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The action sports icon is the creative force behind the Nitro Circus mission:
pushing progression and having an awesome time while doing it.


  • @motoduff makes this look way too easy 🙌 #NitroCircus
  • #NitroWorldGames: Unlocked will follow hopeful up-and-coming athletes as they battle for a spot at the 2018 @nitroworldgamesofficial! Series premieres Monday, July 23 on Facebook.com/NitroWorldGames.
  • On Day 7 of @one_lap_of_america, @travispastrana and @bilkofmx go head-to-head and place a $1,100 wager on the time trial. Tell us below who your pick is then head to YouTube.com/NitroCircus for the full video! #NitroCircus #OLOA2018
  • @nitroworldgamesofficial will feature BMX Park, Skate Vert, and men’s and women’s Skate Park in the 2018 events lineup! 👊 More info in our bio. #NitroWorldGames
  • Ever the showman! @travispastrana @history #EvelLive
  • 5 times we went wild in Africa! Link in bio for full video. #NitroCircus
  • Who knew goats could fly?? @dustywygle #NitroCircus #RocketLeague #sponsored
  • What’s it like to be a Pastrana? Hit the link in our bio for the latest episode of #MicdUp with @travispastrana, @lynzskate, and two of the coolest little girls ever. #NitroCircus
  • @bilkofmx may not always know which side of the car the steering wheel is on, but he sure can drive. Hit the link in our bio for Day 6 of @one_lap_of_america! @travispastrana #OLOA2018 #NitroCircus
  • Still buzzing from this! #EvelLive
  • On Day 5 of @one_lap_of_america, @travispastrana and @bilkofmx run into a major snag that threatens to take them out of the race completely. Link in bio. #OLOA2018 #NitroCircus
  • Las Vegas, we had such a good time yesterday, we’re gonna stick around. @nitrocircusvegas residency coming to @ballysvegas Spring 2019! @travispastrana NitroCircusVegas.com
  • We’re coming back to Vegas in 2019! Link in bio for more 👀 @nitrocircusvegas @ballysvegas
  • Endless respect for our fearless leader, @travispastrana 🙌 #EvelLive
  • Jump 3: @caesarspalace fountain ✔️ @travispastrana, you are an absolute legend!!! @HISTORY #EvelLive
  • Jump 2: @greyhoundlines buses ✔️ @travispastrana @HISTORY #EvelLive