Rob Adelberg Wins Wild X Games Moto X Best Trick Contest

The craziest backstory from X Games Sydney was that the weather made it so that there was basically no practice for any of the events. In fact, they squeezed in the contests between rainstorms during what is usually the perfect weather for the time of year. But this X Games has been a long time coming for Australians who have dominated action sports for the better part of a decade. It was their time to shine, and weather wasn’t going to stop it from happening.

The wildly popular Moto X Best Trick contest was the final event of the weekend, and it was an absolute huck fest. The riders went out of their way to show their progression, and a slew of World Firsts were landed. The only real negatives were Jackson Strong and Harry Bink getting hurt before they could compete, but it was still an extremely exciting event.

Josh Sheehan had six X Games medals coming into this event, and he wanted more. He established dominance early with a no-handed double backflip. He took his hands off for a long time, full commitment, and had a great landing. The weather made that landing truly the difference-maker of the event. There was a gigantic bowl formation that made for a little soft spot that riders would have to either jump far to avoid and hope they didn’t hit it, or go short and have to slide through the obstacle. Sheeny’s trick was good for the bronze medal, adding to his growing medal count. Check it out here:

Tom Pages is magic. He had already won gold in Moto X Freestyle in Sydney with his unbelievable style and unique tricks. That man rides FMX a little differently than anyone else. He did a frontflip off the newest “hybrid ramp” takeoff, with no frontflip assist, which sends him about 10 feet higher than the standard kicker. On the back of that, he earned his way to the silver medal position. It was an epic weekend for him. Check out his podium run here:

Rob Adelberg won the gold medal. He sent a frontflip over the 75-foot gap and took his hands off in the middle. He threw his arms backwards, a new style for the frontflip. Normally guys throw their hands over their heads, in Rob’s case, he threw them back in the suicide style. The judges liked what they saw and his score of 94.66 held. In the commentator booth, Blake “Bilko” Williams reminded everyone that the standard kicker is harder to frontflip, and we should all take his word on that. Check out the winning run here:



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