Crazy Action Leads to the First Nitro World Games BMX Park Final

Make sure you watch the BMX Park final streaming LIVE today at 3:30pm ET/12:30pm PT on the Nitro World Games Facebook page! Then stick around for a livestream of BMX Park Best Trick at 5:30pm ET/2:30pm PT.

In its third year, the Nitro World Games has morphed from a single day of best trick events to an impressive explosion of core, industry-style contests. The production team is the best in the business. And the venues have evolved in the right direction too. For Men’s BMX Park, they got the key to CA | TF in Vista, California, an established park with an abundance of lines for creative riders. The park is not normally open to BMX, so watching the inaugural Nitro World Games Men’s BMX Park event go down there was truly special.

Nitro World Games Men's BMX Park - Logan Martin

The day started with 23 riders vying for 12 spots in the semifinal. From there, we took six riders into the final, which takes place Saturday, Aug. 18, live on Facebook.com/NitroWorldGames. The quarterfinal was a treat only a few people got to see. Highlights from riders who didn’t qualify into the semifinal include Jayden Mucha, who touched the rafters of the course on his first trick of the first run of the contest. He qualified by winning Nitro World Games Unlocked, and no one that watched him ride will ever forget his name. This kid is the future, and New York has a new king on the way.

Daniel Sandoval, Parker Heath, and Mykel Larrin all pulled notable runs that would have made the cut at many contests, but at Nitro World Games, the talent level leaves a lot of familiar names behind. Even Brandon Loupos just missed the cut into the semifinal.

Nitro World Games Men's BMX Park - Chris James

Chris James came all the way from Australia for the contest and put on a clinic. On one of his downside foot-plant attempts his rear tire hit the ceiling of the building. This is a massive warehouse with easily 40 feet between the ground and the top ceiling. Chris frontflipped and did tons of aesthetically pleasing stunts, but with the best in the world competing for only 12 semifinal spots, even qualifying is almost impossible.

When the smoke settled, riders Brian Fox, Jeremy Malott, Jack Clark, Larry Edgar, and Kevin Peraza all made the semifinal with incredible runs featuring implausible speed and a slew of never-been-done transfer lines. But even with the incredible action and gravity-defying stunts, none of these world-class riders made the final.

Nitro World Games Men's BMX Park - Boyd Hilder

Australia’s Boyd Hilder was the brightest star in all of the heavens in the semis. His bicycle and clothing setup may not call to mind a traditional transition monster, but never judge a book by its cover, they say. He led the majority of the rounds in the quarters and semis. He did insane grind variations, such as a double downside grind around a bowl corner with pool coping. That’s pretty much setting yourself up for a trip to the hospital for even attempting it. Yet Boyd fired it out three different times in the middle of his runs. He is the ace of this Nitro World Games.

Logan Martin, Colton Walker, and Marin Rantes laid down runs that they have on lock down. All three can put together every bar, flip, and spin combination imaginable in any given run. The height at which these variations were displayed determined their places at the end of the contest. Marin slipped in at sixth place. Colton ended up fourth, and Logan, who did everything higher than anyone else, is headed into the final in first place.

The talk of the town award goes to Dennis Enarson. With everything stacked against him going into his final run (he was sitting in last place due to a wallride mishap) Dennis had to be perfect. He was the last rider to drop in, and he pulled a rabbit out of his hat. He rode a concrete skatepark like it was a set of floating dirt jumps. His opposite airs were as normal looking as his natural way, and his variations were all on point. His typical Dennis tricks could end a video part section. Although he placed second overall, there is an argument to be made that he should have qualified first.

The final starts at 3:30pm ET / 12:30pm PT on Saturday, followed by a best trick competition of epic proportions at 5:30pm ET/2:30pm PT. Watch it all happen live on the Nitro World Games Facebook page.



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