It All Went Down at the Inaugural Action Space Invitational

In 2018, Nitro World Games joined forces with Scootfest at the United Kingdom’s largest indoor action sports facility: Adrenaline Alley. With an outdoor concrete plaza and three massive buildings filled wall to wall with wooden ramps, resi ramps, and all the ledges and rails an athlete could dream of, Adrenaline Alley is the premier venue for any action sports event. Which is the reason Dakota Schuetz and the Action Space team decided on this location for the inaugural Action Space Invitational.

What makes the Action Space Invitational stand out among other freestyle scooter competitions? We can start by mentioning the $42k prize purse, with $20k going to the victor. This is the highest top prize scootering has ever seen, since its inception in the beginning of the century. Action Space also makes sure all invited riders can make it to the event by taking full responsibility for their travel and accommodation costs. This is also something we have never seen before in scootering.

The main invitational exhibition wasn’t the only contest going down this weekend. The Action Space Invitational started with a head-to-head Game of SCOOT between the invited athletes. For those who don’t know, a Game of SCOOT is like playing HORSE in basketball, but instead of matching shots, competitors have recreate tricks. At the Action Space Invitational, it was a winner-take-all competition. The tough field withered down to just two remaining athletes. The crowd was set to watch Cody Flom and Jordan Clark battle it out for $7.5k. The two went back and forth with seemingly impossible tricks, a few of which the other athlete wouldn’t even attempt because of their difficulty. The score was tied up at S.C.O. to S.C.O., and Flom was somehow able to match every trick that Jordan had set without ever having done them in the past. On the other side, Cody was able to stomp his final two sets, which Jordan was unable to pull, and Cody Flom took the win. In a post interview with Todd Grady, Cody told the viewers he didn’t feel tired and was all warmed up and ready for the main event.

With 20 of the top professional scooter riders in the world invited, it was an outstanding battle to qualify for the finals. Only six riders advanced. These six were Spencer Chermside, Angus Hughes, JonMarco Gaydos, Chris Farris, Jordan Hall, and Game of SCOOT winner Cody Flom. The action went down in the massive “Canyon” in Building 2, the same location as the Nitro World Games Scooter Park competition. This final had the entire building on their feet and fully engaged in the high-paced, sky-rocketing action. Click here to watch it, and read on for a detailed breakdown.

Although the highlight reel gives us a glimpse into the insane variety of tricks and amplitude from JonMarco and Cody, they weren’t able to put down the runs they were hoping for and didn’t manage to make the top three. Angus and Spencer went in with a very similar style, both with a seemingly endless trick list. These two showcased their ability to put together multi-scooterflip combinations. There was no chance these tricks would be done in competition only a couple of years ago. With his performance, Spencer secured the third spot on the podium.

Taking home the silver medal and the second spot on the podium was Jordan Hall. Jordan brought a unique style with a handful of tricks nobody else is doing. This, combined with a clean and consistent run, really impressed the judges and boosted his score to the second position. Also, that 720 barspin over the spine was out of this world! It’s awesome to see some of the more unknown riders in the sport coming out on top.

The highlight of the weekend was the $20k prize for first place. The winner? Well, the winner took to the course with speed and with style. To get the job done, he needed to go higher, land faster, do more tricks, and make them look good. I couldn’t think of anyone else who could get the job done better than the man who did: Chris Farris. Chris has been at peak performance over the last year or two and shows no signs of slowing down. He is a friend to all, but from the time the clock starts until it stops, his smile disappears and he enters beast mode. As soon as the run is over, he lets out a sigh of relief and brings the smile back. Chris was able to bust out all the stops and certainly earned first place and the biggest prize in scooter history.

Action Space also held a dinner banquet for all of the athletes. There was a WWE style entrance to introduce all of the riders competing this weekend. It was quite a show and made the riders feel very special about being there. Action Space also included a tag-team competition where one Pro and one AM teamed up and attempted to lead each other to victory. Shoutout to Dylan Morrison and Harry Hedges for taking the win there. What a fun and exciting weekend. If you can do it, make it out to the next one. I’m sure it is only going to get bigger and better!

About the writer:
My name is Jake Hershey, known in social media land as Nekbeard. I was born in ’91 and started scootering in ’02! I was born and raised in New Jersey, but made my way to the West Coast in 2014. I now live in sunny San Diego where you can catch me at Linda Vista skatepark almost daily. Scootering is a passion for me, so I hope that you like what I have to write!



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