R-Willy Explains How He Does the Nothing Front Bike Flip

In October 2015, we brought you the news that Ryan Williams had landed the World First nothing front bike flip at a Nitro Circus Live show, and while our audiences had been dropping their jaws at the trick for the last year, R-Willy’s big win at the Nitro World Games made it a household name. So we caught up with R-Willy and asked him to walk us through how he does the seemingly impossible trick.

“This trick is all about technique,” he says. “I can always immediately tell if I have done it wrong or right.” He reminds us that a straight air is surprisingly difficult on a ramp that size, and as huge as this trick is, its base is a straight air. “The motion I do to create the frontflip motion of the bike isn’t just pushing forward; it’s kind of like circular motion that actually starts with pulling the bike into me a little bit,” he continues. “This is because you want the bike to flip close to you, not just be pushed away, but not too close — otherwise you will end up with tire burn on your face or chest.”

This is the moment where he always knows for sure whether he’s got it dialed in. “About a quarter of a second after this point, I know if the bike is in the right spot and/or flipping fast enough, and I calculate where the handlebars will end up after the bike has done the frontflip,” he says. “Sometimes it spins perfectly and I have time to smile and laugh to myself, and sometimes I’m yanking the bike as hard as I can to get it underneath me.” Notice how in both scenarios he still sticks the trick. That’s what it’s like to ride in R-Willy’s world.


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