Are FMX Frontflip Combos the New Backflip Combos? Watch Throwdown Live!

Watch Throwdown live on Facebook Watch Oct. 11 and 12! Then keep an eye out for more in late November.

You asked for video game tricks, and we’ve got them. On the FMX side Gregg Duffy and Harry Bink have been battling for frontflip combo supremacy, while riders like Adam Jones, Blake “Bilko” Williams, Beau Bamburg, and Josh Sheehan are throwing down picture perfect backflip combos to hold it down for the old guard. On the Giganta side, the new ramp setups are raising the game. We’ve got Beaver Fleming so close to sticking a double backflip on a skateboard, Jed Mildon returning to triple backflips after landing the first one ever and taking many years off, and Matt Whyatt nailing quad whips and calling himself out: five will be coming soon. The next installment of Nitro Circus Live Throwdown is almost here.

We’ll be streaming Throwdown live from San Jose on Oct. 11 and then again from Anaheim on Oct. 13. The two-part competition segment is in every show on tour, and we’ve selected a few to stream on Facebook so everyone can experience a little slice of Nitro Circus Live. Our first Throwdown livestream, which you can rewatch here, saw Duffy win on the FMX side with a frontflip combo and Ryan Williams take home the cash prize on the Giganta side with his signature nothing front bikeflip, which he missed in Toronto during the previous show’s competition:

But on the Throwdown live stream from Minneapolis, he nailed it:

Watch the entire competition by clicking here. And head over the Nitro Circus Facebook page to watch the next streams. Here’s the schedule:

Oct. 3: Minneapolis <<< WATCH NOW!
Oct. 11: San Jose
Oct. 13: Anaheim
Nov. 27: Stockholm
Nov. 30: Paris
Dec. 4: Munich



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