‘Road to the Unthinkable’ Now Available With Exclusive Bonus Features

February 15, 2016

The NBC documentary Road to the Unthinkable tells the story of Josh Sheehan’s historic journey to become the first human ever to land a triple backflip on a motorcycle. It has never aired outside of the U.S., but it’s now available for download worldwide on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon Instant Video. Directed by our very own Trip Taylor, executive producer of the Jackass series and films, and narrated by Johnny Knoxville himself, this special alone is awesome enough, but we’ve also thrown in a ton of bonus features worthy of their own individual digital releases. They’re so good, in fact, that we tend to go full infomercial when we start to talk about them, so please forgive us while we get into it.

The Biggest Week in Action Sports

In 2015, the Nitro Crew racked up an unprecedented number of World First tricks. Not only that, a couple of them were considered impossible by many. Little-known fact: Just one week after Sheeny landed the triple, Jed Mildon made history with the World First BMX quadruple backflip. The FMX triple and BMX quadruple were two of the reigning Big Ones, stunts many thought couldn’t be done, yet Sheeny and The Warrior hit them just days apart. That crazy week is documented in another one of our NBC specials: Biggest Week in Action Sports, a one-hour look at the seven days that changed action sports forever. The best news? Biggest Week in Action Sports is included free when you pick up Road to the Unthinkable. That’s right, you’re getting two huge specials for the price of one.

The Best of Nitro Circus Online: AmBADASSador, Tommy & Crum, and More World Firsts

But wait, there’s more! No bundle of incredible World Firsts would be complete without something from Ryan Williams, who had another banner year in 2015, sticking one-of-a-kind tricks on scooter and BMX and cementing his place as one of the most versatile action sports pioneers riding today. In addition to the two NBC documentary features, we’ve included selected clips of R-Willy’s biggest World Firsts.

Jed Mildon and the first quadruple backflip on a BMX - Nitro Circus

On top of that, we’re also giving you the best episodes of AmBADASSador and Tommy & Crum. Nitro’s AmBADASSador, Coby Toland, brings you backstage for all the wacky hijinks the Crew get up to when they’re not throwing huge tricks in front of live audiences. Meanwhile, Streetbike Tommy and Crum do what they do best: Get themselves into trouble all over the world. What is their job, anyway? Maybe the free episodes of their series that come with Road to the Unthinkable will help us figure it out.

So, let’s recap: You get the FMX triple backflip special, the BMX quadruple backflip special, selected R-Willy World First videos, and several episodes of AmBADASSador and Tommy & Crum. That’s hours of video of Nitro Circus athletes doing what they do best, and it’s all just a click away. And if you act now (or soon, or whenever, really) you’ll also get exclusive music and behind-the-scenes photos to complement your multimedia experience, all for the price of one awesome special. Click here for more details and to pick up the big ol’ bundle from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon Instant Video!