James Foster Earns BMX Big Air Gold and More From X Games Minneapolis

BMX kicked into high gear on Day 2 of X Games Minneapolis. It all started with a women’s BMX park demo. Eight women stepped onto the course aiming to show X Games that they deserve an official contest. They did a great job, and here’s hoping we get to see more women’s BMX Park in the future.

The next event was a best trick tribute event for Dave Mirra on the park course. It was pretty awesome to watch the riders first pay homage to Dave by doing his tricks, but then battling it out for 15 minutes in his honor to progress BMX. When the craziness ended, a young man who came all the way from Australia strictly for this event walked away victorious. Alex Hiam turned everyone’s head with his uniquely technical style. His first trick won him the competition, while others chased the rest of the time. In the stunt he tailwhipped to the top of the biggest obstacle, stuck his foot on the front tire, and whipped the bike around again before jumping into the gigantic transition. Check it out:

The most anticipated event of the night was easily BMX Big Air. Eight of the bravest souls stepped onto the 80-foot roll-in for their date with the largest ramp on the planet. Nitro Riders were slotted in almost every position and held their own. Sadly, fan favorite and 2017 medalist Kurtis Downs took a nasty fall in practice and could not compete. This left a huge hole for a new podium order. The competition was packed with World First tricks. James Foster hucked a quad downside tailwhip that secured him his second straight X Games gold in this event. Morgan Wade took the silver with a one-handed double tailwhip on the quarterpipe. He also set a new X Games record for highest air, at over 24 feet. Vince Byron rounded out the podium for his second medal this year with a 540 flair on the quarterpipe. X Games rookie Ryan Williams missed the podium but made SportsCenter’s Top 10 by landing a forward bike flip to wood. R-Willy clearly cemented his place at this contest on both the jump and the quarterpipe, and there are almost certainly medals in his future. He was inches away from pulling his dream run, which arguably could have been enough to win the contest. Overall, it was an exciting contest on a packed day of events. Check out Foster’s insane winning run:



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