Adelberg, Turcotte, and Roberts Top X Games Snow Bike Event

Rob Adelberg won gold, Brett Turcotte earned silver, and our own Ethen Roberts brought home the bronze (his first-ever X Games medal in only his second appearance) in the Snow Bike Best Trick Contest at X Games Aspen this weekend. Check out the full event right here and read on for more highlights:

You have to hand it to X Games in their willingness to give new apparatuses prime time television spots as long as people are hucking themselves relentlessly. With four days of nonstop snowboard, ski, motorcycle hillclimb, and other action and music, Aspen had to end the weekend on something remarkable. In comes the snow bikes. Imagine an FMX motorcycle with a single snowmobile ski for a front tire, and a snowmobile track as the rear wheel. By all accounts there isn’t a more fun way to cut through snow. As usual, X Games invited the best of the best to compete in a freestyle contest in this growing sport.

Jackson Strong was out due to a back issue, so Morgan Kaliszuk took his spot and milked as much as he could out of his machine. In the end, he was beat out of bronze medal contention but looked the most natural, as he has been on the forefront of this style of riding.

And, as mentioned, the rider who overtook him for the bronze was Ethen Roberts. Ethen can ride anything. In the live show, he has flipped a cafe racer, scooter, side-hack, and countless other things. Last year he earned fourth place in the event and trained as often as he could. His KOD was extended beyond belief, and he was rewarded with his first X Games medal.

Brett Turcotte, fresh off a silver in Snowmobile Freestyle, was expected to medal in Snow Bike too. He unleashed a ruler flip and it held strong for another silver.

Rob Adelberg did a body varial again in 2019, the same trick that won him gold in 2018, but he did it more off-axis and a different version than before. It’s crazy to see that trick done on such a new vehicle, but he made it happen.

Honorable mention to Kyle Demelo, who rode our Cap City Tour on a motorcycle, and at X Games hucked two colossal frontflips and went through two sleds in the process. Also, Robert Haslam, a Nitro regular, held his own on the world stage.

The contest was intense for only being its second year and I hope they continue to progress the vehicles and the courses as it goes on. With the highest numbers of fans ever attending a Winter X Games event you can count on a few more years of this happening. Way to go X games for keeping everything safe and fun for everyone involved.



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