Brandon Schmidt Talks ‘Action Figures 2’ – Available Globally Now!

[Editor’s note: Action Figures 2, Travis Pastrana’s latest ode to old-school action sports videos, is out now for digital download globally. Click here for more info and to get your copy. We asked Nitro veteran Brandon Schmidt, who is in almost every scene of this movie, to give us some behind-the-scenes details about what it was like on set. So he started at the beginning.]


Every single scene that we filmed for Action Figures 2 is a crazy memory in itself, and it’s hard to pinpoint a favorite moment. One of the most memorable moments was filming the intro of the movie at Kevin Windham’s house. The concept was we were going to take all sorts of different vehicles and hydroplane them across the giant pond at K-Dub’s property.

The plan was to hit the water all together and skim across the pond and ride away on the other side. We had Harry Bink on a work ATV, Smagical on a trials bike, Trevor Piranha on a three-wheeler, and Travis in a RZR with Tarah Gieger in the back and myself on the roof strapped into a snowboard. My goal was to wait until we were halfway across and then jump off the roof and skim the rest of the way.

We woke up early, and by 7 a.m. were lined up ready to send it across the pond. To make things even more interesting, Travis and Kevin decided to make a little bet: If we all made it across, Kevin would give Travis his Supercross winning bike, and if none of us made it across, Travis would have to give up his X Games double backflip bike. Basically, long story short, Travis lost the greatest piece of action sports memorabilia in a bet.

We all sent it, but unfortunately none of us made it across. That didn’t stop the fun; now it was no longer about content for the movie, or the bike — it was all about one of us making it across that pond. Trevor and his 2 stroke three-wheeler were on the mission, attempt after attempt, closer and closer to getting across. Smagical at this point had given it another attempt and Travis technically made it across on the three-wheeler, only to crash onto the land on the other side. From there Travis started thinking crazy and tried to convince us he could make it across in a quarter-million-dollar trophy truck. After we talked him out of that, he then decided he wanted to take his personal F350 across this pond. Luckily, Travis has good enough friends to talk him out of bad ideas. Kevin broke out his bike and gave it an attempt with near success. It was at this point it seemed that nobody would be making it across this trip.

That didn’t stop Trevor from attempt after attempt. The day was coming to an end, and the weather was changing for the worse. Trevor emptied the water from his three-wheeler and made his way to the start for another attempt. As he was making his way, James Smith took out a small vial of Roner’s ashes and sprinkled them into the pond — if anyone was going to help make this possible, it was going to be Roner. All of a sudden, the sky opened up in the distance and started downpouring. Trevor raced from the back of the field, where it had already started raining, out of the rain, and toward the pond for the final attempt of the trip. Trevor hit the water, stayed strong, and rode away out the other end of the pond as if he had done it a million times. Roner was there for that one!


Brandon Schmidt

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