We here at Nitro HQ get a lot of awesome messages from fans, and one of the most common questions is: “Can I pleeeeeeeeeease hang out with Travis Pastrana at his house?” The legend of Pastranaland is so massive that most fans would even settle for spending the day there without Travis. Few get the chance, but now we can count a few more lucky fans among those few, courtesy of the Party With Pastrana contest that Oberto Beef Jerky put on. When the dust settled after the contest, four fans got the chance of a lifetime, spending the day with Travis as well as Nitro Crew stalwarts R-WillyBrandon SchmidtEthen Roberts, and Todd Meyn. What a day! Here’s a look at what they got up to, followed by some bonus photos and video from the day:

So yeah, pitbike races, RZR rides, and personal backflip coaching from Travis himself. Does it get any better? Sure it does. The winners also got a chance to watch world-class action sports athletes doing what they do best. During a skatepark session, R-Willy bet Travis $100 that he could frontflip his scooter from inside the park onto a takeoff. The spot he’d be flipping from had a solid two feet of vert to it, meaning he’d be working with just inches of clearance to get over the wall. Travis took the bet … and he lost. Here’s a clip of R-Willy sticking it as a tuck no-hander, for style points:

Of course, what Travis didn’t know was that R-Willy had worked through it the day before, as you can see in his personal edit. Buyer beware, Travis! For reference, here’s a shot of someone on BMX hitting it from the other side that day:

The Nitro boys then got set for the airbag challenge, as judged by the winners. Here’s a look at the airbag from the drop-in:

And a look at the judging booth as R-Willy sends it (the crane later became a diving platform after Travis encouraged the guests to test out the airbag):

All four of the Nitro guys threw down, but in the end Schmidty took home the jerky. One of the highlights of the day was a pitbike relay race, where each of the four guests got to pick a Nitro teammate for two laps around the Pastranaland pitbike course. The contest winners could all ride really well, which made this quite the competition. One of the “rules” was that during teammate hand-offs, there are no rules, which meant there were a lot of shenanigans at the transition point:

And of course the highlight of the day was Travis teaching one of the guests to backflip into the foam pit. You can see that on the first video above, but you don’t truly get how cool it is unless you were there to hear all of the advice that a backflipping pioneer had for a first-timer. Of course, when it comes to Pastranaland, being there is the entire point.


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