You Can Spend a Weekend With Nitro Circus This Summer

Nitro Circus: Weekender, the first-ever multi-day Nitro Circus event, is coming this summer to Butlin’s Minehead Resort in Southwest England. From June 28-July 1, guests will experience FMX, BMX, skate, scooter, and more in a fully immersive atmosphere, allowing unprecedented access and proximity to some of the best action sports athletes riding today. In addition to the world-class entertainment Nitro Circus prides ourselves on, there will also be masterclass sessions led by Nitro Circus athletes — a once-in-a-lifetime chance for riders of all levels to learn directly from X Games medalists in an amazing setting. Click here to make your reservations now, or read on for more details.

Athletes confirmed for the event include Ryan “R-Willy” Williams, Kurtis Downs, and Beaver Fleming, three of the best in BMX, scooter, and skate. BMX and scooter phenom R-Willy will lead the masterclasses, which will feature a pump track and a mini ramp and are open to aspiring athletes of all skill levels.

Ryan Williams Signature Pro Scooter

On the FMX side, a combined 43 X Games medals will be represented in a show that’s designed for fans to experience freestyle motocross up close. Jarryd McNeil will lead a contingent of the best in FMX, including Vicki Golden, Mike Mason, Nate Adams, and Beau Bamburg. More details as the event gets closer, but lock in your place right here while rooms are still available.

In addition to the live shows, the Weekender will feature ongoing screenings of Nitro Circus films and TV episodes. We’re talking hours of our best stuff for every guest to enjoy.

The Minehead Resort itself is a wonderland of relaxation and fun for the whole family. It’s the largest of the three Butlin’s resorts, located adjacent to a mile of beautiful beach in the moors of Somerset County. The resort features a vintage fairground, a waterpark, and the Skyline Pavilion, home to some of the finest entertainment England has to offer. The accommodations are simultaneously luxurious and cozy: chalets and seaside apartments designed with families in mind. Ride the carousel at the amusement park, try out the features of the water park, or relax on the beach or by the pool. Check out everything there is to do right here and see some of that in action in this gallery:

When you get hungry, there’s no shortage of options, but regulars say you should definitely get the fish and chips at some point during your visit. You’ll be tempted to have that for every meal, but with five restaurants at the resort, you should probably branch out a bit. When you get thirsty, there are several bars and coffee shops, always close by and ready to serve. Check out all the dining options right here.

It’s shaping up to be a can’t-miss weekend for Nitro fans and anyone who is looking to take an action sports vacation with the whole family. Click here for more details and to book now!



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