Bell Unveils Nitro Circus Signature Helmets for Dirt and Street

Yesterday, the only way you could have an official Nitro Circus Bell Helmet in your gear bag was to be a Nitro Circus athlete. Today, that all changes with the launch of two Nitro Circus Signature Bell Helmet models.

We always say it: Nitro Circus is about action sports progression through innovation and safety, and that’s one of the many reasons we found kindred spirits at Bell, a company full of like-minded people who are committed to progressing action sports and having a great time while doing it. Nitro Circus athletes are all about pushing the limits, and Bell Helmets are one of the essential pieces of gear that allow them to do that. You’ve been seeing the Nitro Circus athletes riding Bell Helmets for years, and now you can get one for yourself. Check them out right here.

Nitro Circus Signature helmets will be available in Bell’s popular Sanction and Local models. The Sanction is a full-face helmet with a low profile, perfect for riders who want the protection of the full face with no extra bulk. The Local has that classic skate style but with ultra modern technology for comfort and functionality. This is a low-profile helmet with the cycling style Action Fit system for the most secure fit.

Click here to check out the helmets and order yours today!



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