Nitro Circus!

Nitro Circus The Movie 3D - Behind The Scenes

The Blob

The Blob

Episode 1 - Jun 28, 2012

Behind the Nitro Blob is a sneak peek of the Nitro Circus attempting the first ever skyscraper blob base jump.


Wake And Bake

Episode 2 - Jul 10, 2012

Behind the Nitro Wake and Bake is a sneak peek of the Nitro Circus shooting their amazing new movie.

Bike Skim - Nitro Circus The Movie 3D

Bike Skim

Episode 3 - Jul 19, 2012

Set at a beach side resort, Nitro City, where Travis Pastrana and his crew prepare for a death defying bike skim across the hotel pool.


Building to Building

Episode 4 - Jul 24, 2012

Set atop two massive skyscrapers in Panama City, Travis Pastrana and the rest of the Nitro cast prepare to jump a gap between the two buildings.


Car Barrel Roll

Episode 5 - Jul 30, 2012

In this episode Gregg Godfrey prepares to roll his 1984 Ford Mustang more times than the current "car roll" record holder, Travis Pastrana who flipped his rally car 7 times.


The Ultimate Crossover

Episode 6 - Aug 7, 2012

In this episode the Nitro Circus crew prepares for the ultimate crossover; a massive stunt involving 16 moto riders, 2 monster trucks and RZRs, all jumping simultaneously over each other.