‘All Common Sense Goes Right Out the Window’ – Making ‘Action Figures 2’

[Editor’s note: Action Figures 2, Travis Pastrana’s latest ode to old-school action sports videos, is out now for digital download. Click here for more info on availability and to get your copy. We asked Nitro veteran Brandon Schmidt, who is in almost every scene of this movie, what it’s like making a movie like this with an icon like Travis.]

I think it’s safe to say that everyone who is in Action Figures looks up to Travis as their hero in life. We have all grown up idolizing him for everything he has done in action sports and his amazing attitude that he keeps when doing anything! When Travis calls you up and tells you that he wants you to be sort of his next project, all common sense goes right out the window.


In the movie FMX Unchained, Travis talks about being a 12-year-old and having the Crusty Demons show up to film at the track one day. He talks about how when you grow up watching a movie every single day, then have the opportunity to film with them, you do whatever it takes to impress them. That’s how I feel about Travis and Nitro Circus.

When I was 11 years old, my aunt and uncle got me Nitro Circus 3 for my birthday. I watched that DVD every day for years until there were lines burned into the disk from being played so much. So, as Travis said, when you get the opportunity to be in a film with your childhood heroes, then you do whatever it takes.

Travis also has this weird ability of giving confidence. When Travis comes up to you and says, “Do this, this, and this and everything will work out,” you believe him. But as many of us on Nitro know, the phrase “You got this” coming out of Travis’ mouth either means great success or you’re going to the hospital.

All in all, I need to thank Travis for showing me what’s possible in life and having the confidence in me to help progress the world of action sports. Also for helping me believe in myself. Without him, I would have never unlocked the cheat codes that lie within the brain.

-Brandon Schmidt

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