Hot Wheels Superchargers Event Nurtures the Next Generation of Athletes

When Nitro Circus is the fuel used to intensify an event one can rest assured that it will be unpredictable and awesome. Hot Wheels, the No. 1 selling toy in the world, noticed a lack of organized amateur action sports competitions and took it upon themselves to make a difference. For the first event in the collaboration between Nitro and Hot Wheels, Escondido skatepark was the perfect venue to host a single-day, 16-and-under contest featuring skateboarding, BMX, and scooter. Check out the highlight video right here, click here to see the full results and tons more photos, and read on for the in-depth analysis.

Superstar athletes and Nitro veterans Ryan Williams, Kurtis Downs, and Beaver Fleming judged the contests (as world-class athletes in scooter, BMX, and skate, respectively). Contraption King Dusty Wygle and Nitro Circus Live Emcee Micah Kranz hosted the event and kept the energy high throughout the day. The competition was free to enter, and each rider walked away with a bag full of prizes before they even entered the course.

The day started with the scooter event, which was divided between junior and advanced skill levels. Eight riders made the final to battle it out for the three podium spots. One major takeaway from this contest: Scooter riders are progressing at an alarmingly fast rate, and they are cemented in the world of action sports. Flips and spins were occurring from even the smallest of riders, and the contests were fierce. When the dust cleared, everyone was happy and the scooter contingent was in full support of the Superchargers contest.

The second discipline of the day was skateboarding. With the course suiting larger transitions and hefty jumps, the skateboard turnout was decent but didn’t require any qualifying for the finals. Of the three contests throughout the day, skateboarding was the tightest. Kids were able to put together fantastic lines featuring kickflips, 5-0 grinds, and 270 spins that were a treat to watch. The difference between first and second place was a pulled drop that brought the fans to their feet.

BMX closed out the day and was the exclamation mark to finish a perfect sentence. The junior class featured some of the bravest pre-teens to have ever ridden bicycles. Flashes of Mat Hoffman, Larry Edgar, and other big-name influences could be seen drizzled among the competitors. In the finals, ages ranged from 7 to 15 years old. The size of heart of the smaller kids made for an emotional final. The advanced class could be compared to a Nitro Circus Live show with the amount of energy on the course. Handrails were crushed, triple tailwhips pulled, and lots of amazing prizes were given away to happy competitors.

With such a successful event, plans for the next Hot Wheels Superchargers competition are already in the works. The future of action sports is bright, and this was a wild success in supporting that theory. Click here for full results and more photos. Check out OURBMX for more BMX highlights.



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