Richard Zelinka Dropped a Crazy Video Before Nitro World Games

Just before going into the Nitro World Games Scooter Best Trick, the eventual third-place finisher, Richard Zelinka, dropped one of the craziest video parts of the year. Consisting of street, park, and Giganta Ramp clips, this edit kept my eyes focused on screen for the entire 5-plus minutes of carnage. This video seemed to almost foreshadow what was to come in the Scooter Best Trick competition. First, watch it, and then read on so we can talk about it. (Warning: explicit lyrics! Keep it muted if you’re the sensitive type.)

Luck would have it that Richard actually has a similar ramp to ride in his homeland of the Czech Republic. Similar — not nearly as big, however. For those who somehow don’t know, the Giganta is, well, gigantic. But having a somewhat similar setup means that Richard has more experience on a big ramp than almost any other competitor, other than Ryan Williams. This gave him a massive advantage over the field.

During practice in London, Zelinka was able to throw down quite a few never-been-done before tricks, which are showcased in his video. These tricks include a cashroll double tailwhip to double barspin, cashroll quadruple barspin, cashroll double barspin to tailwhip to barspin, and last and definitely not least: the 720 frontflip tailwhip to barspin.

Not only was Richard able to send these video game style tricks in his latest video, he put a couple of them down in the competition, including the 720 frontflip tailwhip to barspin, which gave him the highest-scoring trick of the competition, a 9.36 out of 10. His other trick was a cashroll quadruple barspin, which had a pretty decent score associated with it, but not enough to knock down Roomet Saalik and R-Willy from the top podium spots.

One of the things that makes Richard’s video so unique is the mix of so many different riding styles. Richard is able to hit the biggest ramps in action sports, but also slay some street spots. I love the section where he hits the super long bump to rail all the way across and down at Rush Skatepark in the UK. That rail is super long and also way high off the ground. Gnarly!

Just weeks before his podium finish in Scooter Best Trick, Zelinka took home the title of King of Bowl AND King of Kings at ScootFest, which was also a Nitro World Games event this year. We saw a beautiful display of bowl riding that weekend. Not only can Richard ride and grind fast, he can also air incredibly high and bang out some insane tricks. We absolutely love watching him ride.

Richard proved his abilities to ride anything that is presented to him between his ScootFest victories and podium finish in Scooter Best Trick. He continues to push the limits of progression in scootering. I love seeing him out there smiling alongside his teammates in competition, and I cannot wait to see what Richard Zelinka brings to the table in 2019.



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