That Time R-Willy Landed Three World Firsts in One Night | World Firsts

August 19, 2015

At Nitro Circus, we do what we do for many reasons, whether it’s FMX, BMX, skate, crazy contraptions, or whatever. We have a great time, yes, but there’s more to it. We do what we do because it gives us a platform to push ourselves to places that no one has ever gone — and beyond. We call them World Firsts, tricks that no one has ever landed and, in some cases, that no one thought were possible.

Not many people on this planet can say they’ve accomplished something so difficult, so technical, so rare that no one else has ever done it. Breaking records and making history in the world of action sports is no accident; it takes months, sometimes years, of practice. And that’s just the beginning. In most cases it takes multiple attempts before you can ride away. The commitment is intense, both in terms of the dedication and the level of danger if you aren’t prepared to take it to the limit.

One Nitro athlete has amassed so many World Firsts in multiple disciplines that we expect him to hit one every night. But Ryan Williams really set the bar high for himself back in 2013 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, when he stomped three scooter World Firsts in a single show. It was all part of the plan.

Ryan Williams drops in for three world firsts in one show!

He started out with a ruler frontflip, a trick inspired by spending so much time with the FMX guys, watching them do ruler backflips, R-Willy says. Amazingly, he landed it on his first try in a show, though he’d spent some time practicing in a foam pit. The most difficult part, he says, is keeping the deck from whipping, which obviously didn’t give him too much of a challenge that night.

His second World First of the night was a cashroll tailwhip rewind, which consists of adding a tailwhip rewind — whipping the deck around and then reversing it back — while spinning through the standard full-twisting backflip that is a cashroll. R-Willy admits, “The hardest thing about this trick is the amount of things happening at once.” Give that kid a gold star in multitasking, as he also landed this trick in his first try on tour after a lot of cashroll practice leading up to the show.

The third World First he hit in Saint Petersburg was the hardest for him — it took him two full tries to land it. The double frontflip tailwhip, he says, is difficult and dangerous because of the precision you need to catch that tailwhip coming around — and you don’t want to miss it, that’s for sure. He calls this trick a natural next step after doing so many double frontflip no-handers, in the same way a normal person might try something new at their favorite restaurant or upgrade their cellphone data plan.

Ryan Williams hit three world firsts in one show!

Watch all three World Firsts here:

And those three are only a quarter of the World Firsts R-Willy has landed with Nitro, so stay tuned for recaps on those, plus all of his future plans, which include adding another frontflip to make it a double frontflip ruler and maxing out on variations for the cashroll — you can hit him up on Facebook or Instagram to let him know what you’d like him to try to add to the cashroll. He’s also been chasing an elusive double frontflip tailwhip to no-hander that he hopes to land soon. Oh, and: “My friend Jamie Hull just did a double backflip double tailwhip, so maybe I’ll back him up and do a double frontflip double tailwhip,” he says. Sure, R-Willy, no problem.

If world firsts get you going, you definitely need to come check us out live — you never know when a history-making moment will happen! And you’re in luck, because we’re coming back to North America this fall with 20-plus shows in cities all of over the U.S. and Canada. Get your tickets before they sell out!