For Jolene the X-chromosomes must not only account for the fact that she is a girl, but must also be an X-treme gene woven into her DNA, which she most likely inherited from her Father Bill and older brother Billy who both were dirt bike riding enthusiasts. Good genes might also have something to do with her ability to turn heads on and off a dirt bike. Despite her childhood aspirations of owning a daycare or her mother’s desires for her to be a ballerina, she has forgone all other less dangerous and sissy pursuits to become the extreme Canadian princess she is today.

Earning the respect of Travis and the rest of the Nitro crew is no small task for anyone, but Jolene has proved time and time again that even though she may not be one of the dudes, she is more daring and fearless than 99.9% of the world male population. Not only was Jolene the first female to back flip a full-sized dirt bike, she also back flipped off a ramp into the Grand Canyon. A stunt that would make Chuck Norris soil himself in shame. Her passion for crazy and insane activities has also made her highly successful in the WMA (Womens Motocross Association) and the CMRC(Canadian Motosport Racing Corporation). Accomplishments in these arenas and others has developed her into a world-class motocross diva and has molded her into a perfect fit for the Nitro crew.

With a need for balance in all things, the Circus is no exception. Jolene brings that much needed equilibrium to the chaotic Nitro crew. Through the stench of grease, mud, and gasoline from the guys, you might just catch the delightfully sweet aroma that is Jolene. Come take a sniff and see why she has captured the hearts of the crew and millions of other guys and gals around the world.


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