Brandon Schmidt

New Jersey, USA
Rollerboard, BMX, Contraptions

As Nitro’s resident roller snowboarder, Brandon Schmidt occupies one of the most specific slots in the live show. He’s one of the few athletes who’s world-class in that sport, having landed the World’s First triple backflip on the rollerboard. But even though that’s his main focus, he’s a well-rounded action sports athlete who rides BMX and trikes in the Nitro show too. In fact, he stunned the BMX world when he made the finals of the BMX Best Tricks event at the inaugural Nitro World Games. He’s also legitimately one of the most positive and friendly people you’ll ever meet, as his teammates are quick to point out. When you add it all up, it might be impossible to figure out who likes Brandon more: Nitro audiences or Nitro athletes.

Brandon Schmidt - Nitro Circus


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