6 Reasons 2018 Was a Wild Year for Nitro Circus

For us, 2018 has been the FMX triple backflip of years. The journey was intense, the stakes were higher than ever, and now that we’re nearly into 2019, we can safely say that the payoff was completely worth it. Before we go on, we have to thank all our fans, because without you we wouldn’t be here doing what we do. You are the best!

It’s really tough to break down a whole year when it’s been as epic as 2018 was for us. But we think we’ve narrowed it down to six tentpole moments that stood out among a sea of amazing days. So while this list isn’t exhaustive, we feel it sums up our year nicely (and makes for a good collection of videos for you to watch and reminisce over).

To the list!


Our touring show got a couple makeovers this year, including new ramps, completely new formats, and bonus mayhem. The Next Level and You Got This tours definitely represented how far our show can go, with a glimpse at what the future of action sports can be. Plus, we added the Throwdown segment, a live in-show competition that gives the athletes another reason to go huge every single night. Check out some highlights:





This is cheating a bit, because our residency at Bally’s in Las Vegas doesn’t actually start until 2019, but we’re so excited for the opportunity that we’re putting it on this list (and we did announce it this year, so technically it came to be in 2018). More details will be coming soon, and in the meantime sign up here to win free tickets!


The boys went HAM on the competition circuit this year, with our always solid showings on the FMX side, as well as some amazing results from X Games rookies on the BMX and skate side. Several riders saw their first X Games as invited competitors in Sydney, and Ryan Williams went to his first X Games BMX Big Air competition in Minneapolis this summer, then followed that up with an appearance at X Games Sydney, where he took home the gold. Check out all our X Games coverage right here!


The sequel to Travis Pastrana’s Action Figures promised bigger, crazier, more epic moments, and boy did it deliver. The list of singular, unrepeatable moments is too long to put here. So just watch it (if you can access Sony Crackle from where you are). And stay tuned for some big announcements about Action Figures 2 coming to wider release very soon.


In its third year, the Nitro World Games took on a life of its own by adding three scooter events (Street, Bowl, and Park), three skate events (Men’s and Women’s Park and Men’s Vert), Nitro Rallycross, FMX Quarterpipe, and BMX Park, with Scooter Best Trick and FMX Best Trick returning. We set the competitions throughout the year in locations around the world to truly make this a global series. Most of the 11 events comprising this year’s Nitro World Games were also broadcast online around the globe through a deal with Facebook Watch (the only exception being NRX, which was available online and on cable TV through Motor Trend and Velocity) that made every event more accessible than ever before. Check out a few highlights and click here for all our NWG coverage.


Evel Knievel is a legend to many, many people. But when your career spiritually follows on the path that Evel forged, he means something even more. For Travis Pastrana, the opportunity to pay homage to one of his heroes was a no-brainer. In a single afternoon in July 2018 in Las Vegas, on a motorcycle similar to what Evel himself rode, Travis set out to jump over 52 crushed cars, 16 Greyhound buses, and to close the night, the infamous Caesars Palace fountain jump. With thousands of fans watching live in Las Vegas and a whole lot more watching the Evel Live broadcast on History, he achieved the huge milestone and cemented himself alongside his hero while simultaneously paying homage to the pioneer of modern action sports.



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