Crazy Pics and Video From the Brand-New Live Show

We are off and running on the Nitro Circus YOU GOT THIS Tour of North America, set for eight brand-new arena shows featuring an all-new format that includes a bigger ramp on the Giganta side as well as in-show competitions, which we’re calling the Nitro Circus Live Throwdown, designed to push progression every single night. We’ve already had World Firsts and we’re only one weekend in! Click here for info and tickets. And click here for more on the in-show competitions that are streaming live on Facebook. To see what the new show has in store, read on for video and photo highlights.

It Started in Montreal

It was universally agreed that this was the best first show of a tour in a really long time — maybe ever. For it being a first-time format with a ton of new elements, everything clicked from the get-go. The entire Nitro family was sincerely blown away, and it showed in how hyped everyone was. Check it out:


That Night in Toronto

Two days later we were in Toronto, wondering if that first-show magic was a fluke. It was not. The riders absolutely sent it once again, and the Nitro Circus Live Throwdown lived up to all the hopes we had in planning it. For starters, Brandon Schmidt landed a World First double flip double whip — the Double Double. Watch it here:

But perhaps the most memorable moment of the night came courtesy of Harry Bink on the FMX side, who landed a rock solid backflip clean but didn’t ride out of it so perfectly. But in true Harry fashion, he managed to make it look good anyway:

The fun times are just getting rolling! Click here to see where we’re headed next, and check out all these images from the Montreal and Toronto shows:



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