EVEL LIVE 2 Details: The Stunts, the Bikes, and More

On July 7, Evel Live 2 is coming to HISTORY, and we’ve got more details about the three stunts, the records that moto stars Vicki Golden and Axell Hodges will be attempting to break, and the bikes they’ll be riding for their attempts, which will take place at San Bernardino Airport in Southern California, with tickets already on sale here.

The three-hour televised special will begin with Golden attempting to break the fire board record, riding her bike through 13 flaming wooden walls. The previous record was 12. Hodges has two stunts on the agenda. First, he’ll “warm up” with a 200-foot jump over 25 semi trucks. And then he’ll attempt to break the motorcycle jump distance record. The current record, set in 2011 by Robbie Maddison, is 378 feet, 9 inches.

To ensure they have the best chance at making these historic attempts, they’ll be decked out in top of the line safety gear, of course, and both will be riding bikes that are tailor-made for the job. Golden will be on an Indian FTR1200 S, a bike with the horsepower and maneuverability she’ll need to make it all the way through the flaming walls.

Hodges will be flying through the air on a fully custom Kawasaki KX450F. As you can imagine, this bike needs to be specially geared and equipped with top of the line suspension and wheels to ensure he’s able to ride away from these two massive jumps.

Click here for more details on how to watch Evel Live 2 on July 7, including ticket info for those lucky enough to be able to see this happen in person.



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