Impossible Tricks Became Reality in Melbourne Last Weekend

Our 2019 touring season is off and running, with our first stop down of the Australia You Got This Tour. Melbourne, we absolutely love you! The first show of a brand-new tour is always nerve-racking and exciting, because even the most polished version of a Nitro Circus live show is prone to have unpredictably exciting moments, and that goes triple for a new show. Check out the full highlights package right here and then read on for some of the standout moments (and don’t forget we’ll be announcing 2019 tour stops as they’re confirmed, so keep an eye on the tour section, where our 2019 North America tour is already on sale!)


First up, we have to say huge congrats to Jaie Toohey for sticking the nothing front bikeflip to tailwhip, which was a World First when he landed it a couple weeks ago. He nailed it in the show like he’s been doing it his whole life.

Matt Whyatt and Ryan “R-Willy” Williams also notched seemingly impossible tricks in Melbourne. Matt has been working on the Double Whyatt Riot for a long time and came so close to landing it clean. He’s for sure got it next time:


Live show MC Micah Kranz announced R-Willy’s trick as a frontflip forward bri flip, which is a scooter trick that apparently has now been introduced to BMX. Whatever it’s called, it looks impossible.

We’re also so pumped to welcome back to tour FMX phenom Vicki Golden, who had to take some time off due to injury, but is now with us once again. Welcome back, Vicki!


And last but not least, we’re so stoked for Brandon Schmidt, who landed the World First double backflip double tailwhip — the Double Double — on tour in late 2018. It’s one of those tricks that doesn’t come easily even after you’ve figured it out, so it’s awesome to see him sticking it so clean just a few months after first landing it:


What a show! Our 2019 touring schedule will be rolling out as dates are finalized, so check back often, and if you’re in North America, take a look at our just announced 2019 cities right here. Let’s close this out with the final train from Melbourne. Hope to see you at a show in 2019!



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