Top 5 Action Sequence Photos in Nitro History

May 13, 2016

We have crazy photos, and we have crazy videos, but the unsung hero of the action-sports media experience has got to be the sequence shot. A regular photo shows us a moment in time and a video shows us a fluid action, but the sequence shot can show us the best of both worlds: a series of moments frozen in time that add up to a complete action. It’s like watching a trick in hyper-slow motion, allowing you to spot aspects of the trick you wouldn’t normally be able to see in standard photos or video. So we’ve gathered five of our favorites from the archives to share with you.

(They’re also perfect for when you want to pinpoint the exact moment you would freak out during an insane trick. Can you spot your freak-out moment?)

5. BMX Triple Backflip

James Foster - BMX triple backflip - Nitro Circus

James Foster does the triple backflip in most Nitro shows, and he’s one of the only BMX athletes out there who’s consistently attempting it.

4. FMX Frontflip

Jackson Strong - FMX frontflip - Nitro Circus

The motorbike frontflip is one of those tricks that has such a high degree of difficulty that it’s managed to remain a rare sight on the FMX circuit. Don’t try to tell that to Jackson Strong, though.

3. Wheelchair Frontflip

Aaron FOtheringham - wheelchair frontflip - Nitro Circus

Speaking of impossible frontflips, Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, pioneer of WCMX, needs no introduction.

2. FMX Triple Backflip

Josh Sheehan - FMX triple backflip - Nitro Circus

It’s pretty tough to top the video of Josh Sheehan landing the World First triple backflip on a dirtbike, but this sequence shot is badass because it also shows the scale of the ramp setup, which in itself is insane.

1. Side-by-Side Double Backflips 

Travis Pastrana and Cam Sinclair - side-by-side double backflips - Nitro Circus

Travis Pastrana and Cam Sinclair, two of the handful of FMX athletes who have landed the double backflip, stuck the rare trick side-by-side, and it happened after Sincs’ terrible accident and miraculous recovery.

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