Todd Meyn’s New Venture Makes Freestyle Progression Accessible

Nitro Circus star Todd Meyn has an impressive BMX resume, with years of experience in the park in addition to riding the biggest ramps around the world. His list of super technical World First tricks is long and still growing — he added a couple new ones earlier this year in Australia and New Zealand. And now he can add another bullet point to his list of accomplishments: Successful Entrepreneur.

Todd’s company, DD Air Bags, sells consumer model airbags that are lightweight, super portable, and at an attainable price point. He currently has three models available: a straight airbag, a full lander, and a slide-on lander that is custom made to fit on top of any lander. He also takes custom orders. Check them all out here. And obviously, Todd’s a BMX pro, but these bags will work for any freestyle athlete — the slide-on model can be designed to fit on FMX landers.

“After being a part of Nitro Circus for the last seven years and seeing the introduction of these new, massive airbag landings to our sport, and then to see the progression because of the safety behind them, I thought it was time to introduce them on a smaller scale and at a more affordable price than the other companies out there,” Todd says.

Check out the DD Air Bags website for yourself right here. The goal was to create a much safer environment for up-and-coming freestyle athletes, as well as more casual riders, to practice. Todd took his inspiration from the landers he has access to as a Nitro Circus athlete. “All I know is the progression with Nitro has been insane over the last couple years, and I truly believe that is because of these new landings making it safer to crash, to get back up and try again,” he says. “It’s insane how quick the progression has happened over the last couple years because of the safety to go and send big tricks and try things you haven’t done before.” He’s talking about tricks like this:


There’s definitely always going to be a nostalgia and fondness for the old school “safety” measures: a pile of loose dirt, a bunch of junk mattresses, or just hoping for the best when you’re attempting big tricks you’ve never tried before. But with an airbag like this, designed by a BMX pro with years of experience riding the biggest ramps and landing tricks no one else has ever landed, progression comes much faster and, most importantly, much safer.

“I think I would have started doing a lot of the flip tricks and the bigger tricks earlier, being able to have access to things like this,” Todd says. “When I finally got to the USA at 15 years old, my riding progressed so much because of all the amazing ramps I had access to (foam pits, resi ramps, etc).”

Riders of all skill levels are loving the bags. Todd spotted this gap in the industry and filled it quickly, in an impressive endeavor for a guy who’s so busy traveling and riding as his day job. That had us wondering: What’s harder, landing BMX World Firsts for a living, or starting a new business from scratch as a full-time athlete? “I think they both take the same effort and strategy to succeed. You can never stop progressing on your bike, just like progressing and learning business,” Todd says. “I’ve always wanted to start something that was able to help people and being able to provide a product for people in my industry that helps them progress and be safer at the same time is a win-win.”

The name DD Air Bags comes simply from the fact that Todd has DD in his name. But it’s a little more sentimental than that. “I wouldn’t be where I was if it wasn’t for the amazing support of my dad, and I’ve always wanted to create something that we could do together, like a father-son business, especially as he has just retired! He has always called me Double D, because my name ending with DD,” Todd says. “I called him when I was in the USA and told him about this idea and what I wanted to do, and randomly he just said at the end of the conversation, ‘What are you gonna call the business, DD Bags?’ So I took that and ran with it.” Todd’s dad inspired more than just the name, too. “I remember growing up and my dad making a foam pit for me in the yard, and now as an adult I want every other kid to be able to have that experience and luxury.”

As DD continues to grow, Todd says, he’s added additional services beyond airbag purchases. You can rent a bag for the day for a birthday party or other event. Contact the company through the website for more info on that. But the main goal for Todd is to continue to improve his products and maintain the affordable price point.

The future is bright for Todd. He’s approaching this new business the way he approaches riding: “It’s just like sending a new trick — you have to visualize what you want; you have to work hard, be confident, and then go for it with everything you got,” he says. As for his BMX career with Nitro Circus, he’s got some big plans there too. “I’ve got a couple of tricks I’m wanting to get done, one of them being a 1080 tailwhip,” he tells us. “Apart from that, I’m 27 now and I’m just trying to stay as fit and healthy as possible so I can keep on pushing the limits of action sports with all my crazy badass Nitro family.”

Make sure to check out the DD Air Bags website and tell your riding crew too. We can’t wait to see where Todd takes this new chapter in his career.



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