Travis Pastrana to Host ‘Life-Size Toys’ on Quibi

Action sports legend Travis Pastrana and his closest friends are about to give you a dose of nostalgia, Nitro Circus style. In the upcoming series Life-Size Toys, we’re going to take your favorite childhood toys, build life-size versions of them, and then put them to work as only the legendary daredevils of Nitro Circus could. This is a series you won’t want to miss.

Better still, this show will be coming to you via Quibi, a new mobile-focused platform designed for accessing top-tier entertainment from anywhere and everywhere.

“At Nitro Circus, you’re never too old for toys. Tricycles and rocking horses all get pushed to the limit on our tour, but Life-Size Toys definitely raises the game,” Travis says. “We can’t wait for viewers to see what we’ve dreamed up.”

Check out Quibi right here and sign up to be first in line when Life-Size Toys premieres.



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