BMX superstar Colton Satterfield clearly doesn’t do anything halfway, and so when he set his mind to creating a pair of pants that were overbuilt for riding but also beautifully designed for everyday wear, it turned into more than just a personal passion project. Now his denim-focused lifestyle company, Love. And. Rebel, is blowing up in the action sports community, thanks in no small part to Colton’s extreme focus and a lot of hard work.

We caught up with the Salt Lake City native over email to find out what it takes to go from decorated BMX pro to burgeoning denim kingpin. “I wouldn’t consider myself too conventional in the first place,” he says. “I try not to be — it’s the only way to get anywhere.” The X Games gold medalist is obviously no stranger to long, tough riding sessions, and over the course of his epic career he started to notice that there was a literal hole in the clothing world when it comes to what he does. “I have never found good denim for us to ride in ever, and tried everything for so long,” he says.

His solution was to design a pair of pants with action sports in mind, and that’s what he set out to do. He took the task deadly serious, and the more he learned about denim and the pants-making process, the more he realized he could do better. Through more than a year and a half of creating and testing and refining, he moved L&R to the point where he was ready to bring these pants to the world. “Our goal is this. Be the best all around pant, specific to going hard, i.e. BMX, skate, outdoor lifestyles. To do this we focused on these five areas,” he says. Those areas are durability, stretch, breathability, comfort, and fit.

Nitro BMX legend Jed Mildon has been riding in L&R denim for a while and is super pleased with the results. He tells us, “Colton’s jeans are like no other. They are, as the title says, the most durable, most comfortable, most breathable, most stretch, best fit.” Full disclosure: Athletes were given pants to test, but these reviews aren’t coerced. In fact, feedback of all types is the whole point. Colton’s strategy has been to give top riders the pants not for promotional purposes (well, at least not solely for promotional purposes) but for R&D purposes. Real-world testing and the design changes Colton has made as a result of that have led to rave reviews from the action sports community. Kurtis Downs, another longtime member of the Nitro Crew who’s been riding in L&R jeans, landed the World First BMX stripper flip in them. He gives a great video testimony over on L&R’s “>YouTube, but maybe the best review he could give is this one:

Nitro World Games trophy winner Logan Martin is another top athlete who says he’ll never ride in another pair of jeans. We didn’t talk to Logan, but we didn’t need to. The Love. And. Rebel. Insta account has screengrabs of texts from athletes genuinely excited by L&R jeans. “People are loving them and that makes me stoked,” Colton says. “Everyone is wearing them and riding in them now. It’s cool to see a first trick or wild Insta vid and see dudes rocking and loving them. … A lot of time and effort being rewarded is awesome.”

It’s clear that these pants aren’t just a gimmick. Colton considers L&R a pioneer in a new category: quality casual. He says he wants to invent clothing you can wear on a date right before you get blown up on a massive dirt landing, and if that juxtaposition sounds like it’s intentionally symbolic, well, that wouldn’t surprise us. Colton describes himself as a “deep thinker” when he talks about how he came up with the name of his burgeoning lifestyle brand. “Basically, in this world, love is rebellion. This world is run by duality in all things throughout history — it’s the nature of reality. I liked how ‘Love’ and ‘Rebel’ could be spoken as two verbs that seem opposite or a verb and a noun. There are so many ways to take it, and to me they are all deep,” he says.

Over at LVRBL.com they’ve also got hats, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you see the variety of offerings grow. Keep an eye on this brand, because the quality casual category is what action sports has always needed, even if we didn’t realize it until now, and if this is the start of a trend, we are fully on board for the ride.




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