Travis Sticks an Aussie Roll on a Mountain Bike | World Firsts

February 10, 2016

This week in London Travis Pastrana showed once again why he’s still the main man. It started with a huge sold-out show at the O2 Arena, which left the Crew and the crowd reeling from the adrenaline. Trav woke up the next morning feeling beat up but stoked and decided he was going to land a trick he’d been working on for three years, so he rounded up the troops and got to the venue early for a throwdown before that night’s show. The twist: He was planning to stick a World First on a mountain bike — and Dusty Wygle had been working on the same trick, also for about three years. Dusty, of course, was not going to let this record fall without a fight.

Travis Pastrana lands the World First Aussie Roll on a mountain bike - Nitro Circus

The trick in question goes by many names, depending on what’s being ridden, where you are in the world, and how you’re feeling that day. So you can call it an Aussie roll, a double backflip 360, a double cork 1080, or whatever you feel like, really. Travis says, “Snowboarding calls it a double cork 1080 because it’s three off-axis spins and you go inverted twice. Basically, two flips and one spin. Basically, flip-90-180-flip-90. Everyone does it a little different, but a scooter kid from Australia dubbed it an ‘Aussie roll,’ and the name stuck.” With us so far? We’ll call it an Aussie roll from here on out to keep it simple.

To make things even more interesting, Dusty laid Travis 5-to-1 odds for a $100 bet on who would land it first. Now, for those who don’t know, Dusty is aces on pretty much any type of wheeled vehicle (and several that shouldn’t have wheels). Nitro found him because he’s killer on pitbikes, but we soon discovered that he’s willing to take anything off a ramp and is lights out at everything he tries. He’s also been quietly becoming great on a mountain bike, which is currently his favorite discipline. Travis can do anything, we know, but his primary ride, as we also know, is a dirtbike. And this is a trick no one’s ever done on a mountain bike.

Dusty Wygle looks on Travis Pastrana lands the World First Aussie Roll on a mountain bike - Nitro Circus

That’s all to say: Dusty’s confidence that he could land the Aussie roll on a mountain bike before Travis was justified. It might not be 5-to-1 sure, but he wasn’t wrong to feel certain. He probably, statistically speaking, should have taken home that Benjamin. But history has shown what Travis Pastrana thinks of statistics, and he was first up. They needed a little extra kick, so they brought out the ramp James Foster uses for the triple backflip. Travis took two warm-ups and then just went for it.

Dusty was out $500 before he could tighten his laces, and Travis, well, he took to Facebook soon after to post the video and sum up why we’re so lucky to do what we do: “Putting on a show in front of tens of thousands of people is an amazing feeling. But sessions like this morning’s practice with just your friends are what we live for.”

We’re on tour in Europe right now, and we’ll back this summer! We’re also headed to Australia and North America, where we’ll kick off the inaugural Nitro World Games. Hit those links for more details, and come see this insanity live!