Travis Pastrana Videos

Massage Table Thoughts | Tommy & Crum

Part Two: Travis Pastrana vs. Streetbike Tommy Rally Race | Tommy & Crum

Part One: Travis Pastrana vs. Streetbike Tommy Rally Race | Tommy & Crum

Nitro World Games – ALL ACCESS

Impractical Jokers Live: Nitro Circus Spectacular

Athlete Involvement | Nitro World Games

FMX & FMX Best Trick | Nitro World Games

Innovative Scoring | Nitro World Games

Progression and Safety | Nitro World Games

Bigger World Firsts | Nitro World Games

Why Nitro World Games? | Travis Pastrana

FMX Double Backflip Combo – First Time on Nitro Tour!

Making History! Australian 10th Anniversary Tour

Action Figures (Clean Version) – Available Now!

Action Figures Now Available with iTunes Extras!

Travis Pastrana Goes Blind | Oh Sh*t Moments

Travis Pastrana Rally Crash | Oh Sh*t Moments

Travis Pastrana Lands World’s First Aussie Roll on MTB

Travis Goes All-In With Nitro Circus

Road to the Unthinkable – Pre-Order Today

Play Day: Moving Prank – Crum Destroys Everything


Travis Pastrana Pickup Lines | AmBADASSador

Sneak Peek: Episode 3 | Crazy Train

Crazy Train – Episode 2 | Sneak Peek

Travis Pastrana | Action Figures

The Crew | Action Figures

Mountain Bike | Action Figures

Motocross | Action Figures

Nitro Circus Live in Washington D.C. – Highlights

Free Bird Challenge | AmBADASSador

Badass Fans of Nitro Circus | AmBADASSador

Nitro Circus Presents Travis Pastrana’s Action Figures (Official Trailer)

Coming Soon – Download Road to the Unthinkable

The Ultimate Stunt | Road to the Unthinkable

The Danger of the Triple | Travis Pastrana & Brian Deegan

Rock, Paper, Scissors | Road to the Unthinkable

Mat Hoffman Interview | Road to the Unthinkable

Side-By-Side Double Backflip | AmBADASSador

The Early Years of Travis Pastrana | Road to the Unthinkable

The First Motorcycle Double Backflip | Brian Deegan

The First Motorcycle Double Backflip | Tony Hawk, Sal Masekela & Brian Deegan

What’s Next? | Travis Pastrana

The Backflip Era | Road to the Unthinkable

Progression of FMX | Mike Metzger

Danger of the Single Backflip | Travis Pastrana & Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams

Travis Pastrana’s First Backflip Attempt | Road to the Unthinkable

The First Motorcycle Backflip | Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana’s Quest for the First Motorcycle Triple Backflip

Ramps & Snake Wrangling in Australia | AmBADASSador

Epic Highlights from Last New Zealand Show | AmBADASSador

Travis & Crum | Romantic Getaway in Paris

Crocodile Jacuzzi | Tommy & Crum

Nitro Circus Golf Showdown | AmBADASSador

Revolution Day | Travis Interview

Mind of a Warrior | AmBADASSador

Huge Crowd and Crazy Crashes – Geneva, Switzerland Highlights

The Boss Gets Slapped | Tommy & Crum

New Zealand Road Trips | AmBADASSador

Idiots on Water Skis | Tommy & Crum

How Many Bones Has Travis Pastrana Broken? | AmBADASSador


Downhill Luge with Tommy & Crum

The Real Divas of Nitro Circus | Tommy & Crum

Badass Highlights from New Zealand | AmBADASSador

World First Scooter Triple Backflip – R Willy – Nitro Circus

Nitro Circus Contraptions – Crum Rides What Others Won’t | Tommy & Crum

Who Is Red Beard? | AmBADASSador


Biggest Trick In Action Sports History – Triple Backflip – Josh Sheehan

World First BMX Double Grab Front Flip

AmBADASSador Busts Some Balls with Nitro Circus Athletes | AmBADASSador

Travis Pastrana Double Flips First Time in 4 Years | Side by Side with Sheeny

Introducing The AmBADASSador – New Series!

Bikes Over Baghdad – BMX Action in the Middle East

It’s Coming – First Triple Backflip on a Motorcycle

Action Packed Days Off with Nitro Circus

Travis Pastrana and Nitro Circus are Back in New Zealand with an All New Show!

6 Million Nitro Circus Facebook Fans – Thank You!


Travis Pastrana’s Action Figures [Official Trailer]

Nitro Circus Moto Mayhem – Europe 2015 Teaser

BMX Double Backflip 360 – First Nitro Circus Aussie Roll!

Live US Tour Date Announcement – Behind the Scenes

Travis Bares It All in the Wildest Winter Wonderland

Crashing A Nitro Circus Award Ceremony!

2015 US Tour Dates Announced LIVE with Travis Pastrana, Streetbike Tommy and Erik Roner

BASE Jumping Goes Real Bad Real Fast

Travis Pastrana’s Epic Return To Red Bull Straight Rhythm

Nitro Circus Live returning to Australia in 2015!


Nitro Circus Live Coming Back to US – 14 New Cities!

Pastranaland: Travis Has Lost His Mind

Nitro Circus Invades Crankworx

Clowning around with FMX star Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams

Offroad Racing - Baja 1000 - Nitro Circus

Offroad Racing – Baja 1000 – Nitro Circus

Florida Georgia Line Helps Destroy Trevor Jacob’s House

What It’s Like Landing A World First

The Birth of Trigant-A-Ramp

Travis Pastrana Returns to Tour After Injury

Two-Stroke Week | Dirtbikes, Jet Skis and Tubing

First Triple Backflip On A Mountain Bike