Superchargers Events Reveal Bright Future for Scooter, BMX, and Skate

San Diego got fired up last weekend as Nitro Circus and Hot Wheels teamed up at the Escondido Sports Center to bring us the Superchargers competition, which included BMX, skateboarding, and scootering. This park has always been such a great host for competitions over the years, and this event created a great opportunity for riders of all disciplines, 16 years old and younger, to showcase their abilities in front of the Nitro Circus crew, which included scooter legend and BMX professional Ryan Williams. Click here for full event highlights and a huge image gallery.

The contest attracted over 100 total competitors across the three disciplines. Scooters held more than half of the total field, and they got to run first. The best trick of the day has to go to Caden Maggioria, who threw down a nothing front scooterflip with an added bit of flavor. See what I’m talking about here:

The scooter division was going to be a tough battle, since most of the competitors are veterans at the Escondido Sports Center. The emcees were fired up right out of the gate as the Scooter Junior division began. A unique run came out of the very young Trystin Martin, who can land tricks that some pros dream about. Heelclickers, Supermans, briflips, oh my! This earned Trystin the third spot on the podium. Liam Rosario is known for his ability to put down big tricks but also throw down on rails and other technical obstacles, earning him second place on the day. But the winner of the contest had the most tricks in his bag and put them together back to back with a flow like no other. Christian Contreras, a name heard around Escondido and beyond, took the win as his fellow competitors cheered him to victory.

Next up was the Scooter Advanced division. What a performance we saw from these competitors. The ante was increased as the tricks got harder, the airs became more massive, and the speed maxed out. Brandon Watson has improved so much over the last few years. Having a flawless run filled with nothing front scooterflips, buttercups, fingerwhips, and more allowed him to clinch third place. The Z Boys (of scootering) turned up to the contest, and older brother Ronnie Zavala threw down in the Advanced Division. His high-speed, action-packed run landed him second place. But the highlight of the day for scooters was Jordan Robles. The Fuzion Pro rider (only 14 years old) combined backflip and frontflip variations, scooterflips, and technical grinds all together for a run that put him in first place. Jordan was also the top qualifier from the previous round. Congrats dude!

See highlights from the top runs in Scooter Junior and Advanced here:

I was unable to catch the runs from Skate Junior, but the winner was Nate Barons. I did some research on Nate to see what I could find. Turns out all my friends back home in NJ follow him. He moved to California and has been killing it on the skateboard circuit. Just last week he won a Vans contest in the 10-12 street division. Keep on shredding, Nate, and congrats on the win at the Hot Wheels Superchargers contest!

BMX Junior was up next. It is amazing to see the progression in BMX from the younger guys. The winning run was filled with variety. Every type of trick you could think of was put down. Joel Buechler was the star of his division. Although he wasn’t stoked on his first run, he made up for it in his second. Barspins, tailwhips, and spins, sometimes together, were a sight to see, and the crowd surely enjoyed it. Well done Joel!

The Advanced BMX division was next level. These riders are all still under 16 years old and are doing the tricks the pros were doing only a few years ago. Massive props to Kaden Stone, already a huge hit in the social media realm, on taking the victory. This kid is already throwing down triple tailwhip airs. I cannot wait to see what’s to come from Kaden, as well as the other riders in this contest.

I spoke to Nitro Circus Announcer and founder of Division BMX, Micah Kranz, regarding the competition. He told us, “The judges were stoked on how the level of riding was extremely high, but also worried about their jobs in the next 10 years. The next generation is already at an unbelievable level.” Check out Micah’s write-up from the event right here.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend and compete at one of our events, be sure to come join us! It’s always a lot of fun and feels like more of a community gathering rather than a competition. Click here to see more images from Escondido, and we’ll see you at the next one!

About the writer:
My name is Jake Hershey, known in social media land as Nekbeard. I was born in ’91 and started scootering in ’02! I was born and raised in New Jersey, but made my way to the West Coast in 2014. I now live in sunny San Diego where you can catch me at Linda Vista skatepark almost daily. Scootering is a passion for me, so I hope that you like what I have to write!



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