Erik Roner

Nevada, USA
Skiing, Skydiving, BASE Jumping, Contraptions

Erik Roner was a professional skier and avid BASE jumper who lost his life in a tragic accident in September 2015. He was published in over 30 magazines worldwide, starred in more than 10 major ski films, and participated in numerous TV shows on Discovery, National Geographic, NBC, Showtime, Fuel TV, and more. Each winter, he would travel the world and film a progressive big-mountain ski segment with Teton Gravity Research.

But it is not what he managed to achieve and see that makes Erik incredibly special to all of us. It is the pure joy and excitement he brought to every new experience and encounter. It is the passion and effort he put into all aspects of his incredible life, and the encouragement he offered to others seeking their own personal triumphs. And it is the remarkable warmth of his love and friendship that he offered unselfishly to everyone he met along the way. Unfortunately, we all lost Erik far too soon, but his passing gives us the chance to look back and take guidance from someone who had it all worked out. Erik gives us a blueprint to make sure that we focus on what’s important in our own lives. So when you do think about how you live your life, be sure to reflect on how Erik lived his. We have chosen to keep Erik in our hearts forever and to stay focused on what’s important in our own lives.

Erik Roner - Nitro Circus

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