Martin, Fox Top Nitro World Games BMX Park Events

Logan Martin, Dennis Enarson, and Ben Wallace have finished atop the podium in the inaugural Nitro World Games BMX Park event. Brian Fox took home the win in the first-ever Nitro World Games BMX Park Best Trick jam.

The six finalists in BMX Park came out swinging, getting three runs each, with the best score counting. Lead changes were the name of the game throughout, and in the end it came down to the very last run of the contest to secure the podium. Martin was sitting in fifth place after two uncharacteristically tame runs, but he came out determined with combo after combo in his third run and convinced the judges he was the best rider today. Second-place Enarson wowed once again with his huge amplitude and fearless approach, while Wallace’s extremely creative lines and consistent riding earned him third place. Watch the entire event right here.

The BMX Park Best Trick contest was a 20-minute jam format featuring 11 of the best riders showing what they’ve got in terms of sheer technical ability and a whole lot of creativity. In the end, the judges awarded Fox the top prize for a massive 1080 over a relatively small spine. On a previous attempt he completely blew out and bent his back tire landing to flat. He told us afterward that this was definitely the smallest spine he’d ever landed a 1080 on. “It wasn’t that it was just small,” he said, “but it was also a double coping spine, and also the runway I had to get to it made it really gnarly.” Fox also landed a double backflip on the box jump on his very first line of the contest, which had the commentators and spectators reeling — at the time. “Because it was the first thing that I did, I think it was just, ‘Oh, whatever,’ and it just got thrown out the window and no one even remembered it. It was so funny,” he said. “It’s because the level of riding out there was just so insane, I mean, I didn’t even think I was going to win Best Trick, so I’m stoked.” Watch the entire event right here.

The 2018 Nitro World Games next heads to Salt Lake City, where FMX Best Trick, FMX Quarterpipe, and Nitro Rallycross will go down September 22-23. For more details and tickets, head to NitroWorldGames.com.



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