GALLERY: Inside Sk8 Liborius, the Park You Have to See to Believe

There is an undeniable stigma toward fly-over states. While most of the industry, pop culture, media, sports, religion, politics, finance, and most anything else exist near a coast, there is one glimmer of hope for everything in between. Opportunity! What if Detroit won the bid for a major contest? They could build gaps through buildings and use actual street spots in the course. For years I have begged organizers of contests to leave their developments permanent for communities to enjoy, and been laughed at. Detroit would devour some new spots. Someday, someone will get it.

Sk8 Liborius

Inevitably, living in desolate areas, you learn to work harder to achieve your goals. As thousands of country music songs have taught us, the harder you work, the happier your life. That idea may be too simplistic, but nevertheless, it produces unique people and places.

One of those forgotten cities with a powerhouse work ethic is St. Louis. If you ever visit and don’t see the City Museum, you blew it. Sadly, the Lou is more famous for racial tension than action sports, but the heredities of courage are deep. St. Louis has talent, and to produce that ability, there must be spots. St. Liborius Church was completed in 1889. It was the center of a strong German community at the time, and thousands worshiped there. In 1992, it closed its doors and sat dormant for years. But a select few saw the beauty among the pounds of pigeon droppings that covered almost everything.

That’s how we got Sk8 Liborius, one of the most stunning parks in the world. The astonishing people at Such and Such Farm found helping hands and donated hundreds of hours to the building to transform it without ruining its historic aesthetic appeal. Together with local artists, they have used the place of worship to hold different events and obviously build a pretty fun set up. Enjoy the pictures. Most of them were taken by Alex Landeros. The other riders are Mykel LarrinZach Newman, and Paul-Luc Ronchetti. By the way, there have been rumors of a gigantic ramp being built from the second story of the building. If it happens, you will read about it here. Check out the slideshow:



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