Clinton Moore

Bundaberg, Australia

UPDATE: Clinton Moore won the X-Fighters world tour in 2015, beating out fellow Nitro riders Thomas Pagès and Josh Sheehan for the top spot. Watch his winning run here.

Clinton Moore grew up on a small farm in Bundaberg, a town located on the east coast of Australia. He would spend hours at a time riding his dirt bike on the open acres around his house. With a little encouragement from his sister’s boyfriend, who introduced him to some FMX DVDs, Moore decided what he wanted to become: a pro FMXer. At age 15, Moore attempted his first backflip. He didn’t land that flip, but he did land himself in a hospital with two broken arms. A couple of broken arms couldn’t deter young Moore. With his casts removed, he was straight back on his bike to even the score with the backflip. He has come along way since his early backflipping days, consistently performing some of the world’s hardest tricks such as the Volt body varial, Ruler back flips, Shaolin back flips and huge right side up tricks. Moore is one of the most exciting riders on the Nitro Circus Live tour with his explosive extensions and massive repertoire keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats.


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