Nitro Circus Statement on the Passing of Erik Roner

Nitro Circus today received the devastating news of the tragic death of Erik Roner: husband, father and beloved member of the Nitro Circus and action sports family.

The tragic accident occurred at the opening ceremony of the 4th Annual Squaw Valley Institute Celebrity Golf Classic in Squaw Valley, California.

Roner was the third member of a three-man parachute team to jump and, according to witnesses, was off the drop zone target on descent and hit a large tree. He was then transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Erik was world-renowned for his antics and loveable personality in Nitro Circus media and live shows across the globe.

He was also one of the world’s leading ski-BASE jumpers, jumping from iconic locations around the world.

Most importantly, Erik was a caring, generous and wonderful person — a loving husband and father to two beautiful children.

Travis Pastrana said today, “Erik was an amazing person who made everyone and everything around him better. His smile, laughter and personality will be missed by everyone at Nitro Circus. Most importantly he has a beautiful wife and amazing kids that will miss him dearly. He is gone… But will never be forgotten.”

From the entire Nitro family, all of our love and prayers go out to Annika, Oskar, Kasper and all of Erik’s family and friends.

We are all going to miss you so much, our dear friend.

Erik Roner

Wicked Tango Is Ready to Ride the Bolt with Nitro Circus!

We have more exciting news for all of you today! We’re happy to announce that we’re teaming up with Wicked Tango to bring you more of the entertainment that you love. Watch out for unique, new contraptions in our live shows, new digital video series and so much more.

And, to celebrate, Wicked Tango is introducing its latest signature cocktail:

Light the Fuse
2oz. Wicked 87
3oz. Diet cola
1oz. Firebolt (table side shot)

Build cocktail in rocks glass, over ice. Stir, then add Firebolt as side shot to cocktail as floater. Use Wicked Tango Firebolt on the side as a shot, upon preference for a desired amount.

Check out Nitro Circus on the road this fall, follow @WickedTango and enjoy a Wicked Tango Light The Fuse cocktail while doing so! Cheers!


Wicked Tango


Wicked Tango and Nitro Circus Announce Innovative Strategic Partnership

Features Fully Integrated Advertising and Branding Opportunities Across NBC and NBCSN Programing, Nitro Circus Live’s Upcoming North American Tour, Social Media Channels and More

Tuesday – June 23, 2015 Los Angeles, CA: Wicked Tango, the American Dream in a glass, and Nitro Circus, the world’s greatest action sports brand, both believe in working hard but playing harder. Both are also the best in their class yet don’t take themselves too seriously, and they appeal to all Americans. Now, Wicked Tango and Nitro Circus are teaming up in a groundbreaking partnership agreement that will see both companies enter into a fully integrated sponsorship arrangement.

Nitro Circus CEO and Creative Director Michael Porra said, “We are thrilled to join forces with Wicked Tango. We think it is a really cool product that fits perfectly with us, and we know that our fans are going to love it.”

Wicked Tango CEO Larry Bross said, “When my partner, Jim White, and I first created our Wicked Tango brand we never thought another platform would have the same culture of fun, pride and quality. But when we met the Nitro Circus executives and founders, we immediately knew that this partnership would be fully aligned, not only for 2015 and 2016 but in the years beyond. We are very proud to have our Wicked brands become an integral partner with one of the best youth brands in the world. With 25 North American shows this fall, Nitro and Wicked Whiskey are coming to a town near you – look out!”

As the official whiskey of Nitro Circus, Wicked Tango will have the opportunity to incorporate its product across all Nitro Circus platforms. For example, Wicked Tango will be a part of Nitro Circus Live’s upcoming North American fall 2015 tour. Fans may even see unique Wicked Tango-themed contraptions fly from Nitro Circus’ brand new sling shot! Wicked Tango will also be organically integrated into Nitro Circus’ original content. This includes over 27 hours of televised programming on NBC and NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) in 2015 alone as part of a just-announced multi-year agreement with NBC Sports Ventures. Plus, Nitro Circus will highlight Wicked Tango across its social and digital platforms. Wicked Tango will also have access to an enviable talent roster including Travis Pastrana, Streetbike Tommy, Jolene Van Vugt and more.

As Nitro Circus makes a big entrance into the licensing arena, this innovative partnership represents a bold step forward. “A licensing and sponsorship agreement like this is a game changer,” Peter Maule, global head of licensing, said. “We can offer partners access to all of our assets – live events, original content and talent – so that they are vested 360 degrees in Nitro Circus.” Brett Clarke, global head of business development & marketing partnerships added, “Going forward we want to collaborate in the brand development process with our partners, where both parties contribute to and are responsible for each other’s success.”

Recently named at no. 22 in Forbes magazine’s list of America’s Top 100 Most Promising Companies, Nitro Circus creates spectacular live events and original media content for thrill seeking fans worldwide, showcasing the best in extreme sports for daredevils and risk taking wannabes alike. With over two million tickets sold to date, television programming that has aired in over 60 countries, nearly six million Facebook Likes and over 100 million views of digital offerings per month, Nitro Circus is the leader in action sports and entertainment.

An American Heritage company, Wicked Tango has a culture and small batch handcrafted spirits that make every American proud! Wicked 87 and Wicked Lightning Moonshine are 100% corn base distilled in Atchison, Kansas. Both are also ridiculously good, the kind you want to say, “You gotta try this!” Wicked Tango is not just about great spirits; it’s a lifestyle, a state of mind, the American dream in a glass and an awesomely wicked time… every time! Wicked Tango has a motto, “Work hard, and play harder!”

And to celebrate this collaboration with Nitro Circus, Wicked Tango introduces its latest signature cocktail: Light The Fuse.

Light the Fuse
2oz. Wicked 87
3oz. Diet cola
1oz. Firebolt (table side shot)

Build cocktail in rocks glass, over ice. Stir, then add Firebolt as side shot to cocktail as floater. Use Wicked Tango Firebolt on the side as a shot, upon preference for a desired amount.

Check out Nitro Circus on the road this fall, follow us @WickedTango and enjoy a Wicked Tango Light The Fuse cocktail while doing so!

About Sage Beverages LLC: Sage Beverages LLC is a rapidly growing and expanding importer of beer, wines and spirits. Their award-winning portfolio includes Lucky Buddha Beer, ZIOBAFFA Wines, Bracero Tequila, Left Coast Brewery, Wicked Tango Whiskey, Tavi Tequila and Cucapa Brewery. Many of their brands have been recently heard and viewed on national syndicated radio formats, daytime television segments and both print and online publications. Based in Carlsbad, CA, Sage Beverages is an innovative, exciting company that provides quality, unique and storied brands that always have the consumer in mind.

About Nitro Circus: Nitro Circus continues to position itself as the leading youth action sports & entertainment brand on the planet. From humble beginnings, with Jeremy Rawle, Gregg Godfrey and extreme sports superstar Travis Pastrana producing DVDs from a Utah garage in 2003, to a smash TV series which has aired in over 60 countries, Nitro Circus has exploded to global popularity, leaving a burning impression on the minds of young people across the globe. Nitro Circus: The Movie, featuring cast members from the hit TV series, was released in 2012 in cinemas worldwide.

In 2010, the TV show was transformed by current CEO and action sports industry guru Michael Porra into a must-see live event, creating the global touring phenomenon that is Nitro Circus Live. Since its inaugural Australian trek five years ago, the show has travelled the world, obliterating box office records and cultivating a legion of diehard fans. Nitro Circus has now rolled across five continents, blown away over two million fans and sold-out shows in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, the Middle East and South Africa.

Media Contacts:

For Wicked Tango:
Danielle Whitaker
The Workshop

For Nitro Circus:
Greg Terlizzi

Nitro Circus Is Now Partnering With NBC

It’s been more than 10 years since we started out filming stunts and hawking DVDs from a garage in Utah, and sometimes we just can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. And, now here we are signing a major deal with NBC Sports!

We just announced today that we’re teaming up with NBC for a brand new show called Crazy Train and a bunch of epic TV specials. None of this would’ve been possible without you guys, and we’re so excited to share it all with you.

We’re kicking things off this Thursday, June 4 when the first two episodes of Nitro Circus Live will air on NBC Sports Network. You can watch the entire Nitro Circus Live season 1 on NBCSN as episodes air every Thursday night this June. Then, tune in on July 12 for Nitro Circus: Revolution Day, a 90-minute special following the ongoing competition between BMX superstars Jed Mildon and James Foster as they try to make action sports history with the world’s first quad backflip.

For these and so much more, check out all of the details below!




Multi-Year Partnership to Present Nitro Circus Programming on NBC, NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra

90-Minute Special Nitro Circus: Revolution Day to Air July 12 on NBC

Nitro Circus: Revolution Day to Feature World’s First Attempt to Land a Quadruple Backflip on a BMX Bike

Eight-Episode Reality Series Nitro Circus Crazy Train to Debut Thursday, October 15 at 10 p.m. ET on NBCSN

STAMFORD, Conn. – NBC Sports Ventures, a division of NBC Sports Group, and Nitro Circus, today announced a multi-year strategic alliance that will feature Nitro Circus programming to air across NBC, NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra. In 2015, the content partnership will include the launch of a new series on NBCSN, and two 90-minute specials that will air on NBC and NBCSN. In addition, all Nitro Circus programming will be streamed on NBC Sports Live Extra.

NBC Sports Group’s coverage will begin on July 12, when NBC will broadcast Nitro Circus: Revolution Day, a 90-minute special chronicling the ongoing competition between BMX superstars Jed Mildon and James Foster as they attempt to make action sports history by landing the world’s first quadruple backflip. Following Revolution Day, On September 12, NBCSN will broadcast Nitro Circus: The Biggest Trick Ever In Action Sports, a 90-minute special detailing freestyle motocross athlete Josh Sheehan’s recent attempt to complete the first ever triple backflip on a motorbike.

On Thursday, October 15 at 10 p.m. ET, NBCSN will debut Nitro Circus Crazy Train, an eight-part non-scripted reality series that will air on Thursday nights. Each one-hour episode of Crazy Train will feature a regular cast of athletes and signature stars from the Nitro Circus stadium tour, and give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the daily lives and journeys of the Nitro Circus team. Crazy Train cast members include action sports icon Travis Pastrana, along with freestyle motocross star Adam Jones, groundbreaking female FMX and BMX athlete Jolene Van Vugt, and BMX champion Chad Kagy.

“We are excited to launch this partnership with Nitro Circus,” said Rob Simmelkjaer, Senior Vice President, NBC Sports Ventures. “The skill of the athletes and the excitement of their stadium shows is remarkable. Revolution Day, Crazy Train and our other Nitro Circus programming will give viewers an exclusive look into the lives of these super star athletes.”

“We are thrilled to team with such an iconic company as NBC Sports Group. This is a fantastic home for Nitro Circus as we open this exciting new chapter for our brand,” said Michael Porra, Nitro Circus CEO and Creative Director. “NBC Sports’ impact on sports television is undeniable, and this partnership offers other fantastic opportunities that will introduce us to an even wider audience. This is a game-changer for us, as well for action sports.”

Since 2010, nearly two million people have attended Nitro Circus stadium shows and performances. In 2015, Nitro Circus will hold 37 shows in North America and nearly 100 shows across the globe. Nitro Circus tours annually feature more than 40 different athletes.

Jed Mildon Lands the First-Ever BMX Quad Backflip

What a day. After years of dreaming, months of practice, and several missed attempts that racked up injury after injury, the world-first BMX quad backflip has been conquered. As the only two athletes who’d ever landed a triple backflip, Jed Mildon and James Foster went toe-to-toe to make history (click here for the full backstory). Both were capable and both wanted it, but in the end injuries derailed Foster’s progress, and Mildon stuck the BMX quad flip.

Tons of fans got to watch it happen thanks to NBC, but for those who missed it (or those who want to see it again), here it is:

It wasn’t easy. Mildon’s initial efforts to land the quad in New Zealand were sidelined by poor weather and morale. In the U.S., meanwhile, Foster was getting closer and closer to dialing it in, and it looked like the proposed plan of having both riders make the attempt simultaneously wasn’t going to be possible. But in a move that proves what a good-natured rivalry this was, Foster agreed to hold off on his attempt to let Mildon have more time to practice. It was a pivotal decision that may have made the difference in the outcome of Revolution Day.

In the meantime, Nitro Circus went back on tour, and during a show in Australia Foster broke several ribs, benching him while he healed. With Mildon still struggling in practice and Foster out, the future of the quad was in serious doubt. But the moment he was declared fit to flip, Foster was back on his bike and at the top of the ramp, raising hope that Revolution Day was nigh. It was not to be, though, as in his practice attempts he re-injured his ribs again and again, and despite his perseverance, Foster was unable to continue the quest.

Jed Mildon and James Foster at Travis Pastrana's house in Maryland.

After Foster had to step out, Mildon changed location to Foster’s setup at Pastranaland in Maryland and began several sessions of air bag practice that didn’t go well. It looked like the quad might actually be impossible, as some had suggested. But then, a twist: Mildon asked to pull the bag and just go for it, which had more than a few people raising an eyebrow after Mildon’s practice attempts weren’t coming around like they knew he was capable of — and like he would need to execute if he was going to stick it.

The bag was somewhat reluctantly removed, but if you’re imagining an immediate and triumphant success, you are mistaken. Mildon suffered several painful misses without the relative safety of the bag, bone-crunching crashes that had everyone present worrying that he would also have to bow out due to injury, or worse. But the stacks didn’t deter him. His confidence clearly grew after each missed attempt, and with the stakes higher than ever, Mildon found the sweet spot, pulled it around perfectly, and rode away. History was made.

Jed Mildon lands the first-ever BMX quad backflip

Huge congrats to Jed Mildon for landing the first-ever BMX quad backflip! And, if it wasn’t for Foster’s work on the ramp and the technical details of the trick, history couldn’t have been made that day. Both athletes deserve all the kudos they’re getting. We’re pumped to have these guys as permanent members of the Nitro Crew — we know we’ll be seeing a ton more world firsts from both of them. And if after all that you still haven’t had enough Revolution Day, enjoy a few more shots in this behind-the-scenes gallery:

Come see Jed Mildon and James Foster performing live with Nitro Circus, coming soon to a city near you. Click here for tour information and tickets!

World Record Stunt – Ethen vs. the Blob

Back in September, Ethen Roberts was in New Zealand looking for an answer to that age-old question: “What kind of badass stunt can we do with two huge rugby players?”

Seriously, though, while we were on tour in Auckland, he decided to try to break the world record for consecutive frontflips off a floating air bag. It’s quite a sight to see when Ethen gets launched off the blob and out over the harbor by these two muscle piles (who were very nice blokes, by the way) jumping down off a crane. How could anything go wrong?

OK, well, I guess it did go pretty wrong when he hit the water so hard that he busted an eardrum and gave himself a bloody nose. The thing with Ethen, though, is when he sets his mind to a world first, it’s not a matter of if… just when.

Some would be happy, maybe even downright stoked, with four and a half frontflips off the blob, which technically beat the previous record of four. But if you know anything about the Nitro Crew, you know that’s not how this story is going to end.

Since his first attempt, he has made his peace with rugby players, blobs, cranes, and whatever godforsaken laws of physics can somehow turn liquid into concrete when you’re crashing headfirst into it. It was time for another attempt, and yesterday in Nice, France, he faced the blob again.

Count ’em! He didn’t even need any rugby players to send him off. Well done, Ethen.

Ethen and the Nitro Crew are currently touring around Europe! Find out when they’ll be in a city near you.

Travis Pastrana and Friends Visit ‘Late Late Show’

Travis Pastrana stopped by The Late Late Show With James Corden last week and dedicated his appearance to the memory of Erik Roner. Of course Travis rarely travels without a few friends and a ramp. FMX legends Beau Bamburg, Jarryd McNeil, and Blake “Bilko” Williams were on hand to show their stuff on national TV, and Corden was definitely impressed. Naturally, since he was enjoying it so much, the guys invited him to come out and give the ramp a try and proceeded to scare the suit off him, which was also a fitting tribute to Roner.

Watch the video below, but first please take some time to check out this link and help support Roner’s daughter, Kasper; his son, Oskar; and his wife, Annika. Your kindness and generosity is much appreciated.

Here’s the video:

The Triple Tailwhip, Red Beard Spotted, and Action Figures | WildWeek

Another awesome week down means it’s getting closer to crunch time. We don’t want to alarm you, but the second leg of our 2015 North America tour kicks off in less than two weeks, and you’re running out of time to get tickets. If you miss us this fall you’re going to have to wait until we head back to Europe in a few months. There’s still time to get tickets for both! If you’re on the fence, maybe all the awesome things that happened in the last week will help convince you!

Jaie Toohey and the BMX backflip triple tailwhip

Take a Look Back at the World First BMX Backflip Triple Tailwhip
Jaie Toohey makes the backflip triple tailwhip look easy, even though it’s anything but. Hear from the man himself what it took to stick the World First — and how badly he’s been injured attempting it. (Check it out here)

Red Beard mingles with the fans at a Nitro Circus show

Coby Toland is stoked to meet some fans that recognize him at a Nitro show. Who doesn’t know that red beard when they see it? We always say we have the coolest fans, and this week’s episode is just further proof of that. (Watch it here)

Tommy and Crum burn some rubber with Travis Pastrana

Watch Tommy & Crum: BURN RUBBER
Tommy, Crum, and Travis Pastrana are in Darwin, Australia, to smoke some tires and catch some air. But one of the three isn’t super confident in his track abilities, so he decides to sit out to be safe. Hint: It’s not Tommy. (Watch it here)


Watch the Clip of the Week: NAKED TUESDAY
Honestly, this is just a clip of Crum being Crum — stripping naked and jumping into ice cold water. Why? Because Bilko told him too, that’s why. There’s not much more to it, but there is a bonus: Jolene Van Vugt’s priceless reaction. (Watch it here)

Travis Pastrana's Action Figures available for download

Get Ready for Travis Pastrana’s Action Figures
The official trailer for Travis Pastrana’s Action Figures has finally arrived. This is a film that has Travis’ name all over it, so you know it’s going to be good. Check out the trailer, and mark your calendar to download the whole thing on Oct. 20! (Watch it here)

We’re headed back to the U.S. and Canada in a matter of days! Do not miss out. Then we’re making our way to Europe soon after that! Download the Nitro Circus app to get access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes coverage of our live shows. Keep up with all of our recent adventures in our previous WildWeek, and come back next Friday for more!

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Jaie Toohey’s BMX Backflip Triple Tailwhip | World Firsts

Like many of the athletes in the Nitro Crew, Jaie Toohey got his start in racing but quickly discovered that, while speed and competition are awesome, he was more drawn to the inverted world of freestyle. The Australia native made the transition to the park and ramps and has been wowing at Nitro shows ever since, joining the Nitro World First club along the way.

Jaie Toohey

During a show in New Zealand back in February 2011, Toohey stunned a crowd of 20,000-plus with a very difficult trick that no one had ever landed before: the backflip triple tailwhip. The idea that he could land it came to him while he was practicing at Dave Mirra’s place in North Carolina. “I had just learned backflip double tailwhips, and I thought to myself: ‘I wonder if a backflip triple tail would ever be possible,” Toohey says.

Of course, he wouldn’t be a member of the Crew if he didn’t immediately start attempting them. He practiced for a couple weeks into a foam pit before making his first attempt, which doesn’t sound like much time, but don’t let that fool you: This trick is every bit as complicated as it looks. “There is so much going on all at once — you have to backflip whilst spinning the bike around three times upside-down and catch your pedals,” he says. To put it another way: “It’s a matter of figuring out how fast to spin the rotation of the backflip but at the same time keeping focus on doing a triple tailwhip and where to catch back on your pedals.” So … slightly more complicated than chewing gum and walking at the same time.

Once he started attempting the trick without the foam pit, it took him several crashes before he finally nailed it. It was all worth it, he says, because landing it was “the best feeling ever.”

And now Toohey performs this trick regularly, despite the danger level. It doesn’t always end well. “I’ve had some very bad luck with this trick going wrong,” he says, referring to a wipeout that broke the tibia and fibula in one of his legs so badly that he needed to have a metal rod put in.. But becoming part machine didn’t slow him down a bit. He says he has plans for more World Firsts, but we’ll have to wait and see what they are.

Want to watch the Crew perform live and maybe even see a World First happen right before your eyes? The second leg of our 2015 North America tour kicks off in a matter of days, and we’re headed to Europe soon after that. Then, next year, our 2016 North America tour is going to hit more than 40 cities in the U.S. and Canada that we’ve never been to before! Click any and all of those links for more details and tickets, because chances are we’re coming to a city near you!

Silly Willy, Star What? and New Tour | WildWeek

We’re still riding the wave of excitement from our latest NBCSN TV special, but we’re also getting focused for the second leg of our 2015 North America tour, which kicks off in just a couple weeks on Travis Pastrana’s home turf! That’s more than 20 shows in the U.S. and Canada this year alone, so come check us out! Then we’re off to Europe for some huge shows there. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, because so much awesome stuff happened this week!

Ryan Williams and the Silly Willy

Take a Look Back at the World First Silly Willy
Ryan Williams eats World Firsts for breakfast, but one particular scooter record is special for two reasons: The Silly Willy — a double frontflip 360 — is one of the most difficult tricks R-Willy has ever landed and it was named by Travis Pastrana himself. (Check it out here)

The Nitro Crew members who haven't seen Star Wars

In this week’s episode, Coby Toland makes a grim discovery: Way too many members of the Nitro Crew have never seen Star Wars. Luckily, this somewhat upsetting news is offset by Josh Sheehan’s Yoda impression. (Watch it here)

The first ever motorcycle triple backflip

Did You Miss Our Triple Backflip TV Special? Or Want to See It Again?
If you missed Road to the Unthinkable last week, don’t worry! The NBCSN TV special is going to be available for purchase on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Google Play in the U.S. next month! Sign up now to get notified as soon as it’s available. (Sign up here)

Nitro Circus is coming to 40 brand-new cities in the U.S. and Canada in 2016

Nitro Circus Is Coming to More Than 40 Brand-New Cities in the U.S. and Canada
We’re super pumped to announce that we’re coming to a whole bunch of brand-new cities in North America next year! We’ve got the first few stops lined up, and tickets are already on sale, with more dates to come. Go get ’em! (More info and tickets here)


Watch the Clip of the Week: MONEY MONEA
Let’s face it: We’re pretty jaded about what makes our jaws drop. We’ve seen the best action sports athletes in the world throwing down new records all over the planet. So this clip of Mark Monea … well, we’ll just let it speak for itself. (Watch it here)

We’re headed to the U.S. and Canada this fall, and we’re bringing all this action with us. Then we’re making our way to Europe soon after that! Download the Nitro Circus app to get access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes coverage of our live shows. Keep up with all of our recent adventures in our previous WildWeek, and come back next Friday for more!

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Ryan Williams and the Silly Willy | World Firsts

If you read our previous post about Ryan Williams landing three World Firsts in one show, we wouldn’t blame you if you assumed that those were the only three he’d ever landed. After all, many athletes who have great careers never break a single record, let alone three. But R-Willy isn’t like many athletes. He’s a dedicated, fearless, multi-threat talent who’s ace on BMX, a discipline that’s netted him a quarter of his nearly one dozen records, and he’s arguably the best freestyle scooter rider in the world. There’s also that winning personality.

Ryan Williams is the king of world firsts

In March of 2013, R-Willy landed one of his most insane tricks at a Nitro show in Australia. The double frontflip 360 was born out of his desire to perform a trick that no one on two wheels had ever done. “This is what my brain thought up,” he says. Subsequent testing revealed that his brain was functioning normally at the time — normally for him, at least.

He calls it one of his all-time favorites, probably because of how difficult it is. The rotation of the double frontflip 360 makes spotting your landing nearly impossible. “The hardest part of this trick is how blind it is,” he says. But he has an interesting approach: “I just think of it as a 180 frontflip to 180 backflip.” Oh, well, when you put it that way …

To get the motion down, he practiced into a foam pit, but once he moved on to actual attempts, it was one of the most difficult tricks for him to master, taking him at least 30 tries, he says. Even before R-Willy had landed it, Travis Pastrana was so confident it was going to happen that he named the trick the Silly Willy. Soon after, the World First double frontflip 360 officially became the Silly Willy in front of a live Aussie audience:

R-Willy says that he’s attempted a no-hander Silly Willy but has yet to stick it. We are currently taking suggestions for the trick’s name when he inevitably lands it.

Want to watch Ryan Williams and the Crew perform live and maybe even see a World First happen right before your eyes? The second leg of our 2015 North America tour is about to kick off, and we’re headed to Europe soon after that. Then, next year, our 2016 North America tour is going to hit more than 40 cities in the U.S. and Canada that we’ve never been to before! Click any and all of those links for more details and tickets, because chances are we’re coming to a city near you!


Brand-New Cities Announced for Nitro’s 2016 North America Tour!

One of the questions we get the most (just after “What were you thinking?!”) is about where we plan to perform next. “When will Nitro be coming to [insert the name of a town, village, city, etc.]?” We like to say that if we had it our way, we would eventually go everywhere. The world is a big place, and we plan to see as much of it as we possibly can. So we’re pretty pumped to announce our summer 2016 North America tour, where we’ll be bringing the full Nitro experience to over 40 brand-new cities in the U.S. and Canada.

We can’t wait to bring the Crew to perform for new audiences, so make sure you hit the link to see where we’ll be! Presale tickets for the first 10 shows are available now, and tickets go on sale to the general public this Friday, Sept. 18. There are a lot more shows to be announced, so hold tight and click here now for tickets and more info!

All About the Backflips | WildWeek

UPDATE: If you missed out on seeing Road to the Unthinkable this Saturday, no worries. It’s going to be available for purchase on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and Google Play in the U.S. next month! In the meantime, sign up now to get notified as soon as it’s available, then get pumped with some sneak previews of what you missed below.

The best thing about this week happens on Saturday! Our new TV special, Road to the Unthinkable, the full story of how the FMX backflip evolved, as told by the athletes who evolved it, airs on Sept. 12 on NBCSN at 11:30 p.m. ET, 10:30 p.m. CT, and 8:30 p.m. PT right after NASCAR. So we’re dedicating this whole installment to backflips! Let’s get inverted!

Travis Pastrana's quest for the World First FMX triple backflip

An Inside Look at the Quest for the FMX Triple Backflip
After years of work, six concussions, and some tough decisions, Travis Pastrana decided to pass the backflip torch to Josh Sheehan. Hear from Sheehan himself on what it takes to complete this “impossible” trick.  (Check it out here)

Travis Pastrana's first double backflip in four years -- side by side with Josh Sheehan

At the last show before Sheeny’s triple attempt, Travis wanted to send him out in style with side-by-side double backflips in Australia. That’s leadership. By the way, Travis hadn’t done a double in more than four years … (Watch it here)

Carey Hart's first FMX backflip changed the sport

Hear From Action Sports Athletes About How the Backflip Changed FMX
Carey Hart, Mike Metzger, Brian Deegan, Adam Jones, Blake “Bilko” Williams, and Travis Pastrana’s mom weigh in on how the backflip drew a clear line in the sand in the FMX world after Hart’s Gravity Games attempt in 2000. (Check it out here)

Travis Pastrana's World First FMX double backflip

Learn How the World First Double Backflip Proved That Nothing Is Impossible
The double backflip was considered impossible by many, but after the single backflip became a standard part of FMX, pioneers like Travis Pastrana knew that the sport would continue to progress and that the double backflip was all but inevitable. (Check it out here)

Travis Pastrana's quest for the first motorcycle triple backflip

Tune in to NBCSN on Sept. 12 for Road to the Unthinkable
The full story of the triple backflip is really the story of the evolution of FMX in general, from stunt show to full-fledged sport. Watch on Saturday, Sept. 12, on NBCSN to see that story told by the athletes who lived it. (More info here)

We’re headed to the U.S. and Canada this fall, and we’re bringing all this backflipping action with us. Then we’re making our way back to Europe soon after that! Download the Nitro Circus app to get access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes coverage of our live shows. Keep up with all of our recent adventures in our previous WildWeek, and come back next Friday for more!

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The Motorcycle Triple Backflip | World Firsts

Our backflip special airs on NBCSN this Saturday evening! Action sports legends Tony Hawk, Carey Hart, Mike Metzger, and Brian Deegan join Nitro Circus stars Travis Pastrana, Blake “Bilko” Williams, Adam Jones, and more to tell the full story of the evolution of the FMX backflip. Tune in Saturday, Sept. 12, for Road to the Unthinkable: The Quest for the First Motorcycle Triple Backflip right after NASCAR.

The first backflip changed FMX. The first double backflip elevated the game, despite being declared impossible by so many. And indeed it almost was impossible. Almost. The number of FMX athletes who have landed double backflips today can be counted on one hand. Even still, after landing the first double, Travis Pastrana almost immediately set his sights on the triple. Consistently landing the double was the first step. Figuring out the ramp was the next. So he went to it, and after six years of hard work with a lot of help from the best people in the business, he began training for the World First FMX triple backflip.

He wanted it bad, especially after working so hard for so long at it. But it was not to be. He estimates he suffered six concussions hitting the air bag from the height needed to complete three rotations, and in the end it wasn’t worth the risk. Like with the double, many people had serious doubts that the triple was even possible. So few athletes had ever done two backflips, so why were we even talking about three? But despite, or maybe because of, his own experience attempting the triple, Pastrana knew it was possible in the right hands. The heir apparent was Josh Sheehan, who by this point was the only athlete consistently performing double backflips.

Travis Pastrana and Josh Sheehan talk about the FMX triple backflip

Sheehan grew up in rural Australia, the perfect setting for the future action sports icon to learn how to ride, build jumps, and progress in the sport. He worked on his family’s farm to save up for his first bike at the age of 14, and he never looked back. Sheehan got into racing and FMX a few years later, with his very first backflip igniting the spark that continues to burn to this day. He’s now a permanent member of the Nitro Crew, performing around the world.

He says he used to talk with friends about the triple backflip, particularly after he became proficient at the double. “I knew it wouldn’t be a simple task,” he says, in what is a contender for the understatement of the decade. He elaborates: “The triple is hard to land for a few reasons. It’s so hard to keep the momentum going during the flips. By the third rotation it has slowed down a lot, so getting a great spin at the start of the jump is just as important as keeping in a good position to keep the momentum going. Then, with the extra time needed for the third rotation, the jump needed to be so much bigger.”

The ramp is a very important part of the equation. The 36-footer at Pastranaland that Sheehan would use for his attempt was painstakingly designed specifically for the triple. And it had to be, because no existing ramp would have worked. “It was a big challenge to make the jump big enough for the air time but low enough to be able to land on a landing without exploding. The biggest danger was the height of the jump. If I wasn’t able to make the rotation or the gap, it would have been a massive fall to the ground,” Sheehan says. Dialing that in took a lot of work. He began practice in October 2013 and traveled to Pastrana’s house for four separate trips in 2014 to practice. But once they got the ramp to where he needed it, Sheehan spent just one week practicing into an air bag before his official attempt.

And he made history. As athletes like Pastrana and Sheehan continue to push the limits of the sport, all we can do is adjust the bar and hang on for the ride, all the while wondering: What impossible feat will become possible next?

For the full story of how the FMX backflip evolved, check out our 90-minute special, which premieres Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015 at 11:30 p.m. ET, 10:30 p.m. CT, and 8:30 p.m. PT on NBCSN after NASCAR.

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And Then There Were Two | Road to the Unthinkable

We’re pumped about our next special on NBCSN, coming this Saturday! Action sports legends Tony Hawk, Carey Hart, Mike Metzger, and Brian Deegan join Nitro Circus stars Travis Pastrana, Blake “Bilko” Williams, Adam Jones, and more to tell the story of the evolution of the FMX backflip. Tune in Saturday, Sept. 12, for Road to the Unthinkable: The Quest for the First Motorcycle Triple Backflip, right after NASCAR.

Just over a decade ago, the backflip changed FMX forever, as we talked about before. It’s a relatively recent trick that fans and athletes alike have already started to take for granted. But that single backflip, which we now see (and do) almost every day, was a game-changer. Almost immediately, the trick started quickly evolving, and athletes like Travis Pastrana began to look down the road, with an eye toward the next big thing.

Of course, the double backflip was on everyone’s radar. Many thought it couldn’t be done, that it was a crazy-person’s fever dream at best, potentially deadly at worst. The idea that a double was impossible wasn’t coming from only out-of-the-loop skeptics, either. The single had proven too difficult for a lot of successful and up-and-coming FMX pros, to the point that many left the sport because they couldn’t or wouldn’t add the backflip to their bag of tricks. And it’s easy to forget with the way the sport has progressed, but the backflip is very dangerous — a point that can’t be stressed enough.

But despite the naysayers and despite the very real danger, a few of those pioneering FMX athletes started training for the double anyway, practicing on BMX bikes, mountain bikes, and pit bikes into foam pits. They worked tirelessly and with a single-minded dedication. They knew it could be done, it would be done — it was just a matter of when. And who.

Pastrana and many others worked on the double backflip for four years, taking over 10,000 practice jumps, he estimates. For a trick like the double, a trick declared impossible by so many people, that is the type of dedication it takes. It paid off. In 2006, Pastrana landed the first-ever double backflip in competition at the X Games, earning him a gold medal and a spot in the history books.

To this day you can count the number of riders who have landed a double backflip on one hand, and there are obviously even fewer riders consistently performing them in competitions and shows. But if you think that means the backflip stopped at two, well, you don’t know Nitro very well.

For more on the evolution of the backflip, watch our upcoming special on NBCSN! The 90-minute event premieres Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015 at 11:30 p.m. ET, 10:30 p.m. CT, and 8:30 p.m. PT on NBCSN after NASCAR.

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What’s in a Backflip? | Road to the Unthinkable

Just four days until our next special airs on NBCSN! Action sports legends Tony Hawk, Carey Hart, Mike Metzger and Brian Deegan join Nitro Circus stars Travis Pastrana, Blake “Bilko” Williams, Adam Jones and more to tell the story of the evolution of the FMX backflip. Tune in Saturday, Sept. 12, for Road to the Unthinkable: The Quest for the First Motorcycle Triple Backflip right after NASCAR.

Every major sport has at least one pivotal moment, whether it’s one play, one game, one season, one race, one record. For FMX, that moment was Carey Hart’s backflip at the 2000 Gravity Games. Prior to that, moto backflip attempts were seen as merely stunts and had never been a part of the freestyle competition arsenal. But Hart’s backflip changed FMX forever.

In a 2001 interview with Hart in which he tries to explain just how he managed the backflip, the NY Times described the difficulty level like this:

In a second, you’re now three stories in the air. … This is where [Hart’s] instructions become less meaningful. What he can tell you is that you pull the bike with your arms, which are almost straight. You don’t really use your legs. “It’s your upper body and your weight,” he says. Now you’re beginning to rotate backward, and the question arises: How do you know how much to rotate? You don’t. “It’s just a gut thing,” Hart says, “It’s just something you know.” It is one of those things in which thinking about it could be dangerous. … If you don’t ask yourself the question, you won’t give a wrong answer. “You can get hurt if you don’t commit,” Hart says. “You don’t think about it.”

It took two more years after Hart’s Gravity Games achievement for the backflip to fully break out, but that was two years of intense work by a dedicated group of FMX pioneers intent on bringing the sport to the next level. One of those pioneers, a fresh-faced Travis Pastrana, tried it during that time, missing the attempt and getting in trouble with his mom in the process:

But in 2002, Mike Metzger became the first athlete to land two single backflips back to back in competition, which earned him the gold medal in freestyle at Summer X Games Eight. Hart took silver with a backflip of his own. That year, Pastrana also landed one in competition. The line was drawn: FMX became two worlds — the world before the backflip and the world after.

From that point on, backflips became integral to an FMX career. The athletes that couldn’t or wouldn’t master them started fading away. It was a new era, an inverted era, and the pioneers quickly started adding combinations to their flips, elevating the sport even more. Most of you know how this story will turn out, and those who don’t can probably guess — the single backflip didn’t remain the king of FMX tricks for long.

The 90-minute special premieres Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015 at 11:30 p.m. ET, 10:30 p.m. CT, and 8:30 p.m. PT on NBCSN after NASCAR.

For fans outside of the U.S., check back for more sneak previews here. And, click here to sign up for our newsletter and find out as soon as ‘Road to the Unthinkable’ is available in your country.

Triple Trailer, BMX Record, and Snakes in a Beard | WildWeek

Another awesome week down! Preparation for our upcoming tour of the U.S. and Canada is going well, and we of course also have our sights set on Europe in a few short months. Make sure you come out and see us, because it’s going to be a ton of fun. You know what else is coming up? Our next NBCSN TV special! (But more on that in a second.) Before any of that happens, though, you should really take a look at what we got up to this week:

Travis Pastrana's quest for the World First FMX triple backflip

Get Pumped With This Trailer for the FMX Triple Backflip TV Special
The motorcycle backflip is relatively young. You know the names: Carey Hart, Travis Pastrana, Josh Sheehan. And you know how far the “impossible” FMX trick has come. Now see the full story in Road to the Unthinkable, on NBCSN, Saturday, Sept. 12!  (Watch the preview here)

Andy Buckworth with the World First BMX superman double frontflip

Andy Buckworth’s World First Superman Double Frontflip
In 2011, Andy Buckworth took an extraordinarily difficult trick — the BMX double frontflip — and made it even more difficult. Check out the video and hear from the man himself about what went into the World First superman double frontflip. (Check it out here)

Coby Toland and Travis Pastrana play with snakes

In this week’s episode, Coby Toland gets to know Australia, including its ramps, foam pits, and snakes. He and Travis Pastrana get up close and personal with a couple of these little guys, one of which lets Coby know exactly how it feels about him.  (Watch it here)

Ethen Roberts rides the wakeboard

Watch Tommy & Crum: WAKE UP
In this week’s episode, Ethen Roberts demonstrates in no uncertain terms that he has some serious skills not only on land and in the air but also on the water. Meanwhile, Tommy demonstrates how serious he is about hanging out and drinking a beer. (Watch it here)

Steve Mini turndown Tuesday

Watch the Clip of the Week: WHIP IT GOOD
Here’s one way to check your blind spot. Steve Mini posted this little clip for Turndown Tuesday, and we could watch it on a loop. (OK, we admit it, we have been.) This is a serious whip, and bonus points for the audio. Braaaap! (Watch it here)

We’re headed to the U.S. and Canada this fall, and then we’re making our way back to Europe. Download the Nitro Circus app to get access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes coverage of our live shows. Keep up with all of our recent adventures in our previous WildWeek, and come back next Friday for more!

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Buckworth’s Superman Double Frontflip | Nitro World Firsts

It should be tough to stand out on the Nitro Circus roster of BMX athletes, but somehow each of them manages to bring something different and special to the show, making our tours that much more exciting. You just never know when one of them is going to throw down an insane World First, and Andy Buckworth is no exception.

Andy Buckworth with the superman double frontflip

In 2010, the Australian big air pro made a name for himself when he became the second rider in BMX history to land a double frontflip. A single frontflip is difficult enough, as it requires the strength and timing to throw yourself forward, momentum be damned as you work against the laws of physics, and you can’t spot your landing until the last second. Now do that times two. Still, less than a year later Buckworth decided the BMX double frontflip needed something more, and the result became another World First.

The idea for the superman double frontflip came pretty naturally, Buckworth says, as he was doing the superman frontflip regularly. After he started consistently landing double fronts, it was only a matter of combining the two. Easy for us to say.

As mentioned, a double frontflip on its own is hard enough. “Once you get your bike and body rotating at that speed, the margin for error is very slim,” Buckworth says. “If you open up too soon you’ll under rotate; if you open up too late you’ll flip over the handlebars.” When you add the superman, things get even more complicated, as timing becomes, well, super critical. If you leave your seat at the wrong time, your rotation could stop. In other words, he says, “Unlike Superman, you’ll fall right out of the sky.”

Having already perfected the two tricks, he practiced combining them until he dialed it in, and he stuck the World First on his second attempt, in February 2011, less than a year after landing his first double frontflip. Here it is:

Buckworth says that World Firsts for him are just spur of the moment ideas or happy accidents while he’s training in the foam pit. So for the inside scoop, be sure to keep up with him on Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t miss your chance to see the Nitro Circus Crew live this fall in the U.S. and Canada. And we’re headed to Europe soon too! Click those links for details, and if you like World Firsts, make sure to watch our upcoming TV special telling the story behind the First Motorcycle Triple Backflip!

Backflip History and Riding Shotgun with Travis | WildWeek

It’s getting even more exciting around here. We’re now counting down to the second leg of our North American tour in weeks, not months, so we hope that 20-plus cities across the U.S. and Canada are ready for us! We’re also pumped about our next TV special in a couple weeks and our European tour in a few months. But none of that anticipation got in the way of us having a blast this week. Need proof? Check out these things:

Jolene Van Vugt was the first woman to ever backflip a full-size dirtbike in 2005

See How Jolene Van Vugt Made Backflip History
Jolene Van Vugt has clearly made her mark on the world of FMX as one of the most decorated members of the Nitro Circus Crew. So let’s travel back in time to 2005 and revisit the World First that became the foundation of her legacy. (Check it out here)

Coby Toland takes a long crazy trip

Between tours, Coby Toland forgot what a long journey was like, but it’s all worth it when he surprises a sleeping Crum in Australia. Of course, in the end Coby is the one who gets the real surprise. (Watch it here)

Dusty Wygle feeds monkeys in China

Watch Tommy & Crum: MONKEYING AROUND
In this week’s episode, the Crew are in China, where they’ve decided a good way to spend their free time would be feeding bananas to monkeys. Leave it to us to hang out all day with primates and still come off looking like the wildest animals.  (Watch it here)

Travis Pastrana hits a few ramps on a Polaris

See What It’s Like to Ride Shotgun in an ATV with Travis
Travis Pastrana recently took some friends and family on a little sightseeing tour around Pastranaland. Would you believe that it was a leisurely, relaxing journey through the peaceful woods, nothing but the sound of birds and the wind in the trees? Didn’t think so. (Watch it here)

When off-roading goes wrong during Nitro Circus' Crazy Train

Watch Crum Go Head Over Heels for Crazy Train
We’re more excited than ever about Crazy Train, our upcoming NBC Sports series. In this sneak peek, Crum proves (again) why off-road vehicles need roll cages after a seemingly innocuous bump teaches him a lesson. (Watch it here)

We’re headed to the U.S. and Canada this fall, and then we’re making our way back to Europe. Download the Nitro Circus app to get access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes coverage of our live shows. Keep up with all of our recent adventures in our previous WildWeek, and come back next Friday for more!

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The First Woman to Backflip a Motorcycle | Nitro World Firsts

We’re so used to seeing dirtbike backflips (with the occasional double and, now, a triple) that we forget it was barely a decade ago that FMX riders were just starting to stick them regularly. The trick, once thought impossible, started to became a staple in FMX arsenals everywhere in the early 2000s, and now it’s all but taken for granted. But while it was all still new back in 2005, Jolene Van Vugt, with some encouragement from Travis Pastrana, decided it was her turn.

Nitro Circus Moto Mayhem - Madrid 2015

The Canadian motocross veteran started riding at age 11 and began racing at age 14. She channeled those years of experience into FMX and started landing World Firsts soon after. Among her many records, becoming the first woman to backflip a full-sized dirtbike certainly stands out.

Practice for this World First started on a 110 mini bike into a foam pit, which in itself isn’t easy, Jolene said. Any motorcycle backflip is dangerous for obvious reasons, and the commitment required to bring it around is the true test. “When you’re first learning them, you never think it’s coming all the way around,” she says, adding that she took some serious lumps during practice.

The New York Times broke it down like this in an interview with Carey Hart back in 2001: “The trick involves flying high off a ramp so steep that it is almost vertical, flipping the bike back over your head and body and then bringing it all the way around and down, wheels first, to the ground.”

Nitro Circus Moto Mayhem - Vienna 2015

She eventually took the mini bike to dirt, and once she dialed that in, it was time to practice with the full-sized dirtbike.

From there, it all came together pretty quickly. She did a day and a half with the full-size bike into the foam pit and then moved to dirt, where she made history. And for anyone who knows her, it was no surprise at all. She says it best: “I don’t give up easy, and when I set my mind to something, look out!”

Here’s footage of her landing her first ramp-to-ramp backflip in a Nitro Circus show:

She was disappointed that she didn’t ride away on the first try, which is a testament to the high bar she sets for herself. But she got back on the bike and went for it until she did land it, which also says a lot. Pushing it to the limit, she says, is what she’s all about: “It’s who I am and what I love to do.”

You can see Jolene perform live on tour in the U.S. and Canada this fall and in Europe after the new year. If you enjoy getting into the nitty gritty of how a trick works (like we do), you should check out the rest of that interview with Carey Hart.

3 Broken Records, Final Road Report, and The Condor Speaks | WildWeek

Another week down, another bunch of awesome stuff to sort through and share! Our next tour is so close we can taste it, so you better get ready North America. We’re coming for you! We’ve also got a new TV special coming up and a European tour kicking off in a few short months. But all that’s the future. Right now, let’s dwell on the coolest things that happened in the recent past!

Ryan Williams breaking records to the power of three

Dive Deep Into the Details of R-Willy Hitting 3 World Firsts in One Night
Ryan Williams is the most decorated Nitro athlete in terms of number of World Firsts. He lands something new every tour, sometimes twice in one show. But in a single night in 2013, he landed not one, not two, but three World Firsts. (Check it out here)

Ben Edwards on tour with Nitro Circus

Nitro Tour Reporter Has a Bittersweet Farewell
In the final entry of his road report, Ben meets a legend in Tulsa, has one last go-kart hurrah with the Crew in Dallas, and enlists Travis Pastrana to help make a special gift for the family of a very dear friend. (Check it out here)

Coby Toland interviews Mat Hoffman

BMX legend Mat “The Condor” Hoffman stopped by to help Coby Toland kick off the new season, and he stuck around to experience his first Nitro show. Find out what it takes to blow an action sports icon’s mind. (Watch it here)

Jolene Van Vugt, Streetbike Tommy, Dusty Wygle get weird massages in Russia

Watch Tommy & Crum: BUSHWHACKED
In this week’s episode, Jolene Van Vugt, Dusty Wygle, and Tommy experience a very specific type of massage that includes being slapped with branches, donning interesting headwear, and plunging into a cold Russian lake in the middle of the night. Relaxing! (Watch it here)

Win a VIP trip to see Nitro Circus in Las Vegas

Enter to Win a VIP Trip to Nitro Circus in Las Vegas
It’s not too late to win a trip to see us live in Las Vegas! The prize package includes hanging with Nitro athletes, two VIP show tickets, a Sony ActionCam, roundtrip airfare, and two nights in a hotel. Come hang with us! (More info here)

We’re headed to the U.S. and Canada this fall, and then we’re making our way back to Europe. Download the Nitro Circus app to get access to exclusive, behind the scenes coverage of our live shows. Keep up with all of our recent adventures in our previous WildWeek, and come back next Friday for more!

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That Time R-Willy Landed Three World Firsts in One Night | Nitro World Firsts

At Nitro Circus, we do what we do for many reasons, whether it’s FMX, BMX, skate, crazy contraptions, or whatever. We have a great time, yes, but there’s more to it. We do what we do because it gives us a platform to push ourselves to places that no one has ever gone — and beyond. We call them World Firsts, tricks that no one has ever landed and, in some cases, that no one thought were possible.

Not many people on this planet can say they’ve accomplished something so difficult, so technical, so rare that no one else has ever done it. Breaking records and making history in the world of action sports is no accident; it takes months, sometimes years, of practice. And that’s just the beginning. In most cases it takes multiple attempts before you can ride away. The commitment is intense, both in terms of the dedication and the level of danger if you aren’t prepared to take it to the limit.

One Nitro athlete has amassed so many World Firsts in multiple disciplines that we expect him to hit one every night. But Ryan Williams really set the bar high for himself back in 2013 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, when he stomped three scooter World Firsts in a single show. It was all part of the plan.

Ryan Williams drops in for three world firsts in one show!

He started out with a ruler frontflip, a trick inspired by spending so much time with the FMX guys, watching them do ruler backflips, R-Willy says. Amazingly, he landed it on his first try in a show, though he’d spent some time practicing in a foam pit. The most difficult part, he says, is keeping the deck from whipping, which obviously didn’t give him too much of a challenge that night.

His second World First of the night was a cashroll tailwhip rewind, which consists of adding a tailwhip rewind — whipping the deck around and then reversing it back — while spinning through the standard full-twisting backflip that is a cashroll. R-Willy admits, “The hardest thing about this trick is the amount of things happening at once.” Give that kid a gold star in multitasking, as he also landed this trick in his first try on tour after a lot of cashroll practice leading up to the show.

The third World First he hit in Saint Petersburg was the hardest for him — it took him two full tries to land it. The double frontflip tailwhip, he says, is difficult and dangerous because of the precision you need to catch that tailwhip coming around — and you don’t want to miss it, that’s for sure. He calls this trick a natural next step after doing so many double frontflip no-handers, in the same way a normal person might try something new at their favorite restaurant or upgrade their cellphone data plan.

Ryan Williams hit three world firsts in one show!

Watch all three World Firsts here:

And those three are only a quarter of the World Firsts R-Willy has landed with Nitro, so stay tuned for recaps on those, plus all of his future plans, which include adding another frontflip to make it a double frontflip ruler and maxing out on variations for the cashroll — you can hit him up on Facebook or Instagram to let him know what you’d like him to try to add to the cashroll. He’s also been chasing an elusive double frontflip tailwhip to no-hander that he hopes to land soon. Oh, and: “My friend Jamie Hull just did a double backflip double tailwhip, so maybe I’ll back him up and do a double frontflip double tailwhip,” he says. Sure, R-Willy, no problem.

If world firsts get you going, you definitely need to come check us out live — you never know when a history-making moment will happen! And you’re in luck, because we’re coming back to North America this fall with 20-plus shows in cities all of over the U.S. and Canada. Get your tickets before they sell out!

Finishing Strong | On Tour With Nitro – Part 6

By: Ben Edwards

Nitro Circus Live is returning to North America in the fall. We kicked off the first leg of this tour in May, hitting nine U.S. states in a single month, and we brought one lucky contest winner along for the ride. This is Part 6 of the adventures of Ben Edwards, who won the contest and then spent the entire tour proving again and again that he deserved it. Links to the first five installments are available below. And, don’t forget, tickets are already on sale now for shows in more than 20 U.S. and Canadian cities this fall.

Tulsa and Dallas were the last shows on the tour, and they did not disappoint. In Oklahoma, I got to catch a glimpse of one of the biggest legends, Ronnie Mac! He stole the show in his hometown and proved that Uncle Ronnie can show the young guns how it’s really done. I tried to catch him during and after the show, but as quickly as he came, he left. Riding into the sunset. This sounds fake, but it’s a true story. He was one of the coolest parts of the Tulsa show.

Ronnie Mac performing with Nitro Circus in Tulsa, Oklahoma

On top of that, during practice I was the only one to catch Beaver Fleming’s newest trick on video! The Swift Roll! Beaver is in love with Taylor Swift, so what better way to get her to a show than naming a trick after her? That last weekend I sat down with Beaver and Travis to edit the footage so we could get it on social media as soon as possible. As far as I know, Taylor is totally thinking about it…

Still feeling as though I was in a dream after seeing Ronnie Mac, I woke up in Dallas! This was the last stop of the tour, but like everyone else I didn’t want it to end. The show ended up being delayed, so we had two extra days in Dallas. During that time we had a skate park, go-kart track, and indoor skydive place all close early for us so we could have some fun. Everyone on this tour is always ready for some friendly competition, especially Travis. He always jokes: “Winners win, and losers lose.” This usually comes along with some sort of bet where whoever is on the losing end has to do something funny and embarrassing. Luckily, I ended up on the winning sides and didn’t have to do anything I’d regret.

The last show was a sketchy one. The ramps had barely dried from the rain, and there was only a small window before it was supposed to come down again. On top of that, the wind was terrible.

Photos by FC Dallas Photography

In the video below, you can tell the weather wasn’t cooperating, and you’ll have to take my word that conditions were dangerous. The crowd had no idea, but every rider was a bit on edge. Still, they will always do whatever possible to make sure that the show goes on, and they threw down that day! Finishing off the tour with their traditional shirtless last jump. I was on the lander and decided to join in the festivities.

Shirtless and exhausted, my last show was done, but that wasn’t the end of my adventure.

This leg of the tour over, we were all headed to the Dallas airport to fly home. Packing up and saying our goodbyes wasn’t easy. As for me, there was one last job I had to do. I had express-ordered a jersey from Alpine Stars for Travis Pastrana to sign. The entire trip I hadn’t asked for anything as far as autographs, but this was something I had to do for someone else: the Bringas family.

So I approached Travis and asked him. In addition to making it out to them and writing his classic 199, he wrote “Ride On,” and the significance of that he would soon find out. When everyone was ready to get on the bus I called our travel coordinator and had her cancel my flight. Most people would call me crazy, but I was taking a chance and heading northeast back to New York for another action adventure. I shook hands and hugged all my new friends before giving Travis a letter. He asked what it was, and I told him it was from me and to read it later. These were my last words to the captain of the Nitro Circus crew.

Travis Pastrana signed jersey

The letter told the story of my best friend Brandon Bringas. Brandon was like the guys on tour: full of life, fun, and adrenaline. He would light up the room whenever he walked in. Of all my friends, he was also the most into action sports. He rode FMX and introduced me to skateboarding and the action sports world. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. When I was 16 I got the message that Brandon had had an FMX accident. Coming down off a jump, he took a bad fall and ended up in the hospital. He would later pass due to his injuries. This event in my life has pushed me to take nothing for granted and to do anything and be everything I have ever wanted. To pursue action sports and travel the world like Brandon would want. He was part of what led me to Nitro Circus, and Travis Pastrana was one of his heroes. Last time I was there, Brandon’s old bedroom still had posters of Travis from the X Games.

But winning this contest, meeting Travis and the crew, I feel that I have fulfilled everything I could have done for him: I became friends with one of his heroes and experienced the biggest action sports event known to man. In the end of all this, it meant more to me than anyone could have imagined. I was able to fulfill not only my dream but one of my best friend’s dreams as well. It was one of the most educational and most adventurous things I’ve been able to do, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Everything this group of individuals taught me will stay with me forever. From the big lessons to the small. Nitro Circus made an impact on me, and I even think in some small way I may have made an impact on some of them. I couldn’t be more thankful for the hospitality of the Nitro Circus, and until the day I die I will always be a fan.

The only other thing I’d tell someone about this adventure: No matter who you are or where you come from, if you have a dream or a goal, or there is something you want to do, go for it. Because that’s what these guys do! That greatness isn’t just for the rich or famous; it’s for those willing to go the distance to make it happen. This group of people inspires me to keep living a life of fun, action, and adventure. Thank you again Nitro Circus. I hope to see you again on the road.

Ben Edwards and the Nitro Circus Crew

Learn how Ben landed this dream job in Part 1. Go behind the scenes of his first-ever show in Part 2. Find out what a wake-up call from Travis Pastrana looks like in Part 3. Hit the streets of Nashville with Streetbike Tommy in Part 4. And see what Streetbike Tommy is like at a bacon festival in Part 5.

Bacon Times Infinity, Win a Nitro VIP Trip, and Grinding Wheelz | WildWeek

There is a bit of a calm before the storm that is going to be our upcoming North American tour, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a tough time deciding what to choose as the five best things that happened this week! Speaking of best things, mark your calendars for Sept. 12, when our next TV special airs! And then check out all this awesomeness:

On tour with Nitro Circus

Nitro Tour Reporter Hits the Bacon Fest and Witnesses a World First
In Part 5 of his road report, Ben Edwards and Streetbike Tommy hit a bacon festival for bacon-wrapped things, bacon-stuffed things, and bacon drinks. Then, in Missouri, Ben’s best friend is on hand to witness Ryan Williams stick a world first! (Check it out here)

Win tickets to Nitro Circus

Win a VIP Trip to Nitro Circus Live in Las Vegas!
Got an #EpicMoment to share? You could win a trip to see us live in Las Vegas! The prize package includes hanging with Nitro athletes, two VIP show tickets, a Sony ActionCam, roundtrip airfare, and two nights in a hotel. Come hang with us! (More info here)

Coby Toland says goodbye in New Zealand

At his final New Zealand show, Coby Toland gets sentimental, and he and the Crew must party very hard to mask their sadness over the end of this leg of the tour. But not before putting on one more giant show for the Kiwi crowd. (Watch it here)

Nitro Circus injuries

See the Bloody Aftermath of Some Gnarly Nitro Wipeouts
Everyone loves a good wipeout, but the part you don’t always see is the consequences of a stack. Not every spill results in a trip to the hospital, but the Crew’s lumps can be almost as legendary as the tricks they stick. Click at your own risk. (Watch it here)

Wheelz grinds it out

Watch a Slow-Mo Video of Grinding Wheelz
Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, pioneer of WCMX, is all about pushing himself. In this great little clip, he shows how his job can be a grind — in extreme slow motion for you detail junkies out there. (Watch it here)

We’re headed to the U.S. and Canada this fall, and then we’re making our way back to Europe. Click here to find out when we’ll be in a city near you! Keep up with all of our recent adventures in our previous WildWeek, and come back next Friday for more!

CrossFit Rookies & Bacon Lovers | On Tour With Nitro – Part 5

By: Ben Edwards

Nitro Circus is bringing its live show back to North America this fall, after an awesome first leg earlier this year. We brought along one lucky contest-winner to document those days, and this is Part 5 of his road report. If it sounds like fun (and it definitely is), tickets are on sale now for upcoming shows in more than 20 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

It had been a long tour so far, but we finally got to take a break when we made it to Pittsburgh. Or so I thought. On our way to the hotel, Special Greg told me we would be doing CrossFit as soon as we got there. Special is a CrossFit machine. The guy could bend a nine iron in half like Happy Gilmore’s old construction-worker boss — the guy who tells Shooter McGavin, “And YOU can count … on me waiting for you in the parking lot.” Classic. But Special has a heart of gold. It was my first experience with CrossFit, and I will never forget it. Fast interval training with very few breaks. Lifting, pulling, running, rowing, all of the above. I like to think I’m in great shape, but I quickly found myself falling behind. These athletes work hard to be able to do what they do!

No footage can be found of my CrossFit experience, but to give you an idea of what it was like, here’s what they put Red Beard through:

We also had a solid group at my session, in addition to Greg, including Brody Wilson, Matt Whyatt, Cam Coghlan, Streetbike Tommy, and Josh Sheehan. When you’re doing CrossFit with the only guy who’s landed a triple backflip on a dirtbike, you try your hardest to be able to hang. When it finally ended, everyone congratulated each other on a gnarly workout.

But all those calories burned would be quickly replaced, because Tommy and I spent the next four hours at the Pittsburgh bacon festival.

Bacon dogs, bacon burgers, bacon shrimp, bacon jerky, bacon bites, and even bacon cocktails! I haven’t eaten bacon since.

The bacon drink

In addition to enjoying the local festivities, some of us just wanted to relax, so most of the Crew went out to see the new Mad Max movie. Partly because some of the athletes’ friends are extras in it, and partly because the movie is just badass.

And, of course, the next day came with another show.

Jolene Van Vugt, wheels up in Pittsburgh

By the end of our stretch up the East Coast, I felt like I was finally beginning to settle in. The next two stops were in Missouri, which I was excited about for a couple reasons. For one, I love St. Louis’ Gateway Arch, and two, my best friend Jake Grom was coming to the Kansas City show. This was a great opportunity to show someone from the outside what it’s like to tour with Nitro Circus.

But first, St. Louis. By now I was more involved than ever. Every day I felt more and more like I was just one of the guys. Beaver Fleming, Wake Schepman, and myself went and checked out the Arch (I got a great shot of Beaver you can see below), and then the rest of the day I hung out with Kurtis Downs, Gavin Godfrey, Steve Mini, and Brandon Schmidt.

Beaver Fleming at the St. Louis Gateway Arch

At the next show I got to sit in the best seat in the house: Crum’s lounge chair. But, as you probably know, this is not a normal chair you relax in. Crum himself actually drops in on the Giganta ramp in this thing, soaring 50 feet through the air! As terrifying as it was, while the FMX athletes were going off, Crum sat me in the chair about four stories off the ground and let me see what it looks like from his perspective right before he drops in. So I didn’t actually go down the ramp; Ethen Roberts had to help me back up. In my head I thought of how fun it must be, but when you’re staring at four stories of ramp and a kicker, sitting in a modified recliner, you begin to think twice.

Crum in his high-flying recliner in St. Louis

The next show was Kansas City, where I got to meet up with Jake. He was on a road trip from California to Chicago, and I figured what better pit stop than the Nitro Circus! That night I got to show my best friend what I had worked so hard for, and he couldn’t have been more proud. Standing in the tunnel to see me on the lander with all the athletes, seeing all the fun I was having (and personally witnessing Ryan Williams land the world first scooter 1080 frontflip). It’s even more than he or I could have ever imagined.

Learn how Ben landed this dream job in Part 1. Go behind the scenes of his first-ever show in Part 2. Find out what a wake-up call from Travis Pastrana looks like in Part 3. And hit the streets of Nashville with Streetbike Tommy in Part 4. Watch for the final entry next week!

Win VIP Tickets & Trip to Nitro Circus in Las Vegas

We’ve traveled all around North America, Europe, the Pacific and more, but we have to say that there’s really nothing like performing a sold-out show in the famous MGM Grand in Las Vegas. This fall, we’re so excited to be coming back to the world’s biggest adult playground, and this time, you could win a VIP trip to come with us.

Win a VIP Trip & Experience to Nitro Circus Live in Las Vegas

Thanks to our friends at Nexen Tire USA, you can win a VIP Trip & Experience for you and a guest to our Nitro Circus Live show in Las Vegas on Saturday, November 21, which includes spending the day with Nitro athletes, 2 VIP tickets to the show, your own Sony ActionCam, 2 roundtrip airline tickets (within the U.S. only), 2-night hotel stay for 2, and $500 spending money.


To win, you have until September 21 to go here and share your ‪#‎EpicMoment‬ with us. Voting will open on September 22, and you’ll win if your epic moment gets the most votes by November 2. Enter now and check out the full contest rules here.

Life’s a Beach, Gloves Are Off, and Mini Flip | WildWeek

Well, August is here, which means we’re going all out to have some fun before we hit the road for the second leg of our North America tour this fall (which just means even more fun). Man, we’ve got all sorts of exciting announcements coming up that we wish we could share now. But first, you definitely won’t want to miss our next TV special, Sept. 12 on NBCSN. And, even before that — right now, in fact — check out our picks for the five coolest things from this past week!

Tommy Plays Nashville

Nitro Tour Reporter Hits the Road and Tommy Plays Nashville
Ben Edwards was with us on the first leg of our U.S. tour this year, and in Part 4 of his road report, he’s in the thick of it with tons of action, including a street performance with Streetbike Tommy(Check it out here)

A day at a BADASS beach

In this week’s AmBADASSador, the Crew takes a much-needed break at a secluded private beach accessible only by climbing down a rope. Too bad someone forgot to put as much thought into where to park. (Watch it here)

Streetbike Tommy boxes Erik Roner

This week, Tommy, Crum, Jolene, and Roner engage in aerial combat via hydro flyboard. But the gloves inevitably come off and a game of chicken leads to a dolphin-style celebration for this bunch of animals. (Watch it here)

Brandon Schmidt mini flip ramp snap

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Watch Schmidt Versus the Mini Flip
Brandon Schmidt, our resident snowboarder, can also handle himself on a BMX, as evidenced by this clip in which a snapped ramp barely keeps him from pulling a backflip around. (Don’t worry; he gets his revenge.) (Watch it here)

Jed Mildon and the BMX quad flip

Read Jed Mildon’s Personal Account of Landing the BMX Quad Flip
Jed Mildon made history with the world first BMX quad backflip, and it’s been covered by many media outlets over the last few weeks. Now hear from Jed himself in this first-person account of how it all went down, starting from his humble beginnings in BMX. (Read it here)

We’re headed to the U.S. and Canada this fall, and then we’re making our way back to Europe. Click here to find out when we’ll be in a city near you! Keep up with all of our recent adventures in our previous WildWeek, and come back next Friday for more!

Music City Mayhem | On Tour With Nitro – Part 4

By: Ben Edwards

This year, Nitro Circus Live is making its return to North America. We kicked off the first leg of this tour back in May, hitting nine U.S. states in a single month, and we brought one lucky contest winner along for the ride. This is Part 4 of the adventures of our contest-winning tour reporter, Ben Edwards. And, don’t forget, tickets are already on sale now for when we come back to more than 20 U.S. and Canadian cities this fall.

The next part of my adventure started at a Cracker Barrel of all places, when I went out to breakfast with the TV crew, Streetbike Tommy, and Jolene Van Vugt. If you’ve ever taken a road trip in the U.S., then you’re already familiar with the place. It’s perhaps most famous for having a gift shop at the entrance of every restaurant.

After we ate, we headed back to our 12-seater van. As Tommy came up behind us, we noticed he had a weird grin on his face. He also had something interesting in his hand: a violin. The guy bought a miniature violin at Cracker Barrel, and as he approached he started playing “When the Saints Go Marching In.” The biggest surprise? He was really good! Seriously! We couldn’t believe it — there was no way! And we were right. The violin was a toy, and when you placed the bow on the strings it automatically played one of three songs. It came in handy the next day when we were on the main strip of Nashville.

We drove out of downtown Nashville and ended up on a beautiful farm. It was massive and home to a couple of the biggest country stars of this generation, Florida Georgia Line! We were greeted by Tyler Hubbard, who welcomed us with open arms.

Tyler Hubbard in Nashville

To top it off, we were there for something insane! However, you’ll have to tune in to NBC Sports in October to find out what it was. We spent the next two days on that farm, lying around under the Southern sun. Dogs, dirtbikes, ice cold b … beverages. I was literally living my dream.

And then our last day in town came, and we performed for a packed arena in Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena.

Travis Pastrana in Nashville

Next we headed north along the East Coast and found ourselves in Newark, New Jersey, and Uniondale, New York, for back-to-back shows. Life on the road can be tough work. Although we are living the dream, we still have a job to do. The Newark show was awesome!

Jolene Van Vugt in Newark

New Jersey is the home state of pro snowboarder Brandon Schmidt. One of the youngest riders on tour, he definitely has one of the biggest hearts in the Nitro Circus Crew. And he never sits down! He is always on his feet at the bottom of both landing ramps cheering on the rest of the athletes. This day was his day, though. He told me backstage before the show he was going to try “two tricks, six flips” — back-to-back triple flips. He was fired up.

Brandon Schmidt in Newark

He didn’t land the two triple flips, but he did what he wanted to do — threw them in front of his home crowd in New Jersey. Thirty or so of his friends and family stayed after the show to get photos and hang out. Brandon’s family told me an interesting story: They all knew me from the DreamJobbing contest and had voted for me. They told me that Brandon shared my video and had also voted for me. I had no idea and felt so honored. If there was anything that made me feel like I was part of this team, that was definitely it. But I couldn’t stay on cloud nine for too long. Before I knew it, we were at our next stop: Uniondale. Another city, another amazing show.

Nitro Circus in New York

That day I also finally met the man who took me through the hiring process and set me up with everything before the tour. Cody Cheshier! An awesome member of the digital team at Nitro, he gave me some valuable feedback to push along my social media pieces. All in all, through the balance of fun and work I was so lucky to have guys like the TV crew, Red Beard, and Cody. Without them I don’t know if I would have been able to pull it off. The fans should know that there is a group of people that work so hard behind the scenes to make Nitro Circus what it is. Always working, always moving. The show would not be possible without them.

Learn how Ben landed this dream job in Part 1. Go behind the scenes of his first-ever show in Part 2. And find out what a wake-up call from Travis Pastrana looks like in Part 3. And look for Part 5 next week!

Skydive’s the Limit, Cross Plus Fit, and Semi Fly | WildWeek

Wow, the summer really does fly by when you’re having so much fun! We’re soaking up all the summer sun we can while it’s here, but we’re pumped about coming back to the U.S. and Canada with more live shows this fall. In the meantime, we’re busy getting our next TV special ready to air on NBCSN on September 12 (yeah, after NASCAR!). Then, we also have some new digital series in the works for you all — more to come on that soon! — and, don’t forget, our picks for our top 5 favorites things from Nitro and the crew from this week:

On tour with Nitro Circus

Nitro Tour Reporter’s Surprise Initiation at 14,000 Feet
Ben Edwards was with us on the first leg of our U.S. tour this year, and in Part 3 of his road report we find out that your first morning on tour you might be dragged out of bed by Travis Pastrana and forced to jump out of a plane. (Check it out here)

Red Beard gets fit and cross

In this week’s AmBADASSador, Coby Toland joins some of the Crew for a CrossFit workout put on by Nitro’s athlete manager, Cam Coghlan, that tests Red Beard’s strength, stamina, and ability to coherently host his own webseries. (Watch it here)

Travis and Crum in Paris

This week, Travis Pastrana joins Crum in Paris, where what was supposed to be a simple radio appearance with Thomas Pagès turns into a fiasco involving protestors, rental bicycles, and Crum thinking it’s a good idea to push the hotel beds together.  (Watch it here)

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Watch the Crew Test Drive a New Ride (With Insane Hydraulics)
It takes a lot to ruffle a Nitro athlete’s feathers, but apparently one way to do it is to stick him in a car with serious hops and forget to have him buckle up. If only the interior of the car’s roof was a little more padded … (Watch it here)

Gregg Godfrey and the semi-truck jump

Watch Gregg Godfrey Jump a Semi Over 160 Feet
It really doesn’t matter why he did it, but it’s fun to imagine that Gregg Godfrey is a long-haul trucker who’s late to pick up his next load when you watch this video of him jumping a semi more than 160 feet (video captured by Clinton Moore).  (Watch it here)

By the way, after we finish up in the U.S. and Canada this fall, we’re making our way back to Europe, starting with Stockholm on Jan. 23, 2016. Click here to find out when we’ll be in a city near you! And, keep up with all of our adventures with our last WildWeek, and come back next Friday.

Learning the Ropes … at 14,000 Ft. | On Tour With Nitro – Part 3

By: Ben Edwards

This year, Nitro Circus Live is making its return to North America. We kicked off the first leg of this tour back in May, hitting nine U.S. states in a single month, and we brought one lucky contest winner along for the ride. This is Part 3 of the adventures of our contest-winning tour reporter, Ben Edwards. And, don’t forget, tickets are already on sale now for when we come back to more than 20 U.S. and Canadian cities this fall.

The morning after my first show, Travis Pastrana himself woke me up. From what I remember on such little sleep, he said something like, “Get up, we’re going skydiving.” (Whaaat?!) I stepped off the bus and we were at Skydive DeLand! I was so excited; I’ve never jumped before. I’ve bungeed and done some pretty crazy stuff, but this was still on my bucket list.

Walking into the building, we spotted a cafe. It was early and we had half the day before the show to get some jumps in. A bunch of people were getting breakfast at the bar. The only spot open for me was right next to Travis.

Travis Pastrana

He really is just a regular guy, so this should be no big deal.

So I sat down. As the group finished eating, people gradually left for other areas of the complex. Before long, it was just me and Travis. We ended up talking for a good 45 minutes about the adventures we’ve both had. It was an amazing conversation. Later, some of the TV crew told me that Travis must like me. “You guys talked each other’s ears off — for a guy he’s known less than 24 hours, that’s incredible.” I was so pumped on that, but I tried not to show it too much. Life was good, and, sure enough, it got better when they threw me out of a plane at 14,000 feet.

And, just like that, it was on to the next show.

Orlando was an awesome stadium. For those who haven’t seen a show, well, you’re missing out. You know it’s going to be explosions, adrenaline, and aerial maneuvers on dirtbikes, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, and so many other crazy contraptions. But the way these guys fly through the air is on another level when you see it in person, and there isn’t a bad seat in the stadium.

Nitro Circus FMX

Speaking of seats, where was I during the show? The best one in the house: on the lander! Cheering on my friends, I watched as they soared through the air. When they’d land I’d come barreling down the ramp, tackling them into the air bag. As I got more and more comfortable, I tested the waters by doing everything and going everywhere I could. I was riding trikes and bikes from one end of the arena to the other. On the roll-in, the knuckle, everywhere — I was literally in the show!

Ben Edwards and Ryan R-Willy Williams

Our next stop was the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, the biggest arena on this tour. I got up extremely early to watch them set up the Giganta ramp and landers. I was standing on the 50-yard line about 10 feet from the Falcons logo. I looked up and around, but all I could really do was smile. I worked so hard for this opportunity, and every hour I put into getting this job was more than worth it. Before I knew it, it was showtime, and it happened to be a holiday: Mother’s Day. In Nitro Circus-style, playing it by ear, halfway through the show Travis brought out his mom and thanked all the mothers in the crowd. Then all of the athletes went into the crowd to give out flowers.

One of the Crew had a particular reason to shine: Pro skateboarder Beaver Fleming had his mom in the crowd. That day Beaver seemed to try harder than ever to land a double backflip. As the tour went on, Beaver and I became really close. He is one of the most genuine and kind people on tour, and I’m truly blessed to have met him. The double backflip on a skateboard has still never been landed, but even though he couldn’t ride away that day, I know Beaver will land it soon! And when he does, I hope I’m there, catching some of the light coming off him.

Beaver Fleming

This is the Part 3 of a series following Ben’s adventures on tour with Nitro Circus. Learn more about how he landed his dream job in Part 1, and go behind-the-scenes of his first show in Part 2.

Best Dad Ever, On Tour With Nitro, and Behind the Backflips | WildWeek

We’re still reeling from the insanity of airing our first TV special on NBC, but if you thought we’d take this opportunity to slow down and take it easy, then you don’t know us very well. Things are just going to get crazier from here with another TV special airing in September and more live shows coming to the U.S. and Canada this fall — but we’ll never be too busy to share our favorite things with you. Check out the five things that happened this week that you shouldn’t miss:

On tour with Nitro Circus

Nitro Tour Reporter Takes You Behind-the-Scenes of His First Live Show
Going on tour with Nitro Circus Live is always such a blast for us that we wish we could let everyone come along with us for the ride. This year, though, we made room for one lucky contest winner on the tour bus, and he’s here to tell you all about it. (Check it out here)

The Ice Tow Fail

Watch Tommy & Crum: FALLING ON THEIR ICE
Summer heat got you sweating? You’ll be thankful after watching this. Crum, Erik Roner, Wake Schepman, and Chris Haffey met up with Cameron Naasz in Minnesota last winter to be dragged around through the snow and ice.  (Watch it out now)

Travis and his daughter ride a motorcycle

Watch Travis Pastrana’s 1-Year-Old Daughter Take Him for a Ride
At age 1, Addy Pastrana is already learning the ropes from her dad, as evidenced by this video of the first time anyone has ever heard Travis tell someone to slow down. We know what age kids learn to walk, but when do they normally start to backflip? (Watch it here)

Jed Mildon landed the BMX quadruple backflip

Sports Illustrated: The Toll of Landing the First-Ever Quad Flip on a BMX Bike
Now that you’ve seen the video, Sports Illustrated talks about the blood, sweat and tears that went into the historic BMX quadruple backflip. Learn more about what it takes to pull off a world first trick and make history. (Read it here)

Ethen Roberts and Gavin Godfrey can backflip anything

Ethen Roberts and Gavin Godfrey Talk About the Art of the Backflip
They say the average person spends half their life sleeping. Well, Ethen Roberts and Gavin Godfrey spend half their lives upside down. Take a look inside their lives in this write-up from Crave. (Read it here)

Still haven’t gotten enough about the quad? Check out this exclusive interview with Jed and James from BMX Transworld. Then, get caught up on all of our adventures with our last WildWeek, and come back next Friday.

Hitting the Road | On Tour With Nitro – Part 2

By: Ben Edwards

This year, Nitro Circus Live is making its return to North America. We kicked off the first leg of this tour back in May, hitting nine U.S. states in a single month, and we brought one lucky contest winner along for the ride. This is Part 2 of the adventures of our contest-winning tour reporter, Ben Edwards. Learn more about how he landed his dream job in Part 1. And, you can buy tickets now for shows coming this fall to more than 20 U.S. and Canadian cities.

So there I was. The official USA Nitro Circus Tour Reporter. Everything was happening so fast. I started imagining the experiences I might have and what I should do in specific situations. You have to understand: I won a contest. Yeah, of course everyone was going to be nice to me and welcome me to the Nitro family, but to me that wasn’t right. I wanted to earn their respect. These athletes have been doing this their entire lives — it wasn’t handed to them. My plan was simple: Be respectful, be open to anything, and show them I’m not just some guy who won a freebie, that I know my stuff, I’m a hard worker, and if they give me the chance, they won’t regret it.

Before I knew it I was in Jacksonville, Florida, at our first hotel. Walking in, I knew to be ready; things were about to get insane! I went up to my room and got my head in the game while I soaked it all in.

A few hours after I arrived, I was standing on my balcony (yes, my room had a balcony! I was living the dream, my friends) and a U-Haul pulled up. When the doors opened, I saw that it was some of the Nitro Crew. I could only make out Jolene Van Vugt and Matty Mac, but they were greeted by other very familiar faces from inside the hotel. This was the moment it started to set in. I knew I couldn’t stay in my room, but I also knew I didn’t want to just walk up to these people and say, “Hey, I’m Ben, the DreamJobber. We’re friends now.” Honestly, Nitro Circus is made up of the kindest, most welcoming people on the planet, but I didn’t want to do it that way. As I said before, I like to prove myself with actions.

Jumping the Nitro wagon

Or couldn’t you tell?

In the hotel lobby I ran into one of the many people who play major roles behind the scenes on the Nitro tour: Kelly McCormick. And, crazy enough, I already knew Kelly! I graduated high school with her younger brother and she was close with some of my other friends. It was insane that we were on tour together, and I was so thankful for her. She ended up inviting me for drinks in the lobby, which was crawling with Nitro athletes. Wheelz, Crum, Streetbike Tommy, R-Willy, you name it. Kelly introduced me to a few people. That night I went to bed a bit more comfortable and ready for whatever came next.

The next day I met my partner in crime: the AmBADASSador himself, Coby Toland (or, as we all knew him, “Red Beard”). He looks tough, but he’s a teddy bear … a teddy bear that could kill you, but a friend nonetheless. He introduced me to a few more athletes, and before we knew it we were at our first arena. We were in the underbelly of the Veterans Memorial Arena, which is the hallway system under stadiums that viewers never see. These are the tunnels where I’d spend most of my days on tour.

Nitro Circus backstage

The tunnel is always a complete circle that goes around the stadium and includes everything from dining halls to locker rooms. I got to watch the setup of the Giganta ramp, athletes building bikes, and crew, catering, and staff running around everywhere. It was like an ant colony (except some of the ants are five-time X Games gold medalists). As we headed to our spot, I got my first look at the legend, Travis Pastrana. Red Beard even made a quick intro. I played it cool, shook his hand, and was off before I knew it.

The main people I would be working with were the TV crew, people who do all the filming, including the segments for the new show on NBC. This crew is the real deal. They’ve been filming for Nitro since the beginning, and they were some of the people I wanted to impress the most. Why? Because as hard as the world-champion athletes work, these guys work just as hard in their fields. And sure enough I would learn more than I could have ever imagined from them. They told me to take in the first show, don’t do too much, just get acclimated.

Nitro Circus backstage

With that they threw me some Nitro gear, and I was off to explore. I met a ton of the athletes, and I shot more of the behind-the-scenes world. Many of these photographs are courtesy of the other photographers on tour, but I did get to shoot Travis doing an interview with CNBC. Later, CNBC asked for some of the shots so they could use them on their website. That definitely boosted my confidence!

Travis Pastrana on CNBC

Next, we had a first tour meeting, led by Cam Coghlan, Nitro’s athletes manager (who really watches over the Crew), to give out lanyards and passes for all access. Mine didn’t have a funny saying like the rest of the crew’s did, but hey, I’m the new guy, no big deal. Then the show started. It was insane and awesome! I thought: “And we’re getting paid for this? Talk about a dream!”

Watch R-Willy pull the world-first triple backflip on a scooter at the Jacksonville show!

At the end of the show, I was blown away! This was Day 1, and it was even more insane than I imagined. I stayed up late celebrating with the crew. Traveling with these guys is like touring with a band. In other words, it was a long night. When it was time to leave, they put me on one of 12 buses (there are also a few semis — this show doesn’t travel light). Each bus has two flat-screen TVs, two couches, a kitchen, a bathroom, and 12 bunks. Would you believe I slept in the bunk above Travis Pastrana?! Yea … remember, play it cool.

And, this is me, just playing it cool.

Four Backflips, ‘Crazy’ in Sweden, and Living the Dream | WildWeek

Well, how was your week? Ours was stacked! We’re gearing up for the second leg of our U.S. tour, which will be here before you know it, and in the meantime there’s just way too much going on. Luckily, we rounded up the five most important things that happened this week, just for you. Enjoy!

Jed Mildon lands the BMX quadruple backflip

Watch Jed Mildon Land the First-Ever BMX Quad Flip
Last Sunday, Nitro’s Jed Mildon made history as the first-ever BMX athlete to land a quadruple backflip, and if you didn’t watch it on NBC and haven’t seen the video, go do that now, complete with a bonus gallery of behind-the-scenes photos. (Watch it here)

Filming Crazy Train in Sweden with Erik Roner

See Photos From Behind the Scenes of Our New TV Show Crazy Train
Somewhere near the border between Sweden and Finland, Erik Roner and a small group of Nitro Crew found endless sun and all sorts of ways to get into trouble while filming stunts for our new TV show, and he has the photos to prove it. (Check it out now)

On tour with Nitro Circus

See What It’s Like Behind the Scenes on a Nitro Circus Tour
Our second DreamJobbing winner, Ben Edwards, had an awesome time as our tour reporter, so we asked him to write about it! In Part 1, find out how many cars he was willing to paint to land the gig. (Check it out here)

The attempt for the first-ever BMX quad backflip

Coby Toland may have won the golf game in the last episode, but will the Crew really let him get away with all the trash talk? Well, if we’re talking about Josh Sheehan, the nicest guy in FMX, the answer is: probably. (Watch it here)

Crum and Roner swim with crocodiles

Watch Tommy & Crum: CROCODILE TEARS
Crum and Roner go neck deep in a pond of crocodiles, which is as close as Crum has come to bathing in a while, so we’ll take it. Apologies to the crocs, but desperate times call for desperate measures. (Watch it here)

We’ll be back in the U.S. this fall! In the meantime, keep up with all our adventures with the previous WildWeek, and come back next Friday.

The Sun Never Sets | Filming ‘Crazy Train’ in Sweden

By: Erik Roner

After finishing up the Helsinki show, the Nitro crew jumped on the tour bus and headed north for Svanstein, a small ski resort on the border of Finland and Sweden. The thing about Northern Scandinavia this time of year is that the sun doesn’t set; it stays up 24 hours a day and just circles around you.

Nitro in Sweden - June 2015

So with endless daylight on our side, two quads, mountain bikes, two of the fastest jet skis I’ve ever ridden, a Razor, and an entire ski area, including an empty lodge, to ourselves, we set out to leave our mark on Svanstein.

Nitro in Sweden - June 2015


When we first showed up to the desolate lodge on a cold mountain in the middle of summer, it felt odd … and we made a lot of references to The Shining. But over the next two days we explored, rallied, jumped, and crashed the quads and Razor all over the Svanstein mountain. We raced the jet skis at over 90 mph across the local lake and even forged our way up raging rapids of one of the rivers emptying into the lake.


After two days of constant charging, we really saw the beauty and uniqueness of the area. It’s a magical place, and we were all grateful for the experience. But after zero sleep and nonstop action, everyone started getting a little delirious. The whole “sun never setting” thing can be tough to get used to, and with our crew, if the sun is up someone is ready to get out there and send it.


Make sure to check out everything that went down in Svanstein on our new TV show Crazy Train, coming to NBC Sports Network Oct. 15.

Erik Roner

Erik originally joined us for the Nitro Circus Live MTV show and travels around the world trying the most unthinkable stunts. He’s been published in over 30 magazines worldwide, starred in 10+ major ski films and participated in many shows on Discovery, National Geographic, NBC, Showtime, Fuel TV, and more. (Read more)

Matthew McFerran

Matty is currently one of Australia’s top Freestyle Motocross riders performing over 150 shows each year throughout Australia with the Showtime FMX freestyle team. He currently tours with Nitro Circus Live both as a performer and professional photographer. (See more)

Landing the Dream Job | On Tour With Nitro – Part 1

By: Ben Edwards

Wow, where do I start? Since my experience touring with Nitro Circus ended, so many people have asked, “What was your favorite part?” But that’s a tough one, because there’s just so much to say. I’m going to take my best shot, though, and give you all the details of my experiences and my thoughts as I toured across the good ol’ USA with the craziest people on the planet. (Come watch them live, you won’t regret it!)

Ben with Travis Pastrana

So we’ll start from the beginning. I’m from Chicago, 22, with an associate’s degree, in a time of my life where I feel I need to seize the chance to be everything I have ever wanted. So I started traveling and doing what I love: action sports. I was back and forth between jobs, trying to make enough to continue living my dream, when I happened on an amazing opportunity while browsing Facebook. Nitro Circus was looking for a tour reporter. A company called DreamJobbing was hosting the search. The show was headed to New Zealand, and all I had to do was make a one-minute video application.

As you can guess, I thought I was the perfect fit. Unfortunately, I found out about the contest when there was only six days left to enter! Hundreds of applications were already online, and there was some stiff competition. I put together the best video application I could in a short amount of time, one I was proud of. I was stoked when the video quickly moved through the ranks.

DreamJobbing App 1

My video went through multiple voting rounds, but in the final round, I lost. It sucked bad. There’s nothing like putting your heart and soul into something and having it not be enough. I was defeated but optimistic that something else was destined for me.

Then, it happened: A few months later Nitro and DreamJobbing launched another search for a tour reporter, this time for the first leg of Nitro’s USA 2015 tour. With that, a spark ignited. I told myself that this time I was going all out; I was going to win. Not cocky, just focused on putting everything I had into this. Of course I wanted to travel with the best athletes in the world and live a crazy life on tour, but it was more than that to me. I’m blessed to have the opportunities in life that I do — I’m healthy and I’m able. I should take advantage and truly go all out in everything that I do. Not just for myself but for family, friends, and anyone who needs inspiration to push forward.

Ben's Nitro Paint Job

I painted a freaking Volvo station wagon, for God’s sake. While I was working, I had a leak in my respirator and woke up the next morning throwing up bile. That’s how bad I wanted it.

I spent a month working on my application. I went from waking up on the bathroom floor, eating dried toast and sipping water, to getting up, putting my mask on, and walking right back into my garage. I was willing to give up my energy and health to make it happen. I was determined. After more than a month of work, I submitted my entry.

DreamJobbing App 2

The day they announced the winner of the contest, I was at my job, an Apple Store. I was checking computers all day, waiting to see the announcement on the DreamJobbing website. After five nervous hours, I saw “Winner chosen” pop up. I froze, grabbed the closest co-worker, and said, “Marisa! They chose a winner, but I’m too scared to look!” Everyone in the store knew about the contest and how much it meant to me. But I didn’t have to look, because at that moment, my phone started ringing. It was a California number, and I knew immediately it was Nitro Circus. I answered the phone, and three representatives from DreamJobbing and Nitro were on the line. They congratulated me on being the next Nitro Circus Tour Reporter! And everyone in the store went absolutely berserk! I was about to ride the biggest wave in my life.

This is the first part of a multi-part series following Ben’s adventures on tour with Nitro Circus. In the next installment, he’ll take you into the underbelly of an arena at his first-ever show!

The ‘Revolution’ Is Coming | WildWeek

What a week! We’re on a break from tour, and all eyes are on Revolution Day, the big event that you’ll be able to watch on NBC this Sunday, so here’s everything you need to get caught up before the show (plus a couple other cool things you might have missed):

The BMX quadruple backflip

Watch Travis Pastrana and Others Weigh in on the First-Ever BMX Quad Flip
Check out these interviews with Nitro insiders, including Travis Pastrana, as Jed Mildon and James Foster prepare to go head-to-head in a race to become the first to stick the BMX quad backflip. You can watch the attempt on NBC this Sunday! (Watch here)

Revolution Day Ramps

Watch This Feature on the Ramps Designed to Make Action Sports History
As James Foster and Jed Mildon prepare for the world-first quad backflip, we take a look at two supporting players in the story: the ramps. So much goes into these integral but unsung heroes. (Learn more here)

The attempt for the first-ever BMX quad backflip

Watch a Whole Bunch More ‘Revolution Day’ Videos
We can’t get enough of these behind-the-scenes Revolution Day videos. Here’s Ethen Roberts talking about the ramp. Here’s Bilko weighing in on the difficulty level. Here’s Foster on his realization that he could land it. And here’s Mildon on Foster’s injury.

Wheelz drops in

Watch Wheelz Attempt a Mega Ramp Drop-In
Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham is about as fearless as they come. But the drop-in on this mega ramp has him feeling a little sick. You can probably guess how this one ends, but we won’t spoil it for you. (Watch it here)

Josh Sheehan

Vote for Josh Sheehan as Best Male Action Sports Athlete in the ESPYs
Josh Sheehan is up for best male action sports athlete at this year’s ESPY Awards, and voting ends July 15! Tell your friends and help Sheeny take home a well-deserved trophy! (Vote now)

We’ll be back in the U.S. this fall! In the meantime, keep up with all our adventures with WildWeek, and come back next Friday.

What Is Possible? | Chase for the World-First BMX Quad Backflip

In just three days, you’ll get to watch James Foster and Jed Mildon go head-to-head to attempt a huge world first: the BMX quad backflip. You can watch it all unfold on NBC this Sunday, July 12. When you talk to people in the action sports community about Mildon and Foster and the quad, the reactions range widely, but everyone agrees on a couple things:

These guys are insane, the trick is near-impossible, and if anyone in the world can stick it, it’s definitely one of these two. Here’s Travis Pastrana:

Nitro Head Honcho Mike Porra, a man whose vision and confidence is much of the reason Nitro exists in its current form in the first place, wonders whether the trick is even possible:

Erik Roner knows what it takes to attempt the impossible, so his approach is more practical. Essentially, prepare to eat some dirt if you want to make history:

Will it be Mildon? Will it be Foster? Will it be both? Or is it impossible? There’s only one way to find out.

The 90-minute special premieres Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. ET, 3:30 p.m. CT, and 1:30 p.m. PT on NBC.

For fans outside of the U.S., stay tuned on our Facebook and other social media channels on July 12 to find out how you can be part of Revolution Day.

Ramps to the ‘Revolution’ | Chase for the World-First BMX Quad Backflip

This Sunday, July 12, on NBC, you’ll witness one of the great contests of the century so far: Jed Mildon and James Foster will compete to become the first to stick the elusive BMX quadruple backflip. But these two athletes — Mildon, who landed the first-ever triple, and Foster, who’s the only rider in the world consistently performing triples — aren’t the only stars of the show. Behind every great feat of flipping, there’s a ramp, the unsung hero in the quest to break new ground in action sports.

Jed's Ramp

The ramp Foster will hit is the original, the one they’ve both been practicing on in the lead-up to the big attempt. We teased you with it back in September. At the time, we didn’t tell you what it was for, but there was a lot of speculation. This ramp is a monster, just over 20 feet tall with a 100-foot roll-in, culminating in a near-vertical angle at the lip. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s Foster:

Mildon’s ramp, built for his attempt on a farm outside of Tokoroa, New Zealand, is no less impressive. With a 250-foot roll-in that peaks at a 27-foot near-vertical angle, this is quite possibly the largest ramp ever hit by a BMX athlete. Check it out:

Entering the transition, Mildon is being clocked at over 30 mph, while Foster has been clocked at about 40 mph. So they’ve both got the speed. They’ve both got the skill and experience. They’ve both got the tools they need, and they’ve both practiced nonstop and are fully capable of landing it to dirt. But who will it be? Find out this Sunday.

Building James's Ramp

James's Ramp

The 90-minute special premieres Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. ET, 3:30 p.m. CT, and 1:30 p.m. PT on NBC.

For fans outside of the U.S., stay tuned on our Facebook and other social media channels on July 12 to find out how you can be part of Revolution Day.

Quad Backflip, Spicy Hot Dogs, and ‘Sacks’ Not ‘Sex’ | WildWeek

Another week down, another bunch of things you need to know about! This European tour is officially over, and even though we’re sad to leave, we’ll be back very soon. And, we’re pretty pumped to focus on some of our other projects while we get ready for the second leg of our 2015 U.S. & Canada tour, which will be here before you know it. But before we get ahead of ourselves, here are the most important things that happened this week!

The BMX quadruple backflip

Watch ‘Revolution Day’ to Find Out Who Will Land the First-Ever BMX Quad Flip
Jed Mildon and James Foster, the only BMX riders who have ever landed a triple backflip, are going head-to-head in a race to become the first to stick the quad. The stakes are higher than ever, and you can watch it all on NBC next week! (Learn more)

Josh Sheehan

Vote for Josh Sheehan as Best Male Action Sports Athlete in the ESPYs
Josh Sheehan is up for best male action sports athlete at this year’s ESPY Awards, because they don’t have a “backflip god” category. It’s based on your vote, so tell your friends and help Sheeny take home a well-deserved trophy! (Vote now)

James Foster

Behind the ‘Revolution’: Watch an Interview with James Foster
James Foster is one of only two BMX athletes who’s ever landed a triple backflip, and he’s the only one who’s performing them consistently. Now, he’s vying to become the first to land the quad. (Watch it here)

Jed Mildon will attempt a quad backflip

Behind the ‘Revolution’: Watch an Interview with Jed Mildon
Jed Mildon was the first athlete to stick the BMX triple backflip, which launched his pro career and cemented his legacy in action sports history. Now, he’s looking to add to that legacy by attempting a quad backflip. (Watch it here)

Golfing with Nitro Circus

Coby Toland gets emotional in this week’s episode, but it’s not because of his golf game. Watch as he shows Josh Sheehan, Chris Haffey, and Erik Roner that he’s more than just a pretty face. Bonus: Jed Mildon says “sacks.” (Watch it here)

Spicy hot dog eating contest

Watch Tommy & Crum: HOT HOT HOT DOGS
On this week’s episode, Crum and Dov take on Swedish Crum and Dov in a spicy hot dog challenge that leaves Crum numb-tongued, Swedish Crum milk-faced, and Dov even more pissed that he’s lactose intolerant. (Watch it here)

We’ll be back in the U.S. this fall! To keep up with all our adventures, check out our last WildWeek and come back next Friday.

James Foster: Quadruple Threat | Chase for the World-First BMX Quad Backflip

Even though Jed Mildon may have been made to break world records, he’s found his match in James Foster. As the only other rider in the world to ever land a triple, and with eight other world firsts under his belt, Foster is a serious contender to become the first-ever athlete to land the quad, an attempt you’ll be able to watch on NBC on July 12.

Here’s the twist: Foster will be attempting the quad simultaneously with Jed Mildon, who was the first-ever to land the triple. The lead-up to this unprecedented face-off will take you behind the scenes as these two athletes prepare to make history. Here’s some of the Nitro Crew, including Foster, dialing in the ramp when it was first built more than a year ago:

Foster, a California native, lives for the fast life, especially riding fast bikes and building even faster cars. During what little spare time he has, James loves to customize cars, including building a 700HP Mitsubishi just recently. Now that’s our kind of hobby. He has been riding BMX since he was 10, quickly rising through the ranks after going pro in 1999. His mantel’s got more hardware than a Home Depot, with trophies and awards from X Games, Dew Tour, and Red Bull events, as well as many others. But as far as his proudest moments, he says:

“The first time I landed the triple flip clean, there’s no feeling to describe how good it felt, and that feeling never goes away. Every time I land it, it’s the most incredible feeling. That’s the reason I ride BMX.”

Since that initial stomp, he’s made the triple a regular part of his arsenal on tour with Nitro Circus Live — and he’s the only rider in the world who’s still performing it. Mildon may have been the first, but he’s said that he’ll never do the triple again. Foster has a lot more experience landing triples, a key factor as the two eye the next prize. So who will it be? The pioneer or the veteran? Mildon or Foster?

James Foster

The 90-minute special premieres Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. ET, 3:30 p.m. CT, and 1:30 p.m. PT on NBC.

For fans outside of the U.S., stay tuned on our Facebook and other social media channels on July 12 to find out how you can be part of Revolution Day.

Jed Mildon: Starting a ‘Revolution’ | Chase for the World-First BMX Quad Backflip

New Zealand’s Jed Mildon is made to land world-first tricks, with eight under his belt since he exploded onto the pro scene. How many BMXers have broken out and gone pro by being the first to land a long-sought-after trick? Mildon did just that in 2011, when a video of him sticking the first-ever BMX triple backflip went viral, and it’s been all crazy tricks and world firsts since. On July 12 on NBC, you can watch Mildon attempt to land the world-first quadruple backflip.

He won’t be the only one attempting it, though, as fellow Nitro athlete James Foster also has his eyes on the prize. The two friends and colleagues have total respect for each other, as they should, because they share more than just a spot on the Nitro Crew and a love of BMX: They’re the only two athletes in the world to ever land the BMX triple backflip.

Mildon grew up in Taupo, New Zealand, with what he describes as a good group of mates who coined his nickname, “Warrior,” and brought him into the world of action sports and freestyling. He quickly found that BMX was what truly sparked his creativity. While paying the bills as a welder, he spent his free time honing his skills to try the first-ever triple backflip and managed to convince a local McDonald’s to sponsor his attempt. He stuck it and never looked back.

Jed Mildon

His dedication has obviously paid off. In the four years since landing the triple, he’s racked up a dedicated fanbase and an impressive roster of world-first tricks, like this double backflip tailwhip:

For Nitro athletes, the quest to land a world first goes beyond the recognition, beyond the moment. As Mildon says, the feeling of walking new ground is something that sticks with you long after the deed is done.

Most of the time, the journey to a world first is a personal one, where your main competitor is yourself, your own psychological and physical limitations. But for the BMX quad flip, Mildon will be facing off against a worthy rival in Foster, which is certain to bring out the Maori warrior spirit that earned him his nickname. Will that be enough to cement him a place in the history books once again? Tune in to NBC’s Revolution Day: The Chase for the Biggest Trick in Action Sports History on July 12 to find out!

Jed Mildon quad backflip sequence

The 90-minute special premieres Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. ET, 3:30 p.m. CT, and 1:30 p.m. PT on NBC.

For fans outside of the U.S., stay tuned on our Facebook and other social media channels on July 12 to find out how you can be part of Revolution Day.

The Chase for the Biggest Trick in Action Sports History

Only two BMX riders in the world have ever landed a triple backflip: Nitro athletes Jed Mildon and James Foster. Mildon was the first, but Foster has made the trick a consistent part of his performance arsenal. After initially setting the bar, Mildon swore off ever attempting another triple. Instead, he’s going straight for four. And so is Foster. The world-first BMX quadruple backflip is coming to a TV near you. (And, for fans outside of the U.S., stay tuned on our Facebook and other social media channels on July 12 to find out how you can be part of Revolution Day.)

Quad Backflip Setup at Pastranaland

Back in April, a lucky few gathered at Travis Pastrana’s house on a sunny Tuesday morning to watch Josh Sheehan attempt the world-first triple backflip on a motorcycle. While everyone was looking at his ramp, those of us who were there (or watched the video closely) couldn’t help but notice a certain other ramp, right next to Sheeny’s. At Pastranaland, pretty much every path ends in a ramp, so a ramp by itself isn’t such a big deal. But this one was a little different:

Quad Ramp Setup at Pastranaland

This 20-footer is officially the biggest ramp ever hit by a BMX bike (several BMX bikes now, in fact). These photos don’t do it justice. In person, the thing is massive, and you get a true sense for what these athletes are risking when they hit it. When we first showed it to the world, speculation was rampant about its purpose, but we decided to keep it under wraps at the time.

The ramp, of course, is only part of the story. Foster and Mildon have come a long way in search of this goal, and the journey to get here is as important as the final moment itself. Both have what it takes, both deserve to be the first, but who will it be?

Less than two weeks from today, these men will simultaneously attempt to become the first-ever BMX athlete to land a quad backflip. And thanks to our new partnership with NBC, you’ll be able to watch the battle for this historic moment on NBC’s Revolution Day: The Chase for the Biggest Trick in Action Sports History on July 12.

Quad Backflip Setup at Pastranaland

This world first will truly be a worldwide event. Will it be the American James Foster, the most experienced at the triple? Or will it be New Zealand’s Jed Mildon, who stuck the triple first? Or both? Or neither? Tune in to find out!

The 90-minute special premieres Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. ET, 3:30 p.m. CT, and 1:30 p.m. PT on NBC.

For fans outside of the U.S., stay tuned on our Facebook and other social media channels on July 12 to find out how you can be part of Revolution Day.

Sheeny Eyes an ESPY, Geneva Highlights, and Croatia Cliff Ramps | WildWeek

When you’re touring the world, you move beyond asking what time it is to mostly being like, “Where are we again?” (The answers lately have been Sweden, Croatia, Switzerland, France, and Spain.) Luckily, we save this space every Friday to recap the most awesome Nitro things from the last week or so, which at least helps us keep track of where we’ve been. And when we want to know where we’re going next, we just head over to the tour page. (And you should too!)

Josh Sheehan nominated for an ESPY

Vote for Nitro’s Josh Sheehan in the ESPY Awards
Josh Sheehan has been nominated for two ESPYs! Not only is he vying for the title of best male action sports athlete, but his triple backflip is competing for best play of the year. His fate rests in your hands. We have until July 15 to rally the Nitro fanbase, so tell your friends! (Vote now!)

Going big in Geneva, Switzerland

Watch Highlights From Geneva, Our Best Show Yet
We’ve had such a great time in Europe, but our best show was Moto Mayhem in Switzerland. The huge, pumped-up crowd had everyone in the mood, and as you’ll see from this highlights edit, the riders took that energy and ran with it. (Watch it here)

Going big in Geneva, Switzerland

Set Sail on a Pirate Ship Bound for Epic ‘Crazy Train’ Cliff Ramps
We’ve got behind-the-scenes shots from Crazy Train, this time in the absurdly beautiful Eastern European fantasy land of Croatia. Travis Pastrana and the crew commandeered a pirate ship and headed out to build BMX ramps on the edge of cliffs overlooking the ocean. (See it here)

Coby Toland is at it again, this time with a hard-hitting in-depth report on … well, the top of the Crew’s heads, mostly. James Foster defends his haircut, Travis Pastrana has a great hat story, and what happened to Josh Sheehan’s shirt?  (Watch it here)

Watch Tommy & Crum: THE GREAT HIKE FIGHT
In this week’s episode of Tommy & Crum, the guys sacrifice their comfort for an amazing shot, but on the way tensions boil over. Will Tommy see Crum as the indispensible partner that he is? Will Crum finally admit that he can’t hike a tiny hill without Tommy? There’s only one way to find out. (Watch it here)

We’re just wrapping up our European tour, and we’ll be back in the U.S. this fall! To keep up with all our adventures, check out our last WildWeek and come back next Friday.

Josh Sheehan Nominated for Two ESPY Awards – Vote Now!

We’re so pumped that Nitro’s own Josh Sheehan has been nominated for two ESPY Awards, which were announced by ESPN today. He’s up against a tough field for best male action sports athlete, and his world-first triple backflip on a motorcycle is competing bracket-style against 15 other nominees for best play of the year. It’s an honor just to be nominated, of course, but now it’s our job to give him the best chance to take home the trophies. That’s where you come in.

Hit this link right now to vote for Sheeny as best male action sports athlete, as pictured above. Voting ends July 15, so get in there and tell your friends right away. Doesn’t get any easier than that.

Sheeny’s triple backflip is up for best play, and it’s tournament style, with the first round of voting going now until July 1. All we have to do is win three rounds!

Just head to this link, click “view,” and then vote on the next screen:

Don’t forget: The clock is ticking, so get in there and cast your vote. And, of course, share this post with anyone and everyone who loves that action sports are getting so much press these days! Huge congrats to Sheeny and all the nominees!

Huge Crowds & Crazy Crashes | Nitro in Switzerland

We’re having such an awesome time in Europe. Fresh off an amazing show in Vienna, Austria, the cast of our upcoming NBCSN show Crazy Train took a detour to film in Croatia, where we managed to combine pirate ships, huge ramps, and an octopus (click here for BTS photos). Then it was off to Switzerland, where Travis Pastrana and Erik Roner’s BASE jumping adventures have to be seen to be believed (and don’t worry, that’s coming soon). But first, some highlights …

Switzerland: known for chocolate and cheese and incredibly useful pocketknives. And now, at least for us, one of the best shows we’ve ever done. Moto Mayhem in Geneva drew an amazing crowd with more than 20,000 screaming fans, with the energy to match the sheer size of it.

Nitro Circus Moto Mayhem - Geneva 2015

Needless to say, we were stoked for the show and each and every rider brought it, as you’ll see in this great little highlights edit (above) that has the perfect mix of sticks and stacks. Before you check out the rest of these photos, head over to our tour page to see when we’ll be in a city near you (hint: soon!). Geneva has set the bar high, so we’ll be looking at you Nice, France and Madrid, Spain.

Nitro Circus Moto Mayhem - Geneva 2015

Nitro Circus Moto Mayhem - Geneva 2015

Nitro Circus Moto Mayhem - Geneva 2015

For more footage and photos from our tour through Europe this summer, check out our show in Budapest last week.

Pirate Ships & Sick Cliffs | Filming ‘Crazy Train’ in Croatia

After our live show in Vienna last week, we took off for Eastern Europe to continue filming our upcoming NBC Sports Network series Crazy Train. Game of Thrones isn’t the only intrigue-heavy TV series rolling out the cameras in Croatia. We took to Dubrovnik like only the Nitro Crew could, renting a pirate ship and heading off in search of some crazy cliffs, where we built our own ramps and launched BMX bikes straight off into the ocean.

'Crazy Train' in Croatia - June 2015

Travis Pastrana was on hand, of course, as he is for most of our craziest ideas.

'Crazy Train' in Croatia - June 2015

No pirate ship we’ve ever heard of comes with a safety rail, but we figured it’s probably for the best with little Addy on board. Anyway, a safer boat ride sort of balances out the “ramping bikes off of cliffs” thing we were about to get into, right?

'Crazy Train' in Croatia - June 2015

We made some new friends.

'Crazy Train' in Croatia - June 2015

And gave Gavin Godfrey a new hairstyle.

'Crazy Train' in Croatia - June 2015

It’s no wonder Game of Thrones chose to film here. Everything about the place is epic.

'Crazy Train' in Croatia - June 2015

But we took it upon ourselves to make it slightly more epic.

'Crazy Train' in Croatia - June 2015

All it takes is a pile of wood, some screws, and Ethen Roberts’ keen eye for kickers.

'Crazy Train' in Croatia - June 2015

Here’s the face of a man who can’t wait for the ramps to be done already.

'Crazy Train' in Croatia - June 2015

And the calm before the Crazy Train.

To see more of our adventures in Croatia, tune in when our new series Crazy Train premieres on NBC Sports Network in October!

Roadtrip with Travis, Clinton’s Winning Streak, and the Boss Slap | WildWeek

What a week! It’s tough even to find the time to recap what’s been going down. That’s how wild it’s been. But we’re doing this for you, every week, so you won’t miss a thing. We just wrapped up our shows in Budapest and Vienna, and now we’re taking the tour bus to Geneva, Switzerland. Check out our tour page because we’re coming to a city near you.

Nitro Circus Moto Mayhem - Budapest 2015

Exclusive Video and Photos From On Tour In Europe
Our European summer tour is down to a couple more stops, and we can’t believe it’s almost over. We’ve got some exclusive photos and video for you to check out, including Bilko and Steve Mini throwing down in Budapest and a look at our latest invention. (See it all here)

Travis Pastrana rides the cooler

There are too many amazing things in this week’s episode to list here, like Travis Pastrana riding a motorized ice cooler. So, instead of doing that, we’re just going to point out how, at 1:45 in this video, Travis is left hanging by a pre-teen. Now that’s badass. (Watch the full episode)

The boss gets slapped

Watch Pro Rollerblader Chris Haffey Get Back at His Boss
The American dream is about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps to achieve your idea of happiness. On this week’s Tommy & Crum, Haffey fulfills a different dream: the less life-changing but no less important dream of slapping your boss hard across the face without consequences. (Watch the full episode)

Watch Clinton Moore Dominate the X Fighters World Tour
Huge congrats to Clinton Moore on his second consecutive win at X Fighters! This round he bested a strong field in Athens, Greece. Tom Pagès took second. Back in March, Moore also won the Mexico City event, with Nitro riders Pagès and Levi Sherwood finishing second and third. Next, X Fighters heads to Madrid in July. Can Moore go three for three? (Watch and learn more here)

Watch The New High: Extreme Sports Featuring You-Know-Who
A new documentary, The New High: Extreme Sports, premiered last night on CNBC with an awesome segment on us! CNBC says: “If extreme sports has a hero, it’s Travis Pastrana, X-Games legend and now ringleader of the enormously popular arena show Nitro Circus.” Very cool. The whole documentary is worth watching if you’re an action sports fan at all, so if you missed it be sure to check your TV listings. It re-airs tonight at 7:00 p.m. ET, twice on Sunday, and more throughout the week on CNBC! (Watch a preview clip)

We just wrapped up in Vienna, and now we’re on our way to Geneva in Switzerland! To learn more about our adventures this summer, check out our last WildWeek and then come back next Friday.

Moto Mayhem in Budapest

It went down in Budapest on Sunday: The stadium was enormous, the fans were awesome, and the Crew was in rare form. And, we have the photos to prove it.

Nitro Circus Moto Mayhem - Budapest 2015

We got some great behind-the-scenes photos, as well as some clips of Bilko and Steve Mini with their aerial shenanigans. Definitely don’t miss Mini hitting a heelclicker-superman no handed lander …


Watch Steve Mini and Bilko land these combo flips!


Thursday we hit Vienna, and then we’re bringing the Moto Mayhem to GenevaNice, and Madrid before we come back to the States this fall to close out the year strong. We’re totally pumped about these Moto Mayhem shows because we’re using our new, one-of-a-kind winch system for hurling non-motorized vehicles faster, higher, and further than we’ve ever been able to before. Picture a human slingshot, but a lot more dangerous. Or don’t picture it, just check out these photos.

Nitro Circus Moto Mayhem - Budapest 2015

Speaking of one-of-a-kind, have you seen what Matty and Emma McFerran have been up to lately? They’ve become the first-ever brother-sister tandem FMX performers, creating a bunch of crazy new tricks that require one bike and two riders. There’s not likely to be a second set of tandem riders quite like this … maybe ever. All that is to say, if you want to see this live, you can find out when the next show near you is happening and to snap up your tickets.

Nitro Circus Moto Mayhem - Budapest 2015

Nitro Circus Moto Mayhem - Budapest 2015

Nitro on TV, Kicked Off Tinder, and Ethen Beats the Blob | WildWeek

We know it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all our shenanigans, and it’s been a heck of a week over here. So every Friday we’re going to give you a rundown of all the highlights from the last seven days or so. Here’s our highlight reel from this last week:

World Record Stunt – Ethen vs. the Blob

Watch Ethen Roberts Battle the Blob for a World Record
Last year, Ethen Roberts attempted a frontflip world record off a floating air bag, which didn’t go exactly as he or his face planned. This week, he went for a second attempt, and we have the video. (Watch it here)


We’re Coming to You on NBC and NBCSN

We’ve come a long way from hawking DVDs out of a garage in Utah. We’re teaming up with NBC to bring you even more Nitro madness, including an all-new TV show called Crazy Train, premiering this fall on NBCSN, and epic TV specials on NBC primetime — the first 90-minute special airs July 12! (Read all about it here)


Tattoo Fail

On this week’s episode, Coby asks the hard-hitting questions: Which Nitro athlete has the most embarrassing tattoo? What’s up with Beaver Fleming’s Taylor Swift T-shirts? Did Wheelz really get kicked off Tinder? The answers may surprise you, but probably not. (Watch the full episode)


Tommy & Crum

Where Are Tommy & Crum Now?
On this week’s episode, Tommy & Crum test drive a Ferrari 458 and live out their wildest Fast & Furious dream on location in Abu Dhabi. In one of the wealthiest and most expensive cities in the world, they order up a luxury racecar like it’s takeout food. (Watch the full episode)


Watch Nitro Riders Represent at X Games Austin

Our riders showed up big at X Games Austin: Jarryd McNeil, Bilko, Levi Sherwood, Sheeny, and Tom Pagès all took home some hardware. A podium sweep for Nitro riders in the FMX quarterpipe competition ain’t too shabby, but more than a few of our athletes deserve a shoutout. (Read more and watch the videos)


We’re having an awesome time in Europe after performing in Finland and Denmark, filming Crazy Train in Sweden and then Ethen’s stunt in the south of France. We’re heading to Budapest and Vienna for our next shows, and we have a lot more shows planned in the U.S. and Canada this fall!

Nitro Athletes Represent at X Games Austin

X Games Austin wrapped up over the weekend, and when the dust cleared, several familiar faces were left with a bit of extra hardware after a fierce competition. Huge congrats to all the medalists, and a special shoutout to the big finishers who we consider our co-workers.

Jarryd McNeil, left, Blake "Bilko" Williams, and Josh Sheehan in Nitro Circus shows.
Jarryd McNeil (left), Blake “Bilko” Williams, and Josh Sheehan
in Nitro Circus shows.

Those familiar faces include Tom Pagès, Levi Sherwood, and Sheeny, who took the top three spots in the moto x quarterpipe competition, a podium sweep for past and present Nitro riders. Check out video of their winning runs here: gold, silver, bronze.

Other big winners include Jarryd McNeil, who earned himself a gold medal for best whip. Bilko brought home a silver for speed and style, an event Adam Jones just barely missed the podium in. James Foster’s fraction-of-a-point fourth-place finish was another Nitro near miss in what was an epic BMX big air competition. Better make some room on the mantel, boys! Well done.

Adam Jones Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams James Foster Jarryd McNeil Josh Sheehan Levi Sherwood Thomas Pagès


And don’t forget: All these riders and many more are touring with us and will be appearing in live shows in a city near you. Click here for info and tickets.

Watch Nitro Circus on TV


Nitro Circus is on television all over the world. In the U.S., we have just partnered with NBC to bring you the biggest and baddest stunts ever witnessed. Our new television series Crazy Train starts in October on NBCSN. Nitro Circus is taking over your television.


For current TV listings in your country, click your region above. If we’re not airing in your country now, we will be soon. If you’re in Africa, Asia, Oceania or South America, sign up now to hear as soon as the news breaks.


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North America




THU 6/04/2015 NBCSN 10e / 9c / 7p (PM) S1E1 The Tour Begins
NBCSN 10:30e / 9:30c / 7:30p (PM) S1E2 Showing Off in Sydney
THU 6/11/2015 NBCSN 10e / 9c / 7p (PM) S1E3 Travis Does It Again
NBCSN 10:30e / 9:30c / 7:30p (PM) S1E4 You Can’t Keep A Good Team Down
THU 6/18/2015 NBCSN 10e / 9c / 7p (PM) S1E5 Pushing the Limits
NBCSN 10:30e / 9:30c / 7:30p (PM) S1E6 Hello New Zealand
THU 6/25/2015 NBCSN 10e / 9c / 7p (PM) S1E7 Nitro Makes History
NBCSN 10:30e / 9:30c / 7:30p (PM) S1E8 Time Flies




THU 7/12/2015 NBC 4:30e / 3:30c / 1:30p (PM) Nitro Circus: Revolution Day
THU 9/12/2015 NBCSN 11:30e / 10:30c / 8:30p (PM) The Biggest Trick Ever In Action Sports




THU 10/15/2015 NBCSN 9e / 8c / 6p (PM) S1E1 Crazy Train – Episode 1
THU 10/22/2015 NBCSN 9e / 8c / 6p (PM) S1E2 Crazy Train – Episode 2
THU 10/29/2015 NBCSN 9e / 8c / 6p (PM) S1E3 Crazy Train – Episode 3
THU 11/05/2015 NBCSN 9e / 8c / 6p (PM) S1E4 Crazy Train – Episode 4
THU 11/12/2015 NBCSN 9e / 8c / 6p (PM) S1E5 Crazy Train – Episode 5
THU 11/19/2015 NBCSN 9e / 8c / 6p (PM) S1E6 Crazy Train – Episode 6
THU 11/26/2015 NBCSN 9e / 8c / 6p (PM) S1E7 Crazy Train – Episode 7
THU 12/03/2015 NBCSN 9e / 8c / 6p (PM) S1E8 Crazy Train – Episode 8







10.5.2015 PULS4 12:45 CEST S2E1 Stockholm – We Finally Made It
17.5.2015 PULS4 12:30 CEST S2E2 Sweden & Hamburg – Chilling Out
24.5.2015 PULS4 13:10 CEST S2E3 Berlin & Dusseldorf – The German Sprint
31.5.2015 PULS4 12:45 CEST S2E4 Vienna – Red Bull Wings and Things
07.6.2015 PULS4 12:55 CEST S2E5 Just a Couple of Tourists
14.6.2015 PULS4 12:50 CEST S2E6 The Big One
21.6.2015 PULS4 13:05 CEST S2E7 London Calling
28.6.2015 PULS4 13:20 CEST S2E8 The End of the Road




Nitro Circus programming will soon be airing on TV3+ and TV3 Sport. In addition, all Nitro Circus programming will be streamed on TV3 Play.






5.6.2015 MTV MAX 20.40 CEST S1E1 The Tour Begins
12.6.2015 MTV MAX 20.30 CEST S1E2 Showing Off in Sydney
19.6.2015 MTV MAX 20.30 CEST S1E3 Travis Does It Again
26.6.2015 MTV MAX 20.30 CEST S1E4 You Can’t Keep A Good Team Down
3.7.2015 MTV MAX 20.30 CEST S1E5 Pushing the Limits
10.7.2015 MTV MAX 20.30 CEST S1E6 Hello New Zealand
17.7.2015 MTV MAX 20.30 CEST S1E7 Nitro Makes History
24.7.2015 MTV MAX 20.30 CEST S1E8 Time Flies
31.7.2015 MTV MAX 20.30 CEST S2E1 Stockholm – We Finally Made It
07.8.2015 MTV MAX 20.30 CEST S2 E2 Sweden & Hamburg – Chilling Out
14.8.2015 MTV MAX 20.30 CEST S2E3 Berlin & Dusseldorf – The German Sprint
21.8.2015 MTV MAX 20.30 CEST S2E4 Vienna – Red Bull Wings and Things
28.8.2015 MTV MAX 20.30 CEST S2E5 Just a Couple of Tourists
04.9.2015 MTV MAX 20.30 CEST S2E6 The Big One
11.9.2015 MTV MAX 20.30 CEST S2E7 London Calling
18.9.2015 MTV MAX 20.30 CEST S2E8 The End of the Road






2015. 06. 13. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S3E1 Epic Fails
2015. 06. 14. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S3E2 Epic Wins
2015. 06. 20. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S3E3 Hong Kong
2015. 06. 21. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S3E4 Macau
2015. 06. 27. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S3E5 New Zealand
2015. 06. 28. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S3E6 Pastranaland
2015. 07. 04. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S3E7 Moscow
2015. 07. 05. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S3E8 St Petersburg
2015. 07. 11. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S4E1 Boston / New York
2015. 07. 12. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S4E2 Philadelphia / Pastranaland
2015. 07. 18. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S4E3 Canada / Detroit
2015. 07. 19. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S4E4 Cleveland / Salt Lake City
2015. 07. 25. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S4E5 Las Vegas / California / Arizona
2015. 07. 26. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S4E6 Scandinavia
2015. 08. 01. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S4E7 England
2015. 08. 02. Sport Klub 20.30 CEST S4E8 Scotland / Amsterdam




Nitro Circus programming will soon be airing on Viasat 4.






2015-10-02 TV6 19.00 CEST S4E1 Boston / New York
2015-10-09 TV6 19.00 CEST S4E2 Philadelphia / Pastranaland
2015-10-16 TV6 19.00 CEST S4E3 Canada / Detroit
2015-10-23 TV6 19.00 CEST S4E4 Cleveland / Salt Lake City
2015-10-30 TV6 19.00 CEST S4E5 Las Vegas / California / Arizona
2015-11-06 TV6 19.00 CEST S4E6 Scandinavia
2015-11-13 TV6 19.00 CEST S4E7 England
2015-11-20 TV6 19.00 CEST S4E8 Scotland / Amsterdam


Nitro Circus Live Coming to Europe in 2016




23/01/16 Stockholm, Sweden – Tele 2 BUY TICKETS
27/01/16 Oslo, Norway – Telenor Arena BUY TICKETS
30/01/16 Munich, Germany – Olympiahalle BUY TICKETS
31/01/16 Prague, Czech Republic – O2 Arena BUY TICKETS
02/02/16 Manchester, UK – MEN Arena BUY TICKETS
04/02/16 Glasgow, Scotland – Hydro Arena BUY TICKETS
06/02/16 London, UK – O2 Arena BUY TICKETS
09/02/16 Zurich, Switzerland – Hallenstadion BUY TICKETS
13/02/16 Paris, France – Bercy BUY TICKETS
16/02/16 Hamburg, Germany – Barclaycard Arena BUY TICKETS
17/02/16 Cologne, Germany – Lanxess Arena BUY TICKETS
18/02/16 Antwerp, Belgium – Sportspalais BUY TICKETS
20/02/16 Arnhem, Netherlands – GelreDome BUY TICKETS


Click here to see more European tour dates June 2015! On sale now!





Nitro Circus Live’s latest creation takes things to a whole new level, as the best athletes in freestyle motocross (FMX), BMX, skate and more unite for a spectacular all-new production. Starring 17-time X Games medalist Travis Pastrana, the tour will feature unbelievable new tricks, record-breaking feats, insane stunts and the craziest contraptions ever, plus a whole new repertoire of daredevil fun.

“We’ve had a blast touring the world this year and can’t wait to bring this all-new tour to Europe,” says Pastrana. “With each show everyone is pushing one another to go faster and jump farther than the night before. By 2016 it’s going to be unbelievable! Plus, this stage set is so over the top. Fans will be blown away.”

Pastrana will lead an elite team of athletes showcasing a star-studded FMX line up that includes the world’s first triple backflipper and reigning X Fighters champion Josh Sheehan, Australian X Games gold medalists Blake “Bilko” Williams and Cam Sinclair plus American superstar Adam Jones. On the BMX side, show attendees can expect to experience a cavalcade of never before seen madness led by James Foster, the only person currently performing the BMX triple backflip, plus a host of other big names including “The Warrior” Jed Mildon, X Games medalist Andy Buckworth, and plenty more. Fans can also look forward to seeing Jolene Van Vugt, the most daring woman in action sports, and groundbreaking wheelchair motocross (WCMX) star Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham.*

With this star-studded lineup, combined with a host of outrageous new contraptions launched from the jacked-up, bigger than ever Nitro Gigant-A-Ramp, this is truly a visual experience never seen before.

To top it all off, for its latest event Nitro is going really retro, with the entire performance choreographed and styled as a 1920’s three-ring circus featuring elephants, bears, clowns, trapeze artists, flame throwers, lion tamers and much more. Painstakingly developed over the past five years, this stunning new set and Nitro-composed soundtrack will transport you into the past, to an eerily haunting, abandoned, derelict Big Top. With mind-blowing new lighting and an explosive pyrotechnic display, the new theme provides the perfect backdrop for the most spectacular show in Nitro’s history. “Believe us when we say, you have never seen a circus like this before,” says Pastrana.

Fans looking for the ultimate Nitro Circus experience will want to get their hands on the all-new Nitro Club VIP package. These exclusive passes include the best seats in the house, as well as a chance to get up close and personal with Travis Pastrana and the stars of Nitro Circus during an exclusive Q & A session. Nitro Club pass holders will also receive a souvenir lanyard and electronically signed A2 Nitro poster, as well as a chance to win cool Nitro swag.

*Rider line-up subject to change without notice

Mind-Blowing, All-New Nitro Circus Live Show Coming to U.S. & Canada in Fall 2015


Amazing, all-new VIP experience – Just $99*


10/09/15 Philadelphia, PA – Wells Fargo Center BUY TICKETS
10/11/15 Boston, MA – TD Garden BUY TICKETS
10/14/15 Toronto, ON – Air Canada Centre BUY TICKETS
10/15/15 Ottawa, ON – Canadian Tire Centre BUY TICKETS
10/16/15 Montreal, QC – Bell Centre BUY TICKETS
10/18/15 Detroit, MI – Joe Louis Arena BUY TICKETS
10/21/15 Chicago, IL – United Center BUY TICKETS
10/22/15 Milwaukee, WI – BMO Harris Bradley Center BUY TICKETS
10/24/15 Minneapolis, MN – Target Center BUY TICKETS
10/25/15 Fargo, ND – Fargo Dome BUY TICKETS
10/28/15 Winnipeg, MB – MTS Centre BUY TICKETS
10/30/15 Saskatoon, SK – SaskTel Centre BUY TICKETS
11/01/15 Vancouver, BC – Rogers Arena BUY TICKETS
11/03/15 Tacoma, WA – Tacoma Dome BUY TICKETS
11/04/15 Portland, OR – Moda Center BUY TICKETS
11/06/15 Los Angeles, CA – Staples Center BUY TICKETS
11/07/15 Anaheim, CA – Honda Center BUY TICKETS
11/08/15 Fresno, CA – Savemart Center BUY TICKETS
11/11/15 San Jose, CA – SAP Center BUY TICKETS
11/13/15 Glendale, AZ – Gila River Arena BUY TICKETS
11/17/15 Denver, CO – Pepsi Center BUY TICKETS
11/20/15 Salt Lake City, UT – EnergySolutions Arena BUY TICKETS
11/21/15 Las Vegas, NV – MGM Grand Garden Arena BUY TICKETS


The world’s greatest live action sports event returns to North America this fall with an all-new show.

Nitro Circus Live’s latest creation takes things to another level, as the best athletes in freestyle motocross (FMX), BMX and more will unite for an all-new production. Starring 17-time X Games medalist Travis Pastrana, the tour will feature unbelievable tricks and insane stunts, plus a whole new repertoire of daredevil fun.

Also, look out for a host of outrageous contraptions — including trikes, a tall bike, a lazy boy recliner and more — all launching from the new jet-powered Nitro Slingshot.

To top it all off, for its latest event Nitro is going really retro, with the entire performance choreographed and styled as a 1920’s three-ring circus. This stunning set will transport you into the past, to an eerily haunting Big Top. This all-new theme provides the perfect backdrop for the Nitro crew’s aerial feats.

Believe us when we say, you have never seen a circus like this before.

Download the new Nitro Circus app

For all of our Nitro Circus superfans out there, we have another exciting world first to tell you about! (And, no, it isn’t the first moto quad backflip — Sheeny just made history with the triple, so give us a chance to catch our breath, will you?)
We just released the first Nitro Circus mobile app on both iPhone and Android. This app is a new home for Nitro Circus fans to connect, follow us on the road, and watch some of the most jaw-dropping footage we’ve ever brought you. Download the app now to watch Josh Sheehan land the biggest trick in action sports history, follow Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus crew on their tour around the world, and start unlocking exclusive experiences online and at the live shows.
You can download our free app now and join our global community of daredevil fans. Just search “Nitro Circus” in your app store or click here:
iOS App screenshot5

iOS App screenshot3

iOS App screenshot4

Don’t ever miss an update from Nitro Circus or your favorite rider again, and start sharing your own photos, videos, memes, GIFs and more with the Nitro Circus community.
And, if you love the app, be sure to share it with your friends and give us a 5-star rating in the Apple or Android app stores!

Meet the AmBADASSador (and Ask Him Anything)

Today, we’re hosting a Q&A in our new Nitro Circus app with none other than the AmBADASSador himself, Coby Toland. Want to know what it’s like to tour with the Nitro crew? Or, what it’s like behind the scenes? He knows, and he’s going to be answering your questions TODAY at 5:00pm EDT (UTC-4). Just download the app — it’s free and available on iOS and Android — and post your own selfie video with a question and tag it #AskNitro. Then, check out what everyone else has been asking and vote for the questions you want answered the most!
For those of you who haven’t heard of this newest member of our crew… A little while back, we teamed up with DreamJobbing to find an Official Tour Reporter for the New Zealand leg of our 2015 global tour. Nearly 200 insanely awesome fans sent in their applications, but there could only be one winner — and (spoiler alert!) it actually wasn’t this guy.


Not that you’d know it by looking at him.
Meet Coby Toland, the new Nitro Circus AmBADASSador. The thing is: we loved his application so much that we decided to make him our “Ambassador of Badass” instead. We couldn’t resist teaming him up with our DreamJob winner, Christian Gallen, to see what kind of trouble they could get into together in New Zealand.

Ambadassador: Josh Sheehan Interview

(That’s Josh Sheehan, by the way, who just landed the first ever triple backflip on a motorcycle.)
You’ll remember how Christian took you on tour through his home country, documenting all the action both during and after the shows in New Zealand. Well, we asked Coby to give you a behind-the-scenes look at all things BADASS about Nitro Circus.

AmBADASSador: TackledAmBADASSador: Snowmobile

“Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes look at life on the road with these guys or if it’s interview questions that are maybe putting them on the spot a little bit — if it’s badass, then I’m gonna bring it to you.”
In his new series, you’ll meet the guys and see what it’s really like to go out on the road with the Nitro Circus crew.
And maybe you can tell us why they just ended up calling him “Red Beard”.
There are new episodes with Coby airing every week on YouTube and Facebook! Watch the first two episodes below, and don’t forget to follow us, subscribe here, and download our Android/iOS app so you don’t miss a thing:

EP 01

EP 02

Nitro Circus Coming to Europe in Summer 2015


NITRO FANS IN SPAIN! Nitro Circus Moto Mayhem is showing TONIGHT at the Miguel Rios Auditorium in Madrid. Tickets still available at the box office. You don’t want to miss this!
Hoy en Madrid, Auditorio Miguel Rios – últimos tickets a la venta en taquilla – no te pierdas el único show de Nitro en España!


29/05/15 Helsinki, Finland – Olympic Stadium BUY TICKETS
01/06/15 Brondby, Denmark – Brondby Stadium BUY TICKETS
14/06/15 Budapest, Hungary – Groupama Arena BUY TICKETS
18/06/15 Vienna, Austria – Ernst Happel Stadium BUY TICKETS
20/06/15 Geneva, Switzerland – Stade de Geneve BUY TICKETS
24/06/15 Nice, France – Allianz Riviera BUY TICKETS
26/06/15 Madrid, Spain – Auditorio Miguel Rios BUY TICKETS


Click here to see more European tour dates in early 2016! On sale now!


Moto Mayhem 2015

Nitro Circus Live, the action sports spectacle that is a global phenomenon, will bring an all-new high-octane show: Nitro Circus – Moto Mayhem to European stadiums for the very first time in 2015.

Headlined by 17-time X Games medalist Travis Pastrana, Nitro Circus – Moto Mayhem will feature over thirty of the world’s greatest extreme sports stars riding FMX, BMX and every conceivable action sports contraption. Starting May 29th in Helsinki, Finland, the tour will hit ten cities across Europe, all but one that Nitro has never visited before, before wrapping up in Madrid on June 26th.

The incredible lineup of freestyle motocross riders will include Pastrana, plus double backflip master and current X-Fighters champion Josh Sheehan, plus X-Games gold medalists Adam Jones, Blake “Bilko” Williams, Cam Sinclair and many more. The show will also include snowmobiles, quad bikes, tandem FMX, minibike madness and other motorized monstrosities. If it has an engine, it must fly.

BMX fans have not been forgotten, since Nitro engineers have spent years developing a proprietary double winch system that will hurl riders like Nitro stars Dusty Wygle and Ethen & Gavin Godfrey into the air higher, farther and faster than ever before. This technology will also help double sidehacks and a host of crazy contraptions such as wheeled water coolers, bathtubs and lazyboy recliners achieve liftoff. Fans can expect more outrageous shenanigans from the stars of the original Nitro Circus series as well.

To add to the excitement, several Nitro athletes will attempt World’s firsts and unbelievable new stunts during the tour. Jolene Van Vugt will go for a world record distance jump on a motorized version of her signature Barbie car. FMX star Matty McFerran and his sister Emma will be the only duo on the planet performing tandem freestyle motocross, on the same bike, and Ethen Godfrey-Roberts will attempt the World’s first double backflip on a minibike.

“We are so stoked to bring this brand new show across the Atlantic,” says Pastrana. “Our production guys really upped their game here. With all of the bikes, quads and cars it’s going to be massive. And I’ve always loved touring Europe – the fans are always insane, so we can’t wait to get there.”

“2014 was a landmark year for us, touring America for the first time and getting a huge response” said Managing Director/CEO of Nitro Circus Michael Porra. “2015 looks even bigger with our brand new European tour a major highlight, and close to 80 shows across the globe scheduled in for the next calendar year.” Porra added, “We’re always looking to give action sports fans something they’ve never seen before, and with Nitro Circus – Moto Mayhem, prepare to be blown away.”

Fans looking for the ultimate Nitro Circus experience will want to get their hands on the Nitro Club pass. These exclusive passes include the absolute best seats in the house, access to show rehearsal with a behind-the-scenes look at rider practice and a Q&A with Nitro Circus stars. Nitro Club pass holders will also receive a souvenir lanyard and electronically signed A2 Nitro poster, as well as a chance to win cool Nitro swag.

Nitro Circus always pushes the envelope, raising the bar with daring, record-breaking tricks and heart-stopping stunts, but Moto Mayhem takes it to another level. Fasten your seat belt.

* rider line up subject to change




United States Tour Dates – Live Announcement!

We’re coming back, America!

Check out this is very special live broadcast where Travis Pastrana, Erik Roner and Streetbike Tommy attempt to announce the  US cities we’re hitting in 2015!

After selling out shows across the country on their inaugural tour of the US in 2014, Travis Pastrana will be bringing Nitro Circus Live back to North America, rolling through 14 brand new cities in May, 2015.

Nitro Circus Live features 40 of the world’s best action sports athletes performing record-breaking tricks in freestyle motocross, BMX and skate. The tour also features hilarious and heart-stopping stunts unique to Nitro Circus using contraptions such as tricycles, snow skis, bath tubs and even a Barbie Car, all launched off the one of a kind, 50-foot high Nitro Gigant-A-Ramp.

Pastrana, the greatest action sports star on the planet, will be back on the bike and riding FMX throughout the tour. Accompanying him will be the stars of Nitro Circus’ hit MTV show and 3D film.

Jarryd McNeil and Beau Bamburg Take 1 & 2 in Best Whip

By: Chris Elliott

It has been a long time coming for Nitro Circus rider Jarryd McNeil, but the rider from Australia finally won a major “Best Whip” event. McNeil beat out a dozen of the sports best (including five X Games Best Whip gold medalists) this past weekend in Las Vegas to secure the Dirt Shark Biggest Whip Contest win as part of the fourth annual Monster Energy Cup.

“I finally won,” said McNeil. “It takes a lot of practice to nail down the biggest whip, and I was glad that I was able to do it in front of all of these loyal fans tonight.”

Like last year, McNeil was one of nine riders competing in the parking lot of the Sam Boyd Stadium during the day just for a chance to ride in the finals. Not only did Jarryd make it into the night show, he did so qualifying in second behind fellow Nitro Circus rider, Beau Bamburg.

NC_article_BL1T3826_resizeGoing into the night show qualified 1-2, Bamburg and McNeil took their talents from the ramp set up in the parking lot to a dirt-to-dirt Supercross triple that was part of the actual race track. Once the finals got underway LIVE on Fox Sports 2, Bamburg and McNeil proceeded to put on a whip clinic.

McNeil took the win with a 91.7. Beau Bamberg turned in a 89.3 for second place and Edgar Torronteras finished third with a 84.7.

You can catch Jarryd McNeil and Beau Bamburg LIVE on the 2015 Nitro Circus Live tour starting this coming January. Sign up HERE for all tour announcements including dates, riders, and giveaways.

(Photo Credit: Shane Ruiz)




Update: Some light drizzle at the ground which our forecasters are advising should clear. Doors will open at 9:00am as planned.

Update: Forecast for Monday morning postponed show in Dallas remains good. Good tickets still available.



 Event Rescheduled for Monday, May 25 at 10:00 AM

 Due to the extreme weather affecting the Dallas area, tonight’s Nitro Circus Live show at Toyota Stadium has been postponed to Monday, May 25 at 10:00 AM.

 Since this was a planned outdoor stadium show, severe rain storms make it physically impossible to set up and run the event. Given the severe weather conditions currently affecting the region, it is impossible to play the show as originally scheduled. The safety of our riders, athletes, crew and fans is always the first priority at every Nitro Circus Live event.

 Tickets for tonight’s show will be honored at the venue on Monday. Per the original terms and conditions, no refunds will be issued for patrons unable to attend the rescheduled show date.

 Nitro Circus Live apologizes to all their fans for any inconvenience due to the last minute nature of this postponement.



Nitro Circus Live regrets to announce that due to extreme weather predicted in the Houston area over the weekend, the Sunday, May 24 show at TDECU Stadium has been cancelled.

 Since this was a planned outdoor stadium show, rain storms make it physically impossible to set up and run the event. The safety of our riders, athletes, crew and fans is always the first priority at every Nitro Circus Live event.

 Nitro Circus Live apologizes to all their fans for any inconvenience due to the last minute nature of the cancellation.

Full refunds for all ticket holders can be obtained at the point of purchase or the TDECU Stadium box office.


05/08/15 Jacksonville, FL – Veterans Memorial Arena BUY TICKETS
05/09/15 Orlando, FL – Amway Center BUY TICKETS
05/10/15 Atlanta, GA – Georgia Dome BUY TICKETS
05/12/15 Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena BUY TICKETS
05/14/15 Newark, NJ – Prudential Center BUY TICKETS
05/15/15 Uniondale, NY – Nassau Coliseum BUY TICKETS
05/17/15 Pittsburgh, PA – Consol Energy Center BUY TICKETS
05/19/15 St Louis, MO – Scottrade Center BUY TICKETS
05/20/15 Kansas City, MO – Sprint Center BUY TICKETS
05/21/15 Tulsa, OK – BOK Center BUY TICKETS
05/23/15 Dallas, TX – Toyota Stadium BUY TICKETS
05/24/15 Houston, TX – TDECU Stadium CANCELLED


Click here to see more U.S.A. and Canadian tour dates in Fall 2015! On sale now!



Nitro Circus founder, ringleader and world-class athlete Travis Pastrana today announced Nitro Circus Live is making its return to North America, kicking off in the U.S. beginning May 8 in Jacksonville, Florida. Nitro Circus Live, the action sports spectacle that is a worldwide phenomenon, features more than 40 of the world’s best action sports athletes performing daring and record-breaking tricks in freestyle motocross, BMX and skateboarding. The tour features hilarious and heart-stopping stunts unique to Nitro Circus using contraptions such as water coolers, rocking horses, a lazyboy couch and more. Pastrana, a 10-time X Games gold medalist in freestyle motocross and one of extreme sport’s biggest names, is bringing back the stars of Nitro Circus’ hit MTV show and Nitro Circus 3D film. The team helped sell out city after city on its first U.S. tour earlier this year.

“We are so stoked to bring the biggest, most daring action sports production ever staged back home where Nitro Circus all started years ago,” says Pastrana. “Our insane group of athletes perform stunts that you literally cannot see anywhere else on the planet. We’re constantly pushing each other to break records and do things that people previously thought was physically impossible. We had an epic time in the US earlier this year, and we were pumped on just how many people came out to see us. Now we’re ready to show a whole bunch of new cities what we’re all about.”

Originally a small DVD series filmed in Pastrana’s Maryland backyard, Nitro Circus grew into a successful MTV show with more than 46 million U.S. viewers and broadcast in 60 countries worldwide. The next step was Nitro Circus Live, which has captured the imagination of fans worldwide with a string of sell-out shows and record-breaking crowds across Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa.

Fans can expect spectacular, fully choreographed huge motocross stunts and outrageous feats on an array of contraptions – trikes, snow skis, a bath tub on wheels, tandem bikes, razor scooters, shopping carts, and even a Barbie car, all launched with precision and skill off the one of a kind 50-foot high Nitro Gigant-A-Ramp. The ridiculous ‘Nitro Bomb’ is a favorite across the globe, with up to 20 riders mid-air and upside-down at the same time.

“We are building on the huge global success of Nitro Circus and can’t wait to return to North America in 2015,” said Managing Director of Nitro Circus Live Michael Porra. “We are breaking ticket sales records in Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and sold out arenas at nearly every stop on our first U.S. tour last year. It’s been a big year for Nitro Circus, and we can’t wait to bring the crew’s crazy antics to brand new cities across the country.”

Fans looking for even more excitement can purchase special Nitro Circus VIP Experience packages featuring an exclusive Travis Pastrana meet & greet opportunity, premium reserved seating with the best view of the action, tour merch not available anywhere else and much more. Don’t wait, however, as quantities are very limited: only 150 VIP Experience passes will be available for each show.

For US 2015 Tour terms and conditions, click here.

* rider line up subject to change

Win A Chance to Tour New Zealand with Nitro Circus!

We have an amazing opportunity for one awesome fan! We’ve teamed up with the great folks at Dreamjobbing to find an Official Tour Reporter for the New Zealand leg of our 2015 global tour! The winner will spend three weeks with us in New Zealand starting in January and he or she will have an all access pass, covering all our arena shows and then heading out with the cast and crew to follow all the action we get up to in our downtime. We’re looking for someone with a supercharged personality. Is that you?

Watch this video from Travis on what we’re looking for and how to enter:

Don’t wait! Submit your videos to and start spreading the word. The more shares, the more votes, the better chance you have of winning this once in a lifetime opportunity!

The job is open to anybody over 18 with a valid passport who is able to travel to New Zealand. Get on it!

You can find tour dates and information HERE!

Brand New Show Coming To New Zealand In January!


This summer in New Zealand, the greatest Action Sports star on the planet, Travis Pastrana, will unite with the world’s biggest names in FMX, BMX and Skate, including Kiwi riders Levi Sherwood, Nick Franklin and Jed Mildon, in a brand new Nitro Circus Live tour.

The tour marks the highly anticipated return of Pastrana, Nitro Circus founder and 17 times X Games medalist, to the sport that rocketed him to international superstardom, freestyle motocross. The upcoming tour will be the first time Pastrana has ridden in New Zealand since 2011.

Coupled with Pastrana’s return is an all-new show, which has been painstakingly developed over the past five years. In its latest inception, Nitro Circus Live is going ‘retro’, with the entire performance choreographed and styled as a 1920’s, Barnum & Bailey type circus. This tour boasts a multi-million dollar set with unbelievable features and a whole new repertoire of antics, contraptions, dare devil fun and of course the biggest tricks in action sports today.

“This new show is the biggest and most audacious action sports production ever staged,” said Nitro Circus Live CEO, Michael Porra. “It’s a truly exciting, adrenaline-charged, live show featuring an insane group of athletes who push each other to new extremes every single show.”

Attracting an ever-growing worldwide audience, Nitro Circus Live has been touring in the world’s most iconic venues, dazzling more than 1. 5 million fans since their last New Zealand stop in 2011.

“Nitro Circus Live sold out the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and Madison Square Gardens in New York. We saw standing ovations there and on every stop during our European tour,” said Porra

The five-city arena tour will see the Nitro Circus crew performing at key venues across New Zealand.

Fans can expect the Kiwi trio of Levi Sherwood, world-first BMX triple back flipper Jed ‘The Warrior’ Mildon, and New Zealand’s original FMX star Nick Franklin star in front of a passionate home crowd.

Palmerston North’s Levi Sherwood, who is one of the top FMX stars in the world, returns to home turf for his first Nitro Circus New Zealand tour in four years.

In addition to the New Zealand natives, the ever-growing cast of action sports super-stars includes: Josh Sheehan, Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams, Adam Jones, Andy Buckworth, Ryan Williams and Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham

The audience will experience the world’s only ‘Hole in One’ – innovated in New Zealand on the last tour – where riders launch 50 feet into the air off the Gigant-A-Ramp and attempt to land with pinpoint accuracy inside an inflatable zorb ball.

The show also includes a host of mind-bending new tricks on a cavalcade of ridiculous, never-before-seen contraptions off the jacked-up Nitro Gigant-A-Ramp, which is 10-feet bigger, and will launch riders up to 20-feet further than ever before.

For New Zealand 2015 Tour terms and conditions Click Here


NZ Rider Line-up

Travis Pastrana, Josh Sheehan, Bilko, Cam Sinclair, Adam Jones, Steve Mini, Beau Bamburg, Clint Moore, Jarryd McNeil, Levi Sherwood, Colton Moore, Daniel Bodin, Nick Franklin, Jackson Strong, Matty McFerran, Jayo Archer, Andy Buckworth, Jaie Toohey, Matty Whyatt, Brandon Loupos, Jed Mildon, Beaver Fleming, Chris Haffey, Ryan Williams, Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham, Andrew Ahumada, Todd Meyn, James Foster, Dusty Wygle, Streetbike Tommy, Crum Savauge, Ethen Roberts, Josh Roberts, Brandon Schmidt, Preston Godfrey, Gavin Godfrey, Kurtis Downs, Danny Campbell.

* rider line up subject to change


Milwaukee Tools


Nitro Circus Live Returning to Australia in 2015!



14/03/15 – Wollongong: WIN Stadium
21/03/15 – Newcastle: Hunter Stadium
28/03/15 – Hobart: Blundstone Arena
02/04/15 – Adelaide: Adelaide Oval
11/04/15 – Gold Coast: Cbus Super Stadium
18/04/15 – Mackay: Mackay Stadium
24/04/15 – Darwin: TIO Stadium








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After a hugely successful 2013 trek, Nitro Circus Live is set to light up cities and towns across Australia once again next year.  Travis Pastrana and his team of the world’s best action sports athletes are gearing up for an eight-city Regional Tour.

Kicking off on Saturday, 21 February at GIO Stadium, Canberra, the 2015 Nitro Circus Live Regional Tour will travel across six states and Territories, culminating with an ANZAC weekend spectacular in Darwin on Friday, 24 April.

The tour will also feature shows in Wollongong, Hobart, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Mackay and an outdoor extravaganza in Adelaide at the Adelaide Oval.

Nitro Circus Live has captured the imagination of people wherever it travels and the Regional Tour will be no exception, with spectators given a rare opportunity to experience 17-time X Games medallist Travis Pastrana live in a show that sold out some of the biggest arenas in the world.

Pastrana is the biggest name in action sports and after successful stints in Super Cross, Rally and NASCAR, will return to his beloved Moto for next year’s Australian Regional Tour.

Joining Pastrana will be recently crowned X-Fighters champion and world number one freestyle motocross rider Josh Sheehan, who will attempt the most dangerous trick in action sports, his signature double backflip.

The 2015 Regional Tour will also feature an all-new ‘retro’ themed production, which has been choreographed and styled as a 1920’s, Barnum & Bailey Style circus.

Set on a stunning multi-million dollar set, the retro theme has provided a perfect backdrop for Pastrana, Sheehan and all the stars of Nitro Circus Live to showcase their aerial acrobatic skills to hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.

While FMX and BMX is sure to get pulses racing, a range of new contraptions including a bath tub, rocking horse and penny farthing set to test even the most brazen Nitro Circus Live performer!

The 2015 Regional Tour will see Nitro Circus Live reward its loyal fan bases in Newcastle, Gold Coast, Wollongong and Canberra with return engagements, while also expanding into three new territories – Hobart, Mackay and Darwin.

On Thursday, 2 April, Nitro Circus Live will break new ground when our athletes showcase their death-defying skills at the spiritual home of sport in South Australia, the Adelaide Oval.

“Nitro Circus Live is one of the hottest touring acts on the planet and I’m delighted to be able to give our fans across regional Australia an opportunity to experience a show that has captivated millions of people around the world.”  Nitro Circus CEO Michael Porra said.

“We have spared no expense in bringing this show to back to Australia.  Fans in Hobart, Mackay, Wollongong and all the regional centres will be able to watch the same athletes that have performed at the O2 Arena in London and Madison Square Garden in New York”

“Five years ago Nitro Circus Live began with a desire to give people in towns and cities across Australia a taste of extreme action sports and I’m thrilled to be able to take this all-new show back to our heartland areas.”

“Tickets are sure to sell out fast in some of our venues so I encourage fans to get in early for this once in a lifetime extreme sports extravaganza!” Mr Porra said.

For Australia 2015 Tour terms and conditions CLICK HERE.


* rider line up subject to change



Welcome to the New

If you’ve been around long enough you may have noticed our website just got a facelift. If this is your first stop through, welcome! We’re really excited to present to you the new where you’ll be able to find all the latest updates on Travis and the crew, learn about shows coming to your area and check out our new online series.

Along with the new site, the team has been busy working on the return of our television series to MTV2 (premiering October 8) and prepping a massive global tour kicking off in 2015. In their spare time, they’re out breaking world records and hitting world firsts just because, you know, they can.

Feel free to explore the site and send us your thoughts. We’ll be keeping it updated every week with fresh content from some of the top action sports voices online. It makes no difference whether you ride or just watch, if you’re an enthusiast or merely a spectator, we hope you enjoy our new Nitro Circus community here. And we hope to see you out there on the road!

Interested in seeing the first triple backflip on a mountain bike? We’ve got that and much more in our entertainment hub.

Can’t wait for the next live show? See if there are any dates in your area.

Don’t forget to follow, fan, like or subscribe to connect with us. We can be found here:






Q&A With Travis Pastrana

Each week we’ll be featuring Q&A’s with our athletes so you can get to know them better off their contraption of choice.

What was your first…

Dirt bike? Honda Z 50

Award? A participation ribbon for soccer.

Concert? Smashing Pumpkins. I fell asleep.

Place you traveled outside of your home country? I went to South Africa for a race when I was 11 years old.

Celebrity crush? Jenny McCarthy

Ramp you hit? They didn’t have ramps when I was growing up, but we always made them out of 2×4’s and plywood

Vehicle you owned? 1944 International Firetruck. It was bright orange and had a top speed of 44mph. My mom was a flight attendant and my dad had to work, so I would drive myself from school to the track. It was so obvious that the cops never thought of pulling me over.

Broken bone? My foot. I was jumping off my slide with Jim Dechamp when I was 6 years old and missed the pool.

Thing you flipped on purpose? My body off a bridge.

Action sports video you saw? Pro’s at Practice and Play. It was a Gary Bailey video and it was awesome!

CD? Lincoln Park

Job? I worked construction with my dad as a kid, but I never got paid so is that a job?

Freestyle event you rode in? Free Air Festival in Las Vegas

Trick you mastered? No footer. I had those dialed!



What do you put on your hot dogs?


What’s your favorite city to ride in?

Melbourne, Australia or Paris, France. The French are crazy and most of my Nitro friends are from Melbourne.

Best advice you have ever been given?

If you shoot for the moon…at the very least you will be a shooting star.

Who did you idolize when you were growing up?

Matt Hoffman, Doug Henry and Guy Cooper

Is there a rider on tour that never stops surprising you?

R Willy

If you could pick anything, what would your last meal be?

Steak, beer, ice cream and some fries.

Who is the best roommate to have on tour?

Lyn-z :)

Describe Nitro Circus Live in one word.


What’s the most important thing in your gear bag?

Febreeze… It’s not for your own gear bag, but if Beaver Fleming is anywhere near your area, it’s evacuation without some sort of deodorizer!

Travis Pastrana Working On New Film

You’d think our athletes would want to relax in their downtime before they head out on our most massive global tour to date in 2015. Well it’s tough keeping these guys quiet for long and, frankly, they just get bored if they’re not jumping off something. Travis Pastrana has announced that he’s working on a new film called Action Figures. For all you lifelong enthusiasts, this film will be a callback to the DVDs of old which Trav and his friends grew up watching. Action Figures is like an extreme music video with members of the Nitro Circus family performing some of the most amazing tricks ever caught on tape. The ramps are bigger and the stakes are higher. It’s meant to push the limits of what you thought was possible.

Travis explains it in more detail here:


Keep checking back to for updates regarding the release of the film. Trav is actively working on it now but if you can’t wait until late 2014 to see it, you can follow his progress with our online exclusive web series where we get a glimpse at the types of tricks that are going down. Trust us, the most common phrases you’ll see with this film and web series are ‘world first’ and ‘world record’ – it’s that EPIC. For starters, check out the world’s first and second triple flip on a mountain bike:



We hope that wet your appetite. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow Trav’s progress as he works to bring you Action Figures.