X Games Minneapolis: Highlights From Men’s and Women’s Skateboard

You can bet the farm that explosive skateboard contests will always happen under the roof of the X Games. They have paved the way in terms of formats and, best of all, course design. The aesthetic they managed to achieve inside a structure made for ball sports is inconceivable. Perfectly smooth concrete splashed around hand-painted and stained wooden structures in both the skateboard street and park courses. The attention to detail was incredible, and was particularly noteworthy in how the 70-foot-tall, 300-foot-long Big Air ramp was tucked perfectly into a corner, as if it had lived there forever. And let’s not forget the athletes themselves.

In addition to top professionals, X Games brings out the young kids for the next generation competition. Getting kids on the ramps on a large stage is important for the growth of the discipline. Speaking of age: No one on the podium for Women’s Skateboard Park was old enough to drive. Also, a 14-year-old was riding the Big Air ramp and doing gigantic 540s. The future is bright! Check out Brighton Zeuner’s winning run in Women’s Skateboard Park and Mariah Duran’s winning run in Women’s Skateboard Street:

The weekend highlight was Big Air, where Mitchie Brusco spun a 1080 on the 27-foot-tall quarterpipe. Everything is slower when you’re playing with 22-foot airs, and to spin something so fast and land so perfect is incredible. Also, Italo Penarrubia dropped in from the railing to the quarterpipe, and it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. Check out Mitchie’s gold medal run:

In Men’s Skateboard Street, Nyjah Huston put on a clinic to secure a gold medal and another highlight to an incredible career. The course fully suited his style of skating and the highlight video will show it all. Check them out!



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