The Nitro World Games BMX Park Final Had It All

The second and final day of the inaugural Men’s BMX Park competition at the Nitro World Games saw fantastic riding rewarded with two titles, a lot of bragging rights, and of course nice cash prizes. We started the competition with 23 riders, who battled it out for the six spots in the final.

Nitro World Games - Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace was the oldest rider in the competition, and he showed everyone how years of competing can give you a different understanding of courses. Ben rode lines in the park that no one else could duplicate. He then added flairs and double tailwhips to an already impressive run, and the excitement built each time he dropped in. His third-place finish is a statement on how strong his riding still is, and this first-time Nitro World Games competitor is going back to Great Britain with accolades galore.

Second place went to Southern California’s Dennis Enarson. His unforced, silky smooth style was perfect for the fast bowl. His wall rides were gigantic, and several times he tailwhipped across the entire skatepark using gaps and lines that needed full-throttle riding. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the only reason he didn’t win it was a few of the tricks at the end of his runs didn’t count due to time running out. If the runs were 50 seconds instead of 45 seconds, the standings would have been different.

Winner and 2018 contest dominator Logan Martin put on a tremendous show that included 720 barspins, 900s, and a flip whip over a spine that had no designs to ever be ridden that way. Logan has been on a rampage, and with this along side his X Games gold last month in Minneapolis, he has won two of the major three bowl contests on the BMX schedule this year. It came down to his final run with loads of pressure from Dennis, who was sitting in the lead. The contest had heaps of drama and the energy was electric.

Nitro World Games - Boyd Hilder

Honorable mention goes to Boyd Hilder, who ended up in fifth place. Boyd was a late addition to the contest as an alternate. He more than took advantage of his situation and did more downside double pegs around pool coping and backflipped the smallest kicker in the building. He was a fan favorite and has a bright career in any contest he decides to ride in the future.

Following the BMX Park final was a 20-minute Best Trick for $5,000, winner take all. Any rider was allowed to enter, and the entertainment factor was through the roof. Chris James did his best to hit the ceiling and added a no-hands to a frontflip. Colton Walker did the cleanest 450 hip transfer and added a tailwhip and barspin to the stunt. Daniel Wedemeijer fufanu’d the biggest banner railing out of the steepest quarterpipe in the entire skatepark.

Jeremy Mallot did four tailwhips to the wedge, which was one of the cleanest done out of a quarter ever. The final battle was between Mykel Larrin, who backflip transferred a large gap in the final few seconds of the contest, and Brian Fox, who spun a 1080 over a ridiculously small spine. Brian was declared the winner, and everyone agreed that destroying himself and his bicycle was worth the prize money and the title. Good on you, Brian!

Watch the complete broadcast of both contests right here:

The 2018 Nitro World Games next heads to Salt Lake City, where FMX Best Trick, FMX Quarterpipe, and Nitro Rallycross will go down September 22-23. For more details and tickets, head to NitroWorldGames.com.



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