Top 5 Shots of the Best ‘Nitro Bombs’

April 7, 2016

If you need to explain Nitro Circus to someone who’s never heard of us, your best bet is to show them a photo or a video. And if you can’t decide exactly what you should show them, look no further than the Nitro Bomb. Our signature showstopper captures the essence of what we’re about — more action sports legends upside-down at once than you’ll ever see anywhere else. Nitro snowboard and BMX star Brandon Schmidt describes being in a Nitro Bomb like this: “It’s pretty ridiculous, because as you’re taking off from the lip you’re watching all these people flipping in front of you and you’re almost concentrated on them, but then you remember within a split second that you have to do the same thing, so you’re flipping in the air, and if you just glance to the side your best friend is like two feet away, upside-down over a 40-foot gap. So it’s pretty incredible.” Today we’re going to highlight five of our favorite Nitro Bombs, chosen because they’re awesome and because a couple of them have some real sentimental value. Check it out:

5. Sydney, Australia, 2012

Nitro Bomb - Nitro Circus

The Australia Cap City tour in 2012 was the first time the athletes on the Giganta and FMX sides all jumped at the same time, making this the first true Nitro Bomb.

4. Johannesburg, South Africa, 2014

Nitro Bomb - Nitro Circus

The Crew consistently ranks our South Africa shows in 2014 as some of the best we’ve done, and in Johannesburg this Nitro Bomb went up in front of the largest crowd we’ve ever performed for: 35,000-plus awesome fans.

3. Melbourne, Australia, 2014

Nitro Bomb - Nitro Circus

For our 2014 Australia Cap City tour, we had the Triganta, which meant we could do bigger Nitro Bombs with more riders in the air at one time than ever before.

2. Lille, France, 2014

Nitro Bomb - Nitro Circus

This Nitro Bomb in Lille, France, made the list because it’s just an awesome shot. Count ’em!

1. Europe, 2016

Nitro Bomb - Nitro Circus

Now, here’s one showing the guys in action.

Come see the Nitro Crew blowing up Nitro Bombs in a city near you! Soon we’re headed to Australia and North America, and then back to Europe later this summer. Hit those links for more details, and come see this insanity live!