Nitro. Come for the debut tricks, stay for the contraption horror show. We have a feeling Ethen Roberts and Dusty Wygle are going to wake up in a cold sweat a few times over what we’re hoping becomes known as penny-farthing-gate.  WATCH IT

Woodward Way South. The future-freestyle-star incubator set up shop at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya near Play del Carmen, Mexico. It will almost certainly be in the Top 5 raddest action sports camps the Yucatan Peninsula has ever seen. Maybe even Top 3. BOOK IT

Is “sports” the wrong noun for action sports? In his weekly column, Nitro MC Micah Kranz explains why he’s not loving the phrase “action sports,” particularly when it applies to BMX. If that doesn’t get you riled, he also takes a swipe at baseball. Ooooooooh, let’s get him! TO THE COMMENTS!

It’s a little early to think about snowboard season. Unless you looooove making those fresh tracks on a cold winter morning. Several reliable outlets are already predicting a banger winter for many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, and TransWorld Snowboarding wasn’t ashamed this week to release a handy guide for getting your stance just so. They might be biased, but we’re all about it. SHRED IT




A sneak peek at next week: Next week? We don’t even know what we’re having for lunch today …

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Opinion: What’s in a Name? Rethinking ‘Action Sports’

[Editor’s note: Nitro MC Micah Kranz writes a weekly column for the Nitro Circus blog. The opinions he expresses are his own, not that of Nitro Circus or other Nitro Circus employees, even if the rest of us Nitro Writers usually agree with him.] 

What’s in a name? Shakespeare penned, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” With those words, the character Juliet is saying that the essence of a thing is not affected by its title. However, the human mind has an irresistible need to categorize things. The term “action sports” is a perfect example of this, a way to file a group of things nicely beside other socially acceptable activities. But to me, that phrase doesn’t feel accurate (with apologies to Juliet and Bill S.).

What’s the origin for “action sports” as a collective term for what we do? In 1995, ESPN created the Extreme Games by lumping several already-active contest series into one made-for-TV spectacle that featured sky surfing next to freestyle bungee jumping and, later, modified snow shovel racing next to speed ice climbing. “Extreme sports” is what they called it, and passionate insiders grudgingly hopped on board despite not buying into the broad categorization. Perhaps the biggest slap in the face was seeing the same term — “extreme” — used to describe tacos. Almost immediately, ESPN changed it to “action sports,” and the name of the competition to X Games, and gravitated toward more mainstream events, though you can still get a medal for playing video games.

Kurtis Downs - Nitro Circus

During this naming spree, the term “BMX” became the blanket narrative for tricks on 20-inch-wheeled bicycles. Before this, BMX was considered bicycle racing on dirt tracks, and freestyle BMX described trick riding. “BMX” is short for “bicycle motocross,” which suggests it’s referring to racing. Again, the powers in place at the time decided this, and now we’re stuck explaining to people that BMX doesn’t mean racing. Combine all that under the umbrella “action sports,” and what we have is many layers of words that don’t do a great job of describing the thing they’re meant to describe.

The conversation about categorizing athletic endeavors is much larger than action sports — it reaches to sport in general. Take baseball. For over a hundred years there has been controversy about whether baseball should even be considered a sport. Some (a small but vocal group) qualify it as a skills game, because there is roughly 17 minutes of action during a three-hour timeframe. Some have referred to it as “the filibuster of the athletic world.” I read an essay that said, “Cheerleading is more of a sport than baseball, because you can’t chew tobacco and form a human pyramid at the same time.” I’ll let you form your own opinion on that one.


A sport by definition has to have some sort of competition associated with it. Most sports feature team versus team with a set of strict rules. The second use of the term “sport” refers to someone who behaves in a positive way to being harassed or teased. Some of us can’t even hear the word “sport” without some dark undertone of hazing and agitation. Sure, there are competitions in our world, but those exhibitions are the exception, not the rule. The vast majority of riding is not done in competition or even in preparation for competition. It’s done for the love of being on a bike. The only “other team” at the skatepark is the one inside your head. Meaning, the only person you are against is yourself. Therefore, the only opponent is fear. And conquering that anxiety becomes the obsession.

To me, what we collectively call action sports are closer aligned to artistic expression than to any actual sport. And I’m not alone. In Europe there have been art installations in some of the most historic museums where they build mini ramps and have flatland BMX displays. It’s nearly impossible to definitively declare a “winner” in a creative endeavor. The problem with trying to judge a creative work is that the evaluator cannot be truly subjective. There are tons of outside influences that could cause a judge to score one rider over another. And let’s not forget one of the best parts about action sports: There are no rules. Maybe BMX defies categorization. Or maybe BMX is whatever you feel like you want it to be.

Jed Mildon - Nitro Circus

Bottom line: Trust the art, not the artist or the art salesman. When you see or experience something, you should judge it by your feelings or mindset and not by what the owner of it has to say. Maybe you feel BMX truly should be categorized as a sport. To that, I say maybe the biggest issue I have with the phrase “action sport” is that it doesn’t capture how gnarly BMX actually is. I can’t compare Jed Mildon’s quadruple backflip to someone catching a fly ball, scoring a touchdown, or shooting a ball through a hoop. Maybe we can just go back to the term “freestyle BMX.” And in the end, it probably doesn’t matter much as long as we don’t get grouped with barefoot water ski jumping.


Nitro Circus Shirts and Hats Headed to Zumiez Stores

Nitro Circus and ’47 are excited to announce that select Nitro Circus T-shirts and hats will be available in Zumiez stores around the United States starting Friday, Sept. 8. You can see the full line of available shirts and hats right here on the Zumiez website. See below for a list of locations where you can go check out the goods at a Zumiez store in person, for those who like to give their gear a once-over before making that purchase. And, naturally, here are a few shots of some of the shirts and hats in action to get you pumped to pick them up for yourself:

Jaie Toohey - Nitro Circus and '47 at Zumiez
Pat Bowden - Nitro Circus and '47 at Zumiez
Beaver Fleming - Nitro Circus and '47 at Zumiez
Todd Meyn - Nitro Circus and '47 at Zumiez



R-Willy’s Take: A Night of World Firsts and Contraption Craziness

We’re stampeding toward the finale of our 2017 North America tour, bringing a bit of extra Wild to the Wild West. There are only five shows left, so if you live on the West Coast, you may want to hit this link and lock down some tickets. Here’s an example of why you should do that: In Grand Junction, Colorado, last week it got real with Ryan Williams landing two huge scooter World Firsts: a cashroll double whip to rewind and a 720 frontflip turndown, back to back during the show. And he got started even earlier in the day with a personal first: the World First “R-Willy tries a high dive.” You’ve got to see it to believe it (which you can, below).

Despite all that, Josh Roberts walked away with the MVC in Grand Junction. How’s that? In a show where R-Willy landed two never-been-done-before tricks, it takes some serious sketch to earn the MVC. Josh delivered in contraptions. He almost rode off the stair side of Giganta on the always-sketchy penny farthing and somehow kept his composure enough to correct, send it, and stick the landing. Then he went for a double backflip on the roller skis, lost a ski mid-flip, but was committed enough to try to get there. He landed on his visor, which is just a sliiiight under-rotation. Luckily, R-Willy was there to document all of this, so check it out:

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New Nitro Circus Series ‘Mic’d Up’ Launches on Facebook

Nitro Circus and Facebook are pumped to bring you Mic’d Up, a new original series debuting as part of Facebook’s move into original programming. Mic’d Up takes you inside the helmet of your favorite Nitro Circus athletes during our live shows. This is one of the most fun shows we’ve done, especially for those of us who have always wondered what world-class athletes are thinking while they’re attempting those huge tricks. Mic’d Up is exactly what it sounds like: We stick a microphone on our riders and then let them do their thing. Athletes featured in Season 1 include Travis Pastrana, Ryan Williams, Dusty Wygle, Ethen Roberts, and many more. New episodes drop every Friday, so click here to check it out, and like the Mic’d Up Facebook page to be notified when new episodes are released! See below for episode descriptions.

Nitro Circus Mic'd Up on Facebook Watch with Travis Pastrana

Mic’d Up Episode 1
Go inside the helmet with live audio from BMX/scooter superstar Ryan Williams and FMX legend Levi Sherwood as they’re Mic’d Up while performing the nuttiest tricks in action sports.

Mic’d Up Episode 2
The legendary Travis Pastrana is Mic’d Up for his first-ever hometown show, along with the always unpredictable Trevor Piranha.

Mic’d Up Episode 3
Ethen Roberts rides the stuff other stunt performers won’t touch. Get to know what goes through his mind as he’s Mic’d Up during a show in Japan.

Mic’d Up Episode 4
It’s all moto on this episode of Mic’d Up, as we get inside the helmets of Beau Bamburg, Taka Higashino, and Adam Jones as they perform the biggest tricks in FMX.

Mic’d Up Episode 5
Hear what goes through the minds of freestyle superstars Dusty Wygle, Jed Mildon, and Todd Meyn as they’re Mic’d Up while riding the 40-foot-tall Giganta ramp on BMX, MTB, and several contraptions that weren’t meant to jump!

Check it out right now, and then come back every Friday for more!

FMX Superstar Harry Bink Is Just Going to Send It | Featured Rider

Harry Bink is always ready to send it. The Canberra, Australia, native is only 22 years old, but his FMX career milestones read like that of a veteran. He put the world on notice when he sent the biggest rock solid backflip ever; he remains one of very few riders capable of performing that trick. He’s one of only a handful of riders who has landed a double backflip. At the 2017 Nitro World Games, he took another step forward when he landed a World First rock solid frontflip, described by Travis Pastrana as FMX’s best-ever trick. It catapulted him to the top of the podium for the FMX Best Trick event and cemented his status as a rider to watch for pushing progression.

“I decided I wanted to do FMX when I was 17, and built a ramp and never looked back,” Harry says, explaining how such a young athlete has moved so far so fast in his career. And it takes a special kind of rider to spearhead progression while at the same time performing every weekend on tour. “This whole year we have been touring the world with the Nitro Circus Crew,” he says. “We started our first tour in January. It’s now almost the end of August, and we have been to New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Canada, and now all of America.” It’s an epic run of shows, considering Harry didn’t start the year at 100 percent. “I was battling a bad shoulder injury, and three different shoulder specialists told me that I was up for a shoulder reconstruction. But I refused and went on with my year,” he says.

Harry Bink - Nitro Circus

Despite being on tour, Harry was determined to head into competition season with something new up his sleeve. “During the Australia tour, I had to fly back and forth to the foam pit at the Nitro Circus compound to try and come up with a new trick for Nitro World Games. I tried a heap of different ones, but my biggest and baddest trick was the rock solid frontflip,” he says. “It took me at least 50 to 60 attempts into the foam pit. There were definitely stages where I thought I was never going to be able to pull it off.” The rock solid backflip is hard enough. As we said, very few athletes have ever done it, and Harry is one of only a couple who do it consistently. Even still, it’s not a guaranteed stick by any stretch.

It’s well documented that a frontflip is much more difficult than a backflip. So obviously the rock solid frontflip is a much different beast than the backflip combo. The only real similarity is the rider lets go of the bike at some point during the trick. “When you take off the ramp, you have to throw your weight over the front of the bike as hard as you can to get the bike spinning good,” Harry explains. “You go to the superman seatgrab with both hands as relaxed as possible — to make sure you don’t miss it — then pull yourself into the bike. Then you let go with both hands (performing the rock solid). Then the hardest part: grabbing the seat back and the superman seat grab again, pulling yourself back onto the bike while making sure you’re getting the seat directly under your bum.” And during all that, he must resist the force of final rotation to avoid being thrown over the handlebars while transitioning his hands from the seat back to the handlebars.

During all this training, Harry continued to tour with Nitro. The first leg of the 2017 North America tour spanned the four weeks before the NWG. “To roll straight into it with a vision of winning, I had a lot of mixed feelings,” Harry says. “I was so scared, I couldn’t sleep at night, eat food during the day, and I was battling injuries. At the same time, I loved every bit of it!”

Competition day arrived, and when it was time for FMX Best Trick, Harry’s fears manifested in the worst way: He crashed on his first run. “I was devastated. I thought I missed out on the opportunity of my childhood dream,” he says. “Once I figured out I didn’t break any bones, the first thing I did was run back to my bike and give it another crack!” If you’ve made it to this point in the story, you already know how that second attempt went. “To pull it off and then win? Wow, I still am lost for words,” Harry says. “And man, I hope I never have to do that trick again.”

Even if he never attempts the rock solid frontflip again, his arsenal still includes some of the most difficult and dangerous tricks in FMX. And life on the road is tough too. “It’s extremely hard,” Harry says. “Most people go home to relax. We go to airports to ‘relax.’ Then, soon as you get one little injury, it snowballs and gets worse.” FMX at this level takes an incredible toll on the body, even for well-executed tricks. Harry lists a few of his ailments: “A really common FMX injury is to break legs or ankles. I have broken both my legs a few times. I am up for reconstructive surgery on my shoulder. I tore a muscle off my hip a month before Nitro World Games, which kept me off the bike for three weeks. I pulled my groin muscle not long ago. I currently have a broken big toe.”

Harry takes his cues from his FMX heroes on tour, veterans like Travis and Blake “Bilko” Williams who have managed to stay in the game longer than most by being as smart and careful as possible even while they’re pushing progression and having a great time. Harry’s philosophy? “You just gotta send it! Be awesome. Be fun and good to work with. But you also need to be very smart, because one bad crash will end your career,” he says. Luckily, Harry is as smart as he is naturally skilled, and we can’t wait to see what this future FMX hall-of-famer has in store as he continues to push the sport into the next generation.

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Nitro Circus Shared Sacred Ground in Colorado

Touring small-city America has its perks. From the glorious foods to the prideful ownership of the “World’s Largest Something,” there is engagement around every corner. I survive by gathering old friends and meeting new locals at skateparks and spots. Seeing Colorado Springs on the schedule, I instantly knew it was going to be a sensation. We had to cancel the show last year due to snow, and the internet roared over it.


The instant we landed, Colorado Springs Legend Duncan Gore was on hand and swept Jed Mildon and me to a historical tour of the city. Duncan is BMX. He has watched action sports live and die through thousands of sponsorship dollars. For over 30 years he could be found learning flatland maneuvers or blasting ramps to the moon. I grew up with a picture of Duncan on my wall, and when I met him the first time we straightaway filmed clips, the decisive sign of friendship.

Duncan Gore

We ended by a window tint shop that had a light on. I peered in and was surprised to see AFA BMX champion James McGraw filming in an incredibly small garage. Action sports is in the veins of Colorado. I was stoked!

James Mcgraw cross walk

The conversation instantly turned to the venue. Duncan started telling me how the lands were enchanted and started bringing up how in 1998 there was a King of Vert contest at the exact location of our Nitro Circus Live show. The King of Vert, or KOV, series was put on by Ron Wilkerson, who was throwing wild contests at any venue that would let him. Often, he would set up ramps in an abandoned lot with no permits and call it “Meet in the Street.” It’s hard for me to fathom that any venue knew what was exactly happening, and that made it even more fun. James added in several stories about how the level of riding at that time was incredibly intimidating. He talked about Leo Chen pulling a decade air on vert and Kurt Schmidt blowing minds doing backwards hang 5s on the deck. It was this kind of do-it-yourself contest that kept action sports alive in the early ’90s, and it rules to do a show on the same ground.

The moment we returned home, I began searching vigilantly online for anything about the contest. I found some archives and a video and thought it would be rad to share them with you. Enjoy!

BMX insider Micah Kranz is one of the Nitro Circus Live MCs, currently on tour with the show. To watch him work, hit this link to see where we’re headed next, and make sure you check back every week for more fine words from him.

VIDEO: Travis Pastrana, Jolene Van Vugt Race From Vegas to Reno

A couple weeks ago Travis Pastrana and Jolene Van Vugt joined Jim Beaver for Best in the Desert, a 500-mile race through the brutal terrain between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. Each team member took a turn at the wheel and battled harsh conditions over the course of a couple days. Their vehicle of choice was a Polaris RZR — the format of this race allows for entrants in trucks, dirtbikes, and UTVs, making for an epic event with something for everyone. Luckily, a camera crew was along for the ride with Jim, Jolene, and Travis. We won’t spoil it, but let’s just say the team has their share of obstacles during the race. Check it out:

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Travis Pastrana Wins ARA Championship in an Epic Comeback

A season-long battle for the 2017 American Rally Association Championship came to a close last weekend at the Ojibwe Forests Rally. Travis Pastrana and co-driver Robbie Durant overcame a five-point deficit behind Subaru Rally Team USA teammate and summer-long rival David Higgins and co-driver Craig Drew in the sixth and final round of the series. Travis and Robbie needed to do more than win the race — a straight win would have resulted in a tie in points. They had to win enough rally stages to put them ahead of David and Craig in points, which are earned over the course of the season. By the end of the first day, things were already looking tougher, as Travis had gone through six of his 10 tires allotted for the entire rally. But the Red Team persevered and in the end had just enough to bring home the big win. Both Subaru teammates and their co-drivers had incredible performances in the series, and rally fans can look forward to seeing more pyrotechnics from them in the future. Check out some highlights below:

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R-Willy Makes His Case for an X Games Bid

Ryan Williams spent a few days at Woodward East between tour stops last week, his first time riding at the legendary action sports hub. He’s had an incredible last few years, landing enormous World Firsts in scooter and BMX (including the tentpole BMX triple frontflip), as well as winning the Nitro World Games Scooter Best Tricks competition this year and the BMX Best Tricks competition two years in a row. His accolades have left some wondering why the decorated athlete hasn’t been given a shot at the X Games.

The best analog to the NWG BMX Best Tricks competition is X Games BMX Big Air. The setups are different in a few ways, one of the most crucial being that the X Games incorporates a quarterpipe at the end of their lander. It’s a difference that many speculate is the main reason R-Willy hasn’t been called up to X Games qualifying. Well, it turns out Woodward East’s mini mega setup ends in a nice little 18-foot quarterpipe, and this week R-Willy got the chance to air it out and show another side of his growing BMX arsenal (video by Nitro MC and website contributor Micah Kranz):

Does this automatically mean R-Willy gets an X Games invite? No. But it should answer one big question in the minds of the organizers. He’ll continue to work toward his goal of riding X Games. During the next chance he gets when he’s off tour, he’ll be headed to Woodward West to session their quarter.

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Pastranaland, Loupos Win, and Rally Weekend – WildWeek

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We have the action sports golden ticket. Pastranaland is an action sports playground in Maryland that happens to also be where Travis Pastrana lives. And like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, it’s invite only. And also like Wonka’s place, you can hurt yourself pretty bad if you don’t know what you’re doing. Totally worth it. SEE IT

Eye on the big prize. Brandon Loupos crushed it at FISE Budapest. The win puts him in second place worldwide in the 2017 UCI BMX Freestyle Park rankings and the top seeded Australian rider. Why are we so excited? BMX riders aren’t just trying to win competitions now, they’re jockeying to qualify to compete at the first-ever BMX Freestyle Park event at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. WATCH IT

YouTuber Roman Atwood came to one of our live shows. The inevitable result was a trip down Giganta, and the precedent for non-pros hitting the big ramp is well established. You wipe out your first try, and it sucks. Roman has some experience in action sports, so he’s not a newbie. But as he’ll plainly tell you in the video, this ramp is no joke. He handled himself well on one drop in. The other? Let’s just say one out of two ain’t bad. SEE IT

Don’t forget! Travis Pastrana and Subaru Rally Team USA teammate and rival David Higgins will face off a final time in Round 6 of the 2017 ARA National Championship at the Ojibwa Forests Rally this weekend. Competition has been fierce all summer. Travis goes into the weekend just five points behind. A win this weekend will result in a tie-breaker based on a points system of all stage finish positions. In other words, if Travis wins, the championship will come down to math. Don’t let anyone tell you math isn’t useful in the real-world. RALLY AROUND IT


🙉wow lucky 😳😳👉🏻👉🏻Tag someone who needs to see this

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A sneak peek at next week: MC Micah Kranz with a brand-new weekly column!

Check out the previous WildWeek right here.

VIDEOS: On the Road From Rochester to Erie

We’re headed into the homestretch of our 2017 North America tour, with 11 shows remaining in six states, and I’ll be traveling with the show for a couple weekends to bring you highlights. Last week, we rolled into Rochester, New York, for a massive show at Frontier Field, where we were joined by YouTube legend Roman Atwood. Roman was awesome — he even took a trip down Giganta on a trike, which you’ve gotta see. Overall, the boys were pumped and ready to rock despite a strong headwind that made conditions difficult. Here are some highlights:

After the Friday-night show, we had a day off in Rochester. A few of the guys took a drive out to Niagara Falls, while some of the Giganta riders explored the city and had a street session. Rochester has a ton of interesting features to ride near its business district along the river, and the local BMX scene is full of laid-back riders who came out to hang with the guys. Ryan Williams brought his scooter, and as always the local scooter kids also showed up to ride with one of their heroes.

2 Street Clips in Rochester, NY before I left!🛴#nitrocircus #street #scooter #tricks #flair #RWillyTurnedStreet

A post shared by Ryan Williams (@rwillyofficial) on

Sunday we were set to head for Erie, Pennsylvania, at 10 a.m., but as we gathered in the hotel lobby, word spread that the tour bus was having mechanical issues and we’d be delayed an hour or more. Some of us reclaimed our room keys and headed back up to chill or answer emails, while others decided to run to a grocery store to stock up on food for the road (the health-conscious have to plan ahead or face the mostly bad interstate fare). Speaking of healthy, BMX star Todd Meyn used the delay to squeeze in a workout at the hotel gym. I need a bit of his self-discipline. The surprise delay, while not ideal, is just part of life on the road, and with a long day ahead of us, some took it as a welcome change of plans.

The bus arrived, we hit the road, and a few short hours later we rolled in to the Lake Erie Speedway, which had beautiful facilities for us to get ready and an awesome three-eighths of a mile banked oval racetrack, which Stage Manager Jeremy Kelber explained is ideal for the setup crew, since concrete is much easier to build the ramps on than grass is. The only issue here was the short banked track meant that they had to build everything on a slant, which made for an interesting show. But what a show it was! Erie fans are awesome, and they went nuts for Nitro that night. There were tons of awesome moments, but here are three standouts from the Giganta side:

James Foster, fresh off his X Games gold medal, stuck a beautiful triple backflip (and it’s been more than a year since he’s attempted one on this setup):

Matt Whyatt laid down a flawless Whyatt Riot — a backflip tailwhip to late 360 — which helped earn him the night’s MVC. Erie was Matt’s last show of this tour, so the MVC was also in honor of him killing it all summer in North America on his bike and contraptions.

Then Jed Mildon went head first into the Zorb, and it was nuts:

Streetbike Tommy was on hand to help Catfish and Micah with MC duties, and of course the crowd loved every minute of it. Tommy always has a good time at shows, but it’s pretty clear his favorite part is when he gets to use the T-shirt cannon:

Streetbike Tommy with the T-shirt cannon at Nitro Circus in Erie, PA

The moto boys also had an epic night, particularly considering the tilted ground they were riding on. The sun dipped below the horizon halfway through the show, enveloping the venue in that comforting dusk that feels like you’re just out riding on a summer night with your crew. Our show is loud and rowdy, but in the end that’s what it’s all about. Check out these photo highlights from the rest of the night:

Nitro Circus in Erie, PA
Nitro Circus in Erie, PA
Nitro Circus in Erie, PA
Nitro Circus in Erie, PA
Nitro Circus in Erie, PA

After the show, we hit the road for Cleveland, a journey that took twice as long as it should have but was also twice as fun as I expected. We arrived at the hotel sometime between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m., but who’s counting? During this tour, we scatter during the week and meet back up for the next shows, so most of us were flying out of Cleveland the next morning. Some of the guys who had early flights looked at the clock and decided it made more sense to just stay up, but that’s a story for another day, told by one of those brave souls. The rest of crashed hard after an epic weekend, looking forward to doing it all again in a few short days.

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Beaver Fleming Cleans Up at the 2017 Clash at Clairemont Skatercross

Beaver Fleming thinks you should pay more attention to skatercross, and we agree. He recently won the second annual race at the 2017 Clash at Clairemont, a skateboard race that’s like motocross meets steeplechase on skateboards. Invented by skateboarding legend Andy Macdonald, the event features multiple athletes racing over jumps, pumps, and berms. Beaver took home the win for the race and also competed in the high jump competition, where he placed second by clearing 11.5 feet with a kickflip indy. He’s had an awesome year with a win at Simple Session, a second at Nitro World Games, and a fifth at his very first appearance at the iconic Bowl-a-Rama in Bondi Beach. With a win at Clairemont, Beaver is the man to beat in this up-and-coming sport. Check out his recap:

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Can’t Get Enough of Beaver?


R-Willy Got Roman Atwood to Backflip Giganta

YouTube legend Roman Atwood joined us in Rochester, New York, over the weekend, and what was bound to be fun ended up being something even more special. Roman was on hand for a top-secret project that you’ll hear more about soon, but while he was there he met up with Nitro veteran Ryan “R-Willy” Williams and got an inside look at a Nitro Circus live show. Roman admitted to being a fan, and when R-Willy nudged him to try something truly memorable in Rochester, Roman jumped at the chance. Literally. Sorry, had to. It doesn’t happen often, but when non-professionals are given the chance to hit the big ramp, it’s widely believed that the trike is the best vehicle for them to try it on, for a variety of reasons that mostly boil down to the fact that it’s the least likely to actually kill you. That said, everyone still wipes out, because “easiest” is not the same as “easy.” But there’s a first time for everything, especially at Nitro Circus, and Roman’s Giganta ride was a perfect example. The first video embedded here is R-Willy’s vlog from the day. The second video is R-Willy’s vlog Part 2, which begins with Roman’s jump (for those who can’t wait to see it). The third video is Roman’s vlog from the day, a great look at what it’s like behind the scenes at Nitro from an outsider’s perspective. Pop the popcorn now, because it’s all worth watching.



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Travis on Pastranaland: ‘If You Can Think It, We Can Build It’

Most of you already know what Pastranaland is, but here’s a quick explanation for those who don’t: Quite simply, Pastranaland is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) action sports playgrounds in the world. Many of the biggest milestones have been achieved there: the motorcycle triple backflip, the BMX quad backflip, the BMX triple frontflip, just to name a few recent World Firsts. Pastranaland is also where action sports legend Travis Pastrana actually lives. We caught up with him to chat about how he created an action sports paradise geared toward progression in his home state of Maryland. See what he has to say after you watch this drone video that gives a nice look at the property:

The list of features at Pastranaland would scratch almost any action sports itch you could think of. It includes (but is not limited to): a world-class skatepark, a super tramp, an FMX park, two airbags, one airbag lander, a pitbike track, a Polaris RZR track, a motocross track, a Strider track for the kids, an indoor concrete oval, and, of course, “all the equipment you could ever need to move dirt and/or weld ramps and contraptions together,” Travis says. (Because Pastranaland is his home, it’s not a place where anyone can just show up and throw down, unfortunately. But we would love to know where you all go to ride and progress, which is why we’re asking everyone the question: Where is your #Pastranaland?)

Travis bought his rural Maryland property after he signed his first pro contract, at age 16 (incidentally, going pro at 16 is also how he got his iconic number 199). Along with the property, he bought a bulldozer to move dirt around and shape the landscape into the ultimate riding spot. Next he added a shed to store bikes. The property’s potential as a place to ride and play had to factor in quite a lot, as it wasn’t until a couple years after he purchased it that he built a house there. “It was just woods when I got the land. One small logging road, and that was it,” he says.

Travis Pastrana at Pastranaland - Nitro Circus

The evolution of Pastranaland syncs with Travis’ career and his personal life. He started out in racing, and as his career turned toward freestyle, he added a foam pit and more and more ramps. “As I ventured into cars and dove deeper into FMX, it changed to accommodate that,” he says. “Then I married a skateboarder, so we built a skatepark. Now with kids it’s starting to evolve in a different direction!” That different direction includes more trampolines, a concrete oval track in the shed (perfect for go-karts), and a lot more kid-sized bikes, scooters, and skate gear lying around.

The skatepark at Pastranaland is a showpiece for sure. You’ve definitely seen it featured in many Nitro videos, but it’s tough to get a sense of the scale until you’ve set foot there in person. It’s huge and beautifully conceived. It was designed by legendary ramp artist Nate Wessel and built by Nate, Combover Steve, and a crew over the course of four months. “It was my last year at X Games, and I made a deal with Nate that whatever money I won at X Games I would put into the park,” Travis says. “I won two gold medals that year.”

When you consider Travis and his career, it’s not at all surprising that his home is unique and amazing. He doesn’t do anything halfway, and he’s always looking to evolve, progress, and have a hell of a lot of fun while he’s doing it. The philosophy that takes you from wooded acreage with a rutty logging road to an epicenter of action sports progression is simple, according to Travis: “If you can think it, we can build it.” And as with the tricks that Nitro athletes are landing (many of which are practiced and perfected in Travis’ backyard), Pastranaland itself won’t stop getting better and better. “It is always evolving, and we are committed to building bigger takeoffs and safer landings,” Travis says. “Game on.”

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Brandon Loupos Wins FISE World Budapest

Aussie BMX magician Brandon Loupos took home the top prize at Festival International des Sports Extremes over the weekend, with two enormous runs in a competition that mirrors the format of the new BMX Freestyle Park event at the 2020 Olympics. The FISE competition also affects the world rankings, meaning his win in Budapest sets Loupos up for an Olympics run. Check out his runs right here:

Daniel Dhers took second, and Irek Rizaev was third. Loupos’ win moves him into second place in the UCI World Cup standings. Keep an eye out for the competition to heat up as 2020 gets closer.

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Wheelz, RZRs Galore, and Real Moto – WildWeek

Fans who followed our live videos from the inaugural Polaris Invitational at Pastranaland may have been disappointed when the RZRs race of the week’s champions had to be postponed due to Trevor Piranha’s questionable inclusion of Zima in the awards ceremony where the winners were chosen. As promised, the RZR race still happened, and we have the footage for you. Part 1 is embedded right here, and Part 2 is on our YouTube channel. We apologize for the delay, but Zima takes some time to work its way out of the system. Enjoy Wheelz’s record-breaking lap (emphasis on “breaking”) and then enjoy some of the best of the best from the last week!


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It’s about time we featured Hubert Rowland. He’s Nitro Circus’ master engineer and manager of Travis Pastrana’s action sports playground, Pastranaland. But now he’s striking out on an adventure of his own in his epic Big RedNeck Adventure across the USA. Perhaps there’s no better way to see America right now than behind the wheel of a UTV. Hubert and crew are hitting the Trans-America highway, going coast-to-coast in Polaris RZRs. No one has ever attempted it, and Hubert is finding out why. Exposed to the extremes of America’s weather and terrain, the crew are on the road in a vehicle intended for use off-road. What could go wrong? SEE IT

Pat Bowden is quietly killing it this year. He took third place in the FMX Best Trick event at the Nitro World Games. He just won gold at X Pilots in Tijuana in FMX and Best Whip. Once again, the FMX star and graphic designer noticeably sported his all-white outfit in a bid to get sponsors to take notice of the branding opportunity he poses, just as he did at the Nitro World Games. Sponsors, you can’t go wrong betting on gold. CHECK IT

This year’s Real Moto edits are real awesome. X Games Real Moto challenges FMX riders to put together edits of sick riding and personal flair. Jacko Strong rose to the challenge in a huge way with a video that not only gets to the heart of what FMX is all about, but it makes you happy to be alive. What can we say but take a knee and watch it, and then check out edits from the four other contenders. WATCH IT

Pay attention to Street League Skateboarding. Founded by Rob Dyrdeck, the SLS Crown World Championship is the official world street skateboarding series according to the International Skateboarding Federation — skateboarding’s governing authority. The competition is relatively new, so you’re forgiven if you weren’t aware that there are a number of qualifying events leading up to 2017 SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championships. SLS was in Chicago this week on its first North American stop of the world tour, and it didn’t disappoint. They’re headed to Los Angeles in September. In the meantime, check out this recap of Chicago’s event. SUPPORT IT

The greatest generation shows us why it’s still great. 68-year-old retiree and former Red Devil Paratrooper Mike Smith made his 100th skydive in a charity event in the UK. He was joined by two 91-year-old veterans of World War II. The message is clear: Never stop sending it. APPLAUD IT




A sneak peek at next week: What’s your personal Pastranalanad?

Check out the previous WildWeek right here.

Everyone’s Favorite RedNek Is Going Coast-to-Coast on a RZR

Hubert Rowland, who manages Travis Pastrana’s action sports playground, aka Pastranaland, is just past the halfway point on his Big RedNek Adventure, traveling coast-to-coast from South Carolina to Oregon on the Trans-America Trail. In true Nitro style, he’s doing it in a way that no one has ever attempted before: He’ll be the first to do it in a UTV. Hubert and crew are driving three Polaris RZRs: the XP Turbo, XP 1000, and the Polaris General, which will be reserved for some special guests along the way. Hubert even provides a way for fans at home to track his route, with the LeadNav GPS app; you can incorporate his route into the app here. Hubert and crew are about to hit Utah, so you know things are just getting good. You can follow them by GPS or by hitting his social media for updates. Check out some of the highlights of the route so far in the gallery below.

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Real Moto 2017 Is Crazy Good

X Games Real Moto is back with five crazy edits from five of the best freestyle and freeride moto legends on the planet. The way it works is simple: The riders put together short edits that include killer riding and a bit of personal flair (which ends up being arguably the best part). Through Aug. 28, you can vote on which 90-second video rules them all. This year’s contenders are Tyler Bereman, Kris Foster, Axell Hodges, Ronnie Renner, and Jacko Strong. Check out Jacko’s video embedded below, and then make sure you click here to watch the rest and cast your vote!

The Nitro Shop is open for business! Find all our new T-shirt styles, including the exclusive TP199 collection from Travis Pastrana.