R-Willy on the Trick That Took Him 600 Attempts

Ryan Williams’ Web Edit III broke the internet, or at least the part of the internet devoted to action sports, aka the one that matters. The clip blows through years of his craziest tricks. Tricks he practiced, planned, and filmed so meticulously that they merit edits of their own. R-Willy’s Web Edit Wednesdays do exactly that. The vlogs drop every Wednesday and take us through the inspiration and challenges he faced in mastering his biggest tricks. This episode is a doozy. He takes us through the most difficult tricks in the entire series: two variations of the scooter footjam.

The first is the oppo 540 inside footjam whiplash or, more succinctly, a 540 inside footjam. The second, the trick he considers to be his biggest triumph, and for reasons truly appreciated by scooter riders, is the 900 downlash, with no hops. R-Willy repeatedly emphasizes it isn’t quite the same triumph if the trick isn’t done cleanly with no hops. He estimates the trick took him 600 attempts over six hours. The takeaway is that the work is the fun when you’re an action sports pro. Tricks fly by on video, but each takes hours and hours to perfect. Once a trick is vanquished and put to film, riders are on to the next one. We salute the work ethic, and so should you. Hit that play button, and make sure to check out the rest of R-Willy’s Web Edit Wednesdays series:

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