Watch the Winning Runs From Throwdown Anaheim Right Here

For the final installment of Throwdown on the North America tour (we’ll be back on Facebook Watch on Nov. 27 from the European tour!), the riders came out swinging. Gregg Duffy somehow made his frontflip nac even bigger to notch another win in FMX Best Trick. The other FMX athletes sent it and left nothing in the locker room, making for an exciting competition. Here’s Duffy’s winning run:


The bigger ramp on the Giganta Best Trick side made for another amazing competition over there too, as the riders continue to hone their feel for the new setup. Jaie Toohey nailed a backflip quad whip for the win, and Ryan Williams came in a close second with a double frontflip 720 that looks like utter chaos in the air. It’s unbelievable to see the air awareness it takes to keep track of the ground during this trick. Here’s the best runs from Toohey and R-Willy:


And here’s the full event for those who missed it, or those who want to see it all again! Join us Nov. 27 for our next Throwdown livestream, this time from Stockholm, Sweden on the YOU GOT THIS Tour of Europe!



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