Throwdown Brings Out More World Firsts – Watch Live on Oct. 13!

The second Throwdown competition livestream is done and dusted, and the riders are going off in ways we couldn’t have imagined. We can’t wait for tomorrow to see what happens next. Click here to watch the Throwdown livestream from Anaheim tomorrow, Oct. 13 at 9:15pm PT/ 12:15am ET. Watch last night’s livestream from San Jose below, and scroll down to read on for all the details about why this is a must-watch.

In FMX Best Trick, Beau Bamburg and Blake “Bilko” Williams are rising up the ranks to challenge for a title, while Gregg Duffy and Harry Bink (who notched another win in San Jose last night) continue to impress with frontflip combos for days. But the last couple shows, the biggest moments have come from the Giganta Best Trick competition, where the guys are pushing the limits of what anyone thought possible.

Last night, Brandon Schmidt put down tricks that only he has ever done on both his runs: On Run 1 he landed a double flip double whip, which was a World First when he nailed it a week ago. In his second run last night, he landed a World First X-up triple flip to take the win. In his victory interview, he proclaimed that BMX triple backflip combos are now officially a thing. What does he have in store for us next?

Last night was equally about the tricks the riders tried and missed. Ryan Williams attempted to add combos to his signature nothing front bikeflip — in Run 1 he took his hands off quickly before landing, and in Run 2 he attempted to add a tailwhip, but he got back to his bike a split second too late and wasn’t able to ride away. Beaver Fleming is still so close to landing a skateboard double backflip. He’s getting wheels down, but the force of the landing means he has to get his positioning exactly perfect to stay on the board with no room for error. Matt Whyatt attempted a double Whyatt Riot — a backflip double tailwhip to late 360. Jaie Toohey went for a flip quad whip on his second run. These aren’t all World Firsts, but a lot of them would be, and the ones that aren’t (like the flip quad whip) have only been landed a handful of times or less. It’s bonkers out there, in other words.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg as these riders continue to hone their timing and control on the new ramp setup. Tune in tomorrow night to see if anyone lands any of these insane attempts, and who knows what else they might have up their sleeves. Click here for the livestream!



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