Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Adam Jones first jumped on a bike at just 10 years old. By 17, AJ had entered his first race and began to consistently earn podium finishes in nearly every race he competed in. It was safe to say the young gun had talent. An unfortunate crash forced him off the bike for about a year causing him to miss a full race season but as he was preparing for his comeback he felt something was missing. In order to recharge and regain his passion for riding, Jones took to the hills hitting jumps with friends. The experiment worked. Adam loved the adrenaline rush, and before long devoted himself to FMX full-time. He soon earned a spot in an IFMA X Games qualifier event, and by 2007 he had won his first X Games gold medal. Jones has since taken home five more X Games medals (four silver, and one bronze). Adam has invented tricks such as the cordova flip, shaolin backflip, and the dead body flip. In addition to his commitment to progression, AJ is known for his technical precision and huge extension.


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