Aaron ‘Crum’ Sauvage

Utah, USA

Aaron Sauvage — aka “Crum” — is not exactly what you would envision in a Nitro Circus star. He has no real talent, he isn’t very good-looking, and he’s not that crazy. So how did he find his way into being one of the stars of the Nitro Circus TV show and also a permanent fixture in the live shows? Nitro Circus first came across Crum as a producer for the TV shows. He somehow managed to get himself in front of the camera instead of behind it, and the boys at Nitro realized that Crum was actually pretty funny. Since then, Crum has earned himself a permanent spot in Nitro Circus riding contraptions such as the trike and the Barbie car.

Aaron Crum Sauvage - Nitro Circus


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