Gallery: 6 Huge Moments From FMX at the Nitro World Games

August 4, 2016

The Nitro World Games was crowded with historic moments, and every athlete in every discipline was firing on all cylinders to make their event the most epic. And when it came time for the FMX riders to take center stage, they also didn’t hold back. The FMX competition, like most of the events, featured a unique set of ramps and landers designed for true progression with the highest level of safety. Here are six huge moments from the FMX competition:

6. Sherwood’s Dead Body Backflip

Levi Sherwood -- Dead Body Backflip -- Nitro World Games

Levi Sherwood took home the top prize with a huge run that included this picture perfect dead body backflip.

5. Taka’s Rock Solid Backflip

Taka Higashino -- Rock Solid Backflip -- Nitro World Games

Taka Higashino made the podium too. How could he not if he’s sticking rock solid backflips like this, over a 120-foot gap, no less.

4. Javier’s Ruler Backflip

javier villegas -- Ruler Backflip -- Nitro World Games

Javier Villegas makes it look like he’s holding an inflatable dirtbike above his head because his extension is so full and relaxed.

3. AJ’s Double Grab Backflip

Adam Jones -- Double Grab Backflip -- Nitro World Games

Adam Jones does the double grab backflip better than anyone. Lights out!

2. Adelberg’s Cordova Backflip

Rob Adelberg -- Cordova Backflip -- Nitro World Games

It doesn’t get much better than Rob Adelberg and this cordova backflip.

1. The Podium

Levi Sherwood-Josh Sheehan-Taka Higashino -- FMX Podium -- Nitro World Games

Josh Sheehan, left, Levi Sherwood, and Taka Higashino topped the podium.

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