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If you’ve been around long enough you may have noticed our website just got a facelift. If this is your first stop through, welcome! We’re really excited to present to you the new NitroCircus.com where you’ll be able to find all the latest updates on Travis and the crew, learn about shows coming to your area and check out our new online series.

Along with the new site, the team has been busy working on the return of our television series to MTV2 (premiering October 8) and prepping a massive global tour kicking off in 2015. In their spare time, they’re out breaking world records and hitting world firsts just because, you know, they can.

Feel free to explore the site and send us your thoughts. We’ll be keeping it updated every week with fresh content from some of the top action sports voices online. It makes no difference whether you ride or just watch, if you’re an enthusiast or merely a spectator, we hope you enjoy our new Nitro Circus community here. And we hope to see you out there on the road!

Interested in seeing the first triple backflip on a mountain bike? We’ve got that and much more in our entertainment hub.

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Q&A With Travis Pastrana

Each week we’ll be featuring Q&A’s with our athletes so you can get to know them better off their contraption of choice.

What was your first?

Dirt bike: Honda Z 50

Award: A participation ribbon for soccer.

Concert: Smashing Pumpkins. I fell asleep.

Place you traveled outside of your home country: I went to South Africa for a race when I was 11 years old.

Celebrity crush: Jenny McCarthy

Ramp you hit: They didn’t have ramps when I was growing up, but we always made them out of 2×4’s and plywood

Vehicle you Owned: 1944 International Firetruck. It was bright orange and had a top speed of 44mph. My mom was a flight attendant and my dad had to work, so I would drive myself from school to the track. It was so obvious that the cops never thought of pulling me over.

Broken Bone: My foot. I was jumping off my slide with Jim Dechamp when I was 6 years old and missed the pool.

Thing you flipped on purpose: My body off a bridge.

Action Sports Video You Saw: Pro’s at Practice and Play. It was a Gary Bailey video and it was awesome!

CD: Lincoln Park

Job: I worked construction with my dad as a kid, but I never got paid so is that a job?

Freestyle event you rode in: Free Air Festival in Las Vegas

Trick you Mastered: No footer. I had those dialed!



What do you put on your hot dogs?


What’s your favorite city to ride in?

Melbourne, Australia or Paris, France. The French are crazy and most of my Nitro friends are from Melbourne.

Best advice you have ever been given?

If you shoot for the moon…at the very least you will be a shooting star.

Who did you idolize when you were growing up?

Matt Hoffman, Doug Henry and Guy Cooper

Is there a rider on tour that never stops surprising you?

R Willy

If you could pick anything, what would your last meal be?

Steak, Beer, Ice Cream and some Fries.

Who is the best roommate to have on tour?

Lyn-z :)

Describe Nitro Circus Live in one word.


What’s the most important thing in your gear bag?

Febreeze.. It’s not for your own gear bag, but if Beaver Fleming is anywhere near your area, it’s evacuation without some sort of deodorizer!

Travis Pastrana Working On New Film

You’d think our athletes would want to relax in their downtime before they head out on our most massive global tour to date in 2015. Well it’s tough keeping these guys quiet for long and, frankly, they just get bored if they’re not jumping off something. Travis Pastrana has announced that he’s working on a new film called Action Figures. For all you lifelong enthusiasts, this film will be a callback to the DVDs of old which Trav and his friends grew up watching. Action Figures is like an extreme music video with members of the Nitro Circus family performing some of the most amazing tricks ever caught on tape. The ramps are bigger and the stakes are higher. It’s meant to push the limits of what you thought was possible.

Travis explains it in more detail here:


Keep checking back to NitroCircus.com for updates regarding the release of the film. Trav is actively working on it now but if you can’t wait until late 2014 to see it, you can follow his progress with our online exclusive web series where we get a glimpse at the types of tricks that are going down. Trust us, the most common phrases you’ll see with this film and web series are ‘world first’ and ‘world record’ – it’s that EPIC. For starters, check out the world’s first and second triple flip on a mountain bike:



We hope that wet your appetite. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow Trav’s progress as he works to bring you Action Figures.