Healthy rivalry is a cornerstone of action sports progression, and as with any tight-knit group, the Nitro Crew’s competitiveness extends beyond the ramps. That’s why when our friends at Whistle Sports asked if we’d like to get involved in their series Bad Joke Telling, the boys jumped in face-first. The way it works couldn’t be simpler. The guys are given pre-written jokes, and the first to laugh loses. Warning: The jokes are legitimately bad, which is half the fun. It’s one-on-one, so there’s no overall winner, but we have an opinion on that. We’re partial to the competitors who attempted to use their performance of the jokes to take home the win. Check out Jed Mildon in Episode 2 and Josh Sheehan in Episode 3. Nitro Ringleader Travis Pastrana also shows some of that flair right out the gate in Episode 1, making a case for being cast in Disney’s next animated musical.

But the overall win has to go to Jaie Toohey, who in Episode 1 uses the tactic of coming up with better responses than the actual punchlines to throw Ethen Roberts off his game. The “If I’m Going to Lose, We’re Both Going to Lose” Award goes to Todd Meyn, who in Episode 2 spits all over Jed while trying not to laugh. And in Episode 3, Matt Whyatt makes Andy Buckworth laugh before he can even get through his first joke. Check out all that, plus more hilariousness from BilkoBeau BamburgRyan WilliamsChris HaffeyJames FosterHarry BinkStreetbike TommyBrandon SchmidtAdam Jones, and Gregg Duffy in the three episodes below:



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