Three Amazing Moments From a One-Off Show

Nitro Circus is 100 percent concentrated on progressing action sports. When you’re focused on the unknown, it leads to inevitable change. This directly impacts the live show and makes it a living, growing organism that has to adapt to transformation. But like any growing entity, it goes through phases. And like any loving nurturer, I want to exploit the creation.

Before the Next Level Tour of North America, where we flirt with “moon booters” and four-story landings, we made a stop in Edinburg, Texas. The show was not associated with any specific tour, just a one-off in a little border town in Texas. The fine people of Edinburg were lucky enough to see some of the craziest moments we’ve had this year. A good enactment should make you run the gauntlet of emotions. You should feel excited, alarmed, fascinated, ecstatic, and leave the performance overwhelmed. Here are three instances where it happened, all in one show in Texas. Watch the video and then read all about what makes each of these moments special:

World First Electric Motorcycle in a Nitro Show

Rarely do you see one of the more experienced riders at the forefront of technology. In fact, there are still FMX riders that use 2 stroke engines because they don’t want the low end muscle of a 4 stroke. Nate Adams took the combustion motor out of the equation and rode the first fully electric motorcycle in a Nitro Circus Live performance. The future is an interesting place, but the idea of a silent motorcycle speaks against everything we have been taught about transportation in general and about using vehicles for freestyle stunts in particular. Riders and drivers shift off the sound of the RPMs of the engine, but with an electric motorcycle, there is no shifting, no noise — just power. The rider must be so familiar with jumping 75 feet that they can ride to the feel of the run-up. Nate is so assured, he leads trains.

CJ Titus Fail

Imagine getting the nod for your first Nitro Circus Live event. I remember my call to the altar — even for the initial meeting just to talk about it, my nerves ran wild. I cannot fathom getting on top of the 40-foot Giganta and having to ride in front of 7,000 screaming fans. CJ Titus got the call to ride his skateboard and did a phenomenal job. In fact, he started getting a little comfortable. This is typically when disaster strikes. During the final contraptions section CJ noticed many people lining up to jump over the whiskey barrel and eagerly joined. What happened deserves to be on WorldStar.

Morgan Wade One-Handed Double Tailwhip

Morgan Wade is a real-life living legend in the world of BMX. The pride of Texas has been a staple at Nitro World Games and live events for several years. His eyes are as outsized as his bravery, and in this line of work, that can go one of two ways. Morgan has produced epic footage and countless medals in his drive for big air supremacy. In Edinburg, there was a $1,000 prize for best trick on the line, and everyone had all but handed Zack Warden a check for his backflip bikeflip over the 40-foot gap. Out of nowhere, on the final run of the contest, Morgan fired out a on-handed double tailwhip. I haven’t seen a single version of this trick over a mega ramp ever, and to see it stepped up the way he did is phenomenal. He basically threw around a 35-pound bicycle with one hand twice, and had the wherewithal to put his feet back on the pedals. That one might not be done ever again.



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