Loupos, Martin Soar in X Games Minneapolis BMX Events

X Games thrives on giving athletes who ride two-wheeled vehicles a venue to evolve. From their first endeavor in Rhode Island, to their international series World of X Games, and currently inside the newest NFL stadium in existence, they have pursued every avenue possible to highlight just how cool motorcycles and BMX is. As with most things, some years have been more successful than others, but in Minneapolis this past weekend, they knocked it out of the park.

The final two BMX events of the X Games were BMX Dirt and BMX Park. The lineup for both contests featured heavy hitters, which led to major drama and glorious victories. The lead changed so many times during BMX Park that it was hard to keep up. At one point every single rider seemed to be finding larger tricks to do over lines, and then someone would find a unique line and be rewarded heavily by the judges. Dennis Enarson crashed in his first run, leaving him at the bottom for most of the contest. It wasn’t until his third run that he turned it all around to finish in silver position. His unique ability to ride anything in front of him shined, and he has now made Top 3 in every contest he entered this year. Logan Martin pounded out massive tricks and wasn’t letting anyone take away this gold medal. If he can stay upright, he wins; it’s truly that simple. Kyle Baldock rounded out the field after taking the early lead on Run 1. Check out Logan’s winning run right here:

BMX veteran Chris Doyle was commentating for BMX Dirt and called it “the best dirt contest in the history of BMX.” Chris has ridden professionally since the 1990s and been in thousands of dirt competitions. Five riders had scores in the 90s that would have won the majority of the other competitions in the building that day. It was a firefight until the end, where everyone put all they had on the line. Never has someone been so happy to take third place as Brian Fox was. He double flipped and 720’d his way to a podium that will not be forgotten. Logan Martin threw buckets worth of tricks at the jumps and still couldn’t touch the golden boy and Nitro Circus regular Brandon Loupos. Logan took second (and ended the weekend with two podiums). This was Brandon’s first X Games, and his cashrolls and double flips gave him a winning score on the day that will likely be tough to top for the foreseeable future. Check out his winning run here:

Once the non-motorized bicycles concluded, X Games brought out the Hooligan and Super Hooligan flat track motorcycle races to take over the Super Bowl floor. Basically, the track crew hauled out all of the ramps and landings for FMX in one short span and built a medium-sized track for the races. Hooligan Racing is done on a bone stock motorcycle. You take off the front brake, put a metal sole on your left shoe, and you race in circles. You are not allowed to put on aftermarket parts, and you must be an amateur. What is awesome about this sport is tons of old professionals from action sports participate. In fact, Jimmy Hill of FMX fame took second this year. And J.J. Flairty, a professional BMX rider, won the class last year. The Super Hooligan Class features sponsored professionals coming from around the country to compete. It was super well organized and incredibly fun to watch guys lean on each other with back ends washing out constantly. I hope they continue to grow this class as the nation takes notice of this exciting race series. Our thoughts are with Brad Baker, who had a bad crash during practice. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Check out Jared Mees’ flat track win and Daniel Mischler’s Hooligan racing win right here:



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