Vicki Golden Sets New Firewall Record at ‘Evel Live 2’

FMX star Vicki Golden has broken the firewall record, riding a motorcycle through 13 flaming walls during Evel Live 2 on HISTORY. The previous record was 12, set in 2007. Check out her historic run here:

Her training was intense, and though she made it look easy in the end, it was anything but. She had to keep her bike on a tight line with very little visibility while maintaining enough speed to break through and holding her breath to keep the smoke and fire from suffocating her.

Golden’s record attempt became the main focus of Evel Live 2 after Axell Hodges was injured in practice just days before. He was set to attempt two jumps, including the world distance record. At the end of the special on HISTORY, Hodges pledged to come back and make the attempt after he heals up from his injuries.

Check out a gallery of photos from Vicki’s stunt right here:



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